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Found 9 results

  1. Via TexasSports.com - http://www.texassports.com/news/2014/9/24/FB_0924140659.aspx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Longhorn Nation, Being the quarterback at The University of Texas has been a huge blessing and one of the biggest reasons is our fans. Throughout my career, you have been awesome in the good times and the tough times. I've recently fallen on some harder times and am just so grateful that you have continued to support me. I can't thank you enough. The words of encouragement in tweets and messages, and the prayers -- just know that they really matter. I am really appreciative of how y'all have treated me, as well as the opportunity to be a part of this great football program. Growing up, I wasn't necessarily a Longhorn. My parents didn't go to school here so we didn't have any connection to The University of Texas. Now that I have been welcomed into the family, it's a part of who I am, a part of my identity. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a huge blessing to be a part of the Longhorn family. I'll always be a supporter of The University of Texas. The alumni and the people that make up the Longhorn family are going to be huge for me in the future. As I get older, I can pass along that special feeling of being a Longhorn. So a big 'Thank You' to all of Longhorn Nation! Hook 'em! David Ash
  2. The final piece to the team preview - Part IV: The Key to the Car
  3. I will pose the question.... Does Ash have the drive, the skill and the leadership to take the Longhorns to the National Championship game? This year or next? Is he a guy that has "it?" My two cents - Ash has what it takes to lead us to a conference championship but not the big enchilada. I see a successful season ahead this year and next (10 wins each season) but no NC in our future with him.
  4. Per Max Olson from ESPN Horns Nation: [tweet]285181329476308992[/tweet] Nick Marshall is a 3-star guy who plays at Garden City Community College in Kansas. He originally played at the University of Georgia as a cornerback in 2011. He was dismissed from the UGA team and made his way to Garden City CC. Dual threat quarterback, former basketball payer - hell of an athlete. Let's see if he commits..... He could play immediately next year.
  5. Before the Bowl game I was actually thinking the likely hood of a QB competition was higher than there not being one. I guess this thinking came from seeing an abysmal last two weeks of football from the Texas QB positon in the regular season, and also thinking back to the OU and Kansas game. I'll be honest, this answer of what will happen during the off-season at the position may have been clear to some, but for me it's been a ping pong ball getting hit back and forth in my head. And there are a few reason's why I have been so wishy washy with this thinking. But right now, if you were to ask me what happens in the off-season at the QB position then I would respond with "how could Mack Brown not roll with David Ash as his starter?" I'm trying to answer that question with what Mack will do. And he's going to roll with David Ash as his starting QB next season, as he has multiple reasons to. The only thing that confuses me now is his offering of the Juco QB Nick Marshall. But let's break this down and I'll show you what I'm getting at. Will there be a true QB competition? No. In Mack's eyes there's no reason to. Ash has shown he can have success in this offense. He had multiple games this season where he performed well. And this was Ash's first year as the full-time starter. He did this as a sophomore. Did he have some bad games? Of course he did. The OU game and Kansas game were both terrible performances by him. But in Mack's eyes, he is a sophomore who is still growing and learning. Where he showed his strength was coming back the next week after the OU game and performing well against Baylor. Mack likes that. Ash showed he can shake off a bad game and bounce back with a good one. But before the bowl game Ash had never really shown he could pick himself during a game. That all changed at the Alamo Bowl when he came out in the second half and fought to the end of the game to win it. Now, was Oregon State's QB really doing anything to help the Beavers' cause in the second half. No. But that's a combination of Vaz playing poorly AND the UT defense attacking him all night. Regardless, Ash still had a hole to lead his team out of and he did. I say all of this because Mack will look at Ash's body of work and will roll with him as the starter. He has a great argument for why he should. Don't get me wrong, Ash's inconsistent play will not get it done next season. But right now that will be attributed to his youth, the fact that he had Case McCoy looking over his shoulder waiting for him to slip up, and that Ash and Harsin didn't really click. Now with Major running the show I really think he will connect with Ash in a way Harsin never would have. Does Ash still mess with my brain and scare me with inconsistency? Yes. What makes him hard for me to read is his personality and up and down confidence. But the guy was a sophomore, showed he can make the throws and have success in this offense, and led a come from behind victory in a bowl game. I can't see any way Mack doesn't roll with him as the starter, especially in a season where Mack thinks this is "the year". Can you really see coach Brown handing over the keys to a red-shirt freshman, true freshman (possibly Swoopes, though I think he red-shirts), or a juco-transfer (if Marshall commits) in his first year at Texas? I can't. And Ash has done enough for coach Brown to stick with him and continue letting him develop as the starting QB. Let's look at the options behind Ash... Case McCoy - one way or another I think Case's time at QB at Texas are done. He may still be on the roster but I doubt we see much of him even if he is. I guess he possibly could still be a back-up. But before any thoughts can really be given we must see how his legal situation plays out. Connor Brewer - out of all the QB's that will be on the roster in the spring I think Brewer is