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Found 1 result

  1. It's been far too long since I've posted anything here on Hornsports so I thought I'd come by and post a brief run down of the picks last night. I'm not grading these picks, rather giving reasons as to possibly why each team chose who they chose. It was a fun draft to watch even though there wasn't "top talent". There were still surprises and a lot of team/player movement via trades. There was so much movement going on that the ESPN crew couldn't even keep up with it as they broke down the picks. Woj and Yahoo did a great job as usual announcing the trades as they happened. Too bad they can't do the coverage. I actually would rather see Charles Barkley and the TNT crew cover the draft, and really anything. Just anything is fine with me if they cover it. Funny guys when they are together. Let's jump in and try to sort this all out. Round 1, picks 1-30 1. Cavs - PF Anthony Bennett, UNLV Arguably the most stunning pick of the night, the Cavs selected Bennett after many "experts" pegged Noel, Len, Oladipo, and McLemore here. But when you think about it, is it really that stunning? One of the greatest things about drafts is the poker/chess game teams play. The Cavs clearly wanted to trade out of this spot, that was a fact. So in order to try to find a trade partner, they expressed interest in guys other teams may want. They were intentionally letting it leak that they had interest in Noel, Len, etc. But did you ever hear anything about them having interest in Bennett? Ideally, the Cavs would have liked to move back to 4-6 range. Bennett was largely projected to go around there. Had the Cavs traded back, they could have picked up another pick or asset and likely still gotten their guy. But Bennett is no scrub #1 pick, and a guy my roommate has been clamoring about ever since the NCAA season ended. He has a strong NBA body at 6'8" and can score down low or beyond the arc. He weight is a bit of a concern, but he's a driven player so I don't think it will be an issue. I like the pick for the Cavs, as it gives them a big who can do a lot of different things for them. 2. Orl - SG Victor Oladipo, Ind I didn't think there was any question who Orl would pick. They had already made it be known they wanted to shop their current SG, Afflalo, and they are continuing to work with the Clippers about Eric Bledsoe for Afflalo. But more so, Orlando's GM comes from OKC. Well OKC just so happens to have an athletic guard they covet by a guy named Russell Westbrook. Oladipo won't be a PG like Westbrook, but he has the athleticism and some intangibles Westbrook has. Watch out for ORL. Their young core will be good in a couple of seasons. 3. Wash - SF Otto Porter Jr, GT I missed on this pick. Many different sources pegged Otto here and I fell into the trap thinking it could be a ploy. Why? I saw that Trevor Ariza had opted back in for a year and Chris Singleton, a former 1st Rd pick was still on roster at SF as well. But I over thought this pick. Trevor Ariza will be gone after a year. And Singleton hasn't improved that much at all since coming into the league. Porter Jr. teamed with John Wall and Bradley Beal gives the Wizards a solid back court with a variety of specialties. Many thought Otto Porter Jr. was one of the safer picks this year and I agree. Comes from a basketball family and knows the business of the NBA. If Washington can improve their locker room culture, this trio is another young group to watch out for. Now Washington's focus should shift to post players. Nene and more so Okafor are getting up there in age. 4. Cha - F/C Cody Zeller, Ind When making Mocks, I try to take into account the personality and past decisions of those in charge of the teams. With Ben McLemore still on the board, I was almost positive that MJ would want to select the talent scorer. But luckily MJ went with his basketball guys and realized that Josh McRoberts starting at PF isn't ideal at all. I was wondering if MJ would go with Zeller and he did. He also passed up on the injured Nerlins Noel, which I thought was another smart move by Charlotte. Zeller wasn't talked about as much as other prospects but I'm very high on him, as some of you may know. At worst, he will be an athletic 7'0" PF/C who gives 110% effort on both ends of the floor and can score some. At best he will be an All-Star, blue collar type post player. Solid pick Mr. Jordan and he will go well next to Biyombo. 