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  1. Defensive End San Antonio, TX William J. Brennan High School Ht:6'3" Wt:220 lbs Rivals profile -http://rivals.yahoo.com/texas/football/recruiting/player-Derick-Roberson-137676 247 Profile - Derick Roberson Hudl Page - Derick Roberson - Highlight Videos, Schedule & Roster - Hudl Film from McComas (OB): Committed to Texas on 08/02/2012 LSU was the only other school that offered Roberson prior to him committing to Texas. *Ranked #8 on the HornSports 50 for 2014 - http://www.hornsports.com/horn-sport...r-2014-edition
  2. How bad are things at Texas right now? Let me see, hmmm. 1) We lost our first game, 2) The offense didn't look very good, though there were a few bright spots, imo, 3) We have no players who are suspended for drugs, theft, disrespecting women, or academic probation, 4) We have a coach who is willing to make changes when he knows they are needed, 5) We have a coach who is well-respected by current and past players as a man and a coach. Ok, now, let's talk football. Swoopes was out there competing, and I think he will leave Texas with a degree and be very successful in a career other than football. He's a smart young man, but he does not mentally process quickly enough to quarterback a team. I don't care about his arm strength - it doesn't mean a thing if he can't make the decision fast enough to put the ball into play. I have been recovering from surgery, and don't have a recording of the game. If you do, would someone please watch the game and count the number of times Swoopes actually got the ball to a playmaker. I did that for a few series, and the number was shockingly low. In fact, the attempt to get the ball to a playmaker was shockingly low. Heard, for the short time he was in, made things happen, then there was an ugly penalty, Heard got the wind knocked out of him and had to come out. By the time Heard could come back in, I thought it was Swoopes' mess to clean up, and he might as well do it. In fact, were I the coach, I would go back to Austin, put Heard with the 1's, and redesign the offense around his skills. If Watson can't or isn't willing to do it, put a 'For Sale' sign in his front yard. Put Traylor in charge of Heard's development, or if he isn't a qb coach bring in Kevin Murray to develop Heard, as a consultant, if need be. Heard has the goods. He moved the ball, for goodness sakes, and I thought that was the name of the game. He has a quick mind, quick feet, and he distributes to playmakers. I thought quarterbacks got the ball to their playmakers. By the way, Screw Arm Strength, Colt didn't have the strongest arm in CFB, but he was a great college qb. Heard's arm isn't strong? It's just an excuse Watson, and frankly, I don't give a damn. I want to win. John Burt and Foreman, were very bright spots, if Swoopes could have just gotten the ball to them...ahem! Not their fault. Defense: Let's hear it for Malik Jefferson: He was the MVP. Take a bow young man. Kris Boyd, so glad you are here. Same with the rest of the freshman and Poona and redshirt freshmen. Vance: I think you were playing our db's off trying to avoid getting the freshmen burned. Screw it, and go for broke. Let's play it straight up, put our talented freshmen in the receivers hip pockets, and if we get burned, we get burned, BUT we will make a game of it. We need guys in the film room, ready to jump some routes, pick off some passes. We cannot protect as many freshmen as we played. We must rely on their skill to make some plays, and accept the blown assignments as freshmen mistakes. Now, the Swoopes experiment should be over, Shawn. There is no upside. I've yet to see a slow deer, with the 'deer in the headlights look' that doesn't end up as roadkill. Swoopes has tried, he is a great kid, but he simply doesn't have the skill to be a D1 qb. You were wrong. Admit it, and move on. Heard has an upside, unfortunately, Swoopes does not. If anyone expected our defense to be better than last year for this first game, I want some of what you are having. It's got to be better than the pain meds the doc gave me, and that is a triplicate narc. Our defense will come together nicely. Give it a game or two. We have our foundation class, and we need another good one, which we will get. I saw someone reference Charlie's look in the 4th quarter. They thought he looked confused. Bull. He was pissed. He saw Burt waiting for passes that weren't delivered. He saw Watson's 'new offense'. Charlie will take the blame in public, but I wouldn't want to be Watson behind closed doors. Just watch, wait, and listen. Hook 'em! ps: Pretty certain there are typos and even things left out (took pain meds about 45 minutes ago). Please excuse any mistakes.
  3. In this I will list the greatest players to play under Mack Brown. In Coach Brown's 16 year career at Texas, 58 of his players heard there names called in the NFL Draft. I will list Coach Brown's All-Texas team. Also, this list is by their performance while at Texas, not the NFL. The players are in order, a depth chart if you will. Here we go: (Pos/ Name/ Year of leaving Texas/ Draft Position) QB: -Vince Young, 2006, R1/P3 -Colt McCoy, 2010, R3/P85 -Major Applewhite, 2001, Undrafted RB: -Ricky Williams, 1999, R1/P5 -Cedric Benson, 2005, R1/P4 -Jamaal Charles, 2008, R3/P73 WR: -Jordan Shipley, 2010, R3/P84 -Roy Williams, 2004, R1/P7 -Quan Cosby, 2009, Undrafted -Limas Sweed, 2008, R2/P53 -B.J Johnson, 2003, Undrafted -Jaxon Shipley, 2015, Undetermined TE: -David Thomas, 2006, R3/P86 -Jermichael Finley, 2008, R3/P81 -Bo Scaife, 2005, R6/P179 OL: -Mike Williams, 2002, R1/P4 -Justin Blalock, 2007, R2/P39 -Leonard Davis, 2001, R1/P2 -Jonathon Scott, 2006, R5/P141 -Kasey Studdard, 2007, R6/P183 -Derrick Dockery, 2003, R3/P183 -Will Allen, 2006, Undrafted -Tony Hills, 2008, R4/P130 DE: -Brian Orakpo, 2009, R1/P13 -Cory Redding, 2003, R3/P66 -Sergio Kendle, 2010, R2/P43 -Brian Robison, 2007, R4/102 -Jackson Jeffcoat, 2014, Undrafted DT: -Casey Hampton, 2001, R1/P19 -Marcus Tubbs, 2004, R1/P23 -Lamarr Houston, 2010, R2/P44 -Shaun Rogers, 2001, R2/P61 LB: -Derrick Johnson, 2005, R1/P15 -Keenan Robinson, 2012, R4/P119 -Roddrick Muckelroy, 2010, R4/P131 -Emmanuel Acho, 2012, R6/P204 -Sam Acho, 2011, R4/P103 CB: -Nathan Vasher, 2004, R4/P110 -Quentin Jammer, 2002, R1/P5 -Aaron Williams, 2011, R2/P34 -Aaron Ross, 2007, R1/P20 -Curtis Brown, 2011, R3/P95 S: -Earl Thomas, 2010, R1/P14 -Kenny Vacarro, 2013, R1/P15 -Michael Huff, 2006, R1/P7 -Michael Griffin, 2007, R1/P19 K: -Phil Dawson, 1999, Undrafted -Justin Tucker, 2011, Undrafted -Anthony Fera, 2014, Undrafted In my opinion these were the top players at each position. One of the toughest positions to sort was was WR. Putting Jordan Shipley in front of Roy Williams was tough but after looking at Texas' receiving records (http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/tex/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/records_ind_receiving.pdf) I felt that was right. Also looking at Jaxon Shipley's stats through 3 years I think with a big year, which is capable, I think he deserved a spot on the list. The Offensive Line is kind of a "place wherever you want too after Davis." Also Linebacker wasn't the easiest thing, after Johnson, the rest were kind of mix-and-match. Robinson had the most tackles through his four years but the Acho brothers were tied with the most TFL's with 32.5 through there seasons. 3 were tied for the most interceptions. When it gets to Safety, they were all top-tier players while wearing the Burnt Orange. All 4 could easily take the top spot. I personally think this is pretty cool, seeing what Coach Brown has done for Texas football over the past 16 years. Tell me what you think.
  4. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRO DAY & SPRING-GAME ACTIVITIES UT's Pro Day has been scheduled for March 26th. The Spring game is scheduled for April 19th at 1:00 Stay tuned for Tailgate Information related to the Spring game! MAX WITTEK UPDATE Former USC QB Max Wittek visited Hawaii last weekend and is said to have enjoyed the visit. Wittek is not close to a decision and he may still take visits to Louisville and TCU. We assume Virginia Tech is no longer an option since former Lake Travis and Texas Tech QB Michael Brewer announced he will transferring to VT. MARCH 1st JUNIOR DAY VISITORS Offensive QB Quinten Dormady, Boerne High (Boerne, TX) QB Jaylon Henderson, Kingwood Park (Humble, TX) QB/ATH, JW Ketchum, Fort Bend Marshall (Missouri City, TX) RB Kirk Johnson, Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) Has Texas offer RB DeUnte Chatman, Summer Creek (Humble, TX) RB Jatory Sparks-Brown, DeSoto (DeSoto, TX) WR/ATH Billy McCrary, Rouse (Leander, TX) WR Jaelan Austin, South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie, TX) WR Jalen Guyton, Allen (Allen, TX) WR James Proche, Prime Prep (Dallas, TX) OL Conner Dyer, Horn (Mesquite, TX) OL Isaiah Edwards, Cinco Ranch (Katy, TX) OL Tyler Higby, The Kincaid School (Houston, TX) Defensive LB Diamon Cannon, Shoemaker (Killeen, TX) LB Riley Garner, A&M Consolidated (College Station, TX DE Breylin Mitchell, Round Rock High (Round Rock, TX) DE Tyrell Thompson, Copperas Cove, TX DT Derek Brown, Katy High (Katy, TX) DT Darrion Daniels, Bishop Dunne (Dallas, TX) DT Bryce English, DeSoto (DeSoto, TX) DT/DE Kingsley KeKe, George Ranch (Rosenberg, TX) S Kahlil Haughton, Midway (Waco, TX) 2016 Class QB Brennan Wooten, Marble Falls (Marble Falls, TX) WR Collin Johnson, Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) Texas Has Offered DT Kendell Jones, Shoemaker (Killeen, TX) Texas Has Offered CB Malik Antoine, University Lab (Baton Rouge, LA) CB Jared Mayden, Sachse (Sachse, TX) Texas Has Offered ****Junior Day Offers**** Kendell Jones - Defensive Tackle - Shoemaker HS in Killeen, Texas Jared Mayden – Defensive Back – Sachse, Texas Kirk Johnson - - Running Back - San Jose Valley Christian. Colin Johnson – Wide Receiver - San Jose Valley Christian. ************************** CROSSFIRE Q&A Q) Who do you see as our starting tight end this fall & how will they be used in our passing offense? A) Louisville ran a double tight end set and I believe we will see it at Texas too. Louisville’s 1st string tight end caught 36 passes last year and the 2nd teamer caught 18 passes, so the you can bet we are going to see more use from the tight end position. Other TE tidbits: Greg Daniles will be primarily a blocking tight end and has shown decent receiving skills Geoff Swaim will used in multiple sets as a blocker and receiver. Blake Whiteley will be used as a receiving tight end until he can add some seize. MJ McFarland is probably the most intimidating tight end but, has not shown the consistency in the blocking game to stay on the field. McFarland is a transfer candidate. Q) First, who thinks it is a priority to recover our relationship with MBTF (I never had any problem with Mrs. Brown)? A) I don’t anyone is thinking it’s a priority. It was just a question. Second, why would they not be ready? A) They were removed from office and they were not ready to leave. They both believe they were done wrong by Texas because they did not get to leave on their own terms. Sally has given all of her Texas clothing a way to a former staff member. There are hurt feelings that only time can heal. Q) Third, why the sudden concerns about how people feel toward MBTF? People have their opinions about how things went down. If you want to change those opinions then give us substantive evidence as to why anybody that is not supportive of how MBTF conducted himself should reconsider. I am not asking for a recap of his accomplishments at Texas. I know them already. A) I honestly have no concern on how people feel towards Mack Brown. You can’t change anyone’s opinion on Mack Brown. There are reasons why people like Mack Brown and there are reasons others dislike him. It is futile trying to convert either side. Both sides have their reasoning. Q) Why should I give MBTF a break and why do you care? A) I have never asked you to give Mack a break. I have moved on and have found it liberating to let the past go and concentrate on the new regime. Q) My same question from last week. Give us some info on the possibility of LHN being picked up by Directv or Dish (my only two options) by the time football season rolls around or is that even on Patterson's to-do list right now. A) It is a priority for Patterson, IMG and ESPN to get the LHN on one of your two options. At this time I don’t what the possibilities are. I guess we just found out how high of a priority it was. The LHN has now been inked by Dish Network. I would look for Directv to follow suit. ESPN packaging the LHN with the SEC Network no doubt assisted the