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Found 5 results

  1. Spring camp started this week under the Charlie Strong regime, the Longhorns begin play tomorrow evening in the first round of the NCAA tournament against Arizona State and Crossfire is here..... ATTRITION UPDATES ON THE 40 ACRES WR Bryant Jackson will receive a medical hardship due to nagging foot injury and retire from football. LB Aaron Benson will graduate in May and has elected to forgo his senior year. OL Garret Greenlea was never able to get healthy after suffering a knee injury has also decided to retire from football. CROSSFIRE Q&A Q) What is the latest at Bellmont? A) Maybe I’m not as smart as you think I am but, that is kind of a vague question. Q) Is Patterson feared? A) Feared would be the wrong term to use. Steve Patterson is well respected and the staff is adapting to his style. I believe we are lucky to have him. Q) What is the back story on player’s attitudes about living on campus? A) At first they were not happy about it but, they are now starting to recognize the benefits of bonding and being a close team. Q) What coach do you think will have the biggest impact on their position group and in what ways? A) I would usually have some sort of opinion on a topic like this but; I’m really not sure until we get a few practices under our belt. I’m interested in seeing what Coach Rump does with the talent at his disposal. Q) Was Scott's dismissal from the team one of many missteps? A) Not that I’m aware of. Scott was blowing it up in the off season strength & conditioning program. Q) Does Charlie Strong have a zero tolerance policy? A) No. Coach Strong has been very clear about the rules and those that have broken them have been dealt with accordingly. Q) Speaking of that, do you believe that Coach Strong has a dossier of all players who have been disciplined for breaking rules in the past? If so, have they been put on notice? A) Of course he does. Coach Strong & staff have made it a point to get to know each player individually. Yes, Coach Strong has been very clear with each team member on where they stand in the program. Some of those players have responded in a very positive manner. Q) How are the players responding to the recent dismissals? A) The Moss dismissal did not surprise anyone. Moss was the team “party” guy. If the team did not understand that Strong was serious, they do now. Q) Odds of UT landing Wittek? A) The fact that Wittek is going to visit Texas again tells us we are very much in the running. I would say 50/50 right now. Q) From the Horns Digest article, all four HS coaches liked Coach Strong, but ranked in-state recruiting as ATM, Baylor, and UT (smh at Baylor). What is more important to "leapfrog" Baylor...relationships, or winning? A) Can you believe we are even having this conversation? The horse is winning and the cart is the relationships. Q) Was Chambers retained because he was a former HS coach? A) First and foremost Coach Chambers was retained because he and Coach Strong had the right chemistry. Second of all Coach Chambers has been instrumental in introducing the new Texas staff to the Texas High School coaches. Q) Odds of Wittek beating out a healthy Ash? A) I watched two USC games last year when Wittek started and in my opinion a healthy Ash is a better QB. With that said, Ash’s ability to improvise with his legs separated the two. Q) What does a full athletic scholarship cover? A) One year of education, books, lodging, meals. Do not underestimate the personalized tutoring the kids receive from the support staff when they seek it. That leaves cloths and entertainment for the kid to cover. Q) What is your take on pay-for-play? A) We are now delaying the inevitable. The university Presidents are not going to be able to table this topic much longer. It's coming. Q) Is there a Hornsports app or should I be using tapatalk? A) For the time being Tapatalk is the best way to catch HornSports on mobile devices. We have a new platform being released soon which will give the site a fresh look with new features. Q) During a conversation with a friend (he is not a longhorn) he said that 50% off our fans were just t-shirt fans. What's your take on his assumption? A) You should take that as a compliment. What he is really telling you is that Texas is a very popular team to follow whether you attended Texas or not. Texas is a national brand and attracts fans from all over the world. As you have heard, Patterson wants to exploit the international markets when the opportunity arises. You should also tell your friend that the 50/50 assumption is in line with any other flagship state university fan base if they are worth a damn. Q) Daje's role on this team, position, impact? A) The staff is doing everything they can to enable Daje to have a huge impact. Daje has to stay consistent and fly right. Q) Steam is picking up with attention on the UTvs$Atm$ rivalry. Has Patterson been approached about a reunion and/or what are the chances of this actually being renewed? A) As long as the two schools move into two directions on how they conduct their recruiting, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Q) Next commit? A couple more to watch? A) I’m going to gamble on Wittek for the next commitment. 2016 running back Kameron Martin has stated that he would jump all over a Texas offer. Rockwell Heath LB/S DeShawn Elliot is rumored to be selecting his destination soon (edit: Elliott committed to UT last night). Q) Greetings darrell, 1. are there any current "rumblings" regarding the proposed "two story practice facility"? as you may attest, just a month or so ago... this was a particular hot item as per discussions upon many "longhorn nation" websites. could there be a current status? or is this prospective edifice, now being considered upon alignment as per the expansion of "dkr"? A) I have not heard one word about a new practice facility expect for Strong stating we are good to go with what we have now. Q) you may or may not have a direct answer as per this particular query... therefore, a "guesstimate" shall indeed suffice. do you really believe that "atm" shall have there new football palace open for business at the start of the 2014 gridiron season as they are ambiguously vs ambitiously proposing? even the "walking dead corpses" may see that there is indeed a monumental task of on hand construction work currently underway, upon their "college station" work zone. just how on earth could they possibly finish in time as per this season? A) I have no earthly idea. I have not followed the project close enough to comment on it. Q) We of course want Myles Turner, but what is the word on Barnett? He sounds like a solid prospect and has a 4* rating. Thought I heard his dad was an NBA guy? A) Barnett is one hell of an Athlete with a decent outside shot. Barnett’s most impressive attribute is his court IQ and his unselfishness. Minutes are going to be tight next year but, look for Barnett to average around 10 minutes a game his first year. I need to do some homework because I did not know his dad played in the NBA. Q) With the spring season starting, when do you think we hear of more attrition and how many do you now guess the number is? A) I have stated in the past that the over under was around 8 and at this time, I will stick to it. Q) Do we need attrition to avoid too many scholarship players for next season? That's what I thought was stated previously but not sure. A) My understanding is we need to trim down approximately four more to get to 85. I look for some medical hardships to be taken by at least two players after spring ball. Q) How are the Texas coaches receiving the new staff and coach Strong? It sounds like the out of state kids like Strong but the in state kids have not warmed up to him yet. I wondered if it is because their high school coaches are not quite sold on Strong yet? A) The High School coaches & recruit that are not familiar with Coach Strong are taking a wait and see approach. Some of these High School coaches are close to Mack and Mack has not yet given Coach Strong an endorsement. CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO Me: Hey my man, how is it going? FOB: Just got back from the Disch and I’m pretty disgusted. We have not won a B12 series since 2012. I really can’t wrap my head around that. Me: Well, it just the first series this year. Shouldn’t we tap the brakes on our discontent? I mean we did improve our out of conference play this year. FOB: Dammit Darrell, don’t try and polish the turd we laid this past weekend. Are you listening to me? We have not won a B12 series since 2012. What part that is ever acceptable at Texas? Me: Many Horn Sports members keep asking if this is Augie’s swan song? FOB: I can’t imagine changes won’t be forthcoming if we don’t get back to Omaha. Augie is prideful and understands the expectations surrounding the program. I foresee Augie stepping away if we don’t take our rightful spot in Omaha. With the pitching staff this team has, it would a travesty to stay home for the third year in a row. Me: Switching gears on you; what did you think about our draw in the tournament? FOB: We sure picked a fine time to tank. I mean we lost every road game on the back of our schedule. Our saving grace is ASU has also sputtered its way into the tournament. I think we beat them but, keep in mind, ASU starts three seniors so and that may help them some. Me: Did you check out the rest of the midwest draw? FOB: I did and it sure looked like the toughest region. Texas was not done any favors. It makes me sick to my stomach to see Baylor get a 6th seed when we beat them 2 out of 3 with one of those wins coming on their court. Me: Are you ready for spring ball? FOB: Football cannot get here soon enough. Me: Are you going to be allowed take in some practices and give our members some insight on the team? FOB: I certainly plan on it. I, nor anyone else I know has not been informed we cannot attend practice. Me: I know you said you had to cut it short today but, our members have been asking me for some juicy news. You got anything? FOB: The B12 has received an interesting inquiry from an ACC school and the word is; Patterson is going to do everything in his power to improve the B12 standing in college football. Me: What else you got? FOB: Saddle up because Texas is not going to sit idle while A&M continues to cheat. A large case of illegal recruiting is building against A&M. I will let you know when it gets closer to hitting the fan and it will. TEXAS means business. Me: Ok, I know you are in a hurry but, I expect more info on both those topics next week. FOB: We will see. Goodbye
