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Found 20 results

  1. Annual Orange-White Football Scrimmage When: Saturday, April 18 Time: 1:00 pm (Gates open at 11:00 am) Venue: Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium Location: Austin, Texas TV: Longhorn Network HornSports has some great articles to get you ready for today's Spring Game: Charlie Strong's preview of spring practice Offensive preview Defensive preview Practice report #1 Charlie Strong projects the defense Practice report #2 Chalk Talk: Texas Spring Game EditionShawn Watson & Vance Bedford on Spring practices Spring Game Roster Card: Like regular season games, HornSports will provide in-game coverage from the press-box and post-game coverage via our football reporter Matt Cotcher.
  2. ....Spring Game, that is! When it's off-season, you've got to treat opportunities like this like a desert oasis. Big week of coverage planned, but I want to know what y'all are focused on, what you want to read about, what you'll be watching in the game, etc. Is it simply quarterback play, or is there another subject that has your attention since that one's been trodden? If you haven't been online much for the last few weeks, here are some primers to get you ready for Saturday's game: Charlie Strong's preview of spring practice Offensive preview Defensive preview Practice report #1 Charlie Strong projects the defense Practice report #2 Today UT is making a few players available to the media. Wednesday Charlie Strong will have a press conference. Thursday Vance Bedford & Shawn Watson will have press conferences. Saturday there will be game & post-game coverage (like a regular game).
  3. Great stuff from Coleman Feeley on the OL & DL's performance in Saturday's Orange vs White game.
  4. Some of noteworthy things from post game on Saturday: The Bellmont Breakdown
  5. Good stuff from Mike Roach on the Spring Game - Clues & Conclusions
  6. Here's some 'instanalysis' from the Spring Game.... Jerseys with black numerals or black shoulder pads are fine....in practice. During warm-ups, even the DB's were using their hands to catch the football. It's the little things. Coaching matters. Swoopes vs Onyegbule during warm-ups: when throwing side-by-side (out routes), there's no comparison. Swoopes throws a zippier ball. The whole coaching staff was definitely keyed in on this being the last outing of spring practice (not some exhibition). Tons of instruction going on out there. Before kickoff it was Quandre Diggs, Mykkelle Thompson & Josh Turner that were keeping the D loose & energized. Those 3 were up & down the sideline. Interesting to see the team split as Offense vs Defense instead of 1's vs 2's (or some manufactured 'team'). No running out the tunnel. No kickoff. No show. No b-s. When the 2nd team got the first shot of the scrimmage, I wondered if that was a subtle message from coaches to the players. On John Harris' dropped pass (that would have been a 1st down), he was also lined up wrong & had to be moved by Onyegbule. He was the first read on the play, so that's a significant mistake in my book. Great body control from Montrel Meander on his sideline grab in 1Q. He got up shaky, but went right back in the game after a few plays. Will Russ was the holder on extra points. I didn't see that coming. Lots of 5-2-4 on defense. The coaches must like their lineman more than their backs. Naashon Hughes had a nice play. He won't get a tackle, but he pushed his man back so fast that it tripped Malcolm Brown. Hasaan Ridgeway & Malcom Brown seemed to be living in the offensive backfield. I expected the offense to be slow, but the procedure calls (delays, false starts & substitution) were surprising. Nick Rose had enough distance and then some, on his 55-yard attempt. It looked good from my vantage. In the first half Swoopes did a nice job of seeing the blitz pre-snap and checking down to complete a quick pass. On the very next play, he missed the blitz and threw into double coverage after he was sacked. Such is life for the foreseeable future. Malcolm Brown is so patient and so comfortable running between the tackles. That's rare in today's version of football. Jaxon Shipley was the first one back to return punts. Noteworthy since the fair catch game was on. I'm no QB Coach, but when Swoopes missed high, his footwork seems to consistently have his weight falling backward. Mykkelle Thompson went from doghouse to penthouse in one play. An unnecessary personal foul after a dead play was followed by a perfect read of Onyegbule for a pick-6. Desmond Jackson & Malcom Brown were way too much to handle when lined up together. I'll reserve judgment on this punt formation until I've seen more of it. Daje Johnson was the 2nd player to field punts. Jacorey Warrick was third. Even