LHN in getting this deal done. Q) Who do you anticipate leaving the football program? Word is we need to free up 8 slots to reach scholarship limit of 85. A) The staff has met with those that are better served playing football somewhere else. 8 would be a safe number to assume since some of kids are sitting on the fence. We are already down two with Scott & Moss being dismissed so, 6 more is well within reach. The problem is Texas has some very good talent sitting on the fence. The staff has been very supportive but some kids have not developed the discipline needed in order to play under the new regime. In the next few weeks, we all will have a more lucid picture of who is onboard going into spring ball. Q) I've heard from various mathematical sources that Pie R squared. In my experience, pies are usually round. Can you please clear this conflict up for me? Squared or Round? A) I would let the various mathematical sources that you have heard from clear this up for you & quit picking on me Q) With the SEC Network going live in August, does that help or hurt the LHN chances of being picked up by the various carriers? A) If the carrier is offering the LHN in the same package that carries the SEC Network, then it increases our chances to be picked up or included by various carriers. Q) Why all the love for ex-USC QB Max Wittek? If he couldn't win the job at USC, why does anyone think he has a chance here? A) The out of town girl is always looked upon as glamorous. I’m going to tell you right now, it is a position of need. If Ash goes down, we could be in a world of hurt. Q) Confirm that the chances that we change the design of our uniforms, even for one game is zip, nunca, nada. A) That is the one question I would have for Patterson. I used to believe that there is no way in the hell that Texas would consider changing the design. Now, with the trend of new designs shown by a majority of programs, I’m not so sure? Q) A lot has been written recently about the new desire to increase the quality of stadiums versus the quantity of seating. i.e. more luxury boxes, in-stadium experiences, removing nose bleed sections, etc. Any of those discussions being had at UT? Patterson spoke at a sports club I attend and mentioned the enclosing of the south endzone, but nobody talked about anything else. A) Patterson and the hired consultants are still in their assessment phase. There has been a lot of discussion on several projects but, not priority or schedule has been set. Q) How have the beer sales gone, so far? Any problems? Or, are we on the way to $1 million revenues? A) There have not been any problems. Did you notice the venues all the involved agencies are monitoring the alcohol use from? Womens Basketball, Baseball etc… Pretty calm crowds in general. The fact is, the venues they are generating their study off of, is in no way going to be the same atmosphere at a football game. However, we had to show we are doing our due diligence by acquiring data from TABC, APD and other agencies. Q) In your last Xfire you and FoB discussed that Aggies are paying for players. I commented that saying the Ags are paying needs to stop unless there's something to back it up and got killed by other commenters. A) No, what was discussed is that FOB had lunch with a former college coach and the subject came up that this is a topic of discussion with the Texas High School coaches. Q) Our basketball entertainment is lame. Any work going on to change it? I would like to see the days most popular songs and the dance team freelancing. Lets try the professional bball entertainment mode just once and gauge the appeal. A) All of the sporting venues are under evaluation. With Patterson’s history in the NBA, I would expect Texas to adopt some of the NBAs entertainment ideas. Q) What is the status of Leroy Scott, is he on double secret probation or is he gone without comment from the new coaching staff? A) As of right now, Leroy is off the team. Whether or not Coach Strong is going to give him an opportunity for reinstatement is yet to be seen. Q) What is being shared with media and/or interested alumni about The Plan? WTF is Texas going to put on the field. I'm hearing the players playbooks are super secret. Does anyone outside the coaching staff and maybe some players have a clue what kind of O/D the Horns are going to use in 2014? A) The plan is to compete for the B12 title in the first year. The staff believes they have enough talent to win every game they have on their schedule. Look for the defense to run a 3-3-5 stack and the offense to use pro multiple sets. Give the staff the spring to evaluate what talent they have to run a particular offense/defense. Q) 1. mcphaul, are there any updates as per the "disney" contingent? Are there many changes / ideas forthcoming? are the "disney" staffer's touring the mighty confines of belmont hall? are they meeting with football management? what gives, upon this all important "game day" front leading into the next season? A) Like I mentioned previously, all sporting venues are under evaluation. 2. mcphaul, we are all acutely aware that there is indeed a new "sheriff" in town in regards to the "texas" gridiron hierarchy. however my friend, whenever you approach your weekly interview as per "friend of bevo"... this time, dig deep! i mean, for some strange reason, lately i get the feeling that we are "barely scratching the surface of topics" whenever you speak with him. i mean think about it mcphaul.... in the past, "fob" was a "juggernaut" of information. and now a day's, it seems as though he is just "tip toeing through the tulips" or so to speak. "fob" should indeed be a bit more comfortable with the new regime to some degree darryl. tell him that he has us spoiled... and i'm sure that he may really decide to "bring the wood". A) Give everyone time to get to know one another. Relationships on every level take time. The staff has been on the job for a short time but, yes, the FOB’s are making those introductions & building those relationships. Q) Are there plans to rearrange basketball seating next year to get students closer and liven up the crowd at games? A) It is being looked at but, no plans have been finalized, only thoughts and ideas. Q) We've talked a lot about the new coaching staff. I'm interested in how that translates on the field like anyone else, but am curious as to what player on the team is going to benefit the most from some actual coaching and conditioning. I have my own thoughts, but would like to hear FOB's thoughts on this. Who springs forward above where we thought they were due to the improved coaching and conditioning? A) The staff is counting on DT Hassan Ridgeway to step his game up along with DE’s Caleb Bluitt, Shiro Davis and Bryce Cottrel. The offensive line is the other area Texas should see marked improvement. Stacy Searles did a wonderful job of rebuilding the roster with young depth. I know Coach Wickline is pleased with the talent he has to work with. It is crucial that Kenny Estelle dedicates himself to school & football. At this time, the verdict is still out on Estelle. CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO Me: What’s going on? FOB: Just got back from watching the baseball team take all three of their games in Houston this weekend. Me: That was a great series for us. Talk about a confidence builder. FOB: Yes, yes it was. Let me commend you on your city. We all have such a great time every time we come down here. Good Lord I must have put on ten pounds this weekend. Picking a place to eat in this town is always such a great treat. Back to baseball, this is a very gritty bunch. The pitching was very good but, the difference between this year’s club and last year's is: this team is finding a way of winning the close games. We did not win these types of games last year. That Peters kid threw a heck of a game. Me: What has changed? FOB: The boys were challenged this past off-season both mentally and physically on a level they have not been in the past. Me: It seems to have paid off? FOB: Accountability is good thing. Augie will be the first tell you he himself he had to dust up (prepare) differently this year. Me: I have heard this could be Augie’s last year. Any truth to that? FOB: It has definitely been discussed. Honestly neither party is sure which way it could go right now. Me: Let’s talk about basketball. FOB: What do you have? Me: I heard no matter what happens the rest of the season that a decision has been made to retain Coach Barnes next season. FOB: The Myles Turner camp has asked for assurances that Rick Barns and Jai Lucus will be coaching at Texas next year. Texas has assured them that should not be a concern. Read into that what you will. Me: With the addition of Turner and literally the whole team returning next season gives Texas Hoops fans every reason to believe we can snap Kansas’ stronghold on the B12 title. FOB: If Barnes lands Turner, Texas will undoubtedly have one of the saltiest front courts in college basketball. Me: Not to mention Isaiah & Felix with another year under their belt. FOB: Barnes should be able to make some serious noise this year and next with that roster. Me: Let’s get back to football. FOB: What ya got? Me: Why isn’t Texas getting the top blue-chips to visit for our Junior Days? FOB: There are different reasons for different kids. It is track season so, that has limited some kids from making the trip. Some others can’t find the transportation and some want to be shown more love that includes an offer before they visit. Me: I guess I was of the impression that kids would line up to visit Texas and meet the new staff. FOB: The ones that have, certainly have been impressed. More importantly, the parents are starting to see what Coach Strong is all about. JW Ketchum’s mom‘s certainly had a lot of praise for a Coach Strong and the changes as did Darron Daniels' father. Once recruit parents start getting the word out, you are going to see more recruits and their parents making the trip to Austin. Me: Should we be concerned? FOB: Not yet and I will tell you why. Let Strong get a year under his belt, a season he can point to that shows the recruits, parents and Texas HS Football coaches that he and his staff are on the right track. I hate to bring up Coach Brown again but, this program become extremely stale on all fronts. Coach Brown's lack of leadership, the assistant coaches jockeying for position and disagreeing about personnel, no accountability amongst the players, really created a very unhealthy culture at Texas. Coach Strong is not popular enough on the national level or in the state of Texas to overcome the damage that was done in the last four years in a couple of months. Me: So, he has his work cut out for him? FOB: Think about all the different issues Charlie has had to address in the last two months alone: Changing Jobs Hiring a staff Moving his family Retaining the 2014 class Implementing a new culture with rules & accountability Getting to know his players Traveling and introducing he and his staff to all the HS coaches across this big state Evaluating next year’s recruits and that mean nationwide Getting ready for the his first spring practices Charlie has more on his plate than most but has continued to address each area with the utmost confidence. Me: I have had several people that have recently visited Bellmont tell me that the mood is somber. FOB: I don’t get that feel at all. That sounds like someone’s personal feelings. Look, there is definitely an "all business" attitude on the Forty now and with evaluations being conducted in just about every area, there is going to be tension in the air. Me: Back to recruiting. We did not have one commitment from last weekend’s Junior Day. FOB: We only offered four kids and two of those are for the 2016 class. One area I am going to point out again is this: the OOS recruiting is not like anything we have ever seen at Texas before. We have 40 plus in state offers out and 20 plus out of state offers out and that out of state offers continue to be extended every week. Me: Do you think that is a good thing? FOB: I think it is a necessary to go out of state at this time. Until Strong and staff have a season to sell and time to build those relationships, Texas is darn lucky this staff has out of state contacts & relationships to draw from. Texas could well indeed end up with 10 out of state commitments in next year' class. Me: Wow that is a lot for Texas. FOB: That number should subside once Coach Strong and staff has a year under their belt or it might not. Charlie may well put Texas on the national map. I do know this, he is not scared to go after ANY kid. Me: That’s all I got for now. Appreciate the time as always! FOB: You betcha.