5. Suns - C/F Alex Len, Maryland The Suns got their guy. I wasn't sure he would be here but they lucked out and were able to draft the traditional low post center. With Gortat in his last year, and likely on the trade block, and Scola as your only other post player, Len has the chance to turn into the Suns franchise post player. He has good moves on both ends of the floor and has the potential to be one of the best centers (and maybe play some PF as well) in the game. I'm a Len supporter and I think the Suns got a good one. 6. Philly - C/F Nerlins Noel, Ken Biggest surprise of the draft was Philly trading Jrue Holiday for this pick to get Nerlins Noel. When New Orleans drafted him, I just couldn't picture Noel and Davis together side by side. But I also find it weird that New Orleans coveted Holiday as much as they did when they have a pretty good PG in Vasquez already. But this also may be a move to help satisfy Eric Gordon so who knows what their reasoning is. Anyways, for Philly, the Bynum experiment blew up in their face. So they needed a center to replace the free agent. Is it weird that Philly went after another Center who has injury problems? Yes. But at 6, the value is good for Noel so I can't blame Philly for taking him. They also did a decent job of adding back a PG and a coveted 2014 draft pick once it was all said and done. If healthy, Noel can be one of the premier shot blockers in the league. Though his offense needs work. 7. Kings - SG Ben McLemore, Kan This pick is solely best available. And I think it's also safe to say the Jimmer Fredette experiment is done. They were also trying to trade him before the draft and still may. What's interesting about this pick is the Kings have Tyreke Evans playing SG and Isaiah Thomas at PG. I suppose something will happen with Thomas, either a demotion or trade. But he isn't a terrible guard so I'm not sure exactly what the plan is. Maybe McLemore comes off the bench is first season and they go from there? Not sure. But the Kings got a player who could turn into one of the stars from this draft. And at #7, this is great value for McLemore's potential to become a scoring machine and a good all-around guard in the NBA. 8. Det - SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Georgia The best thing Detroit has going for them right now are their young twin towers down low, with Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. I thought Det would have targeted a SF to take Tayshuan Prince's minutes, but maybe there wasn't a guy they liked here. Instead, Detroit took a guard who can flat out score. Though he is still young, it doesn't look like Detroit has been happy with Brandon Knight so this could push Knight to either play better or see his minutes decrease. Also, Jose Calderon isn't getting any younger so finding a replacement for him was inevitable as well. 9. Utah (from Minn) - PG Trey Burke, Mich Surely Minnesota wouldn't draft ANOTHER point guard right? Well they did but later in the draft. This pick went to Utah, and the Jazz may have found a long-term answer at point guard. Trey Burke graded every where from potential all-star to bench warmer. I personally think Burke will be somewhere in the middle as a guy who is a decent guard but could be a journey man or make a living as a back up PG. But he has shown flashes of great ability and he could very well become one of the better PG's in the league. Plus, Utah's best PG was Mo WIlliams. Trying to find improvement over him isn't a bad idea at all. 10. Portland - SG C.J. McCollum, Lehigh All season long last year, I felt that if Portland had better help from their bench they would be a much more dangerous team. They lacked a true scoring threat off the bench and C.J. McCollum can be that guy. Or he could pair up with Damian Lillard and allow Portland to move Matthews to the 6th man role. Either way, Portland needed more depth at guard and they got it. Like Lillard, McCollum comes from a small school so the question marks are there about the competition he's been playing. But if there's any team who's knows something about small-school guards having success in the NBA Portland is up there right with the Spurs. 11. Philly - PG Michael Carter-Wiliams, Syracuse What better way to get over losing a player than to draft his replacement not even an hour after. In a surprising move, Philly traded Jrue Holliday to New Orleans for Nerlins Noel and a 2014 1st rd pick and then picked up PG Carter-Williams with this pick. Carter-Williams is a big 6'5" PG who knows how to dish the rock. But the concern for Philly now is scoring. Evan Turner and Carter-Williams don't necessarily score the ball well so finding points could be an issue. I actually think the Sixers will be one of the worst NBA teams next season. But if there's any season to tank in order to rebuild, this up-coming season is the one to do it in because the 2014 draft is filled with studs, especially at #1 with Andrew Wiggins. 