  2. STEVE PATTERSON'S EMAIL ON THE DKR SOUTH ENDZONE EXPANSION Many of you have been asking about the expansion of the south endzone. Below is a statement relased by Texas AD Steve Patterson: As we continue to plan for the future of UT Athletics and work to provide a superior gameday experience for all our fans and stakeholders, we have begun the initial stage of studying a potential stadium project to complete the south end of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. The project is conceptual at this point. Any further planning will depend on a variety of factors to be studied over the next several months. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been retained to assist UT Athletics in evaluating elements of the potential project, including the addition of new premium seating and additional club areas. As part of their research, PwC will be engaging with Longhorn Foundation members through a survey and interview process to collect input related to potential new seating options and naming rights opportunities for Texas Football. We genuinely appreciate the many ways in which you support UT Athletics. Thank you for your participation during this process. Hook 'em, Horns! Steve Patterson Men's Athletics Director COACHES ON THE MOVE Former defensive back coach Duane Akina has agreed in terms with Stanford and will be joining David Shaw's staff in Palo Alto. That leaves Running Backs Coach Larry Porter and Wide Receivers Coach Darrell Wyatt as the only two coaches that have not found a landing spot as of now. Expect them to be picked up somewhere sooner rather than later... CROSSFIRE Q & A Q) Do we get Turner? A) If I was a betting man, I would bet on Texas. Texas gets the last visit so, that bodes well for us. Q) Is this Augie's last year? A) It has been discussed but, I don’t think Augie has made a final decision. Q) What the devil is going on a Texas A&M with all the arrest? A) When boosters are running the program and not the head coach, there is little or not accountability. Q) How do you think the Texas BB Team is going to do in the Big 12 Tourney and the Nat playoffs (MARCH MADNESS) A) Don’t get me to lying. I can no longer predict which Texas team is going to show? Q) Why can't we get the real time broadcast of the games (Basketball/baseball/football) while in the stadiums, with no time delay? Seems like we have grown up with watching sports on TV and it seem that it would add to the fun and knowledge of what is going on in the game. A) Interesting question and one I don’t have an answer for. Let me see what I can find out and I will share in next week's Crossfire. Q) Still most curious about attrition. How many? And who are the probables? A) I placed the over under at 8 but, could me more when the spring football wraps up. Some kids have been notified that their services will not be needed for spring practices so; we should start hearing a few names once spring football starts. Some other kids that are on the bubble will be allowed to participate in spring ball and will announce their intentions to transfer after the orange & white game. It is better that I don’t speculate on the names. Q) Since we are into a somewhat quiet period, I think it would be interesting to do a Crossfire conversation with a couple of high school coaches to hear what they think of the program, their comments on who they thought would get the UT job and what they think of Coach Strong so far (anonymously, of course). A) Alright, let me see if I can get Coach Todd Dodge of Marble Falls and another former Texas player that is now coaching HS ball. Q) One thing I am wondering is what the coaches are doing on a daily basis now. A) Preparing for the spring practices. Q) What gets the attention of the position coaches and the head coach after signing day and before spring practice? A) Laying the ground work for the next recruiting class and preparing for the junior days. Q) Who is the favorite to win the Big 12 next year and why? Who is the dark horse? Who will win "Coach of the year"? A) At this time I’m going to say that OU, Baylor and Texas all have a shot at the Big12 title next year. A) My dark horse would be any team Bill Snyder coaches so, that would be KSU. A) Charlie Strong or Kliff Kingsbury. Q) What do you make of William Wilkerson's report on the tops athletes in the state and how they felt about Texas this year? A) It is no secret that Texas is playing catch up. Let Charlie get a season under his belt and I beat Texas will once again be the choice program in the state. Q) Thoughts on Heard going to spend some time this spring break with the QB guru George Whitfield ? A) It tells me that Heard is serious about honing his craft. It is refreshing to see a kid forgo the spring break parties his senior year to prepare himself for the next level. Q) Following "Hell Week", which players have shown the most improvement and which players stood out to the coaches/staff? A) Both QB’s Ash & Swoopes made some noise. It’s too bad Leroy Scott broke team rules because he was really impressing the coaching staff. All the running backs, Brown, Bergeron, Gray and Johnson have been stellar in the offseason. Texas is stacked at the running back position. Another area of team strength is going to be the defensive line. Brown & Reed have taken on a leadership and the young pups like S. Davis & B. Cottrell should give Texas some depth we have not had recently. Q) We have "Cameron Crazies" and "Erwin Lazies"! What are the thoughts for the new/perspective basketball arena as to a much greater home court advantage and moving the "blue hairs" (I am one.) up and the students’ courtside (1st 10 rows) around the arena? A) I’m hearing the arena will be more intimate as far as the seating goes so, that alone should benefit for home games. Moving the “blue hairs” is going to tricky. Keep in mind these “blue hairs” is where the majority of the season tickets are sold. Q) What are your predictions for our defense this fall? YPG, PPG, & ranking in the Big 12 & nationally? A) Good Gravy I was hoping to get to see them perform this spring before I was asked this question. I will go out on a limb and predict that Texas will have the top ranked defense in the B12 this year. Q) Who would be possible candidates to replace Augie if he was to not return next season? A) Those close to the program believe Texas pitching coach Skip Johnson is going to inherit the job once Augie decides to step down. Q) Wayne Graham, Rice, has wanted the UT job since he was the HC at San Jacinto JC. He was really miffed when the UT job was given to Augie because Graham campaigned hard for it. He is an excellent BB coach and has won where ever he has been - however, he must be getting close to 75 by now. His chances at UT are done. A) Coach Graham would have been an excellent selection. At 75, you got to believe that Coach Graham will retire at Rice. Q) Is Geoff Ketchum Mr. Taylor Duck? A) No comment. Mr. Taylor Duck has been banned on HornSports. Q) You have always had quite the following on Orangebloods, why don’t you post there anymore? A) I have been banned on Orangebloods. Q) Who are your favorite Longhorn writers/reporters? A) Chip Brown, Sean Adams, Scipio and Jesus Shuttlesworth are always a great read. Honorable mentions would go to Eric Nahlin, Jason Suchomel and Jeff Howe when it comes to recruiting news and updates. Q) Will the media be allowed to attend and report on spring football? A) Emails have been sent to the parents of the football team that practices will be closed so, I doubt they are going to let the media attend. Friends of Bevo will still be able to attend some practices so; Hornsports should receive some informative reports. Q) Will Charlie Strong have a weekly show on LHN like Mack did? Will LHN do similar programming now that Mack is gone? A) Yes he will. As a matter of fact, I can see Charlie Strong and Steve