  5. Charlie Strong is Ready. Are you? by Marian Hinton, Horn Sports Staff Writer Most Texas fans, at least those who approach things rationally (as few and far between as they may be), will tell you that Mack Brown did a lot for the Texas Longhorns football program during his tenure in Austin. After all, he resurrected a sleeping giant by assembling one of the best teams to ever take the field on the 40 Acres and coached them to their first national title in over three decades. Most Texas fans will also tell you, however, that despite all the good he brought to the program, Coach Brown hung on a little too long. In his last few seasons in Austin, the Longhorns had grown complacent, accustomed to a culture of entitlement and comfort. The players, long considered soft by the national media, frequently underperformed. They often lost games to teams with far inferior talent. There is no doubt, despite all the good Mack did for Texas, the program was desperately in need of a culture change. Enter Charlie Strong. When Strong stepped off the plane from Louisville to Austin, he brought with him an immediate and much needed paradigm shift in the culture that defines Texas Football. Gone are the days of living off campus, unless you are a senior and your grades are up to par. Gone are the days of smoothies and flat screen TVs in the weight room. Gone are the days of players being allowed to wear earrings in football facilities. Gone are the days of missing class. Ever. In short, gone are the days of entitlement. Strong has laid down the law, and he’s proven right out of the gates that he’s not messing around. But is it too much? Since Strong and Company arrived in Austin, the Longhorns have lost more than their share of recruits, leaving some wondering if he’s coming on too strong (no pun intended) or if Texas made the wrong hire. The answer is an adamant and resounding NO. Sure, the Longhorns may lose a few recruits in this class, but that’s only to be expected. The sky is not falling. Strong isn’t “too mean.” Again, a rational fan will tell you that these recruits did not have a chance to build a relationship with Strong, while other coaches across the state have been recruiting them for years. It only makes logical sense that they’d gravitate towards those they know well over those they hardly know. But what about future recruits? Why would they come play for Strong, with his strict rules, lofty demands, and high levels of accountability when other coaches across the state are flashier, more hip, and possibly even more fun? Why come to Austin and puke your guts out working with Coach Moorer in the weight room when you could go to “other” places and party all night with Drake and the like? Sure, he may lose a recruit or two along the way, but the players Strong will bring to Austin will no doubt be here for one thing and one thing only: to play football. Under Strong, the Longhorns will never again be considered soft. If his first few weeks on the job is any indicator, he will not allow his teams to fail to live up to the ridiculously high expectations that should be placed on Texas football. Yes, he will be tough (incredibly tough) on his players; he’s already proven that. Nevertheless, Charlie Strong is exactly what this program needs. He came here to win championships and he’s clearly a man that refuses to settle for anything less. He’s ready. Are you?
  6. Well, it’s been an EXTREMELY eventful week to say the least. Mack was supposed to step down last Wednesday. Then it moved to Friday. Then his resignation dated was moved until the end of the week. For the time-being, we may have lost our top candidate to replace Mack with in Nick Saban. We had an interesting Football Banquet to say the least. At the end of the day, what needed to happen with Mack Brown happened last Saturday. The bottom-line is Texas Football will look a lot different than it has for the previous 16 seasons, and at this point I think that’s a good thing. Also, over the past couple of weeks I have spoken at length with our good buddy “Friend of Bevo.” Rest assured folks, good ole “FOB” is still around and we’ll have a fireside chat with him again soon. But in this edition of “Crossfire” I wanted to tell you point-blank what my thoughts are on what went down last week with Mack Brown, Bill Powers, Steve Patterson, etc. with no filter. That being said, here we go: BURN IT DOWN; MACK BROWN IS FINALLY REMOVED A day late, and NOT a dollar short. Folks, Mack Brown had every opportunity to do the right thing by the University, its alumni, students, fans and friends of the program. For a man that likes to interject the word “integrity” every chance he speaks, once again Mack Brown decided to go back on his word. Prior to the beginning of this season, Mack had agreed to step down if Texas did not win the Big 12 and go to a BCS Bowl. When the clock finally read 0:00 at Floyd Casey Stadium, Mack still had no intention of stepping down as Head Coach at the University of Texas. While in Florida last week on a recruiting trip, Mack told Andrew Beck’s family that the only way he would not be coaching Andrew at Texas is if he was removed against his will. Should any of us be surprised? We have been down this road before back in ‘10 when Mack Brown reneged on the “Will Muschamp Head Coach in Waiting” agreement that was in place. Consequently, with that decision Mack Brown decided to retain his position as Head Coach and in the process of doing so took Texas down four miserable years of fielding a subpar product on the field. I have friends that have spent an awful a lot of time around Brown and absolutely admired the man and what he stood for. This of course has been the cause of some heated discussion amongst us. In the last week I have heard from everyone of those friends of Mack that unconditionally defended Mack Brown in the past and they have all said, “You were right, Mack Brown is a selfish individual.” These “defenders of Mack” were appalled that Mack would put himself above the Football Program, the University, the Alumni, the Students, and its fans. These friends had defended Mack after the embarrassing thrashings on National TV to our biggest rival OU. These friends defended Mack Brown when his teams underachieved and were considered “soft” and were a National punch line as it pertains to College Football. These friends of Brown defended Mack when he continued to employ Greg Davis for years and years as Offensive Coordinator Head Coach even though our offense underachieved against stiffer competition. These friends of Brown even defended Mack when he needed to replace Jeff “Mad Dog” Madden as Strength and Conditioning Coach and he did not feel the need to do so. Hell, these friends of Brown even defended Mack after he brought Manny Diaz back as Defensive Coordinator this season. These friends of Mack Brown provided undying support for the man over the past 16 years. And how were these friends of Mack Brown in turn repaid for their friendship and loyalty? They were repaid with pettiness, jealousy, anger, and a lost opportunity to hire arguably the most successful football in college football history in Nick Saban. (more on that later!) One Big Money Donor I spoke with could not comprehend how Mack could put Bill Powers is such a compromising position. THIS IS MY OPINION however I am not convinced that Bill Powers was not part of the charade to delay the hiring of Saban since Powers was fully aware of the timeline the BMD’s & Patterson was under to secure the Saban deal. Friday evening was the agreed upon deadline by both Sexton/Saban & UT. It was not by accident that we heard Saban agreed in principle with the Alabama contract extension last Friday evening. At this point, Saban had simply had enough- he was tired of the delay and at that point Saban had lost all confidence in the Texas contingent removing Brown as Head Coach. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that the Alabama contract extension proposal was not in the financial neighborhood of the Texas offer Jimmy Sexton had negotiated with the Powerbrokers at Texas. Interesting footnote as things progress with Saban going forward. More on that later. Now back to Powers and delay tactics- why do I believe this? I believe this because there is no one that can convince me otherwise that Brown did not look exactly like a dead man walking during the 2013 Football Banquet. Mack Brown was fully aware that he did not fulfill his agreed upon coaching obligations during the 2013 football season and consequently was going to be held accountable by the BMD’s leading the Saban hire. Mack had stated that he was going to retire however since the news was leaked by the media prematurely then he decided that he would not be stepping down but instead would return as Head Coach in ’14. (Sarcasm alert!) That sounds like a GREAT reason to return for another year as Head Coach! That should REALLY get recruits fired up to commit to UT in February: come play for a coach that doesn’t really want to coach the team but wants to instead get back at the media! Someone please explain to me why on Earth you would elect to stay on as Head Coach because the media leaked your removal. Who thinks like that? How does that address the challenges facing our program today with A&M becoming the “cool school in Texas” with recruits? How does that help us with up-start Baylor now beginning to out-recruit us? How does that help us with the SEC schools now camping out in Texas for our recruits? Hell, how does it help us with ANYTHING?! It doesn’t! The BMD’s underestimated the level of vindictiveness that others on the outside of Mack’s “circle of trust” have experienced during the Mack Brown era. One must find it ironic that during Brown’s press conference Mack spoke about how it is time to start trying to put all the BB’s back in the box. Mind you, this is the man that continued to spill more BB’s on his way out knowing damn well Texas would not be able to put the Saban BB back in the box. For a man that speaks about integrity as much as Mack Brown does, he showed very little of it on his way out. Mack Brown tarnished his legacy as much if not more than Bobby Bowden did at FSU. FSU had their HCIW with Fisher. Brown cost Texas Saban. Bowden had an excuse, he was senile. In contrast, Mack Brown was downright vindictive. BILL POWERS IS NOW IN THE CROSSHAIRS Yes, you heard that right and you heard it here first- Powers has either failed miserably in holding up his end of the Brown removal or he plotted with Brown to sabotage the Saban hiring. Either way, as a result Bill Powers will not be protected going forward. Powers was fully aware of the time and effort the BMD’s invested in the Saban negotiations with Sexton and his failure to support the outcome will not be forgiven. One source commented that if the vote they took on Monday was taken Friday evening, Powers would have been voted out. Keep in mind that in addition to Mack Brown continuously trying to convince Powers that Saban was “the devil” and would damage the perception of integrity that Mack had “implemented” during his career at Texas, Powers had his own issues with the Sexton/Saban and BMD’s that met last January behind his back. Powers looked at those lines of communication as undermining his credibility/authority as President as well as actions that were against the University’s by-laws. Was this Powers way of getting back at them? THE STEVE PATTERSON ERA HAS BEGUN Deloss Dodds arguably built the most successful athletic program in college and it isn’t even close. However, Dodds primary strengths were on the business side of the house. Wins and losses were not part of his metrics. As long as Texas was making money hand over fist, Dodds did not see any value in improving our on the field, court and diamond coaching performance. Ironically, Dodds had no issue with increasing the headcount in Belmont to the tune of 400 employees supporting 500 student-athletes. Several people I have spoken with have told me that Patterson will be consolidating the Men’s and Women’s Athletics Offices into one Athletic Department. This of course means that Plonsky will not be retained as the women’s Athletic Director. There is a lot of friction within the halls of Bellmont and there is no love lost between Powers and Plonsky. Plonsky is rumored to be the source of the leaks within in Bellmont and Chip Brown. It will be interesting to see how far Patterson goes with a reduction in staff. That being said, I think it is important to say that there are a lot of good folks in Bellmont that have served Texas well over the years. I borrowed this write up on Patterson from our buddy Baghorn: “Steve Patterson graduated from UT with both his undergraduate degree and law degree. He went directly to work for the Houston Rockets after graduating law school in 1985 and became the GM of the Rockets in 1989. He was responsible for architecting the roster that went on to win back to back NBA championships. He was then President of the Houston Aeros from 1994-1997 where he was named the IHL's Executive of the Year in 1995. From 1997-2003 he was the SVP and Chief Development Officer for the Houston Texans responsible for landing the franchise award from the NFL and getting Reliant Stadium built. From 2003 to 2007 he was the GM of the Portland Trail Blazers where he was responsible for drafting Lamarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy. From 2007-2012 he was the Chief Operating Officer of Arizona State Athletics responsible for all capital construction projects, operations of facilities, and business operations. From 2012-2013 he was the Arizona State Athletic