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Found 11 results

  1. Quick update, we're headed B3, and Tennessee Tech is up 4-0. Chased the Ole Miss starter in T3. I'll try to keep y'all updated.
  2. Here in about 15 minutes the host sites will be announced on Twitter by the NCAA. The remainder of the field/matchups will be announced tomorrow on ESPNU. Most all signs point to Texas being a host, likely as the #15 or #16 seed. I’ll keep y’all updated as these are announced.
  3. For 2018, the NCAA has changed how they'll do the seeding for the CWS Tournament. See the article below from Kendall Rogers at www.D1Baseball.com ************************************************************************** Top Seeding Changes Coming To Tourney News Kendall Rogers - October 6, 2017 For years, college baseball coaches and fans alike have asked the same question about how the NCAA tournament field is assembled. “If softball can seed the top teams in the tournament 1-16, why can’t baseball?”. That’s the question that has been on everyon
  4. Update as you see fit. 4 VCU 5 1 DBU 0 B4 1 LSU 6 4 Lehigh 3 T7 3 UVA 3 2 USC 1 B8 4 Mercer 4 1 Florida St. 4 T8 3 Clemson 2 2 AZ St 6 B8 4 Morehead St 2 1 Louisville 5 T8 3 Maryland 3 2 Ole Miss 0 T5 4 St. Johns 3 1 Ok State 3 B5 4 FIU 0 1 Miami 6 T6 4 Florida A&M 0 1 Florida 6 B5 4 Texas Southern 0 1 Texas AM 2 T6 4 Houston Baptist 4 1 Houston 0 B2 4 Sacred Heart 0 1 TCU 1 T3 4 Ohio U 2 1 Illinois 4 B2 4 Lipscomb 0 1 Vandy 0 B2
  5. Here are the unis today; As was mentioned in the Gameday thread, Vandy starting 3B has been suspended by the NCAA for the remainder of the CWS. He was leading the team in stolen bases. His replacement is a rarely used soph from Portland, OR. .133 AVG. Hook Em!
  6. I won't be doing much PBP today, but I'll be following along and chiming in when I can. Got a big grad party going on here today. Here's the lineups:
  7. OK, one more to get to Omaha. House money, folks. Let's get this done! Same lineup for the Horns today. Marlow Johnson Payton Tres Carter CJ Shaw Clemens Gurwitz French on the bump Houston: Survance-9 Vidales-4 Ratcliff-6 Pyeatt-7 Montemayor-DH Grayson-3 Hollis-5 Barker-2 Fulmer-8 Garza on the hill Game time is 1 PM CST
  8. Taking a look at the profiles of the 16 teams left in the Supers...here's my ranking from Most Likely to Least Likely to win it all in Omaha. FAVORITES: 1. TCU - Interesting to see if the long innings last weekend come back to haunt, but I think this team has the best overall profile of the remaining teams, now that all those national seeds have already exited the dance. The best ERA in college baseball in 2014 (Team ERA of 2.14). This is the one team I would absolutely not want to face right now. 2. Virginia - They blew it in the Supers last year as a national seed. They've also got

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