Patterson taking the LHN to the next level. Q) Why is it taking till the middle of the summer to get The Longhorn Network on Dish when all they need to do is flip a switch? A) I don’t think all the particulars on how they are going to package the LHN have been decided at Dish? Q) Who are the cant miss prospects in the 2015 class? A) Tagging anyone as a can’t miss is dangerous these days. You really know how the kids are going to respond once they get on campus. Presently Texas does not have a 2015 commit that I would feel comfortable labeling as a cant’ miss prospect. Q) Will the quarterback position battle be an open one or is there already a favorite? A) The whole team has bought into that every position is open for battle. David Ash is the odds on in favorite but, every second teamer is just one play away from being the starter. I believe our QB depth chart will look like this: Ash, Wittek, Swoopes & Heard. Granted that Wittek ends up at Texas. Q) How is Gray progressing from his achilles injury? A) Johnathan is ahead of schedule. Texas is loaded at RB so, there is absolutely no reason to rush him back. Selfishly I hope he redshirts so, we can have him on campus a few more years. Q) First, just a suggestion: It is not a good experience when we respond to your question request an get no-response. My thoughts if you could list the question with a simple response: we acknowledge your question but cannot answer at this time because..... We will or won't keep it on file. Of the 31 players who sustained an Achilles tendon rupture, 21 (64%) returned to play in the NFL at an average of 11 months after injury. In the three seasons following their return, those 21 players saw significant decreases in games played and power ratings compared to the three seasons preceding the injury. A) Dually noted and I’m sorry that happened. Q) Do we know of any quality RBs that have rehabed a torn Achilles and returned to dominance? I can't think of any off hand, only those with ACLs. Mirroring the above question regarding J Gray. A) Of the 31 NFL players who sustained an Achilles tendon rupture, 21 (64%) returned to play in the NFL at an average of 11 months after injury. In the three seasons following their return, those 21 players saw significant decreases in games played and power ratings compared to the three seasons preceding the injury. None of these players were running backs. Furthermore, in the reviewed 21 NFL skill players who returned to play, there were significant decreases in games played per season (11.67 games per year pre-injury versus 6.17 games per year post injury) when averaged over the three seasons before the injury and the three seasons after the injury.3 There were also decreases averaging nearly 50% in power ratings of the returning players for the three seasons after the injury compared to the three seasons before the injury. These data indicate that even in players able to return to their former level of play, the quality of play may suffer permanently. Q) 1. ok darryl, let's be frank here... am i the only one that seems to think that there is a small but yet very ominous cloud, suddenly hanging over the "erwin center"? i mean think about it... we all certainly would want to send coach barnes as many accolades as possible, as per this momentous season... but let's face it, this season is really no better than the last. (not really). therefore, how dare the "myles turner" camp present a subtle threat (please make certain that "barnes" is back next season or else) that shall in the very least... cause a bit of consternation amongst us fans. soooooo, my question is... is it an absolute guarantee that "myles turner" shall grace the "40 acres" upon next season? aaaaaaand, should he decide to grace the illustrious confines of lawrence kansas... what on earth shall we do as per the "big Vii" coach of the year "rick barnes"... head off into another season upon a wing and a prayer? will "patterson" really stand for such "in your face ambiguity" in regards to the current status as per his head basketball coach? an "ominous cloud" indeed! A) Monarch, my man. I spell my name the same way Darrell Royal spelled his. I don’t think Turner camp was threatening us. The Turners have every right in seeking the stability of the coaching staff at the schools they are considering. Keep in mind that basketball coaches actually coach in practice opposed to head football coaches that oversee practices. Barnes has more one on one interaction with his players in one week than Coach Brown had all year. No matter how you look at Barnes, you can’t release a coach that won the Coach of the Year award in his conference. Barnes was put on notice before the season started and in my opinion, responded accordingly. Q) Any knowledge on how the SEC cheats in the large cash deals? A) Read up on how Auburn pulled it off with Cam Newton or how LSU pulled it off with Claiborne. Q) What did Leroy Scott do? A) Broke team rule #420. Q) And what are his chances to stay on the team? A) I’m not sure but, the kid had an outstanding offseason. Q) What is Augie doing to improve the run production? Totally impressed with the fielding and pitching. A) I don’t think it is so much of what Augie is doing but, the kids are responding in close games a lot better than they did last year. Our pitching has been NAILS. Q) True or False: Perry's pain I'm the ass regent Wallace Hall's kid rejected by UT admissions? A) True and the kid had a very decent private school transcript. The kid will probably end up at Harvard. Q) What will our base defensive alignment b... 4-3, 5-0 or 3-4? A) From what I have been told, the staff is going to look at the 4-3 & 3-3 and see what best fits the personnel. I think we will see plenty of both. CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO Me: How are you? FOB: Been busy but, all is well. Me: Any thoughts on “Hell Week”? FOB: Boy they pushed the hell out of those kids and credit the kids for responding the way they did. Me: So, no one threw the towel in? FOB: You had some kids that did not finish drills but, no one threw a tantrum and walked off. Me: I told our members that the over under on the attrition was around eight. Do you think that is correct? FOB: I would say that is in the ball park. Like I mentioned before, the staff has meet with those they don’t think they have a chance to see the field and some of those kids responded well in the workouts. Me: So are you saying that some of those kids are going to be allowed to stay on the team? FOB: There is that possibility that some of the kids might have reserved the right to retain their scholarship but, they may become frustrated with the lack of reps they receive in spring ball. Although this staff challenged the team in a manner they have never been challenged before, they are pleased with the effort they received. Me: Are they going to challenge them in spring practices too? FOB: Since we are installing a new offense & defense, the team is going be challenged in the classroom so, they can maximize the practice time on the field. In other words, the staff is going to be able to recognize those that are not retaining the playbook very quickly and their reps will be limited until they get it down. Me: Is the staff excited about the talent at their disposal? FOB: Darrell, they are. They really believe they will compete in every game they play and as I have said before, this staff is not conceding s%^t. Me: Is this going to be a very physical spring? FOB: It certainly is. The staff is well aware of the tackling issues this team has had and this one area the coaches believe is going to improve dramatically. Me: Switching topics on you. What do you think about Rick bringing home the B12 coach of the year award? FOB: As you know, before this season Rick had a big ole bulls- eye on his back but, Rick delivered this year. Rick deserved the award. I just hope Rick & can get this team out of the first or second round this year. The talent is there. Hopefully we will get some good match ups. Me: I’m hearing from some very good sources that Myles Turner is a lock for Texas? FOB: Texas is sitting in the catbirds seat right now. Let’s hope we don’t screw this one up like we did with Julius Randle. Me: What seed do you think we land? FOB: 5th thru 7th seed. I tell you what; we have the best chance to win the B12 tourney than we have in a very long time. Me: I feel the same way since Kansas’ big man is out for two weeks. FOB: That can’t hurt but, remember Ridley ate his lunch in Austin. Me: Everyone keeps asking me if this is Augie’s last year? FOB: I get that question all the time too. I’m being told that a decision has not been made one way or the other. If Augie does well this year, it will be his choice. The thing about Augie is he will be ready to step down if he can’t deliver some type of hardware this year. It’s not going to be like the Mack Brown saga where we have to force him into retirement. Me: Any news on Bev Kearney? FOB: She does not have a prayer. There will be no settlement. Me: That’s all I got now. I am going to see you at the spring game. FOB: Yes, I will stop by your tailgate and say hello but, I can’t stay long. Me: That’s ok, I will holler at you next week. Thanks again for the time. FOB: My pleasure Darrell.
