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  1. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We’ll lead off this week's edition with a few quick team notes as we enter Notre Dame game week. We still expect Tyrone Swoopes to get the start at quarterback, and we also expect many of the older players to get the nod on the first official depth chart. It’s not quite the “spilled blood” philosophy Mack employed, but we are told it’s a way to keep the older players locked in until they are passed up by their younger counterparts. The word “short leash” has been thrown around quite a bit. Despite the turmoil in personnel decisions, the staff understands the stakes. There have been no days off for this Texas team, and the players are starting to find themselves a bit fatigued. This is a tough spot for Texas, because if they don’t go hard enough they risk criticism for not preparing correctly. Good news on the injury front. We are told that Texas expects Patrick Vahe, Zach Shackelford, and Tristan Nickelson to be healthy and ready to go against Notre Dame. While Jerrod Heard may need some seasoning at the receiver position, a source inside the program told us he might be the most gifted, athletically. If it’s not him, it might be Kai Locksley who is now officially listed as a wide receiver on the roster. We will have an official list up this week, but so far we have confirmation from Marvin Wilson, Walker Little, Damion Miller, Josh Thompson, Kobe Boyce, Josh Moore, and Jordan Moore that they will be attending the Notre Dame game. +++++ Week 1 of high school football is in the books, and HornSports was on top of the coverage. Will Baizer was on the sidelines to watch Sam Ehlinger and Westlake take on a powerhouse Katy program last Friday night. Westlake defeated Katy 32-29, and Will spoke with Ehlinger after the game. Sam Ehlinger’s coach Todd Dodge called his opponent’s defense the best in the history of Texas high school football. That didn’t stop Longhorn commit Sam Ehlinger and company from putting up 32 points on the mighty Tigers. Ehlinger went 18/30 for 250 passing yards, 16 for 64 rushing yards with 2 TDs to lead his team, the Westlake Chaparals, over the #1 team in the state and defending National Champions, the Katy Tigers. While he got off to a slow start, Ehlinger found his game going into the 2nd half and then hit the gas in the 2nd half, pulling off spectacular play after spectacular play. He appeared to bang up his knees a bit as he had a very noticeable limp during and after the game. He later told the Statesman that he tore the meniscus in both knees. This injury will not require surgery, and we await to see if it causes any long term issues over the course of the season. HornSports' WIll Baizer interviews Sam Ehlinger after the big win over Katy Baizer: Walk me through the 4th quarter touchdown. You’re scrambling around, evading pressure. Walk me through what that was like.Ehlinger: I knew we were up by three. We were just trying to burn off the clock as fast as possible. The pocket collapsed a little bit. I went to the left just to try to get away and nothing was there. I don’t really know what I was thinking, honestly. I kinda just reversed out and saw Andrew Boykin [his wide receiver], so I just put it up and crossed my fingers. Baizer: You got to celebrate with your current teammates, your student section, and also your future teammates. What did Malik Jefferson and Breckyn Hager and those guys say to you after the game? Ehlinger: Malik was actually out in Oregon, so I got to get some coaching from him. He just tells me to go do your thing. I played with Breckyn and he says the same stuff. Just go get it done. Baizer: How’s the knee? Ehlinger: It’s great. Feeling well. Just iced it up and be ready for next week. Baizer: What are your expectation for yourself this year going forward after that Katy game? Ehlinger: The way that the confidence level is just rising within the guys on our team. We have a pretty inexperienced offensive line upfront. Everyone on our offense and our defense should learn from this game and know that if we play and we follow what the coaches have for us then we’ll win. For me it’s just getting better every week. I’m going to get better as they get better. As they run the right routes and they know where the ball is going to be at what time. It’s just the experience and the confidence level getting better. Baizer: Speaking of getting better what are you looking to improve upon in your own game as you head into playing college ball? What is the one thing that you think you really need to improve on the most? Ehlinger: I think every game I should be about 90% passing. It’s something I can control and the receivers can control. We have to get together and work hard enough where I can throw 90%. The completion percentage rating and the accuracy. Baizer: On the topic of high percentage passing and getting better, your time with Colt McCoy. What did you learn the most from your time with Colt McCoy? What did you take away from the experience? Was it a stronger love for the Longhorns or something that improved your game? Ehlinger: There were lots of things. He was a great mentor. Still is. One of the main things he focused with me on was just not muscling every throw and using my arm. More core stuff. Using my lower body to fling the ball up top. So that was kind of the main thing technique-wise. Overall he just said, “Keep doing what you’re doing and be a good person.” Baizer: After half time it looked like you started to pass to set up the run. Was that because you really couldn’t get a push up front for the run or because you guys saw something in the back 7? What were some of the adjustments you made? Ehlinger: It was just really, we felt the first half we weren’t hitting on our stuff that we needed to. It was there, it was the protection up front was a little shaky. Everyone was nervous. Once we got up into the second half and they scored we said, “We got to kick it up a gear now.” The offensive line upfront knew I was banged up a little bit. They said, “Hey we’ll get you that extra second.” And that’s exactly what they did. I think their defense got tired. They go against a huddle offense every day, like what Katy runs. They’re always huddling every play. We like to high tempo. We get a 15 yard pass we’re going to go right back at you with the fade. I think our tempo really helped tonight. It really slowed down the guys up front and gave us a bunch of time to hit deep. Baizer: We know you’ve become the voice of the 2017 class. Who are the guys that you’re really trying to recruit in this 2017 class? Ehlinger: It’s just all the top guys in the state. Really. All the top guys in their position are really the one’s that we want. Baizer: And if you had to choose one of those guys to take with you to Texas, maybe one that Texas is targeting, who would you choose? Ehlinger: Just so I could be protected up front, my man Walker Little +++++ We spoke to an orthopedic doctor in regards to Ehlinger’s injury for an expert opinion. Obviously without personal knowledge of the severity it was difficult for our source to asses it, but he did give us a few general details. “Just because you tear a meniscus doesn’t always mean slam dunk surgery. In fact you don’t have to really repair it unless it is causing problems.” Our source went on to walk us through the immediate future of the injury. “What usually happens is you give it a few days and see how it feels. The only slam dunk surgeries on QB’s are ACLs, and even then that’s up for debate. It’s all about function. What kind of function does he have? How much deficit does he have? How much pain does he have? If he can still play and run around it can’t be that bad. The only long term effect is arthritis, but many athletes deal with that.” +++++ Plano East Linebacker Anthony Hines announced this week that he would make his commitment on November 29th. That day could potentially be a great one for the Texas staff. Kennedale linebacker Baron Browning is also announcing on that date, and Texas will be in the running for both. We aren’t sure if there is any significance to both announcing on that date, but it should definitely be something to circle on your calendar. +++++ Friday night featured a matchup in 5A ball between two strong programs with a ton of talent on the field. Lancaster’s Omar Manning was the main event for those covering Texas, but Denton Ryan won the game due to an electric effort by 2018 quarterback Spencer Sanders. While the Longhorns haven’t zeroed in on their quarterback targets in the next class, we are told Sanders is a guy on the short list. Sanders has spoken with Sterlin Gilbert a few times, but the contact has been sporadic so far. We anticipate Sanders’ recruitment to pick up with Texas this season, but he’s also being pursued by several big time schools. Sanders started slow, but he really cranked it up in the third quarter to lead Ryan to a victory. 