Director where he dramatically reshaped the Athletic Department removing 100+ employees streamlining the organization.” I think it is important to recognize that Steve Patterson is all about the sports end of the business and whole-heartedly understands that his selection of the head coaching position at Texas is going to be how he is measured. The Selection Committee that Patterson is working with carries the utmost respect for Patterson and will follow his lead. Personally, I believe we have the right man at the helm. ON THE COACHING SEARCH FRONT In speaking with a source that had a recent conversation with a former Texas coach, he stated that he would be very surprised if we didn’t hire someone that did not have NFL experience. The former Texas coach went on to say that he did not think Saban would have been the right fit. He said that Saban for the most part is left alone at Alabama to coach the football team. At Texas the Head Coach has all kind of outside responsibilities that having nothing to do with the X’s & O’s. Time management is extremely crucial at a school like Texas due to the job pulling you in multiple directions that have little to do with the X’s & O’s. You can count on the next coach being multifaceted. All that being said, I still believe Nick Saban is still our top target and the lines of communications are still alive. Ironically, the way Mack went out and now is seen as persona non grata with Big Money Donors may actually be working in our favor with our negotiations with Saban. Saban always had a reluctance that Mack would be still around the program even after his retirement/resignation. With the way things recently went down with Mack and the way he handled his part, there is little to no concern for that now with ANY Coach that we are interviewing for the job that Mack will be poking his head into the replacement’s business. I have also been informed that Patterson has spoken with Brothers Jim and John Harbaugh about the Head Coach opening. Another Jimmy Sexton client that will be seriously considered is Jimbo Fisher. Other popular names such as Urban Meyer, Gus Malzahn, and Jon Gruden are not to be considered serious candidates at this time. Same for Briles, Strong, & Franklin. That can all change tomorrow but that is how things stand at the present. COACHES MOVING ON As many of you know it was Will Muschamp that recommended Stacy Searles to Mack Brown for the offensive line coach. Expect to see Searles accept the OL coaching position at Florida. Major Applewhite will be named as the QB coach at Florida. I guess Muschamp does not believe Major is ready to be a big time OC just yet. Darrell Wyatt came in second place to John Reagan at Rice for the OC vacant OC position at Kansas. Wyatt had history at Kansas serving as the co oc along with Chuck Long. If I had a choice in retaining one coach at Texas, it would be Darrell Wyatt. SPONSORSHIP AND FINAL THOUGHTS Finally, we are always looking for sponsors here at Horn Sports. Consequently, we are looking for a sponsor for “Crossfire” going forward. This is a great way to get your company name in front of new, potential customers. Please Private Message me if you have any inquiries pertaining to sponsorship. Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Thanks for allow the well-wishes on becoming a Grandfather. Wishing every one of you a Merry Christmas and rest-assured, the good guys ain't screwing around- Patterson will make this thing right! Merry Christmas! Darrell
  7. Well I know this past week has been a bumpy one for everyone. Everything was clicking along nicely and then Colin Cowherd got involved and decided to “dip his toe into the water” as it pertains to Nick Saban at Texas. Cowherd lobs a few calls into Tuscaloosa to find out “what’s really going on” and is told “nothing to see here, move along.” And what does Cowherd do? Announce to the World that Nick Saban isn’t leaving Tuscaloosa combined with another site saying that a new contract extension has been presented to Saban and we’re hearing it will be signed any day now. Next thing you know all Hell breaks loose in Longhorn Land! We came on to tell you that NOTHING had changed with any of our contacts and that everything was moving ahead according to plan. The issues that were facing Saban last week are the same issues facing Saban this week except he now has a new contract extension from Bama in front of him since last week that he hasn’t signed. The problem with Bama’s offer is Paul Bryant is still around. Saban’s financial issues are still there. And Terry Saban still wanted out of Tuscaloosa. In contrast, there is 1 place that can make all of those issues go away in the simple stroke of a pen. Understandably so, my confidence in Nick still coming to Texas as our next HC was met with a great deal of skepticism however I have faith in what my contacts have been telling me for years. For the record, my guys haven’t let me down before. Consequently, I stuck to my guns as it pertains to Saban coming to UT as our next Head Coach which I have caught flak for in recent weeks. Well, those of you that are Saban fans will be happy to note that I am staying with Saban being the next Head Coach at UT next season- I have NEVER WAIVERED. Furthermore, I’ve had no reason to waiver. As I mentioned earlier in this post, NONE of the reasons Saban would leave Bama for UT have changed. Anyway, we’ll discuss the latest on Bill Powers, Finalized Contracts, Next Steps, Timelines, Mack’s future, and something else other sites aren’t discussing in this week’s “Crossfire.” And away we go.. CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO McPhaul: Thanks for taking time-out to meet with me. I appreciate it as always- you know that! Friend of Bevo: Yes I do Darrell- and that’s why I like to help you out when I can. I like your love of the University of Texas- it is infectious. McPhaul: Where are we right now as it pertains to Saban coming to Texas? Friend of Bevo: We have a finalized contract to Sexton for his review and Saban’s signature. The next step is Nick signs it or he doesn’t. Obviously we feel real good about the situation or it would have never gotten to this point in the first place. POWERS VS POWER BROKERS McPhaul: What about Powers? From what I’ve been told by you and others is Saban obviously isn’t an ideal candidate for his liking. Friend of Bevo: That’s correct. I’ve been telling you since January that Mack has been “poisoning the well” as it pertains to Saban with Powers and even Dodds for quite some time. Remember the “Winning with Integrity” Campaign where banners were made up and put in the locker room and such? That was all orchestrated by Mack Brown to help keep his gig where perception is more important than the reality surrounding the program. The problem is kids want to play where the program is winning. The kids that you REALLY want in your program can see thru the BS. They want to win and be prepared in the process to get into the League and get paid. The types of kids that this type of BS really resonates with are the kids that probably don’t belong at a program like UT’s in the first place. Nice kids. Good kids. Kind of kids you want dating your daughter. But not hungry kids with a chip on their shoulder that is necessary to get to that next level. I cannot stress the fact enough Powers disdain for the Saban selection. It has whole lot do to with Wallace Hall & Hicks meeting with Jimmy Sexton behind his back. In Powers’ opinion, having this meeting was highly unethical, if not against some of the University’s by-laws. In the last few weeks, Powers has been pushing the agenda to work the HC hiring thru a selection committee just like they did with the AD position. Powers’ argument is they all had a change of heart in the eleventh hour on the selection of Patterson over Luck. That being said, Powers feels if a selection committee were to be involved then another candidate could possibly through the process be selected over Saban. That would be his hope. McPhaul: We have all had it drilled into us that Texas does not do backroom deals. It sure appears to me that if Saban is hired that we cut a backroom deal. Am I seeing this incorrectly? Friend of Bevo: No Darrell you are not. Therein lies the rub with Bill Powers, Mack Brown and Deloss Dodds. You got to get it thru your head that these three men, along with their wealthy adversaries have been in control for the last sixteen years and they are not accustomed to taking a back seat to anyone. The new shot callers are working overtime with the old regime by trying to paint the perception that this is all Browns’ call- which we all know is not his call. You have some of your competitors in this Internet message board business crap playing the role of the shill mouthpiece for all of the above simply because they have been asked to do so by their sources. Perception is and has been the most important issue with all involved. By the way, I did not mean to call your board or work crap, I just find all this message board interaction humorous. You guys sound like a bunch of cackling hens for the most part (chuckling as he speaks). McPhaul: That’s funny stuff. Friend of Bevo: I’m sorry (Still chuckling). Again, I think you do a good job getting the correct story out there and I commend you for not filtering it and/or trying to control the message & perception. McPhaul: Thanks. That’s what I’m trying to do here. Bellmont’s & Mack’s controlling of the message, perpetuating an image over substance program- that brings me to the whole change in culture mindset that you and I have discussed in the past over and over and over again. Friend of Bevo: You’re damned right we need a change in culture (scowling and a bit agitated)! And the boys driving this change in philosophy KNOW that Saban can bring that change in attitude and culture from Day 1. Saban is being shoved down Powers’ throat but it’s for good reason. These BMD’s are tired of donating tons of money and then seeing their investment into the Athletic Program pissed away- especially in football! Like I’ve told you on numerous occasions, the young bucks have had enough! JOE & RED McPhaul: What about Joe & Red standing in the way of things with Mack being pushed out? Friend of Bevo: First of all that is BS. Those guys are posturing so that their friend can save face. Let me tell you something right now, Red McCombs is not a soft man. Joe Jamail is not a soft man. These guys have had to work for everything they have and the word “soft” irritates and infuriates them as much as it does any of us- probably more! They have had to work their asses off to get to where they are today. They have NEVER had ANYTHING given to them- THEY’VE HAD TO EARN EVERY DAMNED THING THEY HAVE! As much as these guys catch flak from people on these websites and blogs and whatever the Hell else you call those things, Red & Joe want Mack to go out with dignity as we all should want for a guy that gave us our first National Championship in 35 years and then got us back to the National Championship Game just 3 years later! FINALIZED CONTRACT FORWARDED TO JIMMY SEXTON FOR SIGNATURE McPhaul: Well, you’ve told me about the finalized contract. How does a finalized contract go out to Jimmy Sexton without Bill Powers’ approval- especially if he isn’t completely on board with the hiring? Can’t he kill the deal even if it is signed prior to his approval? Friend of Bevo: First of all, let’s be very clear here: I NEVER said Powers DIDN’T approve it! Furthermore, Powers can do whatever he wants- he’s President of the University of Texas. That being said, he isn’t stupid. He is expected to be around anywhere from the next 6 to 18 months and then he is off to retirement. Do you REALLY think he wants to piss-off the people that can impact on how nice of a retirement package he has on his way out the door? Probably not. Powers knows what’s going on. He knows the terms of the package. Saban will need to meet with Powers prior to everything being finalized but that is pretty much a rubber-stamp formality. After Mack is gone, the Power Brokers will come in and set Powers straight on the reality of things as it pertains to Saban, future donations, financial impact to the University, impact on stadium attendance, etc. Powers is no dummy. He understands that what is going on at the University of Texas is not acceptable. Powers knows the impact our lack of success on the football field, basketball court, and baseball diamond are having on ESPN, IMG, and the LHN. He understands the LHN wasn’t created to televise a “sub-par” product on the field. Furthermore, understand this: ESPN & LHN are concerned about advertisement dollars they were expecting to be recouping by now. When you have the LHN being the primary advertiser on the Longhorn Network then you have problems. When you have “Jerry World” being one of the primary advertisers on the LHN then you have a problem. As much as I love Matt’s, if you have Matt’s El Rancho as a primary advertiser on the LHN then you have problems. Powers knows this. He knows something has to be done and soon. McPhaul: What about Mack as it pertains to Powers longevity? Friend of Bevo:Mack has already lost a buddy and confidante in Dodds. Mack knows he’s done and doesn’t want to negatively impact his friend Bill Powers long after he’s gone. Mack is flawed but he is a good friend to Bill. He will do the right thing in the end for Powers’ sake. He knows his situation is impacting the friends he has remaining and that is not his intention. The truth is Mack has had enough. He’s tired. He’s knows it’s not working. He’s lost control of his ship and crew at this point. When you