  3. This week’s Crossfire will address the upcoming Junior Days and which recruits we can expect to see on The 40 Acres. We'll also look at Coach Strong's recruiting prowess and the future out-of-conference football schedules for the Longhorns. As always we will check-in with Friend of Bevo to see what's going on during the off-season. Let's get to it! Texas Upcoming Junior Days on February 22 & March 1 Visitor List ATH - John Humphrey - League City Clear Falls ATH - Billy Ray McCrary - Leander Rouse ATH - Ryan Newsome - Aledo ATH - Tony Nicholson - South Grand Prairie ATH - Dylan Moses - Baton Rouge University Laboratory School (2017) QB - Ryan Agnew - Southlake Carroll QB - Jaylon Henderson - Kingwood Park (March 1) QB - Keaton Torre - Edmond (OK) Santa Fe (2016) QB - Josh White - Marietta (GA) Walton (2016) RB - Tristian Houston - Galena Park North Shore RB - Patrick Carr - The Woodlands (unsure because of track) RB - Kameron Martin - Port Arthur Memorial (2016) WR - Jaelan Austin - South Grand Prairie WR - James Proche - Dallas Prime Prep (maybe March 1) WR - Denver Johnson - Oklahoma City Casady WR - Tyron Johnson - New Orleans Warren Easton Senior(Not decided) WR - Deshawn Capers-Smith - New Orleans Warren Easton Senior(Not decided) OL - Patrick Vahe - Euless Trinity- Soft Commit to Texas OL - Connor Lanfear - Buda Hayes- Soft Commit to Texas OL - Ronnie Major - Huntsville OL - Keaton Sutherland - Flower Mound Marcus OL - Toby Weathersby - Houston Westfield DT - Bryce English – DeSoto- Committed to Texas DT - Darrion Daniels - Dallas Bishop Dunne (March 1) DT - Derek Brown - Katy (March 1) DT - Jeremy Cox - Edmond (OK) Santa Fe DT - Vessy Parrish - Edmond (OK) Santa Fe (2016) DE - James Lockhart - Ennis (Not decided) DE - Charles Omenihu - Rowlett DE - Josh Uluocha - Stafford DE - Lonzell Gilmore - Spring LB - Cameron Townsend - Missouri City Ridge Point LB - Anthony Wheeler - Dallas Skyline LB - Landis Durham - Plano East (undecided on which one) LB - Arthur McGinnis - New Orleans Warren Easton Senior (possible) DB - Jalen Campbell - Corpus Christi Flour Bluff- Committed to Texas DB - Holton Hill - Houston Lamar (undecided on which one) DB - Johnny Shaw - West Orange-Stark DB - Kenneth McGruder - Alief Taylor DB - James Locke - Beaumont Central (undecided on which one) DB - Jordan Tolbert - Missouri City Ridge Point (maybe on March 1) DB - Ashton Preston - Edmond (OK) Santa Fe DB - Gary Woods - Oklahoma City Casady Holding a UT offer/invited but unlikely to be in attendance QB - Jarrett Stidham - Stephenville QB - JW Ketchum - Missouri City Fort Bend Marshall RB - Ronald Jones II - McKinney North RB - Chris Warren - Rockwall RB - Jay Bradford - Splendora RB - Jamycal Hasty - Longview DT - Daylon Mack - Gladewater LB - Malik Jefferson - Mesquite Poteet DB - Larry Pryor - Sulphur Springs DB - Kendall Sheffield - Missouri City Fort Ben Marshall DB - Kris Boyd – Spring visitor Top 20 Q & A from Horn Sports Members Q) Will Max Wittek sign with Texas? A) The coaching staff did a very nice job selling an opportunity to compete for the starting job. Louisville and Hawaii can sell a clear path to the starters role. Right now I would say it’s 50/50. Q) Seems that more of the top rated 15 class players are not including Texas among their top schools. Comments? A) Give this staff time to develop the necessary relationships’. Having a year under their belt to point to will be beneficial. Q) Plus your thoughts on so many out of state offers offers. A) Apparrently this staff has already evaluated these OOS recruits and has had previous relationships established. Q) 1. Give us the pros and cons of having a marquee game versus a team like USC in Mexico City. A) Pro= Money & Exposure A) Con= International travel is not convenient for the fan bases Q) How does the admin and those in the athletic dept feel about potentially losing a home game of that caliber to Mexico City? A) I think they are looking at it as what we are going to gain and not what we lose by playing in Mexico City. Q) Darrell, how about an update from you or Shaunsters on where things sit with Mr. Myles Tuner? FYI, I'll probably guess this will be an ongoing thing until he signs. A) Texas leads large. Q) Odds on J Gray playing in 2014? A) It is very early in the rehab to estimate. Different people respond to rehab in different time manners. There is absolutely no reason to rush the kid. Q) What's going on inside Bellmont? We were lead to believe Patterson was going to shake things up and bring in a leaner, more effective staff. So far it seems an empty promise. A) You better believe the people in Bellmont understand there is a new sheriff in town. Patterson is not one to go off half cocked. Steve has had a lot on his plate the last three months. Give the man a little time and this time next year you can probably expect him to have all “his” people in place. Q) Odds Cam Ridley goes NBA draft? Please don't! A) At this time, I’m hearing that he is strongly considering returning to Texas next year to play alongside Myles Turner. There is no doubt that the agents are going to be in Ridleys ear but, I think he stays. Q) Will Mack be visible on the 40 acres at games/practices, or fade in to the background? I bet the later bit give me your thoughts. A) Mack is gone. From what I’m hearing, Mack is no more interested on being on the 40 than some are having him here. Q) We told everybody you had a change of heart and went back to OB. A) Then you told them wrong The majority of the posters I prefer to correspond with are on Hornsports and I don’t see that ever changing. Besides, the Hornsports members are too smart to believe I would go back to OB’s. Q) How are we going to combat the SEC recruiting tactics? A) You win football games. Q) Do you know how many instances have been documented? A) Documented by whom? Don’t hold your breath on the NCAA doing anything concerning the SEC & cheating. The cheaters have it down to an art. Unless there is a whistleblower, nothing is going to come out. Q) I heard Aggie coach is not happy with BMD's bad behavior. True? A) Every HC in the SEC probably has some “concern” when it comes to booster dealings. The HC does not want some booster scandal hitting the press. There is a lot to learn when it comes to being a HC in the SEC and the way booster hierarchy is in place. The HC may not like it but, he can’t control it. Q) Any repercussions coming Powers way? A) No. Q) Will Hall be impeached? A) Yes. Q) Any noise on the upcoming Penn State trials? A) It won’t be pretty. It’s past time for closure. Q) If the NCAA is going to turn a blind eye to the "payola" recruiting tactics employed by the SEC in the state of Texas, should Texas use the LHN as a tool and broadcast games and highlights of every recruit that Texas is pursuing? The NCAA doesn't have the stones to do anything about it and I doubt they would want to mess with a large institution like UT. A) Expect Patterson & Texas to push the envelope with the LHN. Q) What about Tim Brewster? A) Not happening “this year.” Q) Does Bruce Chambers get credit for the positive play of our TEs of yesteryear, or only bad rep for our lack of quality TE play of late? A) Resting on your laurels is exactly the problem Texas staff has had in the past years. Chambers was rewarded accordingly for the past. The TE position has been a nightmare from the recruiting to the development for years now. The Louisville TE caught 46 passes last year so, we have to see improvement this year. Q) What's the status on a new basketball arena and where is it going? A) Still looking at several properties. Q) Is Patterson accepting resumes? If so, how can I get it to him? A) I’m having lunch with him soon so, email it to me. I will see that he gets it. Q) What's the perception of how 2015 recruiting is going (or is it too early to tell)? A) Way too early to tell. However, we have more out of state offers in the last month that we have had for the last five years combined. Q) Any word on whether practices will be open to the public? A) Not yet. Q) Have you heard any rumblings about the status of Barnes for next year? A) I heard he was put on notice and by the looks of it Barnes has responded accordingly. If Texas loses in the first round and fails to land blue chip recruit Myles Turner, I could then see the heat over come Barnes. If Barnes wins a couple of tourney games and lands Tuner, he mostly likely bought some more time. Q) When Disney consults, what will be their priority? Game day experience as in the Orange Bowl halftime faldera, or home field advantage & atmosphere like Death Valley or better? Are they trying to intimidate visiting teams or