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Found 3 results

  1. After watching Kyle's prep career end on the diamond at Dell Diamond. His next step to me was to take over the roll of the closing responsibility at the University of Texas. Info was relayed to me that I was crazy for even thinking about Kyle as the closer at the University of Texas. All I did was laugh at them as it was obvious that they had not taken the time to get to know the young man. Now those people were beginning to take notice last fall when he hit 94 on the gun.. But, that was not the 1st time... Then all of sudden this weekend, they are saying that his stuff is electric and he has the mentality..
  2. Just saw this and found it interesting: Tim Kurkjian on ESPN just said the following: Batting average this year in MLB is .249 It was .262 five years ago. The month of April had the most 1-0 games than any month of April in Major League history. One day last week, 10 starting pitchers worked at least 7 innings and gave up 3 hits or less, again, never been a day like that in MLB history. Most MLB pitchers are throwing 95 MPH with two secondary pitches that are really good; not just out of starters, but relievers as well. ************************************* I find this quite interesting, especially with what's happened in College Baseball in recent years. A large portion of college baseball hitting declines can be attributed to the change in bats. In today's MLB, the bullpen is often better than the starting rotation. My question to you baseball guys is this; if the batting averages are going down, are the hitters getting worse, or are today's pitchers in MLB just progressing at a faster rate than the hitters? What has happened in the last five years that has caused the entire league average to drop 13 points? They didn't have a bat change like the NCAA. What is the reasoning for this? One would assume that most of these MLB players could hit in college and in the minors. Why are they now in a declining state? Are they being coached differently? Are they not as strong? Has the clamp down on performance-enhancing drugs and supplements caused a decline in hitting prowess? Just food for thought.

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