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  1. Another chance for Vince Young? I'd love to see this guy get it together and have another run. He had far too much potential to just dwindle from the NFL's memory like he has.
  2. Texas football hosts pro day today with NFL personnel in attendance. Vince Young is working out hoping to get a shot with another NFL team, while Kenny Vaccaro, Marquise Goodwin and Alex Okafor look to show off their skills. Goodwinn WILL not run the 40-yd today since he ran a 4.27 40 at the combine. Vaccaro is easily a first-round lock and I think Okafor is also. Kenny needs to run well today after putting up a 4.63 40-yard dash at the combine. Good luck to all and Hook 'Em!
  3. Inspired by walking past Vince Young as I walked into the stadium today, I've decided to take this question to the public jury. VY will be working out at Texas' Pro Day in an attempt to enter back into the NFL and I want to know what you think the odds are that he will land with a team. And where do you think he will end up. I personally say there's an 80% chance he makes it to a camp with a team. Teams like Oakland or Arizona could be in the mix to take a chance on VY. What are your thoughts?
  4. So If you were the GM of a NFL team and you could draft players at your own discretion, when would you plan on drafting each Longhorn that is entering into the NFL draft? Just give me a round you'd pick them in. And if you want you can be specific and say early/mid/late within that round. And in the first round you can even say top 15, top 10, top 5 pick. The Longhorns that are trying to get into the NFL this year are: S Kenny Vaccaro DE Alex Okafor WR Marquis Goodwin RB/WR D.J. Monroe DT Brandon Moore RB Jeremy Hills TE D.J. Grant TE Barrett Matthews OL Luke Poehlman P Alex King FB Ryan Roberson If you think of any names I forgot, just add them. I also understand not all of these guys will get into the league. This is still relatively premature, since there haven't been any combine workouts or pro days. But have fun with it for now. We can redo this again once the combines and workouts have happened.
  5. ESPN (Mike Davis of Texas Longhorns to enter NFL draft - ESPN) is reporting that Mike Davis will leave Texas to pursue a career in the NFL. This is big news, and not the best news, for Texas because Mike Davis was one of the leading receiver for the Longhorns. Before last season started, I thought that Mike Davis and Jaxon Shipley would be like 1A and 1B options (not in any order). Though I thought Shipley may do better, Davis actually ended up with the better stats. In his bounce-back junior season Davis tallied 57 receptions (2nd to Shipley's 59) for 939 receiving yards (led team) and 7 TD's (led receivers). Davis also led all receivers in yards-per-catch with 16.5 (led receivers who had more than 10 receptions) and recorded the longest touchdown past from scrimmage with his 75-yard bomb against Texas Tech in early November. There's no doubt Mike Davis has talent that can succeed at the next level. He is explosive and also is a great with the ball in his hands after the catch. The one area where he needs to improve is catching the ball because he it struggle with drops from time to time. As of right now I think 3rd round is what he's looking at. Maybe 2nd if he has a great combine and Pro Day at UT. For Texas, this does hurt because Ash and Davis had a great connection on the field. But Texas still has good depth at the receiver position and I expect guys like Cayleb Jones, Marcus Johnson, John Harris, Bryant Jackson, and Kendall Sanders to all fight for playing time. Soon to be freshman, Jacorey Warrick and Jake Oliver could also see some action as well, but Texas will need to find a new deep threat at receiver because that's where Davis excelled. It's tough news for the Longhorns because Davis had some great production opposite Shipley this past season. But at the end of the day I can't blame the guy for going after the paycheck and doing what's best for his family. Hook'em
  6. It all comes back full circle to the Dallas vs. Washington game next weekend. Romo vs. RG3. Jones vs. Snyder. Good vs. Evil. Dez Bryant had a monster game today in the loss vs. the Saints... we need him to have another next week against the 'Skins defense. GO COWBOYS!