get more money out of the season ticket holders? Is the dictate to help fulfill Mack's goal of "come early, stay late, be loud, and wear orange" or provide recliners to the "sit down" crowd? How much say will the students or the team get? A) There is not a set priority. My understanding is they are looking into everything we do now oppose to how other professional entertainment venues operate. Once they have an understanding of what might work for our culture, they will make a presentation. Related Q: Will they ever get the ads off the Godzillatron,turn the volume down & use it for replays & break aways like on TV so it finally reaches its potential, or will it become something people will be happy to see go? A) It will be replaced with the newest model. I’m sure Patterson is looking at using this in the same manner an NFL does. Q) Have you heard upon whether or not if coach Strong has decided to go through as per the construction of a new two story practice facility? it was stated upon the ob... that coach strong was having a bit of trepidation about building a new facility in spite of the "bubble" eyesore. what gives upon this front? A) Coach Strong just said that he can work with what he has now and building a new facility is not on the top of his priority list. Q) What's the relationship like now between the BMD's and Patterson and Strong? A) The relationship are being formed by all parties. Everyone is being supportive of Coach Strong. Q) How are the high school coaches meshing with the new coaching staff? A) Some of them have like what they have heard about the level of accountability but, building those relationships is going to take time. Q) What's the job description of a Special Assistant to the President? Details, details, details..... A) Fund raiser, back slapper, golfing, speaking engagements etc….. Q) How does the HS coaches take all these OOS offers going out? A) I would assume they understand that we are aware that we are behind in state so; it would behoove us to pursue and maintain as many oos relationships as possible. Q) Any news about Brewster? With the offer to Gragg a few days ago, it doesn't seem like Chambers is going anywhere. A) Nothing is changing this year. Q) What are strong and company going to do to make inroads into Texas HS football since they really don't know the lay of the land? A) The same thing Mack Brown did, visit as many as you can and build those relationships. Q) I know this was being discussed at variety of boards when Strong was hired, but do you know if there is any talk about potential Satellite Camps? A) There was under Suddes. With all the contacts this staff has back in the SE, I could see Texas hosting a few satellite camps in the near future. Q) Any chance we hook up with the ACC in conference realignment? A) IMO the next realignment in our future in going to be the realignment of all of college football and not conference realignment. Any updates on attrition? Are the workouts maybe weeding some of the Hack Brown babies out? Q) What does Bevo think of the Nick Saban 10 second rule change? Does this have a chance in hell of passing? I believe it will degrade the game of college football personally.... A) I doubt it but, you have to admire the fact that Saban is always working it. Q) Any updates on attrition? Are the workouts maybe weeding some of the Hack Brown babies out? A) Expect two OL's, two receivers, two tight ends, two line backers and possibly a DT to transfer or give up football altogether. Q) What changes are being considered for the South end zone? A) I don’t think anything has been official decided. Q) Why is Strong happy with the bubble when it seems to be smaller than some other schools? A) That was taken of context. Strong did not say he was happy with it. Coach Strong said it was not a priority at this time and it was not a factor in preventing us from being prepared when we take the field. No excuses. Q) Will the new Godzillatron be as large as the current? A) This is Texas, so I would imagine it will done in style. Strong Projections? In his first recruiting class at Louisville (he had 2 months to work), he immediately went heavy on the OL & DL bringing 10 guys in the trenches (a glaring need for us as well). More need-based than talent. His first class the 2010 group was ranked 48th with 28 signed LOI's: 3-Four Stars 18-Three Stars*. Four of five of those kids from that class are projected to be taken in the NFL. In that same class, Texas was ranked 3rd with 25 signed LOI's: 2-Five Stars 19-Four Stars 4-Three Stars. Only 2 of those recruits have a draft projection. Strong’s first full year recruiting at Louisville ( class 2011) was the best in Louisville history: Louisville ranked 29th with only 20 kids. 16 of those freshmen saw significant playing time. 4-Four Stars 15-Three Stars Six players from that class are projected to be drafted. Texas again ranked 3rd with 22 kids. 1-Five Star 15-Four Stars 6-Three Stars Six of those Texas recruits are projected to be drafted by the NFL. -Eleven to thirteen of those two Louisville classes are projected to be drafted in the NFL. -Those two Louisville classes made up most of the 23-3 record with big bowl wins over Florida & Miami the last two years. - Strong has done a wonderful job of turning out NFL talent. - in the last 7 years, Strong has had 22 guys drafted on defense and 37 during his time at Florida. Approved Coaching Salaries Charlie Strong, Head Coach * 5-year contract that begins at $5 million annually and includes an annual $100,000/year raise. Vance Bedford, Defensive Coordinator * $800,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees $30,000 for speaking engagements and $10,000 for camps Shawn Watson, Assistant Head Coach/QB coach * $650,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees $30,000 for speaking engagements and $10,000 for camps Joe Wickline, Offensive Coordinator/OL Coach * $575,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees $30,000 for speaking engagements and $10,000 for camps Chris Rumph, Defensive Line Coach * $415,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees of $10,000 for speaking and $5,000 for camps Tommie Robinson, Running Backs Coach * $200,000 in year 1 and $350,000 in years 2 and 3 - includes annual guarantees of $10,000 for speaking and $5,000 for camps Les Koenning, Wide Receiver Coach * $350,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees of $10,000 for speaking and $5,000 for camps Pat Moorer, Strength and Conditioning Coach * $330,000/yr for 3 years Brian Jean-Mary, Line Backers Coach * $315,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees of $10,000 for speaking and $5,000 for camps Bruce Chambers, Tight Ends Coach * $275,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees of $10,000 for speaking and $5,000 for camps Chris Vaughn, Defensive Backs Coach * $260,000/yr for 3 years - includes annual guarantees of $10,000 for speaking and $5,000 for camps Future Texas Out of Conference Football Schedule 2015 Date Opponent Time Sept. 5 at Notre Dame TBA Sept. 12 RICE TBA Sept. 19 CAL TBA 2016 Date Opponent Time Sept. 3 NOTRE DAME TBA Sept. 10 UTEP TBA Sept. 17 at Cal TBA 2017 Date Opponent Time Sept. 2 MARYLAND TBA Sept. 9 UCF TBA Sept. 16 at USC TBA 2018 Date Opponent Time Sept. 1 at Maryland TBA Sept. 15 USC TBA 2019 Date Opponent Time Aug. 31 NOTRE DAME TBA 2020 Date Opponent Time Sept. 12 at Notre Dame TBA 2021 Date Opponent Time Sept. 11 at Arkansas TBA 2022 Date Opponent Time Sept. 17 OHIO STATE TBA 2023 Date Opponent Time Sept. 16 at Ohio State TBA Friend of Bevo FOB: The offseason workouts continue to go well. The majority of the team has responded well. The kids are excited because they are seeing the results of the hard their hard work. There is no doubt this will be one of the most well conditioned Texas teams we have seen in a while. Hopefully being in better conditioning strength and conditioning wise will cut down on the amount of injuries we have endured these last few years. Me: I hate asking this every week but, are you hearing about any attrition? FOB: Yes, like I said before, I hate mentioning names but, there is going to be around six kids that will probably come to the conclusion that there time would be better served elsewhere. This is to be expected any time you have a new staff come in. Me: I can’t wait for spring ball to get here so we can see the product on the field. FOB: I wouldn’t be too excited about spring ball. The kids are going to be learning new terminology and that in itself limits to amount of full contact practices. It is going to be interesting to see how much this staff can implement in the