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Found 1 result

  1. Well, it’s been an EXTREMELY eventful week to say the least. Mack was supposed to step down last Wednesday. Then it moved to Friday. Then his resignation dated was moved until the end of the week. For the time-being, we may have lost our top candidate to replace Mack with in Nick Saban. We had an interesting Football Banquet to say the least. At the end of the day, what needed to happen with Mack Brown happened last Saturday. The bottom-line is Texas Football will look a lot different than it has for the previous 16 seasons, and at this point I think that’s a good thing. Also, over the past couple of weeks I have spoken at length with our good buddy “Friend of Bevo.” Rest assured folks, good ole “FOB” is still around and we’ll have a fireside chat with him again soon. But in this edition of “Crossfire” I wanted to tell you point-blank what my thoughts are on what went down last week with Mack Brown, Bill Powers, Steve Patterson, etc. with no filter. That being said, here we go: BURN IT DOWN; MACK BROWN IS FINALLY REMOVED A day late, and NOT a dollar short. Folks, Mack Brown had every opportunity to do the right thing by the University, its alumni, students, fans and friends of the program. For a man that likes to interject the word “integrity” every chance he speaks, once again Mack Brown decided to go back on his word. Prior to the beginning of this season, Mack had agreed to step down if Texas did not win the Big 12 and go to a BCS Bowl. When the clock finally read 0:00 at Floyd Casey Stadium, Mack still had no intention of stepping down as Head Coach at the University of Texas. While in Florida last week on a recruiting trip, Mack told Andrew Beck’s family that the only way he would not be coaching Andrew at Texas is if he was removed against his will. Should any of us be surprised? We have been down this road before back in ‘10 when Mack Brown reneged on the “Will Muschamp Head Coach in Waiting” agreement that was in place. Consequently, with that decision Mack Brown decided to retain his position as Head Coach and in the process of doing so took Texas down four miserable years of fielding a subpar product on the field. I have friends that have spent an awful a lot of time around Brown and absolutely admired the man and what he stood for. This of course has been the cause of some heated discussion amongst us. In the last week I have heard from everyone of those friends of Mack that unconditionally defended Mack Brown in the past and they have all said, “You were right, Mack Brown is a selfish individual.” These “defenders of Mack” were appalled that Mack would put himself above the Football Program, the University, the Alumni, the Students, and its fans. These friends had defended Mack after the embarrassing thrashings on National TV to our biggest rival OU. These friends defended Mack Brown when his teams underachieved and were considered “soft” and were a National punch line as it pertains to College Football. These friends of Brown defended Mack when he continued to employ Greg Davis for years and years as Offensive Coordinator Head Coach even though our offense underachieved against stiffer competition. These friends of Brown even defended Mack when he needed to replace Jeff “Mad Dog” Madden as Strength and Conditioning Coach and he did not feel the need to do so. Hell, these friends of Brown even defended Mack after he brought Manny Diaz back as Defensive Coordinator this season. These friends of Mack Brown provided undying support for the man over the past 16 years. And how were these friends of Mack Brown in turn repaid for their friendship and loyalty? They were repaid with pettiness, jealousy, anger, and a lost opportunity to hire arguably the most successful football in college football history in Nick Saban. (more on that later!) One Big Money Donor I spoke with could not comprehend how Mack could put Bill Powers is such a compromising position. THIS IS MY OPINION however I am not convinced that Bill Powers was not part of the charade to delay the hiring of Saban since Powers was fully aware of the timeline the BMD’s & Patterson was under to secure the Saban deal. Friday evening was the agreed upon deadline by both Sexton/Saban & UT. It was not by accident that we heard Saban agreed in principle with the Alabama contract extension last Friday evening. At this point, Saban had simply had enough- he was tired of the delay and at that point Saban had lost all confidence in the Texas contingent removing Brown as Head Coach. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that the Alabama contract extension proposal was not in the financial neighborhood of the Texas offer Jimmy Sexton had negotiated with the Powerbrokers at Texas. Interesting footnote as things progress with Saban going forward. More on that later. Now back to Powers and delay tactics- why do I believe this? I believe this because there is no one that can convince me otherwise that Brown did not look exactly like a dead man walking during the 2013 Football Banquet. Mack Brown was fully aware that he did not fulfill his agreed upon coaching obligations during the 2013 football season and consequently was going to be held accountable by the BMD’s leading the Saban hire. Mack had stated that he was going to retire however since the news was leaked by the media prematurely then he decided that he would not be stepping down but instead would return as Head Coach in ’14. (Sarcasm alert!) That sounds like a GREAT reason to return for another year as Head Coach! That should REALLY get recruits fired up to commit to UT in February: come play for a coach that doesn’t really want to coach the team but wants to instead get back at the media! Someone please explain to me why on Earth you would elect to stay on as Head Coach because the media leaked your removal. Who thinks like that? How does that address the challenges facing our program today with A&M becoming the “cool school in Texas” with recruits? How does that help us with up-start Baylor now beginning to out-recruit us? How does that help us with the SEC schools now camping out in Texas for our recruits? Hell, how does it help us with ANYTHING?! It doesn’t! The BMD’s underestimated the level of vindictiveness that others on the outside of Mack’s “circle of trust” have experienced during the Mack Brown era. One must find it ironic that during Brown’s press conference Mack spoke about how it is time to start trying to put all the BB’s back in the box. Mind you, this is the man that continued to spill more BB’s on his way out knowing damn well Texas would not be able to put the Saban BB back in the box. For a man that speaks about integrity as much as Mack Brown does, he showed very little of it on his way out. Mack Brown tarnished his legacy as much if not more than Bobby Bowden did at FSU. FSU had their HCIW with Fisher. Brown cost Texas Saban. Bowden had