  7. After seeing the players so far would you take Andrew Luck or RGIII? I'd still go with Luck. His ability to shake off bad plays and come back and succeed in games is that of a super bowl winner. He also has elevated the worst team in football to a possible playoff team. And he's a rookie playing on a team that is not loaded with talent. RGIII is still a great rookie QB. He's shown his athletic ability just like he was expected by those who thought he could be a monster at QB. But IMO Luck still has the edge, and it's because of his ability to shake off bad plays and make a few more throws than RGIII can.
  8. Wes

    Replacement Refs

    These replacement refs are terrible. Sure they aren't trained to ref at this level of play.... but still half of america could call a better game from their couch. http://i.imgur.com/hOrH7.jpg Tell me why that's not an interception. The thing is, at any level of football that would be called an interception... because it was an interception. the NFL and Roger Goodell should be embarrassed. He has too much power over the league as it is. Sad sad day for the league...
  9. Before I begin I need to explain the league I play in. It's an 8 team league and we have our own customized scoring system. The system isn't drastically different from the standard scoring system but we like to think it's more accurate as to how players are playing and more detailed. Because of this system the top QB's have always been more valuable than the top RB's/WR's (just like in the actual NFL) but having a top RB is still key to success. Oh and we also play with individual defensive players (2 D-linemen, 2 LB's, 2 DB). I really suggest trying a league with defensive players. After we started doing the league that way I've never preferred a league with team defense/special teams. If I can figure it out I'll try to upload a screen shot of my league's scoring system and the entire draft order. Like I said it's an 8 team league. We do a snake draft. I had the 8th pick.... One of the 2 picks I did not want. In my oppinion the 7th and 8th pick were 2 of the worst picks based on where talent drop offs in the first 5 rounds. And I also hate having back to back picks (I.E. drafting in the last spot then drafting the very next pick since it's a snake draft.) But I did what I could to make it work and was pleased with my first 2 picks as far as who dropped to me. Roster: QB, RB, RB/WR, RB/WR, WR, WR, TE, DL, DL, LB, LB, DB, DB, K, IR (injured reserve). Like I said, if i can make it work ill attach pictures of the draft order. but the first and second rounds went like this... RD1 1. Matthew Stafford - Our draft order is randomized one hour before the draft. My friend clearly thinks Stafford is going to be the best QB in the league. Stafford won't be the best. But he is a top 5 fantasy QB this year with the #1 receiver. I smell what he's stepping in, but I'd never take him first. 2. Arian Foster 3. Aaron Rodgers 4. Calvin Johnson - I was surprised to see Johnson this high. He's a beast, but the WR depth this year is insane. I'd have gone QB or RB. 5. Drew Brees 6. LeSeanMcCoy 7. Tom Brady 8. Ray Rice - My first pick. I was verrryyy surprised to see Rice fall to me at 8. I rank him in the top 5 overall. RD2 9. Cam Newton - After Newton, the QB talent drops off. Had to snag him now while he is still here. (Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Stafford, Newton are my top 5 QB's.) One could argue Vick will have a big year but he's made of glass and I try to avoid those injury prone players early. 10. Andre Johnson - Also made of glass but when he's healthy he's one of the best. Little early for him here. 11. Chris Johnson - Really interested to see what he does. Call me crazy but I too think he will have a great year. 12. Rob Gronkowski - I'd take Jimmy Graham before Gronk. But Gronk and Graham are in a league of their own. 13. DeMarco Murray 14. Matt Forte 15. Maurice Jones-Drew - surpised MJD was this low. If rice was gone when i picked at 8, MJD would have been my next pick. 16. Jamaal Charles Order of players drafted I drafted 1. Ray Rice - Honestly I never thought he would have fallen to the 8th pick, but the added value to QB plays into his fall because 4 QB's were taken in the first round... a little different than standard leagues. 2. Cam Newton - Had him last year and I think he does it big this year again. 