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Found 1 result

  1. "Hey, man! This Shane Buechele kid is somethin' special! And I tell ya what, man - this talent on this Texas team?! Hook 'Em Horns, man!" I don't know why, but anyone and everyone who doesn't follow this program thinks this is a realistic replacement candidate. Reasons: A.) Gruden still wants to coach, but on his terms. Meaning, it has to basically be a hand picked situation, not just any job. -Ok. I believe that theory. Most successful coaches at his age, with his resume, etc. Have that luxury. It's not a crazy concept. B.) Gruden has wanted to coach college ball, burnt out on the NFL. Runs his camp for young players -- namely QBs -- and enjoys developing guys. Tired of the NFL regiment, personable and feels like he could really recruit young kids, go into living rooms. Almost sort of has a Dabo/Jimbo feel to him. -Ok. Yeah, I suppose. C.) ESPN doesn't have the money it did when it signed him onto Monday Night Football, plus Torico is gone. -Ok. Not sure that really matters, unless the competing potential job is head coach at Texas, where he would probably make 3-to-5 times what he brings in now. However, such is the standard when he will work with 20-to-30 times the pressure and stress. So, I don't know if standing in a booth for four hours every Monday night after a week of hanging around teams really seems like something he would want to leave for everything the Texas job is. Which, while I don't agree about it being a cesspool, or any other hard reference Herbstreit gave it, I do believe there is a lot more BS that coaches have to deal with here. But it's not unwarranted. You don't want BS, it's simple: win. So, I don't know if ESPN NOT being able to pay him as much as what he makes right now when it's time for a new contract is reason enough to completely pivot and go the complete opposite direction and coach college football at Texas, where the look on his face the day he's introduced would be broken down and analyzed to predict how many wins he will have in his first season. D.) These folks who say this name think it's Texas, Alabama or USC that will pull Gruden to the college ranks. -Yeah. Water is also wet. Duh. E.) And when the name has been brought up on any platform, such as radio spots, both national or local, there's a genuine belief he wants to get back to coaching, period, that it may just be a void he wants to fill, so perhaps he isn't THAT picky about where he lands if he leaves ESPN. -Nah. No way. Not at this point in his life. And that's where I'm at. As obvious as the statement "well, it would have to be USC, or Alabama, or Texas" is, I just don't see this guy diving back into everything that coaching is, in what is quite honestly the more demanding of level of coaching: college football. So, I open this thread with these talking points I have heard, or engaged in, and I ask you all: Does the name Jon Gruden make your ears perk up? Or do you find yourself walking to the liquor cabinet in sadness, preparing to pour a strong scotch as you watch the program take 10 steps backwards? #HookEm

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