have disgruntled players that can be overcome over time. When you have disgruntled, respected coaches turning on you and you are in the position that Mack is in today then you are pretty much done. McPhaul: Can you tell my readers why? Friend of Bevo: Sure! When Mack went to “re-invent” the program, he hired a “can’t miss, young coaching staff which included a new, innovative offensive philosophy incorporated at Boise State. It included a young, good-looking up and comer in Manny Diaz as Defensive Coordinator. It incorporated an SEC offensive line coach and an SEC defensive line coach. It incorporated a new, no-nonsense S&C Coach in Bennie Wylie. And what did it get us? Arguably consistently worse performance on the field as it pertains to Wins & Losses than the previous regime. Remember the old guys were the problem? McWhorther, Davis, Tolley, etc.? Well Hell, take a look at their last 3 seasons (‘08-‘10) and tell me how it compares to the past 3 seasons with the young bucks (’11-’13)- not so good! Granted Will was around from a defensive standpoint, but still! McPhaul: Powers doesn’t like Saban. Who would he like? Friend of Bevo: Of course Shaw because of Stanford. Harbaugh for the same reason. Perhaps John Harbaugh as well? Mark D’Antonio at Michigan State is a guy that is just now getting some attention but a few of us have been following this guy for some time now and I’m sure Powers would like him as a candidate. Big 10 Program. It’s a clean program with good academics. Troy Calhoun (HC at Air Force Academy) was being touted early-on for his Football IQ and the way he deals with the unique situation with their officer/student/athlete in Colorado Springs. Ideally, good academics along with strong athletics when you are looking for whom Powers would perceive as an ideal candidate to replace Mack. Perhaps not a National Contender year-In, year-out but like Mack, Powers believes that integrity intertwined with successful academic achievement is the most important qualities a program can possess. The rest of us may want a football factory but Powers aint that kind of guy. My problem with that philosophy is if that is indeed the case then why pay a Head Football Coach at Texas $5.4M/yr? Are we paying for wins and Championships or are we paying for academic achievement and graduation rates here? Keep in mind; most of what Powers knows about football is what Mack Brown has taught him. And Mack knows the resources that are available to whoever is the next Head Coach at the University of Texas. There’s a reason you hear names come from the Brown camp like Fedora, Fitzgerald, Calhoun, etc. Arguably yes, potentially ANY of these guys COULD be a good or perhaps even a great HC at the University of Texas, but NONE of these guys would be a splash hire from Day 1. The truth about Mack wanting to protect his legacy is absolutely true. MACK AND HIS FUTURE McPhaul: Do you think Mack will ever coach again? Friend of Bevo: Mack has aged a TON in recent years. The reality is the game has passed Mack by. McPhaul: What about Joe coming out and saying that Nebraska is interested in him? Is Mack actually looking at the Nebraska job? Friend of Bevo: Darrell, like I said earlier, that is just Joe trying to help Mack save face. Same thing happened earlier before the season began where Bellmont and Mack’s supporters came out and announced, “We better be nice to Mack! We’re lucky to have him and there are a lot of programs that would LOVE to have him- we better be nice or he may leave us!” Remember that? The answer to your question about Mack looking at the Nebraska or any other coaching job is “no.” Mack has a $1M/yr contract on the table with ESPN awaiting his signature. I’m not sure in what capacity ESPN will be utilizing him, but he is very amiable and has a charm that is natural for TV. It suits him perfectly- especially at this stage in his life. McPhaul: Interesting! Man, you’re just FILLED with information today! Friend of Bevo: I’m not done yet son. You got me on a good day. McPhaul: You’ve got that right! So when do the fireworks begin? Friend of Bevo: Darrell, have you not been paying attention? The fireworks have been going on around us for quite some time now. Do you think for a minute that a network like ESPN waits until the Baylor game to come up with a $1M/yr contract for Mack Brown to work for ESPN damned near over-night? It doesn’t happen that way! These things take time. These agreements, discussions, & contracts don’t just happen overnight. Things have BEEN happening for some time now and they continue to happen as we speak! McPhaul: I’m sorry, what I meant to say is “what is the timeline for events to unfold as it pertains to Mack stepping down and Saban being announced as HC at Texas?” Friend of Bevo: I’m being told Mack will announce Wednesday that he is stepping down. If Saban is acceptable to the terms of the contract, I think we should hear something Friday or possibly after the Football Banquet that will be honoring the 2013 Longhorn Football along with Mack Brown and his accomplishments at UT. Hell, I’ve heard it may be a great environment to introduce Saban as the new Head Coach at Texas to the kids on the squad and the recruits in attendance. McPhaul: That’s great insight! Are you for certain that it’s going to happen? Friend of Bevo: Put it out there. IS CONDOLEEZA RICE THE NEXT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS’ PRESIDENT? McPhaul: Is there anything else I should know or my readers should know before we wrap up? Friend of Bevo: Like who will be replacing Bill Powers when he hangs it up?(with a wry expression) McPhaul: Do you have any idea who that might be? Friend of Bevo: I am NOT saying that Powers is hanging them up today. I am saying that when he DOES decide to retire that one of the candidates we will be targeting will be Condoleeza Rice. McPhaul: That is as big as Saban to Texas! Friend of Bevo: Arguably it could be bigger. McPhaul: Yes it could, but maybe not to my readers. Is there anything else I need to be asking you? Friend of Bevo: Son, I think that is enough for now don’t you? McPhaul: Yes sir. Friend of Bevo: Me too.
  8. @TheFbBrainiacs: BREAKING: Have heard from two good sources that Nick Saban to Texas is a done deal. Will be making big bucks! The website is a page devoted to ou recruiting. It also has Ryan Broyles on its staff. http://thefootballbrainiacs.com/nick-saban-to-texas-appears-to-be-a-done-deal Take it as you will.
  9. Well everyone, it’s Thanksgiving Week and the game with Tech upon us on Thursday, an “old school” guy like me misses the good, old days of the pageantry and rivalry between ourselves and the Aggies on Turkey Day. There are just so many memories I have with my family surrounding that game that it just isn’t the same without it. Well just like Mack Brown and Deloss Dodds, good, ole Darrell has got to learn to move on as well! Anyway, this week the Wall Street Journal published an article with Terry Saban in which she stated that “We’re staying. We’re not going anywhere.” We’ll discuss that. We’ll also talk about what no one is really discussing as it pertains to Saban and his current boss and how that might impact things. Is Mack Brown going to be involved with naming his successor? We’ll address that as well. And finally, I decided this week that we would incorporate a “Q & A” Session into this Thanksgiving Week’s “Crossfire.” And away we go.. WSJ- TERRY SABAN ARTICLE Let’s address the “elephant in the room” from the outset. This week the Wall Street Journal published an interview with Terry Saban. In the article the author Sharon Terlep states: “The first couple of Alabama football may be standing on top of the world, but it isn't necessarily thrilled by the view. ‘You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation,’ Terry Saban said in an interview last week. ‘We're kind of there now.’" The WSJ article continued, “Recent media reports have suggested Saban may be interested in coaching at Texas if that job comes available. Some reports said Terry Saban had been house hunting in Austin. Asked if these reports were accurate, Terry Saban called them ‘rumors with absolutely no foundation.’ She continued with "We're staying," she said. "We're not going anywhere." Consequently, we have many of my orange-clad brethren heading to the gates on Saban coming to Austin. Many fellow Bevo backers are saying, “See, I told you so! It was really STUPID to think that we could land a coach like Nick Saban!” To which I say, “R-E-L-A-X.” Terry Saban’s comments in this article and articles prior/yet to come are all part of business. Maybe Nick Saban doesn’t come to Texas but this article doesn’t reveal anything more than what you would expect someone in her position to share with the media- ESPECIALLY a media outlet like the Wall Street Journal! In my opinion, what is revealed in this article would be MUCH more concerning to me as an Alabama fan than what Miss Terry says about rumors to Texas as “having absolutely no foundation” or “we want to retire here.” This woman is a shrewd business woman and she KNOWS what she is doing and that is providing cover to her husband over these next couple of months while he is trying to win yet another National Championship. For reference purposes, does anyone remember what Mack Brown was telling the North Carolina faithful just 3 days prior to departing for greener pastures in Austin? I do. This from the Terlep’s WSJ article, “According to interviews with colleagues, players and university administrators who have known the Sabans, they are a formidable team that makes decisions in tandem. Terry, who goes by ‘Miss Terry’ (she uses "Ms." in correspondence) is a behind-the-scenes negotiator for her husband's coaching contracts. Nick's assistant copies her on nearly all of Nick's email traffic. She makes clear she is part of the operation, not solely a homemaker. "The only thing we use the dining room table for is recruiting," she said. And you thought Mack & Sally were a power couple?! AGAIN, this is a SHREWD business woman that knows EXACTLY what she’s doing! When you have Alabama players saying that Saban himself often jokes that Miss Terry makes all of the important decisions and “wears the pants in the family,” well that just about tells you all you need to know about the stroke Miss Terry has in the Saban household. Ms Terry is a shrewd businesswoman and she knows EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING! These next words are from the Wall Street Journal, and are not mine: “Still, for a college coach who has won four national championships, Nick Saban has proved to be unusually restless. Rather than staying at one school, he has changed jobs three times: Bolting his first high-profile job at Michigan State in 1999 for Louisiana State, then leaving LSU for the Miami Dolphins in 2005, then decamping to Alabama in 2007. In each case, they have made improvements without sinking deep roots. They have pledged their allegiance to the community but fought hard for resources. And if they don't feel appreciated, they make their dissatisfaction known.” Which brings us to our next subject, Paul Bryant, Jr. SABAN AND PAUL BRYANT, JR Now on to yet another topic that doesn’t seem to be getting much attention and that pertains to Saban and his relationship with Paul Bryant, Jr. Well, I spoke to one of my contacts recently regarding Saban to Texas and he responded, “McPhaul, another significant reason that Saban has for leaving Alabama is Paul Bryant Jr. (son of Bear Bryant and President of the Alabama Board of Trustees). He went on to say, “There is significant tension between Saban and Bryant, and Bryant goes out of his way to make life difficult for Saban behind the scenes. The reason for this is that Bryant is very concerned about preserving his father's legacy at all costs. He does not want Saban to win more national championships at Alabama than his father. I have heard that this is a bigger player behind the scenes for Saban's desire to move on that most have led on- just some more food for thought.” WILL MACK HAVE INPUT ON HIS REPLACEMENT? I was speaking to another one of my contacts and he shared some interesting insight on Mack and potentially being locked-out of providing input on his replacement. “One thing that's been bothering me is how no one seems to want Mack involved at all in finding his replacement. In fact, the venom directed at him is a little off-putting in my opinion.” My friend went on to say, “As I have said, Mack is a good person. As a matter of fact, Mack has been a really good person that has always tried to do the righting for his players and balance that with what's right for the school as well. It’s tougher today due to the way we coddle athletes and then the money that’s involved at the next level. We've been fortunate to have him as he brought us a ‘Natty’ without the kind of scandal so many other programs at the top have experienced. However the game has past him by and he needs to retire to the ESPN Gameday Desk.” At that point my buddy began making comparisons with how DKR was treated with his lack of input in the selection of his replacement and supposed lessons learned from that by saying, “By the way you do know this whole ‘let's ignore Brown in the hiring process’ is a little personal to me! Mike Campbell and my Dad were VERY close and I saw, first-hand what it did to Coach Royal to be shut out of the process that brought Akers in. We all know that story.” My buddy continued, “The thing that keeps coming back to me is how several people, and you know who they are, have said many times that Texas would not make the same mistake with Brown that they