12. OKC - C Steven Adams, Pittsburg My boy James Harden's response on twitter to this pick was "LLOOOOOOOOOOOLLL" which he lated denied ever sending and deleted it. I then lol'd once I read it. But if OKC has been as frustrated as I have been with their starting Center Kendrick Perkins these past couple of season then I see why they wanted to target a big man. OKC was actually trying extremely hard to move up for Alex Len but it didn't work out. Harden's "LOL" was due to the fact that Adams didn't really show much of anything in his only year at Pitt. But he's still a 7-footer who's young and has some potential. And considering that their back-up C is Hasheem Thabeet, OKC could either have found suitable depth and possibly a replacement for Perkins. Or they could have a stable lackluster Centers. These next couple of years will be interesting for OKC. 13. Bos (from Dallas) - C Kelly Olynyk, Gon Boston is in complete rebuild mode after trading Pierce and KG away, but I would have done the exact same move. The last thing you want to be as an NBA team is mediocre. And by trading away their agin stars, Bos got a lot of great assets (mainly draft picks and expiring contacts) to help build for the future. But the building has already begun, and Kelly Olynyk is a great low post pick up for Boston. Olynyk can shoot the rock, but he will need to prove himself as a tough low post player. I like the idea of Sully and Olynyk handing low-post duties. One can bang around down low and one can step out and shoot a jumper. 14. Minn (from Utah) - SF Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA No one saw his stock plummet faster and further than Shabazz Muhammad did this past season. Once thought to be a number 1 pick, some were wondering if he'd get picked in the top-20. Muhammad has NBA potential in him but he also has a lot of question marks. I liked his interview with Shane Battier once he got drafted because Muhammad seemed motivated to start working on his game right then and there. I see Muhammad coming off the bench his first season but what happens after that is up to him and what type of player he wants to be. 15. Bucks - SF Giannis Antetokounmpo Try to say that name 3 times fast... or just one time fast. The 6'9" SF from Greece was one of the more intruiging Euro's in this draft and someone I'm very interested in. He has a body very similar to that of Kevin Durant, though is scoring is no where close to KD's ability. I think a better comparison on how he handles the ball is Nicolas Batum. But either way, Giannis could turn into a dangerous NBA player, or he could never be anything more than a big body. Period. The Bucks really don't have a lot going for them and I would have picked Dennis Schroeder with this pick knowing that it's likely Monta Ellis and/or Brandon Jennings will likely be looking to play else where soon. But if Giannis pans out, he could easily become a focal point for the Bucks. 16. Hawks (from Dallas) - C Lucas Nogueira, Brazil If you didn't know who he was before the draft, you now know him for his huge afro. I honestly don't know much about Lucas other than he's an athletic big who doesn't do one thing great, rather does a lot of things well. And given the Hawks don't have anyone dominant at Center, Lucas could come in next to Al Horford and provide a pretty good duo if he pans out. Good value for the 16th selection. 17. Hawks (from Dallas, from Bos) - PG Dennis Schroeder, Germany Atlanta's biggest win of the night was Dennis schroeder. I think Schroeder could be the best PG of the draft when it's all said and done, though he does need to polish his game. But it's a win due to where they got him in the draft and what they need. Current starter Jeff Teague could be on his way out. But if nothing else, Schroeder will be good depth and could be the starting PG if he proves himself. Another good value pick. 18. Mavs (from Hawks) - PG Shane Larkin, Mia I originally thought the Mavs would take Schroeder due to their need for a back-up PG. But instead they kept sliding back to save money for their pursuit of Dwight and also landed a back-up PG. Many are knocking Larking due to his 5'11" size, but Shane wouldn't be the first short PG to succeed in the NBA and the Mavs didn't seem to worried about that. Larkin has athleticism in his genes from his dad, former MLB and current Hall of Famer Barry Larking, so professional sports isn't a new world for him either. 