spring. Me: How is David Ash progressing? FOB: I was talking to a trainer the other day and he said David is going full speed and has seemed to have shaken off any ill effects of the past concussion. David does not possess the same strength he had but, he is getting there and should be 100% by the time spring practice starts. Me: What do you make of former USC and transfer Max Wittik giving Texas a look with David Ash’s future looking better? FOB: If there is one position we can add depth, it’s the QB position. Charlie and the staff did a wonderful job of selling the opportunity to compete for the starting job. Max and his father left Texas very impressed with everything they saw. Me: Who else is Max considering? FOB: The other two schools that have been mentioned are Hawaii and Louisville where probably has a clearer path to the starting job so, this one is going to be hard to pull off. Me: Are you concerned about the lack of 2015 elite recruits looking our way? FOB: Not yet. It is too early to get worried. This staff is about to host their first two JR days so, the Charlie Strong buzz should be able to pick up some momentum. I have been told that the staff is really looking forward to laying the groundwork for building the relationships. What is refreshing to witness is the confidence the staff carries when it comes to the topic of recruiting. This staff firmly believes they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the state and nationally. Me: Does it surprise you to see the high number of out of state offers this staff has extended? FOB: I would be lying if I didn’t say yes. I have never seen anything like it at Texas. I would expect the % of out of state offers will diminish when this staff forms new relationships within the Texas borders. Me: I have been impressed with the quality of the offers. This staff is not shy about going after the elite in the south east and Florida. FOB: What have they offered, twenty of the top two hundred and fifty in the nation? Me: Yes, I used the term carpet-bombing. FOB: It is apparent that this staff is going to maintain and retain the relationships they have built throughout their careers and it would be crazy not to. I don’t think any of us realize how confident Strong and his staff is believing they have a national product to sell at Texas. Me: I have always felt that way too and have been somewhat frustrated that we didn’t throw our hats in the ring on more national kids. Me: Switching topics, what do you think about the USC/Tex Mexico city matchup? This has seems to have pissed off a bunch of our fans. FOB: LOL. Hey, I understand that. The big picture is you can’t pass up a great opportunity to market your brand on an international level when it presents itself. This is still is still about the Benjamin’s and those two trips will be extremely profitable. Me: That’s all I got for now. Look forward to seeing you next week. FOB: Hey BTW, I have really enjoyed the Hornsports Roundtable podcast with Feeley and you. Keep up the good work. Me: Thanks. Coleman is a former player and knows the game well. Take care and talk to you next week. Hook 'Em --Darrell McPhaul
  4. Well folks, it’s that time of the week again. We’re getting closer to National Signing Day and the groundwork for the ’14 Season is already being laid in the weight room as I type this. In this week of “Crossfire” we will discuss the Spring Game. Last week we mentioned that some former UT Coaches were on the move. The dust is starting to settle and we will see where these guys are headed or where they are about to land- nothing Earth shattering that hasn’t been discussed already but we’ll revisit it nevertheless. Next, in “Drop and Gimme 20” I will address some of the questions you guys have submitted to me. What kind of defense will we be running? Is Bruce Chambers REALLY going to be our TE Coach or is Tim Brewster coming back home to the 40 Acres? Will Johnathan Gray redshirt in the Fall? Some of the answers you may like. Some, not so much. Nevertheless, I will answer the questions truthfully as I know it to be. And as always we’ll sit down with our old buddy Friend of Bevo (FOB) and see what’s on his mind these days. Here we go.. SPRING GAME SCHEDULED The 2014 Texas Football Orange-White game has been scheduled! Time & Date: Saturday, April 19, at 1 p.m. Site: Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. TV: Longhorn Network Spring practice is scheduled to begin March 18th. COACHES ON THE MOVE Stacy Searles accepted a job on the Frank Beamers’ West Virginia staff. Major Applewhite is presently negotiating his severance package with the University of Texas so he can accept the Quarterbacks position coach at North Carolina on Larry Fedora’s staff. Bo Davis has accepted the DL position coach under Nick Saban at Alabama. Manny Diaz has accepted the DC position on Skip Holtz’s staff at Louisiana Tech. Oscar Giles as mentioned last week is talking to Sonny Dykes at Cal, Mark Richt at Georgia and one other school I’m not privy to. Still no information on who the 3rd school is at this point. Duane Akina is still under consideration to join Sonny Dykes staff at Cal. DROP AND GIMME 20 - Q & A Q) Are many of us on this board right when we suggest all of the panicking needs to stop? A) Legendary Texas A&M Basketball coach Shelby Metcalfe once said that the only happy Aggie, was an unhappy Aggie. That shoe would fit a good number of our fan base right now. Coach Strong and his staff have been on the job for a little over 3 three weeks now. If you did not foresee de-commits and new out of state offers going out, then you are being a bit naïve. Q) Will Texas hire a TE coach in place of Chambers? A) I believe we learn the final position for Coach Chambers after signing day. Former Texas Tight End Coach and ace recruiter Tim Brewster has been linked to the job. Q) I've been told that Vance Bedford at Louisville implemented a 3-3-5 defensive alignment as a base defense. Which players currently on the UT roster does that benefit that may have been limited last year in terms of playing time? A) Here is what I have been told. There has been too much emphasis placed on Texas running a particular alignment. Texas will end up running the 3-4-4 as often as they do the 3-3-5. Q) Are there any potential big surprises left in recruiting, good or bad? A) As of right now, yes and yes. Q) Where is Deloss Dodds? What is Deloss Dodds doing? Where did Deloss Dodds disappear too? Deloss, anyone? A) Dodds is enjoying his semi retirement. Q) Where do we stand with Poona Ford and what Strongs defense will showcase based off his defense from his past? A) Hornsports has heard reports that Ford has given Coach Strong a verbal. As of right now, I’m not sure who Ford resembles. I have not seen enough of him. Q) Will any of the spring practices be open to the public? A) Nothing has been released. Q) Do you foresee any movement of players from one side of the ball to the other during spring drills? I know there are folks wishing for Mykkele Thompson to get a look on Offense, but have you smelled or seen any smoke regarding Mykkele or others? A) Not at this time. I have a hard time imagining Coach Strong would move a senior. Possibly Overstreet. Q) With the emergence of Brown is it safe to say that Gray will be given the opportunity to Red Shirt to ensure that he is healthy for the following season. And if that is the case who other than Joe will see handoffs? Easy guess would be Overstreet or Daje back to a full time rb..any sleepers (freshmen) to watch out for? A) Gray would absolutely be given the opportunity to red shirt if he is not healthy. The Brown & Bergeron duo have shown they can handle the majority of the carries for next season. It is crucial that the duo remain healthy. Let’s hope that Strong and staff influence Daje to dedicated himself. Something Daje has not done since he has been on campus. It is going to be interesting to see what true frosh gets some looks. Q) Do we hire Tim Brewster? A) That is the rumor. Q) Is Bill Little going to be replaced/retired? Will the UT sports information staff be replaced/reshuffled? Does Coach Strong communicate with the SID? A) I’m not sure on Bill Little but I’m certain that Patterson is evaluating all positions. Q) Any chance we will get a QB transferring in that can play right away? A) It does not appear that this staff is talking to any prospect. At this time, the staff is encouraged by David Ash’s progress. Q) Does Charlie Strong need landscaping services? Or anyone on the staff? A) I have been told that Strong & Staff are only worried about one lawn. Joe Jamail Field. Q) What about Barnes' job status with