when there seemed to be some daylight for Brown to run inside, it quickly was erased. The defense played very fast today. The offense was very 'patient'. For the fans that cried about not committing to the run game, this season should be refreshing. Dalton Santos seemed like he was everywhere. After another INT, Charlie Strong is unhappy enough to come all the way across the field to "discuss" it with several players and multiple coaches. As soon as Swoopes involved Shipley, the offense really found some rhythm. The Hail Mary at the half is zero sum. After Malcolm Brown caught his TD, he went to the sideline and did push-ups for losing the ball earlier in the series. Jacorey Warrick had his name called a lot today. File that away. The lady next to me jumped every time they fired Smokey. Every. Time. This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the final installment in the series... Can Swoopes alleviate any concerns about the QB position? The trigger point on offense, especially in college football, is the quarterback. Unless there is a trick play or direct snap to a running back, the QB has his hands on the ball for every offensive snap of the game. Unfortunately for Texas, this position has declined from a strength in years past to a major question mark. Whether blame goes to injury, poor play, or recruiting blunders, the quarterbacks who have taken the field for Texas have not played up to the standard that has been set since James Brown took control of his job in the early 1990's. With starter David Ash out for Saturday's Spring Game, the only quarterbacks available are Tyrone Swoopes, TE turned QB Miles Onyegbule, and walk-on Trey Holtz. Last season, a controversial decision was made late in a rain-delayed blowout win against TCU - the coaching staff decided to bring in Swoopes and burn his redshirt. While some fans remain upset about that decision, it gave Swoopes the advantage of entering this spring with live game experience. Tyrone Swoopes was played in six games last season, mostly toward the end of blowouts. He completed 5/13 passes for 26 yards with no TDs or INTs. He was more effective on he ground, however, carrying the ball 20 times for 79 yards and a 1 yard QB sneak for a TD against Texas Tech. While Swoopes has running ability, coaches and fans will both be watching for improvement as a passer. Swoopes has the potential of a strong armed quarterback, but his lack of experience and inconsistencies when he was in the game gives the true sophomore a long list of skills that need to be worked on. The Spring Game may very well be a sloppy on offensive due to the lack of depth and inexperience at quarterback. Conversely, it's also possible that Tyrone Swoopes and Miles Onyegbule give the fans and coaches a pleasant surprise and show marked improvement. If they fail to seize this opportunity, the fall depth chart may not be kind with the addition of Jerrod Heard and possibly Max Wittek to the roster.
  8. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the sixth installment in the series... Who will replace All-American kicker, Anthony Fera? Automatic. That's one word that could be used to describe former Texas All-American kicker Anthony Fera's 2013 season. The Longhorns were fortunate to add Fera as a transfer after the Penn State scandal. Fera turned in a fantastic season in which he successfully made 20 of 22 field goal attempts and totaled 109 points for the season. Addionally, Fera was also a very solid punter, averaging 40.7 yards per punt on 75 punts in his senior season. With all of that production now gone from the team, Charlie Strong and the Texas coaches are now tasked with finding a replacement that can give the team similar production from both the punting and field goal units. The names in line to fill in for Fera as place kicker are RS-Sophomore Nick Jordan and Junior kickoff specialist Nick Rose. Jordan most likely has the upper hand in the battle since he comes in with some 2012 experience (9/15 field goal attempts). Rose, on the other hand,has never attempted a field goal, but did connect on 3 out of 3 extra points in 2012. Senior William Russ and Nick Rose will battle for the punting job this year. Russ served as backup punter in 2013, but neither Russ nor Rose have attempted a punt in a game. In 2012, Texas was hurt in several games by a sub-par field goal unit. With the injury bug already biting the Horns on offense and the fact that Strong is a defensive-minded coach, points from the field goal unit are more than likely going to be highly important, as will field position from the punting unit. Rose, Russ, and Jordan are three of the most important players that few fans are talking about. Focus on how these position battles play out. They will impact every game this Fall.