2018 Ryan receiver Gabriel Douglas was the big weapon for Sanders. Douglas is a long, athletic receivers with big time playmaking skills. We were not able to speak with him after the game, but you can bet that he will be highly sought after in the next cycle. Omar Manning was hampered by a hamstring issue that’s nagged him since the summer. He saw double and triple teams all night, but he was able to get free on a 49 yard touchdown pass and burn and his pursuers for the score. We spoke with Manning after the game, and he told us he’s pushed back his college decision once again. Manning is working on setting up official visits, and he tells us he’d like to unofficially visit Austin for the Notre Dame game if he can make it. We still feel Texas is in a strong position to win out here, but they will have a battle on their hands against TCU and Oklahoma. The way this has gone, I’d expect it to extend all the way out to the end of the season. +++++ Things didn’t go well for Cedar Hill in their anticipated matchup against Bishop Gorman. We were at the game, but weren’t able to speak with many players afterwards. If you watched the game you might have noticed Cedar Hill receiver Charleston Rambo and his big play ability. We’ve said multiple times that the Oklahoma commit would be open to hearing from Texas, and our sources told us that could very well happen during the season. It would be a tough race to win for Texas, but there is a chance if the Longhorns start to pursue. Just something to keep an eye on. +++++ High school coverage continues this week, as our Mike Roach will be in Kennedale to watch the state’s top player ,Baron Browning, take on Terrell. Browning is expected to be in Austin for the game against Notre Dame, and we’ll be able to speak to him to get the latest on his recruitment. ++++ HornSports Happy Hour - Saturday @ 5:30 PM - Black Sheep Lodge in Austin We will be setting up shop at the Black Sheep Lodge this Saturday, September 3rd from 5:30 PM until ? for our season kickoff Happy Hour. All of our members, readers and Texas/Notre Dame fans are invited and welcome to attend the event. There will be tons of college football on television and there will be complimentary beer, courtesy of HornSports, for a period of time. Mike, Aaron, Will and several of the other HornSports contributors will be there as well, so stop by, have a beer and talk football with us! Find one of the HornSports folks and get a sticker for your shirt (this is your pass to free beer). #HookEm
  2. https://twitter.com/TrentDomingue/status/757249202342678532 Domingue finished 13-of-17 on field goals and was a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award during his junior season in 2015\. He chose to transfer from LSU after his scholarship was not renewed for his senior year.
  3. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We spoke with Anthony Hines on Saturday at Plano East media day to get the latest on the nation’s top inside linebacker as he enters the final stretch of his recruitment. After an off-season full of competition at events like The Opening, Hines had an extra spring in his step at the thought of the pads coming on. “I can’t wait,” Hines told us. “It’s always a good opportunity to come up here and try on the new jerseys, and just get a feel for the season. It’s getting close and we are just looking to dominate.” The long off-season can be torture for fans, and it can also take its toll on the players. “Now that the Opening is over, I’ve just been anxious for the season and kind of antsy.” Hines is the most decorated high school recruit in the country with over 90 offers. He cut his list to a top 10 in July, and he’s looking to make a decision in the coming months since he plans to enroll early. His cut consisted of Texas, Texas A&M, SMU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, TCU, UCLA, Auburn, Florida, and Oklahoma State. While Hines isn’t tipping his hand much, the behind the scenes talk has Texas, A&M, and Oklahoma out in front. We talked to Hines about what each school had to offer. Oklahoma – “I have a really good relationship with Coach Kish and Coach Stoops. I’ve just been building that relationship since freshman year. I know what they are about. I’ve been there since their old facilities, and just to see how they are growing and expanding is awesome. I’ve been there so many times, and I’ve been over academics more times than I can remember.” Texas A&M – “The Chief (John Chavis) is really the difference maker there. He’s such an awesome coach, and he has a great track record when it comes to developing top linebackers. I’ve always had a good relationship with Coach Sumlin, and it’s always a family atmosphere every time I go. The facilities are off the charts, the academics are really good, and the Aggie network is just hard to compare to.” Texas – “Coach Bedford, Coach Jean-Mary, and Coach Strong, I have a really good relationship with all of those guys. Every single time I go they roll out the red carpet for me and make me feel welcome. Academics wise they are the number one public school in the nation, so you really can’t beat that. They are really an up and coming program, and I believe they are going to dominate this year.” Hines has a previous relationship with Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson, and even though it’s tough to connect with their busy schedules he told us they do still stay in contact. As expected, Malik is putting out a recruiting pitch to get Hines on board. Hines has one official visit set up at this time (Clemson vs. Auburn), and he told us he might use officials for schools that are farther away. He doesn’t have a set decision date, but he said he’d like to take his visits in September and October and then make a commitment shortly thereafter. Last season Hines totaled 205 tackles and 8 sacks, but he told us his biggest goal is increasing his production this season. “The best way to do it is to make that state run and get sixteen games. Last season we had eleven games, but I only got to play in ten. This season I want to go deep and feel I can increase my production in that way.” Hines will be one of the more anticipated recruits in this cycle, and we will be on top of that recruitment all the way to the end. +++++ The good news of the day is that Erick Fowler was officially cleared to enroll in Austin. This is very positive for Texas due to the need for an impact pass rusher. Our sources were pessimistic on the chances of Fowler making it in, but things moved quickly with the clearinghouse and now Fowler will be able to get to campus. Fowler will now come in and get to work at the FOX position, but he will be at a bit of a disadvantage due to missing summer workouts. Fowler is a very talented player, so he might be able to make an impact situationally, but he does have a lot of catching up to do. +++++ We reported a few weeks ago that Oklahoma was making up ground in the race for Temple (TX) defensive end Taquon Graham. We spoke to our sources there to see if anything changed in the last few weeks, and it seems the post visit high is starting to wear off. While Oklahoma made a strong impression, Texas had a big lead in this race from the beginning and it seems like they are starting to open back up again. Graham wants to take some visits this year, and his mother doesn’t want him to commit until he’s sure about his decision. We expect his commitment to be pushed back as a result of this, but Texas is still in the best position to win it at this point. +++++ We spoke to several of our sources, who shared some great nuggets on this past weekend's scrimmage.Here's the latest on what we have. Charlie Strong made news when he said he might not announce his starter prior to Notre Dame, but we were told that Shane Buechele is still the favorite to win the job. Buechele shows the abililty to make the throws and has a nice command of the offense. His biggest issue right now are freshman mistakes throwing the ball, but even with that he’s still on par if not better than Swoopes at this point. For Tyrone, he’s having good practices as he’s done in the past, but we are told he’s still a bit too tentative with the ball. We will see what unfolds in the next two weeks, but we still expect Shane Buechele to be named starter. While Charlie Strong announced they expect Zach Shackelford back for Notre Dame, things sound worse behind the scenes. We did some more checking, and the ankle is better off than we originally heard, there is still a feeling that it could drag on into the first few games. If Shackelford could make it back for Notre Dame that would obviously be the best scenario. Backup center Jake McMillon is having a tough time with the job, and Texas might explore other alternatives like Patrick Vahe or other freshmen. D’Andre Christmas (No Giles anymore) is really coming on at the defensive tackle position. Christmas was arguably the most skilled defensive tackle signed in the spring, and he’s certainly playing like it. The Louisiana native is using his athleticism well, and he’s creating havoc in the backfield. All hands will be needed once the season rolls around, but Christmas has some potentially plus ability. We were told that Jason Hall and Dylan Haines still have a hold on the starting safety positions, but Hall has a fight on his hands with DeShon Elliott. Look for Lil’Jordan Humphrey to make an early impact this year. Humphrey has the ability to play both inside and outside. Humphrey is making plays early in camp, and he’s surprising everyone with his natural fluidity. We’ve heard Trent Domingue is starting to settle in and looking more reliable at kicker. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ Texas commit Josh Thompson talks to HornSports Since Nacogdoches defensive back Josh Thompson committed to Texas, he’s been fairly quiet with members of the media. He wanted to shut down the outside distractions as he prepares for his senior season, but he was good enough to grant our Mike Roach a one-on-one to discuss the events surrounding his recruitment. As we’ve stated in the past, Thompson held Texas as a dream school in his mind. We asked him to describe what it was like to finally receive that offer. “Just a blessing! It’s something that I really wanted,” Thompson told us. “Texas has always been a school of choice, and I was shocked but also relieved when I received the offer”. Thompson was previously committed to TCU, and he was very happy with that commitment. Thompson’s flip came quickly, and he described what it was that caused that. "Just knowing the coaches were straight-forward. I’m comfortable with them, and also knowing that I can fit in with Texas. It’s just the atmosphere that will get your attention. I love it up there, just knew for a fact that’s where I wanted to attend school.” Thompson is close with Texas safety Brandon Jones and Texas commit Kobe Boyce. We asked him how big of a role those two played in his switch, and he admitted it was huge. “They played a really big role. The big thing was just them being excited that Texas offered.” Thompson also said the coaching staff was very excited to hear of the news. “They were all excited, Coach Strong was very hype.” So what’s next for Thompson and his recruitment? “I’m completely done,” he told us when asked if he was shutting things down. “Texas is where I want to be.” Thompson is excited for the upcoming season, and he’s ready to see Texas take the next step under Charlie Strong. “Texas should be a threat this year with most teams,” Thompson told us. “I see them balling out. The talent we have is unbelievable, and I know Coach Strong will get them back on track. Overall Texas is heading forward and not backward, and that’s why I committed.” +++++ Mike Roach speaks with Omar Manning about his recruitment The Lancaster Tigers opened their pre-season practices with their annual midnight practice session. The workout was non-padded, and mostly included simple drills and some team and 7 on 7 work, but the environment was evidence of just why the Lancaster staff is one of the best in the state. Lancaster’s head coach Chris Gilbert started off the evening by quoting Sun Tzu to the media members on hand. “Sun Tzu was one of the greatest generals of all time. One of his beliefs was to create a spectacle as many times as you could to capture the attention of your troops. Gentlemen, this is a spectacle,” Gilbert told us with a laugh. While many members of the media came out to see the incredibly coveted Omar Manning, there was plenty more talent to feast your eyes upon. Mike Roach was on hand to take in the action, and he spoke to Manning following the spirited event. Lancaster made a deep playoff run last year before eventually losing to Frisco Lone Star in the fourth round. The Tigers are loaded with top end athletes again, and Manning hopes for a big season during his senior year. “I think we’ll have a great year. Our opening game against Denton Ryan is going to get us prepared for pretty much every game. It’s a pretty tough non-district schedule, so we’ll be ready.” Lancaster faces off against Ryan in week one, and the Tigers focus was on the Raiders during the night practice. Players and coaches alike echoed the challenges presented by Ryan, a legit state title contender for this season. Aside from just his play on the field, Manning is stepping up his senior leadership this season. “Anything I can do. Everything from the classroom, weight room, everywhere. I’m just trying to be a leader.” Manning is one of the most sought after recruits in the state. His college ready frame and exceptional ability are already on record, but Manning is hard at work trying to polish himself before he enrolls in college. “I want to just work on my overall game and my route running.” Manning tried to work on his game this summer, but a lingering hamstring injury held him back and hampered his participation at The Opening in Oregon. “It was great other than that (hamstring injury). I didn’t get the full experience, but to be able to be with the top players in the nation and get coaching from the top coaches was great.” The major concern is getting Omar healthy, because he told us with a wince that his hamstring was still about the same as it was in Oregon. Manning also spent time with Texas commit Sam Ehlinger at The Opening, and he told us Sam did some heavy recruiting. Manning said he enjoyed his time with Ehlinger and acknowledged that he is a pretty good recruiter. On the recruiting front Manning is down to a top five of TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Alabama. He told us he plans to take official visits to all of those schools, but he does not yet have an announcement date planned. He originally intended to announce his choice during the Midnight practice, but that didn’t quite happen. “It was actually going to be tonight, but I changed my mind because I wasn’t all the way sure.” ”. Manning did tell us he would like to announce before the season begins on August 26. What is it about Texas that landed them in Manning’s top 5? “Tradition and the coaching staff. I have a great relationship with Coach Williams, Coach Traylor, Coach Strong and just about everybody.” Manning’s recruitment is being led by Charlie Williams and Jeff Traylor, and he loves the way the new offense is shaping up in Austin. The Omar Manning recruitment will have intense scrutiny throughout the fall, but HornSports will be right on top of the action. +++++ An X-factor in Omar Manning's recruitment? Here’s a bit more from Mike Roach’s time at Lancaster. If Texas wins out for Manning, a definite factor will be the ties that Texas coaches have with the Lancaster staff. Lancaster head coach Chris Gilbert knows Texas offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert very well from their days at Angelo State University. Chris Gilbert gushed about his relationship with Sterlin afterwards and even called him his “brother from another mother.” In addition, Gilbert mentioned strong ties with Texas secondary coach Clay Jennings as well as Jeff Traylor. During the spring Texas sent Gilbert, Charlie Williams, and Traylor out to Lancaster to show Manning just how big of a priority he is. Manning is very guarded when you speak to him, so he won’t give you a lot on his recruitment. In speaking to some other people around the program we got the feeling that while his top five are all contenders to land him, the schools really sticking out for him are TCU, Oklahoma, and Texas. TCU has been the leader in the clubhouse for some time, but Omar keeps pushing back his planned announcement which is giving others a chance to make up ground on the Frogs. If the Horns can stay the course, win some games, and flash some offensive ability they should be able to run a strong race down the stretch. +++++ Stealth visitors on The 40 Acres this past weekend It was a big weekend for stealth visits in Austin. Texas hosted Kimball ATH (and former Texas A&M commit) Devodrick Johnson on Friday. Johnson is evaluating his options, and Texas is definitely on the table if they come through with an offer. Johnson plays quarterback and safety for Kimball, but his college position will probably be at linebacker. Johnson could be in line for an offer if Kenneth Murray picks another school on Wednesday (more on that later). We’ll have to see what happens when Texas offers, but Johnson decommited today, and we expect Johnson to eventually jump on a Texas offer if it happens. The other stealth visitor on campus was North Shore pass rusher K’Lavon Chaisson. Chaisson doesn’t talk to many people, but feedback following the visit was extremely positive for Texas. The feeling is that this one is a race between Texas, Oklahoma, and LSU. All of those schools have the best shot to land him depending on who you talk to. This one will probably come down to the end, and Texas will be trying to push the fox position and ability to turn him into an NFL player. This is really one of the biggest needs for the 'Horns in this class. +++++ Will it really be OU for Elkins LB Kenneth Murray? We spoke earlier about Elkins LB Kenneth Murray and his upcoming decision (Wednesday at 8:30 AM), and though we have a pretty good