all this winning going on? His leash should be loosened, IMO. A) Barnes has been put on notice. One would have to believe that he is on track to save his job “if” Texas continues to make excellent progress. Q) Will Augie still step down at the end of the season, as has been stated in the past few months by various sources? A) I believe there is better than a 50/50 chance. Q) Can we get an update on the Foreman twins? Will they stick or jump to Misery? A) I hearing that Armanti did not care for the new on campus/class rules that Coach Strong is implementing. We also know the brothers wanted to stay close to home. Q) Everybody's heard about the former Alabama running back from Florida who apparently in the full view of God and everybody was cheating, who was getting extra benefits. RSJ's dad says he was offered a substantial sum of money for his son's signature. There have been more than a couple of reports of the Aggies now fully invested in $EC recruiting tactics, not to mention the blatant FU Johnny Manziel gave to the NCAA last year and then basically skated. What, if anything, are you hearing regards the Aggies and their paying/providing extra benefits to players? (Historically ANY time they've been relevant they've been PROVEN to have been cheating!) Are you hearing anything? A) I guess you are not familiar of the Mike Goodson saga? Under Franchione A&M alums hired Mrs. Goodson for a job in Bryan/College Station? Mrs. Goodson accepted the position and moved to B/CS leaving behind her two younger sons in Klein. Mr. Goodson accepted a sales position with an Aggie owned car dealership in Houston before he was sent to prison. BTW, Mike Goodson never graduated from high school. Mike attained his GED during the summer after his Sr. year. The A&M Powerbrokers understood that they were going to have to step their game up if they joined the SEC and they have. A&M is going to do what they have to do to succeed. The problem is the cheaters have gotten a whole lot smarter than the NCAA. I would not hold my breath on the NCAA doing anything about the rampant cheating in the SEC. Q) While the BMD's are now playing nice, how pissed are they really and who really is in the crosshairs, Patterson or Powers? A) Patterson better deliver. Texas is not going to do what Rick Perry tried to do and fire Powers. CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO McPhaul: Thanks for getting back to me. FOB: It’s not a problem. McPhaul: What are your thoughts on the recruit defections? They sure have a small portion of our fan base in a tizzy. FOB: Sometimes I wonder if people don’t think before they write. Looky here, Charlie & staff have been on the job for three weeks. Gary Patterson, Art Briles and Kevin Sumlin have built relationships with these recruits for at least two years, some of them longer. Are people that naïve to believe there is not going to be the same level chemistry & comfort between the different staff’s? Give this staff a whole year to build the necessary relationships and I believe they are going to be a force to reckon with. McPhaul: Some believe that Coach Strong is coming across too hard and that is the reason for some commitments wanting to take other visits. FOB: That’s hogwash. If coming across straight and telling the kid what he can expect is too hard then some of those kids were not going to cut it in the first place. You better believe we would rather lose them now then investing time in them and losing them via transfer later on. That’s not good for anybody. McPhaul: Some have voiced their concern about Coach Strong’s rules of living on campus and sitting in the front two rows for all their classes. Some believe that is going to cost Texas from consideration for some blue chips. FOB: I’m not going to sugar coat this. Under Strong, Texas is not going to be for everybody. In case you have not noticed, the country club ran here and is presently being run at schools across our state, is NOT going to happen at Texas. Those days are gone. You better come here because you are serious about graduating and dedicating yourself to the team. Of course that message has scared a few. When the Texas High School coaches see that Charlie is genuine and the recruits and their families see that their kids are truly receiving a education that will last a lifetime, they will line up to come here. McPhaul: I have never seen so many out of state offers in such a short period of time. FOB: Take notice: this staff has relationships all over the country. Right now they are relying on those relationships to recruit out of state a fill the needs left in this 2014 recruiting class. I will be honest, I’m excited to see what our out of state recruiting looks like in two years. I believe Texas is going to be a monster on the national scene. McPhaul: There are rumors about former Texas TE coach Tim Brewster returning to the 40. What do you know about that? FOB: I know that there has been communications between Texas and Brewster. Don’t look for any staff shake up before singing day. McPhaul: How are the offseason workouts going? FOB: Pat Moore doesn’t play around. I don’t think I have seen Pat smile one time. This Texas team may come up short in some games next but, it won’t be because we are soft and out of shape. This staff will put well-conditioned athletes on the field. McPhaul: How is the team handling it? FOB: Honestly the staff is pleased. I have the pleasure of speaking with a position coach and he told me that the kids have been very receptive and the effort has been there. You are going to see a certain kinds of kids thrive in this new environment. Let me reiterate, this program is not going to be for the weak-minded. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, you are going to work and work hard. McPhaul: You hearing about possible transfers? FOB: There is going to be some attrition. There always is when a new staff comes in. The staff has been good about letting the kids know where they stand. McPhaul: One more question before I let you go. FOB: What you got? McPhaul: Is A&M paying again? FOB: Again? You’re assuming they ever stopped? The problem now is they are learning the SEC tactics and that’s not good for anybody. From what I understand coach Sumlin is not happy about the alum involvement but cannot control it. McPhaul: Alright man, I'll holler soon! FOB: Later Well folks, that’s all I got for now. Signing Day is just around the corner and I expect next week to be an interesting one to say the least. We’ll be with you the entire time keeping you posted as things progress. Until then, Hook ‘em! McPhaul
  5. Well folks, not much going on this week however we will share with you everything we’re hearing and pass it along. First of all, these are incredibly exciting times at Hornsports right now and our incredible growth is allowing us to do things that a few months ago may have seemed like a “pipe dream” when we were starting out. Consequently, in this week’s Crossfire we will talk about what Hornsports is doing to improve upon our service offering to our faithful fans. We will also be discussing our recent commitments. What do they mean to the program? Next we will discuss our former coaches that are on the move. Manny Diaz to La Tech? From there we will discuss medical hardships (anybody out there remember Jordan Hicks or David Ash?). Well, we’ll discuss how things are coming along for those two key Longhorns for ’14. We will also discuss Spring Practice, the Spring Game, and how team works outs are going so far. During the “Drop & Gimme 20”, Hornsports will address the burning questions that you the Hornsports faithful have put forth. And finally we will have a discussion with our old buddy “Friend of Bevo” and where his thoughts are this week (albeit brief!). So strap-up your chin strap and get into the “Crossfire!” UPDATE ON HORNSPORTS NEWS & SPRING GAME NOTES As it pertains to Hornsports, we are presently interviewing potential staff writers, recruiting scouts, baseball scouts, and reporters. It is our number one priority to continue to improve the content we deliver on HornSports. We have some exciting potential opportunities for radio and television shows in 2014. More details to come in upcoming weeks. On a different front I have been asked many times, “Darrell, how about a HornSports Spring Game Tailgate Party to get us prepped for the regular season?” Your wish is our command here at HornSports. Once the spring game is scheduled, we will plan the first 2014 Tailgate party. As it looks right now, we will have some very exciting events taking place for the Tailgate party. Stay tuned. UPDATE ON RECRUITING FRONT New Orleans