made with Darrell. They absolutely would seek the input of a Coach that reached the level of a Coach Royal, if that ever happened again.” He continued with, “So the real question is has Coach Brown reached the level of Coach Royal? Well, it's debatable. I think you can say he came close from a product on the field standpoint. He certainly didn't surpass Coach Royal. What I think you CAN argue is that Mack IS a man of high character like Coach Royal.” My confidante went on to say, “So, given that, I think Coach Brown will absolutely be a part of the selection process. I doubt he will be on the committee but those on the committee will seek his input and if he has strong reservations about a particular candidate then I think they will take that into consideration. I know this will infuriate many Longhorn Fans but it is best for the program in the long run.” So what does this ultimately mean? Well when I asked my friend he replied, “I think it means several Coaches many would like to be seen as Coach Brown’s successor won't get past an early look. If a Coach has openly embraced street agents and willingly lined the pockets of family members and friends of recruits, I think Coach Brown will warn those on the committee in a loud voice. Again, I think this is a good thing in the long run!” My friend went on to say, “McPhaul, I think you and I both know who that may well eliminate. That starts with a Coach a short drive from the North of Austin and includes another Coach seen as the hottest Coach in the SEC today!” He concluded our conversation by saying, “It may not be publicized that Coach Brown is involved, but he will be involved at some level- either that or The Lawyer in Houston will impose his will and that won't be a good thing!” MCPHAUL’S THOUGHTS I realize there is some information that was shared in that conversation that many of you may not like hearing as it pertains to Brown and any input he may have on whom his successor is. I can understand that. So where do I stand? I've come around to believing it sits in Saban's (or I should say in the Sabans’) hands right now. Mainly because we can let him/them play with the big boys- and I ain't talking about on the Big Boys on the Gridiron either! After learning everything I have learned about Jimmy Sexton, Nick Saban, and Terry Saban, they will be just fine! On the flipside, if Saban decides to stay then I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it is a NFL guy. I’m not saying that will be the case but here me out: the game and the pay has changed dramatically and a program like UT more resembles a NFL franchise than Arkansas State. I also think that being the Head Coach of the University of Texas has MORE prestige associated with it than any other program in all of Football today- that includes the NFL as well as the NCAA!).. I mean, if your job is considered the “Top Job in ALL of Football” (Pro or College), and the pay is ridiculously lucrative then what’s the issue? Honestly, prestige-wise would you rather be the Head Coach at the University of Texas or the Head Coach for the Tennessee Titans? The Carolina Panthers? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The Arizona Cardinals? The Cleveland Browns? The Detroit Lions? From a prestige standpoint, it’s not much of a contest is it? Q&A WITH MCPHAUL Topstar: With Saban as Head Coach...who would be Great OC and DC for Saban & Texas. MCPHAUL: Here is a name mentioned for the DC position: Patrick Narduzzi (Defensive Coordinator at Michigan State University) is currently everybody’s darling however if it’s my call then give me Derek Mason at Stanford. Mason is a former player who is the associate head coach, co-defensive coordinator, and defensive backs coach for Stanford. As it pertains to OC for Saban at UT, I have not heard any names discussed however I have been told he would be open to looking at incorporating the Spread. I don’t know if I believe that. ---------- MBHornsFan: We are lucky we lost to Oklahoma State because if not and if we beat Tech but lose to Baylor Mack would have been back. True or false? MCPHAUL: False. Mack’s deal was to beat OU, win the conference, & go to a BCS Bowl game. He did not accomplish that. I don’t doubt that even if Mack DID win all the above that the Powerbrokers would have talked Mack into retiring. ---------- UTK66: If/when A deal with Saban falls through, who, in your opinion is the #2 option?? MCPHAUL: IMG has approached Shaw twice. Three times might be a charm? --------- SFlonghorngirl: Is Ash's career over due to concussions? MCPHAUL: That has yet to be seen. Keep the kid in your prayers. ---------- djbfootball: If Saban is named, which team & recruit will he be able to flip?? MCPHAUL: I think Saban can do some damage to A&M. I believe DT’s Dylan Mack, DeShawn Washington, DE Myles Garrett and DB Nick Harvey. ---------- Turby35: When/if Saban in the next coach at Texas, does he try to bring Smart with him by selling him he could be head coach here when Saban retires in 3-5 years, or does Smart take over at Alabama? MCPHAUL: No. Smart will be the front runner for the Alabama job. ---------- Manzana Blanca: Perhaps you have been asked this before? What is your opinion of David Shaw? Do you think he could do well here? IF Saban alls thru... Do you think he would rethink his coaching at Texas once there is an actual vacancy? This is assuming Texas would go to him first after Saban fail? Many thanks! MCPHAUL: As I said, Shaw has told the vetters no, twice. However, three times could be a charm? ---------- The Waterboy: How big of an impact do you think Patterson/Saban will have on changing the Game Day environment and fan experience at DKR? MCPHAUL: Saban will by fielding a competitive team. I think Patterson is going to make his presence felt more so in the basketball environment. ---------- ATX89: Where does Joe Jamail fit in the new HC search? Is he part of the anti-Saban crew? MCPHAUL: No, Joe Jamail is not a part of the anti Saban deal. As a matter of fact, Joe Jamail is expected to assist with the new coaching staffs’ payroll. ---------- Coach840: Name your new coaching staff. If you are Bowlsby and have to make two calls to add teams, who are they? Thanks. MCPHAUL: Geez Coach, as it pertains to Coaching Staff that is a lot of work and I believe this question deserves its own thread. Our best shot would be Cincinnati and UCF. Not too exciting is it? ---------- Setxhorn: Who do you think will be on the committee to select the new coach? MCPHAUL: I really don't know however I can speculate. Hicks will be but not Hall. There will be at least (2) from the academic side, another Board of Regent, and possibly even Powers. The reason I say two reps from the faculty is because back when Mack was vetted the Academic Faculty felt left-out of the Hiring Process altogether. Not that they would have objected to Brown, but they sure pouted during the selection process. Also, there is a rising resentment within the Academic ranks at UT towards many athletes and it's not limited to football players nor is it limited to male athletes. That said, to be a UT athlete and a serious student in a difficult major at UT! With all of the time commitments as it pertains to sports I don’t know how any of them do it! I sure couldn’t have! ---------- Slamsox: Who are the coaches for football, basketball and baseball? MCPHAUL: *Football- Saban *Basketball- Buzz Williams, Shaka Smart, Billy Donavan or Bill Self *Baseball- Skip Johnston ---------- Nico: There has been some talk about Saban getting unlimited resources regarding money to pay his staff, if he ends up at Texas. Do you think Texas will go out and pay head coach money to get the best coordinators in college football? People like Chad Morris and Pat Narduzzi won't be cheap and their buyouts are enormous, if I'm not mistaken. I believe Morris has a 10+ million buyout if he leaves for another coordinator job. Also, do you think the searching committee put a lot of thoughts into the Longhorn Network? Is it "important" that the new coaches in football, basketball and baseball have a good TV-personality? MCPHAUL: Since IMG is most likely vetting candidates for us, I’m certain that is an important trait that would rather the new coach has than not have. Now of course if it is Saban, it does matter. Saban’s dry abrasive manner also been seen as entertaining. ---------- Etex Eagle: Will Overstreet ever get a chance at UT or does he transfer? MCPHAUL: It is too early to know anything pertaining to transfers. ---------- RC2P: What changes will Patterson implement first? Which of the current AD staff are likely to stay/go? MCPHAUL: Nothing has been decided at this time. Patterson is still getting a feel for the lay of the land. However, you can rest assure, the fat will be trimmed. ---------- Dragworm: How ugly will the Bev Kearney situation get? MCPHAUL: I don’t know if ugly is the right word to describe the situation. I would lean more towards embarrassing. A lot of names are going to be dragged thru the mud. ---------- Sonny: Art Briles. I'm guessing that since he signed his big contract that he really likes it at Baylor, and doesn't have an interest in UT, Redskins, Etc. Right? MCPHAUL: If you coach in Texas and UT calls, you listen. I’m not sure if Briles has ever had in NFL aspirations? ---------- Jmachorns: What time do I need to be at the tailgate party Thursday? MCPHAUL: Mike says he will start setting up around 0800-0900. ---------- Utparothed: If it is Saban...Will the university get any kind of ironclad commitment from him prior to the national championship game/bowl game or will he have the option to back out at any time? If he accepts the job, when would a public announcement be made? MCPHAUL: I’m not sure about any of that. ---------- In closing, I will leave you more from the nice write-up Sharon Terlep did with the Wall Street Journal, “Terry said that years ago, rebuilding a football program used to be "even more fun than winning" but that it has lost its appeal as the couple has aged (Nick is 62 and Terry is 61). Now that there's less to prove, she said, "I say to Nick, 'Why are we doing this? It's not to win. You tell your players all the time, it's not about winning it's about the process. This is about shaping the lives of young men.” As Miss Terry stated earlier, "We are trying to educate ourselves, to change ourselves; we can't change expectations or change lack of appreciation. We have to change our mind-set. We have decided: this is where we are going to end our career." First, I am not so sure people like the Sabans can change their stripes- it’s just not in their DNA. Both of these folks are in the continual, ever-constant pursuit of “the process” and perfection which is its ultimate objective. I don’t know that they CAN change their “thought process” as Terry Saban they are trying to educate themselves to do. Why would they want to? And if there is less to prove today than before, and winning is not as important as before (which I personally don’t believe), and you DON’T feel like you’re fully appreciated, then why not do what you love somewhere that you (or your wife), AND you have a track-record that shows when you are not happy with how issues are addressed then you move-on, then WHY would the Saban’s not bring their process to a place where they WOULD be fully appreciated. Furthermore, knowing how strong a woman Terry Saban is and how she feels about Tuscaloosa, why would the Sabans NOT bring “the Process” to Austin, TX? Do the math: + Terry Saban’s dislike of Tuscaloosa and Austin house hunting + lost MAJOR money on land deal investments + Nick butting heads with Paul Bryant, Jr. + Sabans not feeling fully appreciated and have a track record that shows aren’t afraid to move When you eliminate all of the clutter, all of the interviews, all of the denials, what you realize is this is just business. The facts haven’t changed. They are what they are. Consequently, I am still 100% all-in on Nick Saban coming to Austin as our next Head Coach. Nevertheless, I am not a stubborn man and if I hear anything differently then I will surely pass it on. Enough Football/Sports Talk, this is the time of the year to give thanks and share your love with the ones you love. Let those you love KNOW how much you love them this Holiday Season. Also, be sure to thank the Big Man above for all that you have and that it is not taken for granted. On a personal note, I would like to share with everyone on this board that has helped make it the fastest growing UT site on the Internet today is that I am TRULY thankful this Thanksgiving Season for all of my friends that have followed me over to Hornsports.com. It means SO much to me- MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW! That being said, Change is coming and that in itself is something to be thankful for! Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving! And by the way, beat the Hell outta Tech while we’re at it! --McPhaul