relationship with him we honestly have no idea where this will end. Murray ran this recruitment in a way that would make most military leaders proud. There is some talk out there that Oklahoma will be the pick, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he picked any of the three (Texas, Texas A&M, OU). We are going to try and connect with Murray once more before his announcement, but we don’t expect to get any hints from Murray himself. +++++ On The 40 Acres - Team Notes Practices kicked off over the weekend in Austin, and we talked to some sources to get the scoop on the team mindset. *We spoke to 2018 recruit Stanley Lambert who was at practice, and had this to say. “It was really great, everything was full speed. The team is looking as strong as ever, and disciplined. They’re going to be really good this season.” *The biggest question will always be quarterback, and while Tyrone Swoopes and Shane Buechele are performing at similar levels so far, we still expect Buechele to be named the starter. Just the fact that a freshman is competing at the same level (if not slightly better) as a senior is an indicator of where things are. *We are told there is some real optimism surrounding offensive lineman Tristan Nickelson. If he can make the transition to the next stage of his game, the offensive line has a chance to be a plus this year. Nickelson’s move to right tackle allowed Texas to move Kent Perkins inside to guard where his size and strength plays more of a factor. *Armanti Foreman has been the star through two early practices. Fans and those who cover the team are still waiting on Foreman to put it all together, but if he can he’s an absolute terror in this offense. Sources within the program are crossing their fingers that Foreman becomes a huge weapon this year. *The freshman class is holding their own early in camp much like last year’s group. The most impressive aspect is the performance of the less heralded guys on campus. Davion Curtis, Reggie Hemphill, and Lil’Jordan Humphrey have all looked strong throughout early workouts. Humphrey in particular has turned some heads with his physical development and natural ball skills. *Expectations from folks we talk to are that Charles Omenihu turns into the best defensive lineman on the team this year. Omenihu is physically developing into what everyone thought he would when we first saw him in high school. With the added weight he should be able to make some noise. *Many fans would like to see Jason Hall and Dylan Haines overtaken by younger players, but those two are the traffic controllers on defense, and they help the young defensive backs line up correctly and call coverages. If the day comes that players like Brandon Jones and DeShon Elliott can perform the same function, they have a chance to win those jobs. At this point the experience of Hall and Haines is a huge chip in their favor.
  5. Remembering our friend Dennis,, who passed on August 2, 2015. We miss your smile, your passion, your character and your friendship, buddy. Prayers are always with you and your family. Everyone that had an opportunity to know you came out a better person for knowing you. RIP old friend.
  6. Fall practice starts this weekend in a make-or-break year for the Texas Longhorns. By late November we will know whether Texas is headed back to square one or if the Charlie Strong hire was a success. Or something like that. Hype is a preseason tradition, and the least-honest of the storylines to excite fans is that this season is do or die. For Texas, however, there exists a number of wins — maybe seven, probably eight — at which Strong would secure another year without signaling beyond a doubt that Texas is on the upswing. Getting that straight is the first key in this season preview. The second key is that we shouldn’t use Strong’s personal success or failure to gauge the status of the rebuild of the Texas football program. The days of "[Head coach's name] Texas Football" are over. Whatever happens on the field this season, the coaches who turn on the lights in the football offices in 2017 will be looking at a very different program from the one Strong inherited in the spring of 2014. Experience matters, and the 2017 Longhorns should have nearly as many career starts under their belts as anyone. When at least 12 and as many as 17 of your starters from the previous season won’t even be eligible to enter the NFL draft — players need to be three years removed from high school to clear that low bar — that tends to happen. And though the sample size is small, early returns suggest those returning starters could be pretty good. To state the obvious, Texas players are all studs on paper, and a returning starter, almost by definition, was the best available player at his position the previous year. Texas also had three players make freshman All-American lists last year. Two made the Football Writers Association of America list, more than the Longhorns have had in a single year since 2001 — and that’s only if you count kickers. Just looking at the FWAA Freshman All-American list over the years is instructive: Texas had a player make the list every year from 2001 to 2006, and then once more in 2008. After that, there was one freshman All-American in 2011, and then no more until 2015. Success is a lagging indicator here, but good young players turn into great older players, and great older players win more football games. The biggest holes Strong needed to fill when he got to Austin were at quarterback and offensive line. It’s taken longer than it should have to seriously address the quarterback position; targeting two projects -- now Michigan tight end Zach Gentry and eventual wide receiver or transfer Kai Locksley -- was the wrong approach. But at least one of Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger should pan out. Both are already better passers than anyone else on campus. The situation on the offensive line was somehow even worse. Experience was the only thing the 2014 unit lacked more than talent. Some bad players transferred, other bad players stayed, and the only guy with any experience broke his ankle so badly in the season opener that he quit football. (To borrow a great line from a Washington Redskins fan, the offensive line was just Kent Perkins and four cardboard cutouts of fat people.) The typical starting line consisted of, from left to right: a 278-pound converted defensive tackle, a 320-pounder with one career start and few assets aside from taking a while to run around, a fourth-year player with zero career starts, Perkins, and a tall guy nicknamed “No Contact At All.” The offensive line in 2017, by contrast, will include a couple of former freshman All-Americans entering their third year, the top guard in the nation from 2016 according to ESPN, and plenty of blue-chip and ESPN 300 recruits. A healthy 2016 season would mean that 2017 Texas has at least 58 returning career starts between Connor Williams, Patrick Vahe and Zach Shackelford. That number could climb above 70 if one of the freshmen — Patrick Hudson or Denzel Okafor, most likely — wins a starting job during fall practice. That’s 68 more career starts than the offensive line had in Strong’s first year at Texas; in fact, the 2014 offensive line hadn’t even come close to seeing the field in 68 total games. If Strong doesn’t meet expectations and is gone this December, there will be claims that Texas is starting over. They’ll be wrong. The new coach will likely have his quarterback and a young but experienced offensive line. In the backfield he’ll have human buffalo Chris Warren. John Harris, a player who hid so well on the roster for four years that it’s little wonder secondaries lost track of him when he finally saw the field in 2014, will have been upgraded to John Burt, who competed in the 100m hurdles at the NCAA Championships and led Texas in receiving yards as a freshman. The defensive line is an unknown, but the linebacking corps is so talented that a few players may just crawl out from Malik Jefferson’s shadow. And the secondary will be the first in a while to deserve the DBU moniker. Strong himself said Friday, “Physically, we’re going to look as good as anybody. When we walk out there [for fall practice], we’re going to be a good-looking team.” He also said the team has a three-deep, with some bodies to spare, for the first time. And reports by Texas paysites have indicated that this was the first offseason under Strong in which the team didn’t struggle to meet expectations for conditioning — and neither the conditioning coach nor the standards have changed. Rival fans have commented in recent years that, on the field, Texas just doesn’t look like Texas anymore. That is about to change. Yes, if Strong fails, the athletic director — whoever that’s going to be — will need to hire a competent replacement. But with the roster and locker room the coaches are building right now, the task of getting back on top will be a lot easier than it was a short time ago. This might be a make-or-break season for Strong, but it isn’t for Texas.
