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Found 17 results

  1. Great piece on Kevin Durant from Corey Elliott - MR. RELIABLE (FYI, Corey Elliot is a contributor for HornSports.com. He is a Senior Writer at the Indy Sports Report and a member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association, recognized as an accredited member of the media by the Pacers and has full media access. Follow Corey on Twitter - @CoreyElliot)
  2. Hall of Fame Center Moses Malone died in his sleep last night of an apparent heart attack. He was only 60. RIP to one of the greats. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/2015/09/13/moses-malone-dies-age-60/72201802/
  3. Since a couple of Texas teams are represented, I thought y'all would appreciate this brief synopsis from UT: Five former Longhorns ready for NBA Playoffs Aldridge, Bradley, Hamilton, Joseph and Thompson are on playoff rosters. AUSTIN, Texas — A total of five University of Texas will be involved in the upcoming 2015 NBA Playoffs beginning this weekend. LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers), Avery Bradley (Boston Celtics), Jordan Hamilton (Los Angeles Clippers), Cory Joseph (San Antonio Spurs) andTristan Thompson (Cleveland Cavaliers) are all currently on their team’s postse
  4. [vid]11390424_10153061426806006_1854487167_n.mp4[/vid]
  5. Breaking news: LA out for next 6-8 weeks for surgery to repair radial collateral ligament tear in his thumb; return early to mid March. Portland with some bad luck right now.
  6. Dirk scored 14 points tonight in the Mavs' win over the Lakers, giving him 27,322 career points in the NBA, which is good enough for 8th all-time in the league. As a Mavericks fan I am incredulous. Seems like Dirk started in the league just yesterday. Up next for Dirk is Moses Malone with 27,409 points at #7.
  7. It's been far too long since I've posted anything here on Hornsports so I thought I'd come by and post a brief run down of the picks last night. I'm not grading these picks, rather giving reasons as to possibly why each team chose who they chose. It was a fun draft to watch even though there wasn't "top talent". There were still surprises and a lot of team/player movement via trades. There was so much movement going on that the ESPN crew couldn't even keep up with it as they broke down the picks. Woj and Yahoo did a great job as usual announcing the trades as they happened. Too bad they can't
  8. http://m.espn.go.com/nba/story?storyId=11127329 See ya.
  9. Hard to believe DJ has been in the NBA for 5 years now already...... Former Texas point guard DJ Augustin signed a deal to play basketball with the Toronto Raptors. He is lights out from the stripe and will make a nice addition at the point for Toronto. Career stats on Augustin: [TABLE=class: sortable row_summable stats_table] [TR] [TH=class: tooltip sort_default_asc, align: center]Season[/TH] [TH=class: tooltip sort_default_asc, align: center]Age[/TH] [TH=class: tooltip sort_default_asc, align: left]Tm[/TH] [TH=class: tooltip sort_default_asc, align: left]Lg[/TH]
  10. We've awoken from another Dwightmare and this time Dwight Howard has emerged as a Houston Rocket. There's been an endless amount of opinions about Dwight's move in a wide variety ranging from hate all the way to strong support. And it seems like everyone from fans, to players, to front office officials, to members of the media have all chimed in about the move. I myself am a Rockets fan and also have an opinion. But with my opinions, I try to be realistic with my take on situations involving the teams I support and other subjects in the world of sports. So I'm treating this situation with the
  11. Myck announced this morning that he will give up his two years of remaining eligibility with Rick Barnes and Texas and will declare himself eligible for the NBA draft. Nobody should be surprised - and I think it is a good decision for the kid. He is projected to be a late first round/early second round pick and it is probably hard for him to shun the thought of first-round NBA dollars. We lost a lot already with transfers and now it is up to Felix to carry the PG torch for us next season.
  12. No matter what part of the year or season it is, I always enjoy these NBA conversations/debates. Often times there isn't 1 right answer. The conversation itself is what's fun about it. So here's another 1 that's been rolling around in my head. If you could choose sign 1 NBA player to a contract of 6 years to build a team around, who would it be and why? And you cannot choose Lebron James or Kevin Durant. My vote would be James Harden. Why? Well yes, I'm a Rockets fan. But when I try to take my Houston love out of it, this is what I come up with. First off, he's a guy who can
  13. As a sports nerd and NBA fan, I always have random thoughts I fire off on twitter throughout the season. I figured I'd start an on going thread where all of us NBA fans can comment, converse, and fire off random NBA thoughts. Feel free to shoot off any analysis or opinions relating to any organization, player, team, trade, etc. You can crack jokes and have fun with it, but do not turn this thread into "personal insult fest 2013".
  14. Do you remember when the Spurs almost beat the Heat in Miami but they came up short 105-100? Do you also remember that same night the Spurs sat 4 of their starters (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, Green) and the league and old David Stern was upset with the Spurs because the entertainment value of the game had diminished (though I had a great time watching the game, and I'm not even a big Spurs fan). Well David Stern fined the team $250,000 to make an example of the Spurs and moved on from it. Well, apparently the lack of stardome in the building really cut one of the fans deep and he is now suing t
  15. "LIN" Sanity has taken over the NBA! He's hotter than Tebow and got more game than Jesus Shuttlesworth! He's a Harvard graduate with a scorching case of herpes! Fear the LIN!
  16. D-Wade and LeBron might want to wait until after the game is over before making fun of Dirk... He was sick but still played better than LeBron. They notched a win too... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=V7sNgIaXEhw#at=113

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