  9. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the fifth installment in the series... Can Deoundrei Davis and/or Andrew Beck push for serious playing time? Last season, the linebacker corps was hit hard by the injury bug. First, Jordan Hicks was lost early in the season with a torn Achilles. Later in the season it was Steve Edmond that went down with a lacerated liver following a crack back block by a Texas Tech WR. Following those injuries, the Longhorns looked to reserves such as Peter Jinkins and Tim Cole to pick up the slack. This year, Texas returns most of its depth at LB, including all starters. With that in mind, it is possible that Beck is redshirted. But, he has helped himself by enrolling early and getting a heads up on competition. Davis had a year in the wings to recover from a HS injury and he has all of the measurables that coaches look for in a LB (6'3" and 223lbs). Reports out of spring practice are that Beck has impressed. Combine that with Brian Jean-Mary's reputation with linebackers and all bets are off for who the Horns will use in the rotation. With Davis entering the spring as a highly touted Redshirt Freshman, performances by both players could be indicative of their roles in next year's defense.
  10. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the fourth installment in the series... How will the coaches utilize the talents of Daje Johnson? When you ask any person that watched Texas play last year who they thought was most electrifying player on the Longhorns roster, nine times out of ten the answer you will probably get is "Daje Johnson". When he has the ball in his hands, Daje is an instant threat to score. The main question surrounding Daje is how the coaches will utilize his dynamic abilities. Last year, Daje was lined up in various positions including as a running back; in motion out of the backfield; and as a slot receiver. Johnson had success in all 3 roles. Keep an eye on how the coaches use Daje in the Spring Game. The loss of Mike Davis opens up the possibility that Johnson could help with the depth at WR, but with the loss of Joe Bergeron for the spring and the injury to Gray, he may be more useful as a running back.
  11. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the third installment in the series... Who lines up opposite Cedric Reed at Defensive End? With the departure of All-American defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat, the defensive line will be showing a new look come April 20th at DKR. A new face will be lining up to *try* and replace the 13 sacks and 19 Tackles for Loss that left when Jeffcoat graduated. Even with the loss of Jeffcoat as well as Reggie Wilson, Texas still has talent on the depth chart that will alleviate the missing graduates. The names we are most likely to hear as replacements are Shiro Davis, Caleb Bluiett, and Bryce Cottrell. The issue is that those three (plus Reed) are the only scholarship players on the roster. If Reed and Davis are the starters, that leaves only Blueitt and Cottrell for depth. Having fresh legs is a huge plus at DE, especially in the 4th quarter. Talented true freshman Derick Roberson (Brennan HS in San Antonio) will join the rotation, but not until he arrives this Summer. Fortunately for the Longhorns, Shiro Davis has seen extended time on the field over the last year. Bluiett and Cottrell also had spot duty throughout the season, but not as much as Davis. I expect to see Shiro Davis starting in Jeffcoat's place, with Cottrell and Bluiett vying for plays in the rotation.
  12. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the second installment in the series... 9. Who will take over at the vacant Safety position? For the second straight year, Texas is having to replace it's starting Strong Safety due to graduation. Kenny Vaccaro left for the NFL two years ago and now Adrian Phillips is gone. The key candidates who return from last year's depth chart include Josh Turner and Adrian Colbert. But there's also the possibility that the Longhorns move someone like Quandre Diggs around to several positions, including Strong Safety. Moreover, if Charlie Strong and Vance Bedford decide to employ a 3-3-5 alignment, it would then open up yet another position that would need to be filled. While a hybrid safety/nickel is most often used in this alignment, it is also possible that Texas uses a CB as the extra defensive back instead. Along with Turner and Colbert, the potential replacements currently on the roster to help fill the void include Bryson Echols, Antwuan Davis, Chevoski Collins, Erik Huhn, and Sheroid Evans. Certainly Strong and Bedford will look to DB Coach Chris Vaughn for help determining what attributes each player brings to the table. The Spring Game will be an interesting clue as to which physical characteristics the coaches covet. Will they select the 'best player available' or stick with traditional positions and find the best fit? The Longhorns secondary is not void of talent by any means - it will be very interesting to see how the coaches decide to line up the defensive backfield.