  7. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We covered the recruitment and commitment of Nacogdoches DB Josh Thompson, but we wanted to bring you a little more in order for you to get to know the newest east Texas commit. We first noticed Thompson while viewing film for Brandon Jones last season. As a newcomer to the position, it was clear that Thompson was still trying to figure out the finer points of playing in coverage. While there were times he looked like he was making it up, his athleticism, size, and instincts really stood out. Our Mike Roach got to know Thompson early in the process before anyone was aware of him, and his desire to be the best was evident in talking to him. In a move reminiscent of professional soccer star Clint Dempsey (also of Nacogdoches), Thompson started traveling to Dallas in order to improve his game. While Dempsey sought out the better competition of the club soccer scene in the Metroplex, Thompson came to work with a private skills trainer. The Flight Team is a group of DB/LB prospects run by Coach Flight. Flight is an up and comer in the private training world, and he’s quickly amassed a strong team that trains weekly in skill sessions. The first time Roach saw Thompson at a workout, he was just a big strong athlete trying to figure out how to cover some really skilled receivers. In that workout, Roach saw (Oklahoma commit) Charleston Rambo completely turn Thompson around with superior route running. While it seemed like a negative for Thompson, his instincts and closing ability along with his desire to continually challenge himself against the best were encouraging signs for his growth. Thompson’s skill has grown exponentially since that time, and he’s now blended his strong athletic traits with refined skills in the coverage game. Thompson competed at the Opening regional in Houston, and really impressed at the ETSN combine where he ran a sub 4.4 40. Once the word got out his recruitment blew up and the offers started rolling in. Jeff Traylor established a relationship with Thompson early, and he stayed in contact with him while he became more popular. TCU eventually won an early commitment from Thompson, and Texas started to turn their attention towards him. Thompson is a loyal guy, and he was strong in his commitment to TCU, but Texas was a dream school for him and Brandon Jones is one of his best friends. Through training with the Flight Team, Thompson also became close with Texas commit Kobe Boyce. The two discussed playing together as they grew closer, and the stars aligned for Thompson to flip his commitment. Once he attended Under the Lights and received his offer, we were told that the TCU staff was not pleased. Gary Patterson and his staff are strong evaluators and recruiters, but they also have engaged in some pretty heavy negative recruiting towards Texas in the past. We were told that the reaction from Fort Worth might have sped the process up for Thompson, who was already considering making the flip. With their three secondary commitments, Texas now has an incredibly athletic secondary group consisting of Montrell Estell (Safety), Kobe Boyce (Corner), and Josh Thompson (Nickel/Corner/Safety). They will probably look to close on another corner before wrapping up a group with pretty high upside. We talked to Coach Flight this week to get his assessment on Thompson, and this is what he had to tell us. “What makes Josh Thompson unique as a player is his versatility. He is fast enough to play corner, but physical enough to help out in run support as a safety. His best attributes are his speed and size. He has a very unique combo for a 17 year old athlete. He’s already 6’0 190 lbs., and he has a clocked 4.48 laser 40.” While Flight thinks he has grown a lot, he is by no means a finished product. “I think he needs to improve hip mobility and patience at the line in press coverage. He has come a long way this summer though.” +++++ Quick note on Temple DE Taquon Graham. Graham is a guy we’ve had on commit watch for quite a while, and we were told it could go down at Under the Lights. Texas is in good shape with the defensive end, and they are in great shape with his mother who loves what Texas has to offer. Taquon’s mother does not want him to commit and until the decision is final because she doesn’t want him to decommit. Graham visited Oklahoma this weekend, and from what we were told the Sooners made a major impression on him. Stoops and company rolled out the red carpet for Graham, and we were told Oklahoma made a move in his recruitment. We still feel that Texas holds an edge, but it was stressed to us that the visit to Norman was big for him. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, but what once looked like a slam dunk now appears to be more of a contested layup. +++++ As recruiting slows down and the season ramps up, we are a little short on news this week. Once the Longhorns start fall camp we will be reaching out to our sources to gather some intel on how workouts are going. In the meantime we will be putting together a projected depth chart going into the season you should look for later this week. To finish out Burnt Ends, we are going to do some recruiting forecasting complete with our percentages on each prospect. Quarterback Committed: Sam Ehlinger – There is only one target at the position, and he’s as firm of a commit as one could imagine. Shop is closed up here. Running Back Committed: None Targets: JK Dobbins – The La Grange runner is committed to Ohio State, but there’s a feeling that Texas is setting themselves up to make a strong stretch run in his recruitment. If Texas can put together a good season we feel they have a strong chance to swing him. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 3.5 Wide Receiver Committed: Damion Miller – After looking around early in his recruitment we hear that things are firm for the John Tyler receiver. Targets: Omar Manning – The Lancaster receiver is the top prospect on the board, and it looks like a battle between Texas and TCU. We continue to hear good things regarding Texas, but TCU is the long time leader and not likely to go away easily. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 3 Tyrell Shavers – Committed to Alabama and not likely to leave. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 0.5 Jalen Reagor – See Tyrell Shavers and switch Alabama to Oklahoma Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 0.5 Mannie Netherly – Committed to LSU, not sure how hard Texas is on him anymore Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 What to look for: We think Texas is looking to take 3-4 guys this cycle, so there could be some additional evaluations and offers in the fall. Keep an eye on Charleston Rambo, RJ Sneed, and Sam Crawford as possible options. Tight End Committed: None Targets: Major Tennison – Even though he decommitted from Texas I wouldn’t count him out. Kedrick James committing to Bama means Major might have lost his spot there. I think he could end up back at Texas sometime during the fall. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2.5 Offensive Line Committed: Xavier Newman – Newman may have lost his spot at Oklahoma, and he could find himself fin a bit of limbo. I’d bet on him settling things down sticking with Texas for the time being. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 3.5 Targets: Walker Little – Things have been good on this front for a while, but they will have to hold off Stanford and Ole Miss. A good season (8-9 wins) locks this up IMO. Grayson Reed – Texas is still chasing the Aggie commit, and he plans to take his official visits. If he makes it to Austin things could get interesting. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1.5 Chuck Filliaga – Not much is known about Filliaga at this point, but we should know more once the season starts for him at Aledo. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): no clue Adrian Ealy – The Louisiana tackle mentions Texas frequently enough to garner a place on the list. Texas has a shot, but they need some things to go their way. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2 Defensive Line Commits: LaGaryonn Carson – Not much to say here. Carson is committed strongly and on the right path at his high school. He’s the defensive Ehlinger. Targets: Taquon Graham – We talked about the Temple defensive end above. Honestly this one should have been wrapped up already. Things could get dicey from here on out. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 3 K’Lavon Chaisson – The North Shore pass rusher would be perfect for this class, but he’s keeping everyone guessing so far. This has the looks of something Charlie could win down the stretch, but for now we don’t have much to go on. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2 Marvin Wilson – One of the biggest targets on the Texas board is trending in the right direction. There’s some momentum in their corner coming from the Wilson family, and a good season could lock up a monster tackle prospect. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 3.5 Damion Daniels – The Bishop Dunne interior player is pretty quiet. He’s been to Austin a few times, but no one seems to know where his head is at. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2 Ondario Robinson – I’m not sure how hard Texas is recruiting the Hutto prospect, and he seems pretty open in telling people that A&M is his leader. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2 Linebacker Commits: None Targets: Baron Browning – The top player in the state loves Texas, and this one could get wrapped up early if Texas shows some promise early in the year. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 4 Anthony Hines – Texas is in the race, but it seems they lose ground to Oklahoma every time Hines visits Norman. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 3 Dylan Moses – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s going to take some great fortune to win this one. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2 Levi Jones – I’ve been told in pretty plain terms that Jones won’t end up in Austin Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 Kenneth Murray – Murray has a decision coming soon, and it’s going to be a tight race between Texas and A&M. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 2.5 Defensive Back Commits: Kobe Boyce – After wavering a bit, Boyce is back in the fold and strongly committed to Texas. Montrell Estell – The Hooks athlete has been quiet since committing, but he was in Austin for Under the Lights and had a great time. Josh Thompson – The newest Longhorn commit has been waiting on this offer and won’t be looking elsewhere. Targets: Kary Vincent – Committed to LSU. I don’t see anything happening here. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 Chevin Calloway – Committed to Iowa and doesn’t seem to be looking around Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 Paulson Adebo – If Texas offered earlier they would be in the thick of things, but Adebo seems strongly committed to Notre Dame Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 Justin Broiles – Briefly discussed defecting from Oklahoma, but his commitment seems stronger than ever. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 Jeff Okudah – Left Texas out of his top 6 and seems destined to leave the state. Confidence Rating (1-5 scale): 1 What to look for: Texas will make some evaluations during the season, and I think we could see a corner emerge during the season. Keep an eye on Langston Frederick, Donovan Stiner, and Kieston Roach. +++++ We will leave you with a few bits on the hot topic of Big 12 expansion. A source we consider to have intimate knowledge of the expansion discussion tells us the Big 12 will most definitely expand by two and "it's not unlikely that it could be four." Speculation as to which teams would join the new Big 12 runs rampant, but our source tells us the two front-runners are Cincinnati and Houston. If the conference were to expand by four , BYU would be the likely third selection and Memphis is being discussed as the fourth team. BYU is an attractive candidate and would be in the likely first two schools selected, but according to our source, football on Sundays and the recent rape allegations are playing into the cards. Just a note - we were told expansion teams have already been decided but things are on "lockdown mode" until the official release.
  8. It’s no secret that this is an important year for Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns. Some would go so far as to categorize the upcoming season as make-or-break for Strong, who has yet to post a winning season as head coach in Austin. There are many positives to look at respective to the work Strong has put in headed into his 3rd year as head coach, but the time for prep-work has ended. Fans, alumni, players and staff want to see on-field results translating to a winning season. Anything less would be considered a step-back, leaving the program, once again, in tumult. Let’s look at the Top-5 key games on the Texas schedule that will help make or break a winning season in 2016. 5.) Texas @ Cal, September 17th, 2016 The first true road game for expected starter at quarterback, Shane Buechele, awaits in Berkley against the team that handed Texas arguably their most heartbreaking loss of the 2015 campaign. This matchup will give Buechele a true taste of what it’s like to quarterback his team on the road, and all the pressures that come with it. Outcome aside, this is the game for him to make mistakes and learn from them so he is ready to go as Big 12 play commences after the bye week. 4.) Texas @ Oklahoma State, October 1st, 2016 This is the opening game in conference play for the Longhorns, and they are thrown right into the fire in Stillwater. OSU is poised for a big year with almost every starter returning from last year, and playing in Stillwater is never an easy task. Winning this game and starting off conference play on the right foot would be a huge momentum swing for the Longhorns who play the Sooners in the Red River Shootout the following week. 3.) TCU @ Texas, November 25th, 2016 The final game of the season comes the day after Thanksgiving, when the country will still be tuned in to football. Besides it being the final regular season game the Longhorns play, they might need this win for multiple reasons. They could be in contention for the Big 12, or be on the bubble for a bowl berth. Avenging the 50-7 beating in Fort Worth last season and leaving a lasting impression in the minds of the bowl selectors and fans could be huge for Strong’s future in Austin. 2.) Texas VS. OU, October 8th, 2016 This one goes without saying. The virtual midpoint in the season, and the two Big 12 powerhouses come together in Dallas for one huge weekend. A win or loss in this game almost always gives an indication on how the rest of the season is going to trend for the two schools (sans last year). If Texas can emerge from the two week gauntlet of OSU and OU with at least one win, that will set them up well for the rest of the year - the two favorites to win the Big 12 will be out of the way in the first five games. 1.) Notre Dame @ Texas, September 4th, 2016 Two of the nation’s most storied programs will face off in Austin to kick off the 2016 season. The game will be played on Sunday night and it will be the only televised game at the time, which means the eyes of the nation will be tuned in. It’s an important game for both programs, but it’s critical for Texas. Notre Dame has very high expectations for this year, and it is probably the most talented team Texas will see throughout the season. Playing the Irish right out of the gate will be a good measuring stick for the Longhorns, as team strengths and weaknesses will indubitably manifest themselves. While Notre Dame is favored to win this game, if Texas can find a way to pull of the upset, it could be a sign of things finally turning around in Austin. As someone put it to me recently, “If Texas wins that game, I have them as my dark-horse team in the entire country, let alone the Big 12.” It’s not often that things work out how you would like them to during the course of the year. If I was told Texas would be guaranteed 3 wins out of these 5 games before the season started, I would take those three games and run. Winning 3 out of these 5 would mean, in all likelihood, that they would at least amass a bare minimum of 6 wins (given the nature of the rest of their schedule), good enough for a bowl berth. What they do with the seven games not mentioned here will be determined by how they play in these 5 key games. Winning key games builds momentum into the next week and so on, and the momentum factor will be ever so important in a year that has high stakes for the Texas program and its future.