  10. Well, it's that time of the week. This week the “buzz” has been around the rumors about Mack Brown announcing his retirement. As you are aware as of the last couple of weeks there have been discussions that the Longhorn Network is working on a Mack Brown Tribute. There have been proclamations on sites from supposed Regents. “He said, she said”- what gives McPhaul? Also in this week of “Crossfire” there were heated conversations on the sidelines with Major Applewhite and a DIFFERENT Coach this past weekend. We’ll also discuss observations of the Oklahoma State game from the viewpoint of a former UT layer. Finally, we’ll touch on Steve Patterson- was he even AT the game Saturday? Finally, I have been asked frequently about contingency plans if Saban DOESN’T replace Mack Brown as Head Coach; whom will it be? We will discuss all of that and more in this week’s “Crossfire.” *RETIREMENT REQUEST & IMPACT ON CURRENT UT COMMITS, STAFF, & TEAM* Here is what I’m hearing: shortly after the OSU game, Steve Hicks & Jim Bob Moffitt requested that a date be set or Mack to announce his retirement. My understanding is that two dates have been requested for Mack to announce his retirement. At this time, I have not be given confirmation on specific dates- I assure you, I will keep everyone posted as things develop. I can tell you this: there are several factors that need to go into consideration with the decision date for the retirement announcement. One obvious consideration is the negative impact that the resignation date is having on recruiting. Recruiters from rival programs are already doing their best to poach our current commits. We’ve seen as recent as today San Antonio Warren DT Commit Trey Lealaimatafao plans on taking official visits to UCLA this upcoming weekend, followed-up with Arizona State the following weekend. This was unheard of just a few seasons back (especially to a school like UCLA or Arizona State!) And Lealaimatafao isn’t alone. In the past few weeks we have had several of our commits take visits as well. In my opinion, this is only going to increase with the uncertainty surrounding the program. Another issue surrounding the announcement of the retirement date is the possibility of the current Coaching Staff & Team checking out altogether on the remainder of the season. As it pertains to the coaches, I for one do not understand this because in my opinion the present staff should be looking at this as if they are auditioning for their future jobs. After a “lack-luster” season in which the team is being perceived as underachieving, it would behoove the Coaching Staff to "put their best foot forward"- especially at this juncture of the season! As far it pertains to the Team, the players can still achieve a successful season and a decent Bowl Game if they can win out. Did the loss to Oklahoma State on Saturday take all of the wind out of our boys' sails in their last achievable goal of significance? Possibly, however it appears to be a MAJOR concern on the 40 Acres and with the powers that be. Finally, one other issue facing our program as it pertains to Mack’s retirement announcement is how long can Texas go without naming our new Head Coach? What impact will it have on our ’14 Recruiting Class if it takes longer to name Mack’s replacement such as with a Nick Saban? The time interval between Mack resigning and our top target Nick Saban becoming available may create a dilemma that our Selection Committee has been anything but sterling in handling. As I've stated before, the Saban camp has not been very impressed with the way this has been handled on the Texas side. In last week's "Crossfire" I noted that Nick Saban is EXTREMELY disappointed in our inability to keep things quiet (Hicks brothers) going so far as stating, “do those guys even KNOW how to hire a coach?” Keep in mind, just like ANY great coach Nick Saban DOES NOT LIKE CLUTTER! The stuff that went down with the Hick’s boys represents clutter. As I mentioned last week, not withstanding his dust-up with Hakeem early in his career, there is a reason agents speak “glowingly” about working with Patterson. He is a PROFESSIONAL. He learns from his mistakes and applies that to future events. Expect this negotiation to be as I stated last week: “double-secret probation.” I would not expect there will be many slip-ups going forward. Patterson is a professional and was brought on board to manage the relationship between the University of Texas and Jimmy Sexton/Nick Saban. Patterson should help alleviate a great deal of those concerns going forward. I expect that if Saban DOES indeed become our next Head Coach, then there will be little “leakage” coming out of Bellmont going forward. Things will get VERY quiet and any information on this subject will be “few & far between.” More things to consider as it pertains to Steve Patterson is that HE is key here. Why you may ask? Well, primarily due to the fact that Mack & Deloss have done a very good job of convincing Powers that Saban is NOT a coach with the level of integrity The University should seek in its Head Coach in ANY sport. We heard Mack Brown state last week that “Nick Saban is my friend and he is not after my job.” What Mack Brown did NOT say is the Texas power brokers have zeroed in on Nick Saban and Saban is more than interested in the Head Coaching position at Texas! It is a shame that it has come down to Mack Brown having to be “forced-out” at this point in his career- it really should have NEVER come to this in the first place and could have been avoided altogether years ago had Mack of all people had his way! Regardless of how it is spun by Bellmont, the bottom line is Mack Brown was fired as the Head Coach and will be reassigned to another position within the University. I could not help but laugh when I read the post about Mack announcing his retirement and everyone except the poster tried to talk him out of it. On the contrary, NO ONE is going to try and talk Mack Brown out of retirement this time around when the power brokers have been seeking his resignation for the past two years. How naïve does Bellmont and the Administration really believe we are? Furthermore, despite all of the negative talk about Saban by Mack Brown to Bill Powers, it would not surprise me if at the end of the day Mack Brown comes out and suggests that it was HIS idea to go out and hire the best possible coach for the program, which just so happens to be Mack’s own close, personal friend “Nick Saban.” *MAJOR NOW BUTTING HEADS WITH YET ANOTHER OFFENSIVE COACH?* Now on to the aftermath of last Saturday and the Oklahoma State game. One of my contacts shared with me, “Once Texas faced a formable foe, our weaknesses were exposed.” He went on to say, “ Is it just me or did Major have a better feel for the game when he was running the Texas offense behind center? Major does not seem to have a good feel for the flow of the game.” He continued with a not so nice comparison, “Like Greg Davis, he does not appear to be a good or a natural play caller. It appears that he struggles to find any rhythm during the game that he feels comfortable with.” He concluded with, “Once again, Major’s short-comings are grating on the other offensive coaches. Major & Porter are the latest of two coaches on this Mack Brown staff that are going at one another during a game. Porter was not very pleased that Major veered away from the running game that was working.” Let’s hope the lack of chemistry can be patched up and repaired before we go into the Texas Tech game on Thanksgiving or things could get messy. Finally, a couple things I heard about last Saturdays game: 1. This nugget comes from a Texas-Ex from the ‘63 National Championship team, “Darrell, I have NEVER seen the T Room so void of former players!” Apparently it is no longer just the students that have become disgruntled with the product Mack Brown has trotted out on to the field. * CONTINGENCY PLANS IF SABAN DOESN’T COME TO THE 40* Finally, some of you have asked me if I have heard about any contingency plans if Saban doesn’t come. Well, first of all let me reiterate from everything I continue to be told is right now I am sitting at 100% that Nick Saban will be Mack’s replacement in ’14. My contacts have rarely been wrong and I will stick with my guys until the end! They’ve EARNED that much faith & respect from me over the years! Nevertheless, if you have been associated with the University of Texas Athletics, one would have to believe that power brokers such as Hicks & Rowling have to have some contingency, fall-back plan in place for such a situation. I’m confident a third party agency (IMG) has vetted a list of potential Head Coaching candidates that can meet the stringent criteria that the Committee has put in place. However, it has been a while since I have heard any talk about who would be on that list - and if you are a fan of the Saban hire then that is probably a GOOD thing! I do know this: recently Kirk Herbstreit tweeted that he felt Jim Mora, Jr. would be a great hire for the University of Texas. Well I can add that a friend of mine that has known Steve Patterson personally for years stated the Patterson is a *big fan* of Jim Mora, Jr. Does that mean Mora Jr is on any vetted list? Currently, not that I’m aware of. That’s all I have for now. Hook ‘em! -- McPhaul
  11. Well this past week has been a quiet one news-wise BUT don't confuse what is seen by the eye as to what is really going on underneath the surface- as the saying goes "still waters run deep!" A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that information was going to get scarcer to come by going forward and that in fact has been the case. Why? We'll discuss that in week's edition of Crossfire as well as information that had already been shared as it pertains to the hiring of Steve Patterson and validate some of the information that has been already discussed as it pertains to his hiring. We will also talk in more detail about Terry Saban and her house hunting in Austin. Is it true that Saban upset with the Hicks boys? What does this mean for Nick Saban and his chances of coaching at the 40 Acres next season? We will answer all of that and more in this weeks' "Crossfire." First, I spoke to my contacts and shared information back and forth over the past few days and as I mentioned in the outset- information is tougher to come by these days. Why is that? Well first of all, things have changed a bit with the hiring of Steve Patterson as AD. One of the things that was shared with me by one of my contacts pertains to keeping things on the "DL". Saban was/is furious about these types of distractions taking place. Noise is clutter and Saban does not like clutter. He detests it! Saban's comment was, "Do these guys even KNOW HOW to go about hiring a Coach?" He was PISSED! Now before anyone panics reading this and says McPhaul is saying Saban aint coming to Austin let me be clear: I AM NOT SAYING THAT! I will get to predictions later I promise! What I AM saying is expect all negotiations to go into "double-secret probation" mode going forward with Patterson at the helm. There's a reason Steve Patterson is respected by agents the way he is. He is a professional and he truly DOESN'T do Clown Shows. Things will be done in a professional, confidential manner going forward with Sexton/Saban. During my previous "Crossfire" I posted that I had been told that there were a few AD's that Saban would prefer working with as opposed to others. Patterson, Haden (USC), Castilogne, Long (Arkansas), & Tanner (South Carolina's) were all included on the list that Saban would prefer working with. Glaringly missing on that list was Oliver Luck- but why? Keep in mind, Luck was the "odds-on" favorite of the Bellmont establishment. Powers felt comfortable with him as Deloss' replacement. Dodds felt comfortable with him as his replacement. We've been told that Mack was comfortable with Luck as the new AD. So what gives? Well perhaps THAT is the reason at the end of the day Saban didn't include Luck on that list? Perhaps he wanted someone OUTSIDE of the establishment as the new AD? Perhaps he wanted someone that he could go into a relationship with carte blanche from the outset as opposed to an AD that has loyalties with the previous establishment. Keep in mind, Saban has a certain way of doing things and doesn't deviate from that plan. If Luck is AD then Saban's approach to building a program might be compromised and prevent Saban from coming to UT altogether. In contrast, Patterson has been a President at a Professional Sports Program before. Patterson has been hired and Patterson has been fired. That being said, Patterson is the ONLY candidate that has faced all of the adversity of building a franchise/program from the bottom-up with professional organizations AND a Collegiate Athletic Program None of the other candidates can say this. Debate this if you want but this is what was shared with me. Furthermore with Patterson as AD, it is expected to be less bureaucratic and more "results oriented" than where we are today. I was told by several of my contacts to a person that one of the things that differentiated Patterson from Luck was the way Patterson talked about the ENTIRE Athletic Department AS A WHOLE and Luck seemed to be more focused on the Football Program throughout the interview process. Being an Athletic Department with more than 1 program limping along right now, that is probably a HUGE selling point to the AD Selection Committee- it would be to me and it was to my contacts! Another thing to consider is there are currently 500 student athletes and 400 folks in the Athletic Department to support each of those student athletes. With that kind of student athlete/Athletic Department support personnel you are talking about a bureaucratic monster that needs to be DRAMATICALLY reshaped and resized altogether! Hell, we are damned-near looking today at our Athletic Department having a ratio of damned near 1 administrator for every student athlete. As my contact said, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT?" You would expect if we had an administrator for every student athlete that we would be winning National Championships in EVERY sport we participated in wouldn't you? You sure wouldn't expect that the University of Texas have a JUCO transfer football player not knowing whether or not they are academically