  13. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the first installment in the series... 10. What kind of offense will the Longhorns use under Wickline/Watson? Joe Wickline takes over the Texas Longhorns offense this year with the playcalling assistance of Shawn Watson. Wickline came from Oklahoma State, so it's hard to imagine that the former Poke offensive line coach will stray from the quick-hitting, fast-paced offense that the Cowboys were successful with over the past 5-6 seasons. However, Shawn Watson's reputation is a more conservative background. His most recent work (at Louisville and Nebraska) featured a pro-style/West Coast offense. Even though Watson was tabbed as play-caller, Strong made it clear that Wickline is the offensive coordinator. Whether that means Wickline will have the freedom to install a run-and-gun style of offense remains to be seen, but I would be surprised if a defensive minded head coach allows it.
  14. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the ninth installment in the series... Is Jalen Overstreet ready for an increased role at running back? With two of the top three running backs now out for the Spring game, the depth at that position is at a bare minimum. Between QB and RB, it doesn't take long to call roll in the offensive backfield. Malcolm Brown is obviously the lead back at this point, and that makes depth in the backfield the real dilemma. The obvious choices to grab some carries early in the game are utility player Daje Johnson (who was mentioned previously) and Jalen Overstreet. After Overstreet and Johnson, the 'Horns only have two practice squad players in Eddie Aboussie and Gaston Davis. Since Johnson is primarily being used in the slot at WR, it is more likely that Jalen Overstreet sees the majority of backup carries. Overstreet enters his RS-sophomore season as a former QB who saw limited playing time at running back last season. The highlight game (and the one that set the bar for fans' expectations) was a two touchdown, 92-yard performance against New Mexico State in the 2013 opener. After NMSU, Overstreet only had 11 carries in eight games. While he wasn't recruited at running back, Overstreet has a natural advantage of a football pedigree (both his father and uncle played NCAA football). Last season, Overstreet ran a little too high and didn't display much breakaway speed. With a full season devoted to the position, Overstreet has had the opportunity to hone his skills and perform position-specific strength and conditioning drills. Overstreet will surely be called on early and often on Saturday. With Joe Bergeron and Donald Catalon returning next fall, the Spring Game will be a big factor in what his role is next year.
  15. Here's a collection of all of Lukus Alderman's preview pieces from the last 10 days. If you want to brush up on tomorrow's game, give these a read....HornSports will be looking back at these items after the game. Be sure to chime in on a specific thread or right here. Call your shot now.....we won't accept it after the game starts!
  16. Hornsports is getting you prepped for the Spring Game by counting down the days until kickoff with a daily topic for discussion. Here's the eighth installment in the series... How will Strong/Bedford utilize the talent on the defense? When Manny Diaz was defensive coordinator last season, the on-field performance revealed that there was a disconnect that caused the defense to fail. Some reports indicated that the defense that Diaz attempted to implement was too complex.Texas fans didn't need statistics to know there was a major problem. After Diaz was let go following the blowout loss to BYU, Greg Robinson was called on to "fix" the problem that was the entire defense. Almost instantly the defense started to show results. A close win against Iowa State was followed by a big victory over OU in the Cotton Bowl, highlighted by three interceptions, including one for a TD. The defense was clicking, and it would continue to improve over the rest of the season. Last season, Texas was very dynamic in its alignments and the way that players were used. Chris Whaley's pick-6 against OU is a prime example of how Robinson confused offenses by constantly moving different players on defense. The Longhorns also had the luxury of senior leadership in the secondary, providing them the flexibility to bounce Quandre Diggs between cornerback and nickel. This year, Texas is breaking in yet another defensive coordinator in Vance Bedford who will almost assuredly be assisted by head coach Charlie Strong. How big of a role Strong plays in schemes, calling plays, etc. remains to be seen. With the loss of experienced players like Whaley, Jackson Jeffcoat, Reggie Wilson, Carrington Byndom and Adrian Phillips, Bedford may not have the personnel to support the various defensive schemes that were so successful last year. The defensive tackle position is fairly green with Desmond Jackson and Malcom Brown as the only players with real experience. Continuing that trend, the players at End are also pretty inexperienced. In other editions of Keys to the Spring Game, I've discussed what Bedford has to work with in the back 7. At linebacker, there are plenty of bodies available, but the secondary is rather short on safety help. It's difficult to say whether or not Diggs will be able to move between corner and nickel this Fall. Bedford and Strong have a large task to determine exactly how to manage the defensive alignments to best fit the talent on its roster. Since spring games usually use a simplistic game plan on both offense and defense, Saturday is an opportunity for fans to focus on how the coaches are utilizing different players.
