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Found 4 results

  1. High School Baseball playoffs begins this week. I recommend getting out to see some of these future Longhorns play at the prep level.
  2. Charlie Strong is Ready. Are you? by Marian Hinton, Horn Sports Staff Writer Most Texas fans, at least those who approach things rationally (as few and far between as they may be), will tell you that Mack Brown did a lot for the Texas Longhorns football program during his tenure in Austin. After all, he resurrected a sleeping giant by assembling one of the best teams to ever take the field on the 40 Acres and coached them to their first national title in over three decades. Most Texas fans will also tell you, however, that despite all the good he brought to the program, Coach Brown hung on a little too long. In his last few seasons in Austin, the Longhorns had grown complacent, accustomed to a culture of entitlement and comfort. The players, long considered soft by the national media, frequently underperformed. They often lost games to teams with far inferior talent. There is no doubt, despite all the good Mack did for Texas, the program was desperately in need of a culture change. Enter Charlie Strong. When Strong stepped off the plane from Louisville to Austin, he brought with him an immediate and much needed paradigm shift in the culture that defines Texas Football. Gone are the days of living off campus, unless you are a senior and your grades are up to par. Gone are the days of smoothies and flat screen TVs in the weight room. Gone are the days of players being allowed to wear earrings in football facilities. Gone are the days of missing class. Ever. In short, gone are the days of entitlement. Strong has laid down the law, and he’s proven right out of the gates that he’s not messing around. But is it too much? Since Strong and Company arrived in Austin, the Longhorns have lost more than their share of recruits, leaving some wondering if he’s coming on too strong (no pun intended) or if Texas made the wrong hire. The answer is an adamant and resounding NO. Sure, the Longhorns may lose a few recruits in this class, but that’s only to be expected. The sky is not falling. Strong isn’t “too mean.” Again, a rational fan will tell you that these recruits did not have a chance to build a relationship with Strong, while other coaches across the state have been recruiting them for years. It only makes logical sense that they’d gravitate towards those they know well over those they hardly know. But what about future recruits? Why would they come play for Strong, with his strict rules, lofty demands, and high levels of accountability when other coaches across the state are flashier, more hip, and possibly even more fun? Why come to Austin and puke your guts out working with Coach Moorer in the weight room when you could go to “other” places and party all night with Drake and the like? Sure, he may lose a recruit or two along the way, but the players Strong will bring to Austin will no doubt be here for one thing and one thing only: to play football. Under Strong, the Longhorns will never again be considered soft. If his first few weeks on the job is any indicator, he will not allow his teams to fail to live up to the ridiculously high expectations that should be placed on Texas football. Yes, he will be tough (incredibly tough) on his players; he’s already proven that. Nevertheless, Charlie Strong is exactly what this program needs. He came here to win championships and he’s clearly a man that refuses to settle for anything less. He’s ready. Are you?
  3. If there has been a decision made, it won't be announced until all the parties are back in Austin (Mack, DeLoss, Patterson, and Powers). Mack still out recruiting is the first step. He'll announce that HE'S decided to step down and that HE reached out to Saban because he wanted to pass the torch to the best person besides himself to lead the program. He'll most likely introduce Saban at banquet in front of the top dog recruits. It will be played as a passing of the guard and as Mack falling on the sword for the good of the program. Part of Saban's buy out is that he can't recruit any kids that his new school hasn't been in previous contact with, so look for some suddenly "new" targets on the recruiting board. Just my .02, but I think that this is likley to play out in this manner. It will be pimped and documented on LHN for the TWC, UVerse, and Grande folks to see.
  4. Unlike the Under Armour All-American game that featured only 1 2013 Longhorn commit (OL (4-star) Darius James) the Army All-American Bowl will feature 7 players, 6 of which will play in the game. Linebacker Deoundrei Davis has an injury and will be held out of the game. Longhorn Commits at the Army All-American Bowl DT A'Shawn Robinson - A great athlete playing DT, Robinson can dominate linemen almost at will anytime he wants. But the problem has been a lack of consistent play from him. There are plays he makes that wow you, but then there are times you kind of forget he's on the field. I think he can turn into a great college player but it's on him to make it happen more consistently. OL/DL Ath (4-star) Jake Raulerson - easily one of my favorite commits of this class, Raulerson has the personality and mentality that matches an elite skill set that will allow him to be the best linemen for Texas at some point in his career. Mark my words now, this guy is special. I'm not sure which side of the ball I'd rather have him on but he will make an impact at which ever position he plays at. OT (4-star) Kent Perkins - Solid tackle with mammoth like size and has the potential to be nasty on the offensive line, standing at 6'5", 300 lbs. Stacy Searels, let's see what you can do. QB (4-star) Tyrone Swoopes - Some think he is the next coming of Vince Young. IMO there will never be another Vince Young, ever. But the dual-threat QB is similar in size (6'5", 229 lbs) and will enroll in the spring ready to make a name for himself. Right now I think he takes a red-shirt his freshman year, like VY did. Swoopes has talent but needs a little time to develop. CB (4-star) Antwuan Davis - Remember this name. Davis top-end speed, but I really like that he has a 6'0" frame to go along with his speed. Davis hopes to be another popular name to graduate from "DB-U". WR (4-star) Jake Oliver - standing at 6'4", Oliver is a natural at the wide receiver position. Though he doesn't have quite as much speed as the Shipley brothers, he runs routes and has the great hands both of those brothers had. My favorite position on the field is Wide Receiver and I'm excited the Longhorns were able to get Oliver. LB (4-star) Deoundrei David - Davis has an injury and will not be playing in this game but Though I hope Texas can still had at least 3-4 more top guys, this class is very solid and is filled with players who can come in right away and make an impact for the Longhorns. It's also important to remember that now that all the new coordinators and coaches have established themselves at Texas these are their guys and it will be interesting to see how their recruits pan out once they get to the 40 Acres. Hook'em

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