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Found 3 results

  1. This is the Official Thread for the 2014 Horn Sports Draft. This Post will contain updated coverage of all Draft Selections and Transactions that take place throughout the Draft. Let me know if the OP needs any additional details. DRAFT GUIDELINES Schedule/Draft Time - Draft Starts: 3/4/14 (TUE) 9:00am Central | Draft Hours: 7am-7pm | Draft Days: Mon-Sat | Allotted Draft Pick Time: 4 Hours | Draft Rounds: 3 Draft Pick - As stated above, you have four hours from the exact time that the previous pick was posted. No editing picks. You can discuss trades with other teams at any time, wh
  2. It's been far too long since I've posted anything here on Hornsports so I thought I'd come by and post a brief run down of the picks last night. I'm not grading these picks, rather giving reasons as to possibly why each team chose who they chose. It was a fun draft to watch even though there wasn't "top talent". There were still surprises and a lot of team/player movement via trades. There was so much movement going on that the ESPN crew couldn't even keep up with it as they broke down the picks. Woj and Yahoo did a great job as usual announcing the trades as they happened. Too bad they can't
  3. So If you were the GM of a NFL team and you could draft players at your own discretion, when would you plan on drafting each Longhorn that is entering into the NFL draft? Just give me a round you'd pick them in. And if you want you can be specific and say early/mid/late within that round. And in the first round you can even say top 15, top 10, top 5 pick. The Longhorns that are trying to get into the NFL this year are: S Kenny Vaccaro DE Alex Okafor WR Marquis Goodwin RB/WR D.J. Monroe DT Brandon Moore RB Jeremy Hills TE D.J. Grant TE Barrett Matthews OL Luke Poehlman P Alex Ki

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