  9. Stars & Stripes in the landscape! I fly Old Glory every day of the year, unless weather is so bad that it damages my flag. I simply love landscapes where the American flag is flown. The red, white and blue color scheme stand out against the natural greens and earth tones of a landscape. Its one of the reasons why I enjoy the July 4th Independence Day holiday so much. So many folks get in on the act – and show some very unique ways of employing the American flag for display. Some drape it across their porches and patios, others use wind socks and landscape flags in the beds. Another popular display is simply lining sidewalks or driveways with miniature flags. But my favorites are the homemade crafts for they show not only the patriotic spirit, but creativity and skill as well. Whatever you may prefer, find a way to display your patriotism in your landscape this year! Bird baths should be cleaned out using a brush and vinegar and the water replaced regularly. Skeeters! Zika scare With all the publicity surrounding the mosquito-carried disease Zika and the fact that Texas has the types of mosquitos that carry this disease, more people are tuned in to combatting mosquito presence around their homes. Especially with the extremely wet spring we’ve had, then the sudden change to hot weather. While there is technically no way to keep mosquitos out of your front or back yard, there are things that can be done to reduce the number to an acceptable level. Green Thumb and other companies offer a temporary mosquito kill service. That entails spraying a commercial grade product in all the nesting places in the lawn/landscape, such as shrub rows, ornamental grasses. You simply have to get beyond the initial layer of growth and get into the interior to get a good kill. We also remove any sources or potential sources of mosquito larvae on the property. And we then spread a granular product that contains Cedar Oil, which carries a pleasant aroma but one that mosquitos and other flying insects do not like. It also helps if you use Cedar mulch in your beds as a further deterrent. If you have bird baths, you will want to rinse them out regularly in order to remove the larvae-infested water that evolves over a couple days. It is very important that you also rinse out and replace your pets’ water bowls that are located outside. Lawn tips for the month 1. Make sure you’ve raised your blade high for July-August mowing. This is the hot weather period and you can help save on your water bill and get a healthier lawn by simply keeping your turf higher during these two months. The burning sun will reach the soil surface and evaporation is much faster as a result, if turf is kept short during hot weather. 2. DO NOT FERTILIZE during the month of July. Just don’t do it, too hot. 3. Start your watering cycles (for sprinkler systems) for 11 p.m. or 12 midnight starting time. This will give your turf more time with the water and provide for healthier turf. We will switch back to morning start times on Labor Day. 4. If possible, water your lawn right after mowing. Mowing effectively creates a wound to the grass blade. The sharper the blade, the less impact this has. But watering will help speed the healing process right away. Letting the freshly cut lawn sit in direct sun will cause a burned tip to the blades. If your blade is not sharp, it compounds the issue because it tears the blade instead of cutting it. 5. I do not recommend bagging your lawn clippings. In doing so, you’re removing organic matter from the turf. The grass waste contains valuable minerals and nutrients that can be returned to the soil if you can mulch your clippings or use a mulching mower. 6. Be on the watch for an early emergence of chinch bugs this year. We’ve already seen evidence of them here in DFW and it’s only the first of summer now. Chinch bugs traditionally strike in late August and early September. You will know their damage in your lawn because there will be dead spots that begin getting bigger each day. The grass will literally be depleted of moisture. And it will almost always happen near a concrete source, or stone, or metal such as sidewalks, driveways, walkways, bed borders, etc. There is an old trick to confirming the presence of chinch bugs. Take a coffee can, remove both ends. Tap on end into the turf about a half inch. Then fill the top with soapy water. If there are chinch bugs present, they will float to the top. If you confirm or suspect you have them, contact a landscape professional asap. 7. If possible, avoid trimming shrubs during July. Doing so exposes the shrub to more intense sun, dries out the root ball area faster, and can cause the plant to go into severe stress. You will also see the cut ends turn burnt brown. Best to hold off unless we begin getting rainfall. Scale, aphids take aim at Crape Mrytles If you follow this column, you know that I’ve said this many times. Watch your Crape Myrtles for the onslaught of two insects…1) Scale, and 2) Aphids. The Scale is easy to recognize as it appears as a white crusty substance on the limbs of the tree. That is actually an insect. Another item of evidence would be the shiny, glossy appearance of the leaves. That is a sugary substance that is deposited by the Scale and Aphids. Other insects, such as ants, will soon follow as they will be attracted to the sugary substance and will feed on it. So your Crapes can become a mess very fast. Once they’re in stress, you could see the appearance of a fungus, such as Black Soot Mold and Powdery Mildew which will be caused by the sealing effect of the moist, sugary substance of the Scale and Aphids. As you can see, these guys are real trouble makers. You can treat and in most cases, eliminate the Scale and Aphids by using a product called Malathion. Several companies make this product, it is commonly sold at Lowes and Home Depot and is relatively inexpensive. You will want to treat twice, two weeks apart. Spray directly on the Scale and even the sections that may not be affected yet. The smell is bad so make sure your skin is covered and your mouth/eyes are covered when applying this product. It will burn the skin and eyes. Scale can also strike shrubs, even Texas Sage. So make sure you examine all the plants in your landscape for these pests. July plant care July and August are brutally hot here in Texas. If you have landscape plants that have been planted within the last 2 months or so, you will want to manually supplement their watering during this hot time. The first year is always the toughest for new plants and being exposed to this heat and relentless sun can throw a plant into shock. Often times, lawn watering schedules just are not enough for these new plantings. Many plants will literally let you know when they are desperate for water, such as the Hydrangeas, Hawthorns, Azaleas, etc. They will “weep†their leaves in a downward fashion. When/if you see this, know that you are about to lose them if you don’t get water on them fast. Do not fertilize new plantings. They are not stable or established enough to withstand, nitrogen, which makes them thirsty, and the already severe heat we’re having. In the Garden . . . If you’re in Texas, you know that we have two growing seasons for some vegetables. If you’re going to have fall tomatoes, you need to have your plants in by July 15. You can be a little later than that if you are in Houston or San Antonio. Almost as traditional as the fall growing season itself is the annual summer search for the Fall tomato plants. Many nurseries won’t have them. You can sometimes get lucky finding them on Craigslist. What I do is get my Fall tomato plants from my spring/summer plants. Here’s how. On any tomato plant, we have what is commonly called “sucker limbs†which grow in the middle of a limb joint/split. Lots of gardeners remove these “suckers†because they feel nutrients are wasted on these limbs of the plant because tomatoes will not grow on sucker limbs. Incidently, we call them “suckers†because in theory, they suck (rob) valuable nutrients from the rest of the plant. I snap the sucker limbs and stick them in small pots with compost. I keep them wet for two weeks while they sprout roots. By week three, I have new tomato plants for fall and need only transplant them to my larger outdoor beds and containers.