  17. UTexas Equipment @UTexasEquipment You've asked for it and it's finally back. This Saturday at 10am- ATHLETICS YARD SALE. Gate 1 under the Nike Tent. #SpringGame2014 Jerseys, shirts, warm ups, footballs, shoes, coaching shoes, hats. tons of old UT stuff..
  18. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRO DAY & SPRING-GAME ACTIVITIES UT's Pro Day has been scheduled for March 26th. The Spring game is scheduled for April 19th at 1:00 Stay tuned for Tailgate Information related to the Spring game! MAX WITTEK UPDATE Former USC QB Max Wittek visited Hawaii last weekend and is said to have enjoyed the visit. Wittek is not close to a decision and he may still take visits to Louisville and TCU. We assume Virginia Tech is no longer an option since former Lake Travis and Texas Tech QB Michael Brewer announced he will transferring to VT. MARCH 1st JUNIOR DAY VISITORS Offensive QB Quinten Dormady, Boerne High (Boerne, TX) QB Jaylon Henderson, Kingwood Park (Humble, TX) QB/ATH, JW Ketchum, Fort Bend Marshall (Missouri City, TX) RB Kirk Johnson, Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) Has Texas offer RB DeUnte Chatman, Summer Creek (Humble, TX) RB Jatory Sparks-Brown, DeSoto (DeSoto, TX) WR/ATH Billy McCrary, Rouse (Leander, TX) WR Jaelan Austin, South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie, TX) WR Jalen Guyton, Allen (Allen, TX) WR James Proche, Prime Prep (Dallas, TX) OL Conner Dyer, Horn (Mesquite, TX) OL Isaiah Edwards, Cinco Ranch (Katy, TX) OL Tyler Higby, The Kincaid School (Houston, TX) Defensive LB Diamon Cannon, Shoemaker (Killeen, TX) LB Riley Garner, A&M Consolidated (College Station, TX DE Breylin Mitchell, Round Rock High (Round Rock, TX) DE Tyrell Thompson, Copperas Cove, TX DT Derek Brown, Katy High (Katy, TX) DT Darrion Daniels, Bishop Dunne (Dallas, TX) DT Bryce English, DeSoto (DeSoto, TX) DT/DE Kingsley KeKe, George Ranch (Rosenberg, TX) S Kahlil Haughton, Midway (Waco, TX) 2016 Class QB Brennan Wooten, Marble Falls (Marble Falls, TX) WR Collin Johnson, Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) Texas Has Offered DT Kendell Jones, Shoemaker (Killeen, TX) Texas Has Offered CB Malik Antoine, University Lab (Baton Rouge, LA) CB Jared Mayden, Sachse (Sachse, TX) Texas Has Offered ****Junior Day Offers**** Kendell Jones - Defensive Tackle - Shoemaker HS in Killeen, Texas Jared Mayden – Defensive Back – Sachse, Texas Kirk Johnson - - Running Back - San Jose Valley Christian. Colin Johnson – Wide Receiver - San Jose Valley Christian. ************************** CROSSFIRE Q&A Q) Who do you see as our starting tight end this fall & how will they be used in our passing offense? A) Louisville ran a double tight end set and I believe we will see it at Texas too. Louisville’s 1st string tight end caught 36 passes last year and the 2nd teamer caught 18 passes, so the you can bet we are going to see more use from the tight end position. Other TE tidbits: Greg Daniles will be primarily a blocking tight end and has shown decent receiving skills Geoff Swaim will used in multiple sets as a blocker and receiver. Blake Whiteley will be used as a receiving tight end until he can add some seize. MJ McFarland is probably the most intimidating tight end but, has not shown the consistency in the blocking game to stay on the field. McFarland is a transfer candidate. Q) First, who thinks it is a priority to recover our relationship with MBTF (I never had any problem with Mrs. Brown)? A) I don’t anyone is thinking it’s a priority. It was just a question. Second, why would they not be ready? A) They were removed from office and they were not ready to leave. They both believe they were done wrong by Texas because they did not get to leave on their own terms. Sally has given all of her Texas clothing a way to a former staff member. There are hurt feelings that only time can heal. Q) Third, why the sudden concerns about how people feel toward MBTF? People have their opinions about how things went down. If you want to change those opinions then give us substantive evidence as to why anybody that is not supportive of how MBTF conducted himself should reconsider. I am not asking for a recap of his accomplishments at Texas. I know them already. A) I honestly have no concern on how people feel towards Mack Brown. You can’t change anyone’s opinion on Mack Brown. There are reasons why people like Mack Brown and there are reasons others dislike him. It is futile trying to convert either side. Both sides have their reasoning. Q) Why should I give MBTF a break and why do you care? A) I have never