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Found 11 results

  1. Sorry for the delay, but this thread is going to discuss the types of woods used in smoking. You can use many types of woods for smoking, and each imparts different flavors. Depending upon what tyype of meat you've got on the pit, that will help determine what type you use. Let's discuss here, and as always, I'll try to answer questions for y'all. Here's a list of my favorites: Pork: Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Pecan, Maple Beef: Pecan, Oak, Mesquite Turkey: Cherry, Pecan Chicken: Oak, Apple, Pecan Fish: Alder NEVER use pine or cedar for smoking. I tend to use red o
  2. Sorry for the least exciting thread on this board in quite some time, but I am on the search for two tickets to the game on Sept. 4. My wife and I will be arriving in Austin from Indianapolis on Friday, Sept. 2. Meeting somewhere in Austin to make the transaction can be the first priority when we get into town. I'm not trying to string anyone out until game day. I know these are hard tickets to come by. And I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. I may be one of many, many people making the trip down from Indiana, but I'm wearing the right colors. So, please, while I understand a sligh
  3. Since I'm not at the Cotton Bowl today, I decided to do the next best thing and smoke on the ole Renegade. I've got a brisket (smaller), a pork butt, and a turkey breast.
  4. Because this game isn't 100% about football, here's Eater's fair food preview.... Is there another annual food event more ridiculous and deliciously over-the-top than the State Fair of Texas? We think not. The Grape's Brian Luscher dared to sample the weird and (sometimes) wonderful fried foods of the fair — because if there's anyone you can trust when it comes to fair food recommendations, it's definitely one of the city's most respected chefs. All photos: Robert Strickland But first, a disclaimer: "Just like paying money to go see the bearded lady or the mysterious two-headed
  5. Anyone got a favorite spot in Kansas? I've only been to Kansas City once and what I remember is that they were pretty proud of the barbecue. That's all I've got....
  6. Linda said it was OK to post this update. Great news and a sign of progress!! Look who passed his swallow test yesterday. He gets to eat by mouth now and looking at going home either Thursday or Monday http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/joeywa/64046EFB-BD64-4975-89F3-B3C7FD20EAAA_zpszkrjdve5.jpg Just wanted to pass this along. Thanks for your continued thoughts, prayers & support.
  7. I'm headed for Arlington this weekend and will be covering the game from the press box. For the trip, I'm planning to do a photo journal of sorts to post for those that can't make the trip. Todd Blackledge does 'A Taste of the Town', and I'd like to do some similar stuff (not just this week, but for all away games). First things first though - let's talk UCLA weekend....what are some must stop places on the way to Dallas (from Austin). I'm not opposed to going out of the way for a good piece of pie or great bbq. Other than Czech Stop where should I go?
  8. Got my two helpers, Bonnie and Clyde, helping with game day prep. And what are they sitting around waiting for? A 20 lbs pork leg, and a 12 lbs brisket.
  9. Folks due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel the tailgate. However we do have a plan B. Lets all meet at Schultz Garten. DATE: Saturday April 19th TIME: 11:00 am Where: Schultz Garten http://www.scholzgarten.net/default.html thanks.. MB
  10. Last weekend in Tempe before the Sun Devils/Utah game a photograph was taken of a toddler, being held by an adult, in a pose with a beer nozzle held against his mouth. It was obviously done for a photograph but it is still pretty damn sick in my opinion. Did they cross the line? I sure the hell think so.

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