3. Steven Jackson - It was either him, Trent Richardson, or Frank Gore then the talent dropped. Gore will be part of big committee. I went with Jackson because Fisher loves running the ball and steven is still in good shape. Richardson is also a good pick here, but he did just scope his knee... 4. Antonio Gates - The top tight ends were starting to go off the board. I always like to make sure to get a top tight end because they can put up stats like a receiver. Especially when I won't be picking again for a while. 5. Dez Bryant - if he gets his act together he will put up top 5 points this year. Big IF but worth the risk. 6. Brandon Lloyd - In the past two seasons he put up a combined 2,414 yards and 16 TD's WITHOUT Tom Brady as his QB... Huge year with Tom. 7.Eric Decker - I keep going back and forth trying to figure out if Decker or Thomas will have the bigger fantasy impact. I want to jump on the Peyton train this season and will try to have one of those two on every team i draft in. Thomas was gone when i had this pick so Decker was the pick. 8. Jeremy Maclin - Everything coming out of Philly is indicating Maclin is healthy and looking like a number 1 wide out on a powerful offense. 9. Jarad Allen - my first defensive pick of the draft. I put a lot of emphasis on trying to get top tier players at every position. There are always tons of Linebackers that can put up good stats. The amount of top defensive linemen are limited. Allen should see reduced snaps but he is still a freak. 10. Antonio Brown - if the steelers can invest over 40 million dollars in him then i can invest a late draft pick. But he needs Wallace on the field to get his top potential production. 11. Calais Campbell - Another fantasy IDP stud on the d-line. And in real life. 12. Pierre Garcon - if RG3 is all that then he will need someone be on the other end of his stats. Garcon has looked good so far and seems to be Griffins favorite target so far. 13. Morgan Burnett - flies all over the field making plays. One of the best safeties in da leagueee doeee 14. Ben Tate - although he is a back up he still had over 1,000 yards. And god forbid Foster gets hurt but if he does then Tate will have a huge year. But if another player emerges in free agency, Tate may be one of the first players I'd cut. He's still a back up so it's tough to predict when he will have big games. 15. Ben Roethlisberger - decent back up QB if Newton goes down. 16. Doug Martin - Martin will be the starter. Blount may vulture some TD's, but Martin has been out shining Blount in training camp. 17. Jarius Byrd - solid DB who could provide many turnovers 18. Luke Kuechly - taking a flyer on him early in the season but hearing he's been all over the field in training camp. If he doesn't work out there are always LB's that can be picked up. 19. Sean Witherspoon - tackle machine. 20. Sebastian Janikowski - biggest leg in the league. And kicks of 40+ & 50+ yards have bonus points awarded. The biggest improvement I could have made to this draft was trying to get another top RB. It wasn't my best draft but I came away pleased. Feel free to ask questions on here or on twitter (@WesKCrochet).
  10. In case you haven't heard this, take a listen. Gregg Williams is a sick dude.
  11. Down to the 3rd string QB in Houston, I'm not concerned about making the playoffs but can TJ Yates do anything IN the playoffs or are the Texans doomed regardless of their opponent?
  12. This is one of the good but CRAZY stories. I'm sure you guys have heard it but Harrison was traded by the Lions to the Eagles and during his physical exam they discovered a brain tumor. The trade was nullified but it looks like Harrison's life was saved potentially as a result. Doctors think they caught the tumor in time and he had brain surgery today. All I have to say is he should THANK the Lions for trading him!
  13. After the Oakland Raiders traded potentially 2 first round picks for 32 year old Carson Palmer???? If the Raiders win a playoff game then Cincinnati get 2 first round picks. If they do not then Cincy STILL gets a first AND second rounder. Al Davis has been known to make some ridiculous picks and trades but this is even over the top for him. WHo is running the show in Oakland? Makes Ditka look like a Saint (pun intended) for trading the farm for Ricky Williams. Carson Palmer had 20 int's last year! I cannot believe this trade. The Bengals hit the jackpot with this deal.

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