asked you to give Mack a break. I have moved on and have found it liberating to let the past go and concentrate on the new regime. Q) My same question from last week. Give us some info on the possibility of LHN being picked up by Directv or Dish (my only two options) by the time football season rolls around or is that even on Patterson's to-do list right now. A) It is a priority for Patterson, IMG and ESPN to get the LHN on one of your two options. At this time I don’t what the possibilities are. I guess we just found out how high of a priority it was. The LHN has now been inked by Dish Network. I would look for Directv to follow suit. ESPN packaging the LHN with the SEC Network no doubt assisted the LHN in getting this deal done. Q) Who do you anticipate leaving the football program? Word is we need to free up 8 slots to reach scholarship limit of 85. A) The staff has met with those that are better served playing football somewhere else. 8 would be a safe number to assume since some of kids are sitting on the fence. We are already down two with Scott & Moss being dismissed so, 6 more is well within reach. The problem is Texas has some very good talent sitting on the fence. The staff has been very supportive but some kids have not developed the discipline needed in order to play under the new regime. In the next few weeks, we all will have a more lucid picture of who is onboard going into spring ball. Q) I've heard from various mathematical sources that Pie R squared. In my experience, pies are usually round. Can you please clear this conflict up for me? Squared or Round? A) I would let the various mathematical sources that you have heard from clear this up for you & quit picking on me Q) With the SEC Network going live in August, does that help or hurt the LHN chances of being picked up by the various carriers? A) If the carrier is offering the LHN in the same package that carries the SEC Network, then it increases our chances to be picked up or included by various carriers. Q) Why all the love for ex-USC QB Max Wittek? If he couldn't win the job at USC, why does anyone think he has a chance here? A) The out of town girl is always looked upon as glamorous. I’m going to tell you right now, it is a position of need. If Ash goes down, we could be in a world of hurt. Q) Confirm that the chances that we change the design of our uniforms, even for one game is zip, nunca, nada. A) That is the one question I would have for Patterson. I used to believe that there is no way in the hell that Texas would consider changing the design. Now, with the trend of new designs shown by a majority of programs, I’m not so sure? Q) A lot has been written recently about the new desire to increase the quality of stadiums versus the quantity of seating. i.e. more luxury boxes, in-stadium experiences, removing nose bleed sections, etc. Any of those discussions being had at UT? Patterson spoke at a sports club I attend and mentioned the enclosing of the south endzone, but nobody talked about anything else. A) Patterson and the hired consultants are still in their assessment phase. There has been a lot of discussion on several projects but, not priority or schedule has been set. Q) How have the beer sales gone, so far? Any problems? Or, are we on the way to $1 million revenues? A) There have not been any problems. Did you notice the venues all the involved agencies are monitoring the alcohol use from? Womens Basketball, Baseball etc… Pretty calm crowds in general. The fact is, the venues they are generating their study off of, is in no way going to be the same atmosphere at a football game. However, we had to show we are doing our due diligence by acquiring data from TABC, APD and other agencies. Q) In your last Xfire you and FoB discussed that Aggies are paying for players. I commented that saying the Ags are paying needs to stop unless there's something to back it up and got killed by other commenters. A) No, what was discussed is that FOB had lunch with a former college coach and the subject came up that this is a topic of discussion with the Texas High School coaches. Q) Our basketball entertainment is lame. Any work going on to change it? I would like to see the days most popular songs and the dance team freelancing. Lets try the professional bball entertainment mode just once and gauge the appeal. A) All of the sporting venues are under evaluation. With Patterson’s history in the NBA, I would expect Texas to adopt some of the NBAs entertainment ideas. Q) What is the status of Leroy Scott, is he on double secret probation or is he gone without