the most likely candidate to transfer. Brewer was recruited by Harsin. He was originally recruited to Boise State. But when Harsin came to Texas he brought Brewer along. Well now Harsin is gone. And if you're Brewer you could be looking at your own position in the program like this: The one coordinator who recruited you strongly is gone. Though you have 4 years of eligibility left, you are staring at a QB (Ash) who potentially could play 2 more seasons. So you wouldn't have a shot to play until you were a red-shirt junior. But even then you look to your side and standing next to you is Jalen Overstreet, who also has the same years of eligibility left that you do. Add that to Swoopes coming to town. And the potential commitment of Nick Marshall, who will could be at Texas for 3 years (if he is red-shirted he has 3 years). If I'm Brewer and I'm looking around and I really want some serious playing time, then I'm thinking about transferring. Unless I know I have the clear advantage over the competition and am willing to sit possibily two more seasons to have my shot at playing after that. But I don't see Brewer doing that unless he really loves UT. (Love for him to stay, but this is the scenario he could face). In the end, I think Brewer is currently the most likely to transfer. Jalen Overstreet - This player is still very much an unknown. I know many fans are clamoring for him to get action hoping he is the next RGIII. But all anyone really knows is he's a great athlete. But I've yet to see him get on the field and throw the ball. I have no idea how he handles the offense, how he reads defenses, and how his passes look. So at this point I don't really know what Texas has in Overstreet. Could he transfer? Sure. But right now I think he stays in the program and continues to develop. Tyrone Swoopes - Thought by some to be the next coming of Vince Young, Swoopes is a different player than Vince was coming out of high school. Swoopes comes from a much smaller school than where VY came from and didn't have as much of the success that VY had (though Swoopes has done well). Unless he comes into the spring and blows the coaches away, I think Swoopes red-shirts, like VY did. *Nick Marshall - Marshall has yet to commit to Texas and he has other offers he is also considering. But the Marshall offer got my attention because I wasn't expecting it after Harsin had quit recruiting the Juco QB's, and left the program. Nick Marshall is a very interesting prospect. Once a defensive back at Georgia, Marshall was dismissed by the school and has since been playing QB at Garden City Junior College. (More of his story here: Nick Marshall: Dismissed UGA player revitalizes football career … at QB | AJC College Sports Recruiting) Though he still needs some work, Marshall has the potential to be great, and that's the main reason why Texas is still after him. He will be recruited as a QB and will practice as a QB if he chooses Texas. I could see him getting a red-shirt if he comes, unless he arrives on campus and also blows away the coaches with what he can do. Currently Texas has the potential to have 6 QB's on roster David Ash Case McCoy Connor Brewer Jalen Overstreet Tyrone Swoopes *Nick Marshall But when you start to try to figure out how it all may shake out you see that not all of the QB's will likely be eligible to play during games in the fall. Active on Roster Ash - (likely starter) Overstreet - (have yet to see what Texas has in him, I think he stays with the program) Transfer Brewer - (IMO, most likely to transfer) Red-Shirt/Inactive on Roster Swoopes - (red-shirts FR year) Question Marks McCoy - (possibly a reserve, likely not in the picture one way or another either by transfer, kicked off team, demotion) *Marshall - has yet to commit. If he does commit, I could see him being active on the roster or taking a red-shirt. That depends on how he looks if/when he gets to campus and starts practicing. All of this is just one scenario that could possibly happen. None of this is currently fact, rather an attempt to understand what Mack may be thinking about the QB position for 2013. Either way, I think right now David Ash is the Longhorns' starting QB in 2013. It's silly not to think that, unless one of the other QB's dominates in the spring. I do not see a QB competition, unless Ash begins to struggle in the off-season. I know some of you may be cool with this, and some may be weary about it, but right now I believe the job is David Ash's to lose.
  6. 2014 UT qb commit Jerrod Heard led Denton Guyer to the 4A Division 1 State Title yesterday when the Wildcats beat Georgetown yesterday. Heard had 7, YES 7 touchdowns in the win yesterday. This kid is everything and a cup of tea. I am excited about Swoopes but staring at my watch for this kid to get on campus. WOW.
  7. There are rumblings that OC Bryan Harsin is recruiting a QB to transfer to Texas. His name is Tanner McEvoy and he played at Arizona Western Community College. He was once a 3-star commit to South Carolina but transfered before this past season (his red shirt freshman season - he red shirted 2011) started because he was buried on the depth chart. Standing at 6'5", the kid was an interesting prospect out of New Jersey. He started just 1 year in high school, his senior year. "Tanner McEvoy threw for 2,264 yards and 32 touchdowns and rushed for 1,196 yards and 14 scores during his senior season at Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, N.J." - Tanner McEvoy Profile - South Carolina Official Athletic Site If I have these stats correct, in 7 games at Western Arizona Community College, Tanner McEvoy completed 106 of 158 passes for 1,568 yards, 21 TD's, and 3 Int's. *The first game of the season he completed 3 of 5 passes for 17 yards and 1 TD - must not have played that much. - Tanner McEvoy | #14 | QB | Arizona Western College - NJCAA Stats I'm a fan of this move. Texas is still looking for a solid option under center and I'm a fan of bringing in anyone they can get while performing another QB competition this off-season. From looking at stats alone he seems like he is a pocket passer but can scramble if need be. But that is still to be determined. Hook'em.