19. Cavs - SF Sergey Karasev, Russia Daniel Gibson is gone via free agency, and the rebuilding Cavs are in need of another shooter. Karasev is a sniper from the floor and will provide the Cavs with more scoring. The only issue with Karasev (and the Cavs back court) is their need for more defense. So that's still an issue. But Karasev already has a jump-shot that's NBA ready, though he still may play overseas next season. If the Cavs can't defend you then they may just try to out-score you. 20. Bulls - SG Tony Snell, New Mexico When I think about the Bulls roster, I think about a team that needs another scorer from their guards to go along with Derrick Rose. And on top of that, Snell is a shooter who can benefit from the kick-outs Derrick Rose provides from his drives into the lane. Snell is also a good defender. Those attributes combined with Rip Hamiltons increase in age and decline in production give Snell an opportunity to come in and earn some serious playing time early on. 21. Minn - C Gorgui Dieng, Lou With Pekovic gone in FA, the Wolves are in need of body down low to grab boards and play D. Dieng is exactly that guy. He didn't blow anyone away with his play and workouts, but he's a decent option in the middle who could turn into a good post defender and rebounder. 22. Brooklyn - C Mason Plumlee, Duke Plumlee will be a great body to have come off the bench to spell both Lopez and newly acquired Kevin Garnett. He's a smart post player who hustles and can provide a few good minutes in games and playoff series. Also arguably the best player available at this point that's NBA ready. 23. Pacers - SF Solomon HIll, Arizona I honestly don't know much about HIll other than he's a tough and versatile player. But with a couple of other SF's on the board rated higher, seems like the Pacers saw something in Hill that stood out amongst the other guys left and they stuck to their draft board. 24. Knickerbockers - SG Tim Hardaway Jr., Mich Decent selection for the Knicks considering J.R. Smith may be wearing a different jersey next season. But Hardaway Jr.'s name often outweighs his realistic value. Can Hardaway Jr. be a pretty good role player in the NBA? Yea. But I don't see him becoming more than that unless he shows flashes that we've never seen before. But he has good energy and knows the NBA business from his dad. 25. Clips - SF Reggie Bullock, UNC Catch and shoot player, Bullock will likely benefit from all the jump shots the Clippers take with Chris Paul running the point. I also wouldn't be surprised if Bullock is involved in the Afflalo for Bledsoe trade that still may go down between the Clippers and Magic. Not a star in college, but he played for UNC so that's saying something. Likely will ride the bench early on if he stays in L.A. 26. OKC (from GSW, from Minn) - SF Andre Roberson, Colorado I've questioned the Thunder's picks in these drafts. But then again they've turned other draft picks into stars so you have to cut the Thunder some slack with their picks. Roberson will not be a star but he could be a decent role player as he excels in rebounding. I would have gone in a different direction here, but what do i know? 27. Jazz (from Denver) - C Rudy Gorbert, France I don't know much about Gorbert other than he needs a lot of work but that he's the tallest player in the draft. But if you're going to take a flyer on a guy with size like Gorbert, this is a great place in the draft to do it. Who knows how this pick will pan out. 28. Los Spurs - SF Livio Jean-Charles, French Guiana The Spurs draft a foreigner and you almost expect that he will have some type of positive NBA impact at some point. Charles needs a few years overseas to develop. But again, I wouldn't bet against the Spurs when they draft a foreigner. I don't know much else about this guy as well. 29. Suns - SG Archie Goodwin, Ken Suns are clearly building for the future (as they should be) and drafted a project guard who could turn into a solid option at shooting guard down the road. 30. GSW - PG Nemanja Nedovic, Serbia Come again? With Jarrett Jack possibly going to another team, GSW was looking for depth at the guard position. I don't think he is the immediate answer to take Jack's spot but he could be solid, athletic back up in a season or two. Or he could never see the floor... Well folks, that's all I got. Nothing too in depth but some reasons on why teams drafted who they drafted. It was a fun one to watch (though I'm still wondering why the Rockets didn't make any moves... In Morey we trust). Let the Dwight sweepstakes begin, and the rest of the Free Agents fall in line after him. Is it football season yet?

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