comment from the new coaching staff? A) As of right now, Leroy is off the team. Whether or not Coach Strong is going to give him an opportunity for reinstatement is yet to be seen. Q) What is being shared with media and/or interested alumni about The Plan? WTF is Texas going to put on the field. I'm hearing the players playbooks are super secret. Does anyone outside the coaching staff and maybe some players have a clue what kind of O/D the Horns are going to use in 2014? A) The plan is to compete for the B12 title in the first year. The staff believes they have enough talent to win every game they have on their schedule. Look for the defense to run a 3-3-5 stack and the offense to use pro multiple sets. Give the staff the spring to evaluate what talent they have to run a particular offense/defense. Q) 1. mcphaul, are there any updates as per the "disney" contingent? Are there many changes / ideas forthcoming? are the "disney" staffer's touring the mighty confines of belmont hall? are they meeting with football management? what gives, upon this all important "game day" front leading into the next season? A) Like I mentioned previously, all sporting venues are under evaluation. 2. mcphaul, we are all acutely aware that there is indeed a new "sheriff" in town in regards to the "texas" gridiron hierarchy. however my friend, whenever you approach your weekly interview as per "friend of bevo"... this time, dig deep! i mean, for some strange reason, lately i get the feeling that we are "barely scratching the surface of topics" whenever you speak with him. i mean think about it mcphaul.... in the past, "fob" was a "juggernaut" of information. and now a day's, it seems as though he is just "tip toeing through the tulips" or so to speak. "fob" should indeed be a bit more comfortable with the new regime to some degree darryl. tell him that he has us spoiled... and i'm sure that he may really decide to "bring the wood". A) Give everyone time to get to know one another. Relationships on every level take time. The staff has been on the job for a short time but, yes, the FOB’s are making those introductions & building those relationships. Q) Are there plans to rearrange basketball seating next year to get students closer and liven up the crowd at games? A) It is being looked at but, no plans have been finalized, only thoughts and ideas. Q) We've talked a lot about the new coaching staff. I'm interested in how that translates on the field like anyone else, but am curious as to what player on the team is going to benefit the most from some actual coaching and conditioning. I have my own thoughts, but would like to hear FOB's thoughts on this. Who springs forward above where we thought they were due to the improved coaching and conditioning? A) The staff is counting on DT Hassan Ridgeway to step his game up along with DE’s Caleb Bluitt, Shiro Davis and Bryce Cottrel. The offensive line is the other area Texas should see marked improvement. Stacy Searles did a wonderful job of rebuilding the roster with young depth. I know Coach Wickline is pleased with the talent he has to work with. It is crucial that Kenny Estelle dedicates himself to school & football. At this time, the verdict is still out on Estelle. CONVERSATION WITH FRIEND OF BEVO Me: What’s going on? FOB: Just got back from watching the baseball team take all three of their games in Houston this weekend. Me: That was a great series for us. Talk about a confidence builder. FOB: Yes, yes it was. Let me commend you on your city. We all have such a great time every time we come down here. Good Lord I must have put on ten pounds this weekend. Picking a place to eat in this town is always such a great treat. Back to baseball, this is a very gritty bunch. The pitching was very good but, the difference between this year’s club and last year's is: this team is finding a way of winning the close games. We did not win these types of games last year. That Peters kid threw a heck of a game. Me: What has changed? FOB: The boys were challenged this past off-season both mentally and physically on a level they have not been in the past. Me: It seems to have paid off? FOB: Accountability is good thing. Augie will be the first tell you he himself he had to dust up (prepare) differently this year. Me: I have heard this could be Augie’s last year. Any truth to that? FOB: It has definitely been discussed. Honestly neither party is sure which way it could go right now. Me: Let’s talk about basketball. FOB: What do you have? Me: I heard no matter what happens the rest of the season that a decision