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Found 6 results

  1. These scrimmages come every year and they are always a tease for football season. Nothing compares to game days in Austin with the food, drinks, music, friends, football, and all the pretty ladies dressed up in burnt orange Longhorn gear. But football season is still months away, and right now the Texas team is in annual process of organizing their depth chart and working to improve on last year's campaign. Below are my thoughts and reactions from Today's scrimmage. Keep in mind, it was a scrimmage. I know we all love dissecting each and every player, but remember these players are all working
  2. For those of us that doubted Texas, Coach Brown not only showed us up but had some fun of his own too. I for one can say that Tech is one of the few teams that I thoroughly enjoy watching the Longhorns beat. Of course I love every Longhorn win, but Tech fans are by far some of the most annoying fans to lose to (no offense to my good buddies in Lubbock. Y’all are straight.) Resilience was the name of the game this past Saturday as Texas kept fighting back and hung in there for the last punch. Instead of escaping with a win, this young Longhorn team showed that it isn’t about to roll over a
  3. We all feared Texas would wake up Saturday morning sluggish and play a bad game… That fear turned into reality last Saturday in Lawrence, Kansas. The longhorns escape Kansas with a win but it was an ugly one to say the least. These are in no particular order. 1. The Worst Win: Even though Texas squeaked out a win there is still a lot of negative talk from the game. How weird is that? A win creates negative buzz around a program. But in my opinion it’s really not weird at all. In fact, I wouldn’t expect anything less and nor should you. Texas is one of the best, if not the be
  4. For the second straight week, I walked away from the Texas game impressed by the offense and very, very confused by the defense. Each game continues to reveal more and more about this team, both good and bad. Regardless, the Longhorns have made it through their first four games without a loss and are currently 4-0 and ranked 11th in the AP poll. Pretty good and about where everyone thought they could be at this point in the season. But what many didn’t expect is exactly what this team would look like at this point in the season. Below are my 10 thoughts on the game and details on the curre
  5. My 10 Thoughts from the Texas vs. New Mexico Game By: Wes Crochet Score: Texas 45, New Mexico 0 The final score in this game was about what everyone expected but the way the game played out was completely different than what anyone would have expected… 1. First off, who in their right mind would have thought the Longhorns would have more yards passing than rushing and would score just as many touchdowns in the air as they would on the ground by the time the game was over? I sure as hell didn’t see that one coming. I figured they would want to open up the playbook passing wise to
  6. Score: Texas: 37, Wyoming 17 I have mixed feelings about the game. There was stuff that I liked, stuff that I expected (good and bad) and stuff that was terrible and needs to be corrected immediately. 1. Wow, what the hell happened on the opening drives for both teams? The Horns came out and stunk it up with a quick 3 and out. And Wyoming’s opening drive marched down the field by tearing up the secondary and throwing in some decent run plays with their spread attack. It was as if the opening drives for both teams had reversed success from what we normally would have thought. The only pos

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