qualified to practice/play until the 3rd week of Fall Camp! Keep in mind these 400 bureaucrats loyalties are going to lie with the powers that be that put them into power- namely Deloss Dodds. The bottom line is that that type of model for our Athletic Department cannot sustain itself and remain successful- there is just too much bureaucratic red-tape to hide behind. Now on to the reason you're REALLY here- what is going on with Saban coming to Texas. Cut to the chase McPhaul! Why is it so quiet on the Saban front? The Hicks' stuff you're referencing concerns us. Well, in the past I have been more conservative than Jesus and others coming in at 60%. Today that number changes. For the worse? For the better? What gives? From what I hearing, this quiet that we are witnessing means the relationship is very serious. Here is the rub on the Saban front. As I mentioned from the outset, Nick Saban is extremely disappointed in our inability to keep things quiet (Hicks brothers). However Saban is also concerned about our ability to effectively manage the Brown resignation in the time period we had led Sexton/Saban to believe we would receive Mack's resignation by. In addition, Brown still has the ability to make this an ugly situation with each victory with a Big 12 Championship and BCS Bowl all still a possibility. Saban does not want to appear as the coach that was hired at the expense of forcing the removal of Mack Brown when in reality THAT IS THE CASE! As things stand today, you are hearing it hear first: AS THINGS STAND TODAY, Nick Saban will be the Head Coach at the University of Texas next season. There! I said it! It's out of the bag! Now the fallout from Mack's perspective: from an image standpoint, Mack is extremely upset that his departure from Texas will look like he has been forced out. That is why his camp has continuously puts out the message that Mack will leave on his own terms when in reality they know it is the end for Mack Brown Texas Football. Understandably so, the members of the Selection Committee are squirming in their collective seats! You could not get anyone one of them to admit in public that they had wished Texas had already lost a game or two more but. Nevertheless, there is no denying that with each win, Mack Brown delays the deals they are trying to cement in bringing Saban to Austin. Consequently everyone involved from both sides wants the talks about Saban squelched. The good news is Mack has indeed confided to confidants that he is retiring at the end of the year (would match perfectly with his more relaxed demeanor on the sideline and in post-game interviews). Now for some additional information, I just finalized a conversation with my friend on the Board of Regents and he made an interesting comment. My friend told me that "Hicks absolutely had the blessing of Powers to approach Saban. Hicks got Hall involved for reasons he can't understand. Then he dropped the bombshell that there is money available from the people that you would expect to go and get Saban no matter what the cost." My contact however believes that the money will be so large that eventually Powers himself will be the person to push back on the finances of the deal. Right now, we're hearing the deal is $8.4M/yr. Our friend Santa Gertrudis leaked yesterday that Terry Saban had looked at a friend of his home on her last trip to Austin. To reiterate, the price on the home in question was $6.5M, 8,000 sq. ft home. On a different front, Paul Finebaum had been stating that the home in question was being looked at as a home for one of the Sabans' children (age 26 & 21). Santa somewhat debunked the assumption by Paul Finebaum that the house was a purchase for one one of the kids (again, who purchases a 8,000 sq. ft home for $6.5M for their 20 something year old kids as a starter home?). Well what I have learned is that Nick & Terry Saban have put a contract on a house in Austin that will close in late January. The contract would not be publicly available information and the purchaser was an LLC that has not been used before. I heard this prior to what was posted on IT last night, but that information is consistent with what I've been told. Finally, I have been catching some heat for my 60% belief that Saban will be the Head Coach at the University of Texas next season. My goal is to ALWAYS be truthful to our members and if I post something then it is genuine and NOT pre-fabricated for effect! Having said that, after what I have heard over the past few days I am ready to bump that percentage AS OF RIGHT NOW to 100%! That's right. I said it! 100%. Things change but AT THIS MOMENT UNLESS THINGS CHANGE I am saying it is a 100% chance Nick Saban is the Head Coach at the University of Texas next season. How's that for a "Crossfire?" Anyway, that's all I've got for now- and that should be enough. Until next week, "Hook em Horns and BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE COWPOKES!" --McPhaul
  12. First thanks to Horn Sports for asking me to contribute here and there on the site. The site is fantastic and looks like it is only getting bigger and better with football season upcoming. As you probably see being announced on the pay sites, Texas has a recruit on-campus this evening. That recruit is Houston Lamar High School's John Bonney. Bonney is a 4-star recruit and has held a Texas offer for some time now. He's 6'0" and weighs around 188 lbs. He's fast and hits hard. Bonney has roughly 30 offers and for UT to have him on campus tonight is nothing short of HUGE. I will post more as it comes in.
  13. Yes, you read that right. He'll also play a little wideout and quarterback. Tyrone Swoopes is vying for the 2nd string qb spot but has a little work to do in order to have better command of the offense. The tidbits on what he said can be found here - Mack Brown's Pre-Camp Presser: Notes and Tidbits - Texas Longhorns Football Message Board, News and Information - Texas Longhorns Football Message Board, News and Information Football is almost here. #HOOKEM
  14. Mack has decided to open 3 football practices to the public. Dates: Thursday, Aug. 8, at 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9, at 4:10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10, at 6 p.m. Practices will be held at Denius Fields. Suggested parking for fans is in the Manor Garage. Texas Longhorns Athletics - Football to open three preseason practices to fans
  15. Expect BIG things from the Texas stampede, scheduled for July 27th. It will feature current and future commits as well as a load of guys who have offers and some that are invitees. Expect a commitment or two to come as a result of the event, initiated by new PPD Director Patrick Suddes.
  16. The second in as many days to do so (see Johnny Shaw), Lincoln HS Wide Receiver Emanuel Porter de-committed from the Horned Frogs today after receiving a UT offer. Important? Without question. Expect Porter to commit to the Longhorns VERY soon in my opinion. He is a 3 star recruit that stands 6-3 and weighs 190 lbs. [tweet]344184828364738560[/tweet] Oh boy. #HOOKEM
  17. Keller High School’s spring game took place tonight and Longhorn Nation received the good news it was expecting: a resonating pair of verbal commitments from a defensive end and offensive lineman. The Teuhema brothers couldn’t be more different in terms of size, speed and skillset. Heck, they will graduate high school in different classes. One thing seems to be apparent though - Mack made a wise decision when he doled out a pair of offers to the Samoan brothers a few months ago. He even beat LSU’s Les Miles to the punch (Miles offered both in April). Sione Teuhema, the 6’4, 215 lb. class of 2014 weakside defensive end is a 3-star prospect that has great speed off the edge but needs to add weight to tall frame. What he doesn’t have currently in .lbs, he makes up for with tenacity and great speed. Sione is a top 75 player in the state and held offers from Baylor, OU, Oklahoma State, TCU as well as a handful of Pac-12 schools (Oregon State, Utah and Washington State). Texas fans can thank Sione for pulling his brother, Maea into the Longhorn fold, but there is a reason he was offered and it wasn’t only to land his older brother. Sione can flat-out play. He becomes commit #14 in the 2014 class and the second defensive end recruit, joining Abilene’s Jake McMillon. Maea Teuhema will graduate from Keller High School in 2015, a year after his older brother. The 6’5. 350 lb. offensive tackle is a projected 5-star prospect that will “cash and carry,” no matter how you slice it. He is big, fast and can react. I won’t bother listing his college preferences (see brother Sione’s) but simply put, Texas landed a stud in Maea. The 2015 recruiting rankings are still young – and fairly uncertain at this time, but the younger Teuhema is potentially the #1 player in the Texas and a top 10 national prospect in the 2015 class. He is THAT good. The brothers Teuhema selected the Longhorns over Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU and TCU. It was always apparent that Sione and Maea intended to play college football together and they will have that chance in Austin.
  18. Coach Brown sat down with CBS Football Writer Bruce Feldman to talk about quite a few things... Interesting interview - interesting answers from Mack. Particularly the last question - "Q: Do you coach at all differently than you did, say, seven years ago?" Mack Brown talks Texas - CBSSports.com
  19. Horn Sports has had a nice partnership with the UT Tailgaters for the last few years and it will continue this year, for the 2013 season. With that being said, please mark your calendars for the season opener - August 31st, 2013 - when Texas takes on New Mexico State at DKR. HS plans to sponsor door prizes, BOOZE, and grub. The UT Tailgaters do a kick-ass job of throwing it down and this one will be a tailgate you won't want to miss. Don't have a ticket to the game? Who gives a shit. Come join us for beverages, companionship and all that other shit. We plan for live music, a stripper pole, a palm reader, and special appearances by @Beevomav, Big Mike (in drag), Matt and all the other Horn Sports peeps. Show your burnt orange ass and be at the tailgate on August 31st! HOOKEM!
  20. Spring Game goes down at 6:30 pm. Game will be televised on the Longhorn Network. Excited to see what Ash does as well as the 2nd & 3rd team qb's. Hopefully Manny has made us proud with improvements on defense. Talk about it here. Hook 'em!
  21. AB breaks down the expectations for David Ash heading into the Spring Game and beyond. What's your take on the Ash man? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc08t4XaiPM&list=UU4X5bqBTv7wmJ1Trd6_kzig
  22. From Knox News - Mack Brown wins Neyland Award; Lee Corso the Lindsey Nelson Broadcasting Award » Knoxville News Sentinel The Knoxville Quarterback Club has named Texas coach Mack Brown the 2013 recipient of the Neyland Trophy and ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso as the winner of the Lindsey Nelson Broadcasting Award, the club announced Wednesday. Both will accept their respective awards on April 20, at 10 a.m., at the East Tennessee Chapter of the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame brunch at The Foundry in Knoxville. They will be honored on the field later that afternoon in pregame ceremonies before UT’s Orange and White Game. Brown, a native of Cookeville, is 150-43 in 15 seasons at Texas and 236-117-1 overall in 29 years as a head coach. Those 236 wins rank 11th all-time. The Neyland Trophy, named for former Tennessee coach and athletic director Gen. Robert R. Neyland, has been awarded every year since 1967. Legends such as Paul “Bear” Bryant, Woody Hayes, Bobby Bowden, Bo Schembechler, Eddie Robinson, Tom Osborne and Phillip Fulmer have been among the recipients. “Having grown up in Middle Tennessee, the legend of General Neyland has been with me all of my life,” Brown said in a press release. “From the time I was a little kid, I can remember my dad and granddad, who were both football coaches, talking about him. I came to respect not only what he meant to the game of college football and to our state of Tennessee, but also what his military service meant to America.” Corso has been the cornerstone of ESPN’s College Football Gameday pregame show since its inception in 1987. Known for making elaborate game predictions by donning mascot heads, Corso wore a coonskinned cap and hoisted Smokey, UT’s live bluetick coonhound, into the air last fall when Gameday visited Knoxville for the Tennessee-Florida game. A former standout at Florida State, Corso spent 28 years in college coaching, including 13 years as a head coach with stops at Louisville, Indiana and Northern Illinois, amassing 73-85-6 record. Lindsey Nelson, the first voice of the Vols, helped form the Vol Network before a national career included notable broadcasting jobs with Notre Dame and the New York Mets. The award bearing his name has been given out since 1998, with such notables as John Ward, Keith Jackson and Verne Lundquist being honored. CONGRATULATIONS TO COACH BROWN!
  23. Texas football hosts pro day today with NFL personnel in attendance. Vince Young is working out hoping to get a shot with another NFL team, while Kenny Vaccaro, Marquise Goodwin and Alex Okafor look to show off their skills. Goodwinn WILL not run the 40-yd today since he ran a 4.27 40 at the combine. Vaccaro is easily a first-round lock and I think Okafor is also. Kenny needs to run well today after putting up a 4.63 40-yard dash at the combine. Good luck to all and Hook 'Em!

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