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Found 13 results

  1. A must see for all UT fans. Saw the movie at the Alamo Draft House in South Austin as part of the Texas-Exes - Austin Chapter. I went in thinking the movie would be somewhat "cheesy" but was glad it was better than I expected. The human spirit is an amazing thing.
  2. Bet you thought this movie would be about the 2015 Texas recruiting class? lol Cannot wait to watch this! [vid] [/vid] http://www.history.com/shows/texas-rising From the same team that brought us the multiple Emmy Award-winning and ratings-record breaking HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, TEXAS RISING is an 8-hour miniseries that details the Texas Revolution and the rise of the Texas Rangers. Texas Rising stars Bill Paxton, Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olivier Martinez, Thomas Jane, Crispin Glover, Rhys Coiro, Jeremy Davies, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Christopher McDo
  3. Our guy Matty McConaughey's new one just came out. I haven't been big into heading to the movies as they all just come out a few months later on DVD, but I'm considering trying this one. Anyone see it yet? Should I spend the time and money on it?
  4. Alright guys, it's time to give us your one favorite war movie of all-time. No ranking movies. No "1a" and "1b". Just your one and only favorite war movie and why you like it so much. I'll start. My favorite: Saving Private Ryan I love Saving Private Ryan I guess because I felt like it did a very good job of showing the physical and mental sacrifice of soldiers who defended our freedom. That opening scene on the beach will be hard-pressed to ever be matched in any other film.
  5. I've got a date night tonight and I'm looking for a good movie to watch at home with the wife, so I'm looking for any recommendations. We don't watch movies with nudity or overly sexual themes. I would also stray away from action films on this specific evening. We've got access to Netflix, on demand (Uverse), and there's a redbox nearby (although I've never used it). Any recommendations are appreciated.
  6. My wife and I had a discussion last night about which Tom Hanks character was his best in regards to his acting performance. She told me that his best one was Joe Fox in You've Got Mail. Naturally, I laughed and then went on to tell her that there were better than that. After thinking about it, I determined that his best performance was Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own. I took the question to Facebook and was reminded by many that Ray Peterson (Burbs) was better. Of course my wife told me that I was wrong and that she just meant that You've Got Mail is her favorite Hanks movie, b
  7. I watched this movie on Netflix last week on the recommendation from a poster on another board. It is a documentary about the Portland Mavericks, a team that was formed by Bing Russell, (actor Kurt Russell's father,) in the 70's after the MLB pulled out of the market. Here is a write up in this weekend's Seattle Times about the movie. It is a really good watch. If you have some time, I recommend it. Originally published July 26, 2014 at 4:33 PM | Page modified July 26, 2014 at 8:02 PM Meet the nuttiest baseball team the Northwest has ever seenA compelling new documentary from
  8. Chron.com has an article featuring several famous Longhorns. Eli Wallach, who played Tuco on GBU, is the first of several famous Longhorns featured in this slideshow. http://www.chron.com/houston/article/Good-Bad-Ugly-actor-Eli-Wallach-one-of-many-5578577.php
  9. http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/columnists/kevin-sherrington/20140621-sherrington-movie-about-texas-gets-help-from-colt-and-case-mccoy-jordan-shipley-in-effort-to-seek-perfection.ece
  10. I'm geeking out over this movie! Huge Batman fan here! http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/21/showbiz/movies/batman-superman-dawn-of-justice/ Going to Comic Con in San Diego this summer. Crossing my fingers Ben Affleck makes an appearance!
  11. Finn Wittrock??? And Darrell Royal will be played by Aaron Eckhart. The title of the movie will be "My All American" http://m.deadline.com/2014/05/aaron-eckhart-finn-wittrock-star-in-my-all-american-seminal-u-of-texas-gridiron-tale/
  12. I read spoilers about the movie about two months ago because I didn't think I'd ever watch it, but I ended up getting the chance to sit down with the wife and enjoy this movie. Even with the spoilers, I thought it was fantastic ***SPOILER ALERT*** ***SPOILER ALERT*** I loved how the ending was left a little open to interpret, even though I'm fairly positive he would find Jackman. The dialogue between characters seemed realistic. The one question I have about the movie that I can't quite figure out is why Gyllenhall's character was consistently texting and looking at his ph
  13. The goal of my newfound game/thread is to keep quotes going from a particular movie. You can pick up wherever you left off or start a new quote from the same movie. Only rule is that you have to stay movie-specific. If you want to deviate from the movie, start a new "Keep it going" thread with the new movie title. In honor of The Masters kicking off today I decided to start with a classic that everyone hopefully knows. "Oh, this is your wife, huh? A lovely lady. Hey baby, you must have been something.... before electricity."

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