  8. After seeing the players so far would you take Andrew Luck or RGIII? I'd still go with Luck. His ability to shake off bad plays and come back and succeed in games is that of a super bowl winner. He also has elevated the worst team in football to a possible playoff team. And he's a rookie playing on a team that is not loaded with talent. RGIII is still a great rookie QB. He's shown his athletic ability just like he was expected by those who thought he could be a monster at QB. But IMO Luck still has the edge, and it's because of his ability to shake off bad plays and make a few more throws than RGIII can.
  9. Today the depth chart for the horns came out and Mack had many different notes on each position and who's going to play. One thing that struck me was his comments on the QB position. The depth chart has David Ash as the starer, Case McCoy as 2nd string, Follwed by Connor Brewer and Jalen Overstreet in that order. But when asked about the starter, Mack did mention both David and Case will play. He didn't know exactly how or what role Case would have since David is the starter. But when asked about leadership on the team Mack went on to single out Case by saying he "is one of the best leaders on the team". So what does that mean? Mack also said he hopes to red-shirt both Connor Brewer and Jalen Overstreet. Which is what I originally thought should happen. But wait just a second... Both David and Case will be playing in each game and Mack still hopes to red-shirt both the young QB's? Here are my questions... and my initial thoughts. -Why is McCoy still in the mix for playing time during a game? -When McCoy steps onto the field what does he bring to the game that Ash isn't bringing? -Why doesn't Mack know what role McCoy will have for the games? (Mack literally said he needs to sit down with Harsin and Applewhite to clarify McCoy's role during the games. Yet Mack knows McCoy still needs snaps?) -If Mack wants to red-shirt both Connor and Jalen, then why would he put both his starter and back-up QB in a game where both could get hurt? Here are my initial thoughts for all those questions: McCoy has a special gift that isn't necessarily teachable and something you can't shy away from, especially with this team. He has leadership. He has that presence and mind-set his brother, Colt, had. But his brother also had a better arm and was more gifted physically. If Ash had Case's leadership abilities then Ash would easily be the starter, no questions asked. That also tells me Ash hasn't become the leader for the team that he needs to be. Which is why McCoy is still in the mix. Ash has the athletic ability but isn't the leader he needs to be. McCoy has the leadership & presence but can't make as many throws as Ash. To me, Ash seems like a shy guy who will open up when he feels comfortable in a situation. For him to feel comfortable with his team he will need to play well and earn some respect from how he performs during games. I think if Ash can perform well, then we will see a more open and confident David Ash who will then take more of a leadership role. It is disappointing that it seems as if he hasn't taken more leadership, because not only is leadership critical for the QB position but this team also had leadership issues the past couple of years and having the starting QB be the unquestioned leader on offense would really help the offense and the team. Mack realizes Case is one of the best leaders on the team and is going to show Case and the team respect by still giving him snaps. But Mack also knows that if he truly wants to get back to national prominence, Case simply can't make all the big time throws that Ash should be capable of. As for the rest of Mack's comments about the depth chart... Mack mentioned that tight end and offensive line depth were the two weakness that still needed to be fixed. D.J. Grant could have a decent year, but I think Mack sees MJ McFarland as the better receiving weapon. Problem is MJ hasn't shown the ability to effectively block, which contributes to the weakness at the position. Currently, McFarland isn't even listed on the depth chart. But in a passing situation McFarland could enter the game. I would also not be surpised to see Miles Onyegbule on the field as a tight end split off the line only in receiving situations. He too needs to improve his blocking before he is an every down option. The starters on the offensive line are solid but the depth behind the O-line is where the concern emerges. Mack singled out Thomas Ashcraft as the first guy in to sub for the starters but needs to see more from the other guys to feel confident in them. Overall I felt good about the rest of the positions Mack Brown talked about. Defensive line and the defensive backs will be a strength. If the inexperienced linebackers can play well during the games like they have in practice then they too will be a strength, which will form one of the top defenses in the country. There are playmakers all over the special teams and the longhorns could very well go back to having one of the best special teams units in the country again, like that had a few years ago. The running backs are all talented and as many as four (Bergeron, Brown, Gray, Hills) could see the field for multiple snaps a game. That's crazy depth. *Daje Johnson will be suspended the first game for violating team rules "and that won't change". Both the starters, Jaxon Shipley and Mike Davis, are dealing with some minor injuries but should be good to go by the opener. Other than Marquis, depth behind the receivers will still be an area to monitor but is not seen as a huge weakness by Mack. (of course not, the horns will barely throw the ball until they figure out what they have at QB...) I expect the floor to be 8 wins and the ceiling to be 11 wins. Anything worse will be a disappointment and anything better will be incredible. The depth chart can be found here: MackBrown-TexasFootball.com - Official website of the Texas Longhorns - Texas Football Jump into the conversation and let us know what you think. Twitter: @WesKCrochet Email: Wes.Sports@hotmail.com

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