has been made to retain Coach Barnes next season. FOB: The Myles Turner camp has asked for assurances that Rick Barns and Jai Lucus will be coaching at Texas next year. Texas has assured them that should not be a concern. Read into that what you will. Me: With the addition of Turner and literally the whole team returning next season gives Texas Hoops fans every reason to believe we can snap Kansas’ stronghold on the B12 title. FOB: If Barnes lands Turner, Texas will undoubtedly have one of the saltiest front courts in college basketball. Me: Not to mention Isaiah & Felix with another year under their belt. FOB: Barnes should be able to make some serious noise this year and next with that roster. Me: Let’s get back to football. FOB: What ya got? Me: Why isn’t Texas getting the top blue-chips to visit for our Junior Days? FOB: There are different reasons for different kids. It is track season so, that has limited some kids from making the trip. Some others can’t find the transportation and some want to be shown more love that includes an offer before they visit. Me: I guess I was of the impression that kids would line up to visit Texas and meet the new staff. FOB: The ones that have, certainly have been impressed. More importantly, the parents are starting to see what Coach Strong is all about. JW Ketchum’s mom‘s certainly had a lot of praise for a Coach Strong and the changes as did Darron Daniels' father. Once recruit parents start getting the word out, you are going to see more recruits and their parents making the trip to Austin. Me: Should we be concerned? FOB: Not yet and I will tell you why. Let Strong get a year under his belt, a season he can point to that shows the recruits, parents and Texas HS Football coaches that he and his staff are on the right track. I hate to bring up Coach Brown again but, this program become extremely stale on all fronts. Coach Brown's lack of leadership, the assistant coaches jockeying for position and disagreeing about personnel, no accountability amongst the players, really created a very unhealthy culture at Texas. Coach Strong is not popular enough on the national level or in the state of Texas to overcome the damage that was done in the last four years in a couple of months. Me: So, he has his work cut out for him? FOB: Think about all the different issues Charlie has had to address in the last two months alone: Changing Jobs Hiring a staff Moving his family Retaining the 2014 class Implementing a new culture with rules & accountability Getting to know his players Traveling and introducing he and his staff to all the HS coaches across this big state Evaluating next year’s recruits and that mean nationwide Getting ready for the his first spring practices Charlie has more on his plate than most but has continued to address each area with the utmost confidence. Me: I have had several people that have recently visited Bellmont tell me that the mood is somber. FOB: I don’t get that feel at all. That sounds like someone’s personal feelings. Look, there is definitely an "all business" attitude on the Forty now and with evaluations being conducted in just about every area, there is going to be tension in the air. Me: Back to recruiting. We did not have one commitment from last weekend’s Junior Day. FOB: We only offered four kids and two of those are for the 2016 class. One area I am going to point out again is this: the OOS recruiting is not like anything we have ever seen at Texas before. We have 40 plus in state offers out and 20 plus out of state offers out and that out of state offers continue to be extended every week. Me: Do you think that is a good thing? FOB: I think it is a necessary to go out of state at this time. Until Strong and staff have a season to sell and time to build those relationships, Texas is darn lucky this staff has out of state contacts & relationships to draw from. Texas could well indeed end up with 10 out of state commitments in next year' class. Me: Wow that is a lot for Texas. FOB: That number should subside once Coach Strong and staff has a year under their belt or it might not. Charlie may well put Texas on the national map. I do know this, he is not scared to go after ANY kid. Me: That’s all I got for now. Appreciate the time as always! FOB: You betcha.
  19. Spring Game goes down at 6:30 pm. Game will be televised on the Longhorn Network. Excited to see what Ash does as well as the 2nd & 3rd team qb's. Hopefully Manny has made us proud with improvements on defense. Talk about it here. Hook 'em!

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