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Found 12 results

  1. Sorry for the delay folks. I'm getting some ribs going on the pit this morning. Game time in 10 minutes Got some lineup moves for the Horns today. Be back shortly for first pitch.
  2. Good afternoon baseball fans. Looks like the heavy rain has passed for now, and hopefully we can get one or both games in tonight. Here are the lineups: Texas Lineup: 7 Johnson 9 Shaw 6 CJ 2 Tres 4 Marlow 5 Boswell DH Cantu 3 Clemens 8 Gurwitz RHP French Kansas State Lineup: DH Yagi 9 Dalrymple 3 Conlon 5 Serratore 7 Krause 2 Moore 8 Brown 6 Wolfe 4 Wodtke RHP Griep
  3. Going ahead and posting this a bit early. Game time is 1 PM PST, and will once again be available via live stream over on Stanford's website I'll have lineups for you once I get them. Josh Sawyer will be on the bump for Texas today. No word yet on Stanford's starter. Let's see if we can get out of here with a split. Should be another beautiful day for baseball.
  4. Beautiful 72-degree day in NoCal today. Should be warm and that will help the baseballs carry a bit more. I'll be out at the park in about an hour with lineups for you.
  5. Ok, a couple of quick notes on the series. Stanford's FR-SU regular starters are all nursing some minor injuries. This means that Stanford will likely throw some different pitchers against us for the next 3 games. It will be a platoon of sorts. They also have a few position players working through some things, which is why we're seeing some freshmen in their lineup and a player or two playing in a new position. Ben Johnson's performance last night was praised by one Stanford player I spoke with today. He could not have been more complimentary of him. Of the four HRs last night, the one by Stanford's Austin Barr was picked up beyond the trees in LF. If I had to guess, that ball traveled well over 400 feet. One of the longest, towering HRs these eyes have seen at the collegiate level in many years. Ben's HR was also a beast of a shot. Very close to Barr's but Ben's was more of a line drive, as was his first one. Ben's second one may be embedded in one of those trees out there. I'm headed over here shortly, but figured I'd share a few thoughts with y'all. Hook Em! Let's win one tonight boys.
  6. Ok, let's see if we can get the afternoon game to go a little better.
  7. Getting going here shortly. Lineups are below, I'll edit after I get the fire going in the pit and the ribs on. 8 Motl 4 Schaefbauer DH Fiedler 3 Hanson, To. 6 Handel 7 Halloran 5 Skjerfte 2 Boxtwell 9 Smith P Kunick 7 Johnson 9 Shaw 6 Hinojosa 2 Barrera 4 Marlow 5 Boswell 3 Cantu DH Mathis 8 Gurwitz P Clemens
  8. The nightcap of the Saturday DH will be first pitch at 6:30 PM CST. As soon as I have lineups, I'll post them.
  9. I'm here and we're fixin' to get rolling. Lineups: Texas: 7 Johnson 9 Shaw 6 Hinojosa 2 Barrera 4 Marlow 3 Cantu 5 Boswell 8 Gurwitz DH Baker P Sawyer Minnesota: 8 Motl 4 Schaefbauer 9 Fiedler 6 Handel 5 Skjefte 2 Athmann DH Traxler 3 Tyler Hanson 7 Smith LHP Sawyer
  10. Longhorn Lineup: 7 Johnson 9 Shaw 6 CJ 4 Marlow 3 Tres 5 Boswell DH McCann 2 Cantu 8 Gurwitz RHP Mayes UTSA Lineup: (Probable) 8 Markham 7 Hilston 2 Bormann 6 Straub DH Matulia 4 Valentine 5 Pickering 3 Jackson 9 Bowles RHP Burns
  11. Boys and girls, that time of year is almost upon us. That's right, UT Baseball season. One week from tomorrow, at 1 PM at the Disch, the season officially kicks off with the Alumni Game. Stick around, I'll do a preseason preview, make some out on a limb projections and we can talk about anything and everything Horns baseball. I have to say, I'm pretty jacked about this season. More so than I've been in the last several years.

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