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Found 3 results

  1. Charlie Strong met with the media on Monday following a 41-7 victory over the UTEP Miners on Saturday evening. Here are some highlights from today's press conference. Strong highlighted the defense and their ability to get off of the field as a crucial component to Texas' upcoming matchup against Cal. Strong mentioned that this weekend is a "business trip" and that "playing good defense can take a home crowd out of the game." On the negative side, Strong mentioned that he is "very concerned" about penalties. After Saturday's game, Texas currently ranks 5th in the FBS for total penalty yardage. Strong stated the team's need to "be a more disciplined football team," while not hesitating to mention that several players would pay for bonehead penalties. On a positive note, Strong gave out praise to several players on Monday. Strong called Shane Buechele "calm with a quiet confidence about him." He mentioned that Shane will come up to any and every player just to have conversations with them. It's easy to tell that Strong has gained much more confidence since Buechele came to the 40 acres. One last interesting note from Strong's availability is that he mentioned the team looked sluggish in practice after a physical fight with Notre Dame. Although that is not too surprising, the interesting thing that Strong said was that a senior came up to him one day and said, "I know you're worried about our mindset this week. I promise you there will not be a letdown." As most have previously stated, there is just something different about this team this year. After coach Strong was done with the media, senior WR Jacorey Warrick made his way to the podium. Although Warrick did not have too much to say of substance, we learned some interesting facts about him. Both of Warrick's parents were big band participants in their glory days. Warrick said that his parents would try to throw some instruments at him, but he "always loved football." When asked about the nickname "Petey," Warrick gave credit to his mother's first cousin. He said that her cousin wanted to name him Petey at birth, but his mom was not having any part of that. Eventually, the name stuck. Most importantly, Warrick said that his sense of optimism is what has kept him focused and ready for his shot at playing time while at Texas. In this new offense, Warrick has made the most of his opportunity. Malik Jefferson spoke to the media after Warrick. Jefferson has an extremely confident demeanor, and does not seem like a true sophomore. The most interesting thing Jefferson had to say was how much different playing on the road as a freshman is as opposed to playing at home. Although he's a sophomore, Jefferson said he will "Tell those guys to stay focused. Me being young still, I can tell them how it feels." Jefferson has taken on a leadership role this year, and it shows. Lastly, when asked about Malcolm Roach, Malik had nothing but praise for the freshman. "[Roach] makes sure that everybody knows his name." Last but not least, senior DT Paul Boyette made his way to the podium. When asked about his wife Imani Boyette making the WNBA playoffs, Paul did not hesitate to make some humor of the question. "I'm happy about it. I get more allowance." Boyette is a charismatic and well-spoken leader on this football team. When asked about the key to the game on Saturday, Boyette made it clear that the "front 7 must have an incredible game," in order for the defense to be successful. Although Boyette didn't say much, he is very confident in his teammates on defense. Some important notes on Cal: In 2 games, Cal's defense has given up 72 points. In a particularly weak run defense, D'onta Foreman and Chris Warren III should have a field day. This will be Cal's first home game of the season. Therefore, the stadium will be packed. Preparation and leadership will be key in making sure a young Texas team is ready for a hostile environment. Davis Webb attempted a school record 72 passes in a losing effort to San Diego State last weekend. The Texas defense knows that Cal's offense relies almost entirely on the passing attack. They also know that Davis Webb is not a mobile quarterback. If the Texas defense can produce a pass rush on Saturday, Webb will make mistakes. Texas faces Cal at 9:30 CT on Saturday. The game will air live on ESPN. Texas is currently sitting as 7.5 point favorites over the Golden Bears. This will be a big test for Texas on the road. Going into conference play at 3-0 would be huge for the Longhorns' confidence.
  2. In this edition of 4th and 5, Will Baizer and Ryan Bridges go through the entire 2015 recruiting class for Texas football and break down which players will be starting, contributing or redshirting. For more Texas Longhorns podcasts, follow us on Twitter: @WillBaizer or @RyanBridges45 Please retweet the show and ask any questions down below! Or just comment on anything.

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