an excuse, he was senile. In contrast, Mack Brown was downright vindictive. BILL POWERS IS NOW IN THE CROSSHAIRS Yes, you heard that right and you heard it here first- Powers has either failed miserably in holding up his end of the Brown removal or he plotted with Brown to sabotage the Saban hiring. Either way, as a result Bill Powers will not be protected going forward. Powers was fully aware of the time and effort the BMD’s invested in the Saban negotiations with Sexton and his failure to support the outcome will not be forgiven. One source commented that if the vote they took on Monday was taken Friday evening, Powers would have been voted out. Keep in mind that in addition to Mack Brown continuously trying to convince Powers that Saban was “the devil” and would damage the perception of integrity that Mack had “implemented” during his career at Texas, Powers had his own issues with the Sexton/Saban and BMD’s that met last January behind his back. Powers looked at those lines of communication as undermining his credibility/authority as President as well as actions that were against the University’s by-laws. Was this Powers way of getting back at them? THE STEVE PATTERSON ERA HAS BEGUN Deloss Dodds arguably built the most successful athletic program in college and it isn’t even close. However, Dodds primary strengths were on the business side of the house. Wins and losses were not part of his metrics. As long as Texas was making money hand over fist, Dodds did not see any value in improving our on the field, court and diamond coaching performance. Ironically, Dodds had no issue with increasing the headcount in Belmont to the tune of 400 employees supporting 500 student-athletes. Several people I have spoken with have told me that Patterson will be consolidating the Men’s and Women’s Athletics Offices into one Athletic Department. This of course means that Plonsky will not be retained as the women’s Athletic Director. There is a lot of friction within the halls of Bellmont and there is no love lost between Powers and Plonsky. Plonsky is rumored to be the source of the leaks within in Bellmont and Chip Brown. It will be interesting to see how far Patterson goes with a reduction in staff. That being said, I think it is important to say that there are a lot of good folks in Bellmont that have served Texas well over the years. I borrowed this write up on Patterson from our buddy Baghorn: “Steve Patterson graduated from UT with both his undergraduate degree and law degree. He went directly to work for the Houston Rockets after graduating law school in 1985 and became the GM of the Rockets in 1989. He was responsible for architecting the roster that went on to win back to back NBA championships. He was then President of the Houston Aeros from 1994-1997 where he was named the IHL's Executive of the Year in 1995. From 1997-2003 he was the SVP and Chief Development Officer for the Houston Texans responsible for landing the franchise award from the NFL and getting Reliant Stadium built. From 2003 to 2007 he was the GM of the Portland Trail Blazers where he was responsible for drafting Lamarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy. From 2007-2012 he was the Chief Operating Officer of Arizona State Athletics responsible for all capital construction projects, operations of facilities, and business operations. From 2012-2013 he was the Arizona State Athletic Director where he dramatically reshaped the Athletic Department removing 100+ employees streamlining the organization.” I think it is important to recognize that Steve Patterson is all about the sports end of the business and whole-heartedly understands that his selection of the head coaching position at Texas is going to be how he is measured. The Selection Committee that Patterson is working with carries the utmost respect for Patterson and will follow his lead. Personally, I believe we have the right man at the helm. ON THE COACHING SEARCH FRONT In speaking with a source that had a recent conversation with a former Texas coach, he stated that he would be very surprised if we didn’t hire someone that did not have NFL experience. The former Texas coach went on to say that he did not think Saban would have been the right fit. He said that Saban for the most part is left alone at Alabama to coach the football team. At Texas the Head Coach has all kind of outside responsibilities that having nothing to do with the X’s & O’s. Time management is extremely crucial at a school like Texas due to the job pulling you in multiple directions that have little to do with the X’s & O’s. You can count on the next coach being multifaceted. All that being said, I still believe Nick Saban is still our top target and the lines of communications are still alive. Ironically, the way Mack went out and now is seen as persona non grata with Big Money Donors may actually be working in our favor with our negotiations with Saban. Saban always had a reluctance that Mack would be still around the program even after his retirement/resignation. With the way things recently went down with Mack and the way he handled his part, there is little to no concern for that now with ANY Coach that we are interviewing for the job that Mack will be poking his head into the replacement’s business. I have also been informed that Patterson has spoken with Brothers Jim and John Harbaugh about the Head Coach opening. Another Jimmy Sexton client that will be seriously considered is Jimbo Fisher. Other popular names such as Urban Meyer, Gus Malzahn, and Jon Gruden are not to be considered serious candidates at this time. Same for Briles, Strong, & Franklin. That can all change tomorrow but that is how things stand at the present. COACHES MOVING ON As many of you know it was Will Muschamp that recommended Stacy Searles to Mack Brown for the offensive line coach. Expect to see Searles accept the OL coaching position at Florida. Major Applewhite will be named as the QB coach at Florida. I guess Muschamp does not believe Major is ready to be a big time OC just yet. Darrell Wyatt came in second place to John Reagan at Rice for the OC vacant OC position at Kansas. Wyatt had history at Kansas serving as the co oc along with Chuck Long. If I had a choice in retaining one coach at Texas, it would be Darrell Wyatt. SPONSORSHIP AND FINAL THOUGHTS Finally, we are always looking for sponsors here at Horn Sports. Consequently, we are looking for a sponsor for “Crossfire” going forward. This is a great way to get your company name in front of new, potential customers. Please Private Message me if you have any inquiries pertaining to sponsorship. Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Thanks for allow the well-wishes on becoming a Grandfather. Wishing every one of you a Merry Christmas and rest-assured, the good guys ain't screwing around- Patterson will make this thing right! Merry Christmas! Darrell

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