Four Star 6’5 300 plus pound offensive guard Alex Anderson became the second blue-chipper to pledge to the Charlie Strong staff. The first commit to Strong being Arlington hybrid safety/linebacker Ed Freeman. FORMER UT COACHES ON THE MOVE There are reports out that have linked Duane Akina to Sonny Dykes’ California staff and Stacy Searles to Frank Beamers’ Virginia Tech staff. Daryl Wyatt's name has been mentioned concerning the Sam Houston State head coaching vacancy, although I have heard the current DC at Sam Houston is the leading candidate for the job. Bo Davis has accepted the DL position coach under Nick Saban at Alabama. Manny Diaz has accepted the DC position on Skip Holtz’s staff at Louisiana Tech. Oscar Giles is talking to Sonny Dykes at Cal, Mark Richt at Georgia, and one other school that I am not privy to at this time. I will keep digging around to find out who that 3rd school is and I am sure we will hear something on this front soon. MEDICAL HARDSHIPS It appears that Linebacker Jordan Hicks and Quarterback David Ash will be approved for medical hardships. If Ash regains his health & form, this would be huge benefit to the team. HORNSPORTS Q & A Q) How long is it going to be before Ronald Jones II gets an offer? He's going to blow up next year. A) The staff has been on the job for one full week now. They have a lot of ground work to make up closing this year’s class. You can expect the staff to address the 2015 class right after spring ball is completed. With the retention of Chambers and Shipley, I’m certain Strong & staff will be brought up to spend on the top targets. RJ II should be one of them. Q) What's the biggest name recruit we'll get who is not already verbaled to this class? A) I’m going to go with the Four Star DT from Hilton Head, South Carolina Poona Ford. Q) Any idea on who matriculates from the program either by choice or by force? A) Right now I don’t feel comfortable sharing any names. For the first time, some of the kids feel like they have a true opportunity for showcasing their skills regardless of their age. It is only natural for a certain amount of attrition during a coaching transition occurs. I would look at 5-10 current players to transfer or quit football all together. Q) KNOX do we have a 90% chance to get him back. We need him and how about Harvey? A) 90% is dreaming. Let’s see if a visit is scheduled before we get excited. Q) mcphaul, are you noting any forthcoming changes as per our coaching staff allotment? obviously nothing major. nonetheless, subtle changes in staff personnel? A) There are rumors that TE Coach Bruce Chambers might move into to a administration position. Q) Signing day surprises? Do we get any? A) The class is shaping up to have a few surprises. I hope they are all positive. Q) Any chance that Brewster finds a place on this staff? A) I believe there is a chance. Let’s see what direction Strong goes with Bruce Chambers first. Q) Which head 2 head battles with Sumlin does Coach Strong win this year & next? A) I’m not sure he does? Cypress Falls blue chip LB Olaka is the biggest battle raging between the two schools and this one might come down to signing day. If Strong could flip blue chip defensive back Nick Harvey, that would be considered a huge victory. Q) Where does Texas stand with Jarrett Stidham? A) Top 5. That is good considering he has not met the new staff. Q) Tony3487 asked if Charlie strong bought Sabans house? Sorry couldn't resist A) Everyone deserves a day in the sun! Q) Has Barnes saved his job or is that TBD? A) The season is far from over. Defiantly TBD. Q) Do you know if they were after anyone else? If so, who? If not, then why drag out the announcement like that? A) I’m not sure. One reason for this to drag out is if the coaching candidate agreed to stay on with his current employer until after signing day. Q) I am wondering about the committee that was assembled to help hire Patterson then was supposed to be involved in hiring Coach Strong was a committee in name only? Will there be a permanent advisory committee moving forward, available to convene and give input to the AD on highly important matters and to handle any major crisis, or did Patterson's lack of consulting with the committee on the hiring of Coach Strong effectively kill it off? A) Apparently so. It does not appear that Patterson believes he needs a consulting committee. I believe Patterson is trying to wean the BMD’s off of being heavily involved. Q) Will our emphasis be on flipping players that are signed elsewhere or will we be going more for unsigned and/or undervalued players? A) Both Q) Who do you see taking over for Anthony Fera at P/PK? It appears that Nick Jordan redshirted this season, Nick Rose will be a Junior, and Will Russ is still around. Any news on walk-ons or transfers in that area? A) I look for a battle between Rose and Jordan. Russ will get the first shot at punter. There is a kicker at Boerne High School that actually outkicked the North Carolina kicker that we offered at the Texas camp by the name of Clayton Hatfield. Hatfield is now committed to Texas Tech. Claytons father attended Texas and the Hatfield were not too happy about not receiving the offer over an OOS kid that ended up de-committing. Q) Is there any news on Jake Raulerson's expected role next year. A) Right now Jake is penciled in as the backup Center. With Wickline’s background of mixing and matching multiple units, I wouldn’t doubt that Jake will get a look at Guard too. Jake is tipping the scales at 289 right now. Jake may need another year to be a legitimate Div 1 offensive lineman. Q) Can you share anything compelling about conference affiliation in the next few years? The Big 12 sucks! A) In my opinion Texas will leave the NCAA before it leaves the B12 conference. The playoff system will alleviate some of our disdain for being a B12 member. Texas has scheduled some very intriguing match ups with national contenders for next 6 years. UCLA, Ohio State and Notre Dame are just a few to mention. Q) Myles Turner, how are things going with his recruitment? Anything new on that end? A) Shaunsters is reporting that Texas is in the thick of things with Turner. It appears to be a Texas vs. Kansas battle at this time. Q) With somewhat of resurgence by the basketball team, has Barnes' leash gotten longer any? Odds of landing Myles Turner? A) To early to tell. As of right now, we are 50/50 with Turner. BRIEF CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO THIS WEEK McPhaul: Like always, thanks for taking my call. FOB: It’s no problem. McPhaul: So, anything noteworthy happening on the forty that I can share with our members? FOB: I did have an opportunity to speak with a few folks this past week. The new staff seems to be settling in well. The staff is very pleased on how the kids/team has responded so far. McPhaul: Have you heard if the staff has experienced any kickback from the players about having to move back to campus? FOB: No, I really haven’t. I think kids are taking a wait and see approach. I know some of the kids counted on the extra money if they saved on the living per diem by living off campus so. McPhaul: You hearing anything about the workouts? FOB: They are getting after it. The players know that short cuts won’t be tolerated. They are also aware that there will be no favorites played. Everyone has a clean slate and considered on the same level. McPhaul: Anyone standing out in the workouts? FOB: Not that I heard but the staff is pleased with the overall effort. McPhaul: Switching gears on you there has been talk about Coach Chambers transitioning over to the administrative side- is there any merit to that? FOB: There is no doubt that Bruce was retained with the intention of maintaining some level of continuity between the staff, high school coaches and recruits. Bruce is serving that purpose well however I’m not sure if they have their minds made up just yet on what direction they are going to go. McPhaul: Prior to our call, I know you had mentioned to me that there wasn’t much to comment on this week. Is there anything else we should know? FOB: Nope. That’s all I got for now but keep in mind, things will be heating up. McPhaul: Understood. Holler back at you next week. FOB: You got it. VAYA CON DIOS AMIGOS! Guys, that’s all I got for now. As always, if we hear something we will put it out there for you the fans. Again, just like at the 40 Acres there are fun times ahead at HornSports as well. We want to thank you our followers for our continued success- I cannot wait to see what ’14 brings us! Hook ‘Em and talk to you next week! Darrell

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