  10. Can now be watched on Netflix. If you haven't watched it yet, it's well worth it.
  11. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We will start with a wrap up of the weekend following an insane 72 hour period of twists and turns. Going into Friday night, most of us thought we had a good idea of how things would go down. We thought we’d paint you a timeline and pull back the curtain including things we were hearing as the weekend progressed into signing day part 2. Friday Afternoon – Releases were official for the Baylor signees that requested them, and everything swung into high gear. Texas A&M tried furiously to get Patrick Hudson in a car to College Station, but the big man made it pretty obvious he had no interest in the Aggies. Rumors started circulating that Hudson would visit Austin on Saturday and could seal the deal at that time. Kam Martin took off for Auburn in a surprise move to most people in Austin. We were told that Kam was about to become victim to the numbers. Saturday Morning – JP Urquidez comes into town and later signs papers with Texas. No muss, no fuss. Sources near Hudson indicated to the Texas staff they planned to visit Austin. We confirmed with sources near Hudson that he would be heading to Austin that day. Saturday Afternoon – Reports surface that Patrick Hudson is in Norman for an official visit. This one bit of information throws everything into a frenzy. The Texas coaches were not aware of this, and they were expecting Hudson to be in Austin at some time this weekend. Parrish Cobb advised the staff he was coming to Austin to meet with them. Saturday Evening – Hudson is indeed in Norman, and sources tell us that the Sooners are a big threat in his recruitment. Parrish Cobb does not make it in time to meet with the coaches, but he is going to hang out for the night with some of the players and circle back with the coaches in the morning. Saturday Night – Kam Martin is down to Auburn or TCU, Patrick Hudson is having a killer time in Norman, and Parrish Cobb is telling players he will be coming to Texas. Donovan Duvernay makes things official and commits late on Saturday night. Sunday Morning – Parrish Cobb heads back to Waco and plans to return to meet with the staff later. When he returns the coaches are no longer there. All signs point to Oklahoma for Cobb. Hudson stays out the full extent of his official visit and does not have time to visit Austin. Sunday/Monday – Kam Martin makes it official and commits to Auburn. The world waits for word from Patrick Hudson. +++++ So now that we’ve established the timeline, let’s see where we are in the quest to finally wrap up the class of 2016 Who’s in? Devin Duvernay – One of the most dynamic athletes in the state with game changing speed and ability. JP Urquidez – An offensive lineman with strong work ethic and great size. He should be able to compete immediately for PT, and give Texas great depth. Donovan Duvernay – Super utility player that could star at several positions or special teams. Who’s out? Kameron Martin – It appears Kam was a numbers casualty. He will have a great opportunity in an Auburn offense tailored for his skills. Parrish Cobb – It’s not official, but all signs at this time point to Oklahoma after Cobb missed multiple meetings with the Texas coaching staff. Who’s left? Patrick Hudson – While it’s clear that the Longhorns are playing with house money right now, landing Hudson would make this whole deal an incredibly successful surge at the end of the recruiting season. Hudson says he will announce on Thursday, and while the Oklahoma visit gave us a lot of pause in regards to our prediction, We think Texas wins out in the end. It’s worth noting that nothing would surprise us (even Hudson deciding to enroll at Baylor) with the way this has played out. +++++ While everyone was wrapped up in the signee saga going on this weekend, Texas commit Kobe Boyce took a trip up to Iowa with three other DFW prospects. Eno Benjamin (already committed to Iowa), Gavin Holmes (committed to Iowa this morning), and Matt Hankins (leaning to Iowa) were along with Boyce and the visit went extremely well. We communicated with Boyce and sources close to him over the weekend, and the visit did give him some things to think about. Boyce has a close friend already on the Iowa team, and he is tight with the three prospects he visited with. The Texas coaches knew of Kobe’s visit, and they spoke with him on Sunday. Nothing is going down with Boyce right now, but he is certainly evaluating other schools and will be visiting some over the summer. The Texas staff loves Boyce, and they are after him hard to re-affirm his commitment. While it is something to watch out for, don’t expect anything on the Boyce front for the time being. +++++ Arlington Kicker Chris Naggar has been working hard this summer in preparation for walk-on tryouts once he enrolls in Austin. Naggar recently confirmed that he spoke with the coaches and he will be given a chance to make it as a walk on kicker this fall. While his situation was in a bit of limbo, it now appears it’s been resolved and Naggar plans to cut off contact with the media. We will respect his wishes because he’s been incredibly open and honest with us. Naggar has a big leg and nice accuracy, and he should figure into the Texas place kicking battle this year. +++++ Speaking of kickers, we’ve heard Texas might be investigating a transfer at that position. We can’t get into names at this point, but this particular player comes from a big-time University and would be a fifth year senior. He is currently the backup, and he could be a shot in the arm for a big position of need. More on this when we can delve into it. +++++ Finally, with the coaches starting their vacation and the dead period in effect, don’t expect much in the way of recruiting news over the next few weeks. Once the Opening and Under the Lights happens we should start getting into the swing of things as we speed towards the beginning of the season. The dog days are about to set in, though they were made a bit more eventful by second signing day. Stick with us, and we’ll get you through to the start of the season.
  12. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ The 2016 Baylor signees are still mired in a holding pattern, but the first limb could fall from that tree this week. While Devin Duvernay is technically a free agent, this will be the first movement in the wake of the Baylor scandal. Let’s take a look at where Texas stands with the athletes currently linked to them. Devin Duvernay – Duvernay wrapped up visits to Austin and Fort Worth in the last week, and while he enjoyed his time at both places, we are sticking with the sources we’ve had since the very beginning. It is our belief that Texas will come out on top for the dynamic receiver when he makes a decision this week. Texas was able to sell Duvernay on a role in the new offense that no one else could fill, and the players on campus were able to do their part in recruiting the dynamic speedster. To be clear I’m not saying this is over, but sources on all sides indicate that Texas is in a great position here. If and when Devin’s brother Donovan receives his release from Baylor, we expect him to have a spot in Austin. Parrish Cobb – We reported a couple of weeks ago that things with Cobb were turning in the right direction for Texas. After previously zeroing in on Oklahoma, I was told by sources that a couple of Texas freshmen put in a ton of work on Cobb to get him to consider Texas. Once the LOI fiasco is resolved, we expect Texas to land Cobb. Patrick Hudson – Now for the bad news. We were told a couple of weeks ago that Hudson was starting to turn towards enrolling at Baylor for the second summer session. In talking to some people this week, we learned that the thought is picking up steam. Hudson might have been a victim of some scare tactics by the Waco staff, because the previous indications we received from his family stated that Hudson had no plans to enroll at Baylor. We are still waiting for official word on the LOI resolution, but it looks like Baylor could have saved themselves here. +++++ The Texas satellite camp yielded two offers to 2018 prospects following the event in Addison on Friday. One of those players was Rockwall linebacker Alston Orji. Orji has been on a tear this offseason as he and his brother embarked on a nationwide tour of several campuses along with his brother Anfernee (a 2019 athlete). We caught up with Alston following his offer to get the latest on his recruitment. “To know the staff over at Texas was so interested in me at this early stage in my high school career, and extended me an offer is a true honor,” Orji told us when asked his thoughts on the offer. Orji has an impressive build, but he said the Texas coaches gave him feedback on other aspects of his game following the camp. “They were impressed by my physical and mental toughness. They also liked my hustle throughout drills and 1 on 1’s.” Orji’s busy summer will continue, but the recruiting might be coming to an end for him. “I actually have a trip to Nigeria in a little while, so I won’t be doing many more camps for some time,” Orji told us when asked if he would be attending Under the Lights in Austin. So where does Texas stand in the eyes of one of the hottest prospects in the 2018 class? “Texas is definitely a top tier school, and would be high up on anyone’s list. I’m blessed to have any offer, so each one means a lot.” With that on his mind, it doesn’t seem like Orji is in a rush to make his decision. “Not anytime soon. I’m young, and very early in my recruitment. I’d like to wait until I feel I’m ready.” We believe Texas will be a favorite for Orji and his family, but he will certainly have options from all over the map and a lot of time to think about things. +++++ 2018 Arlington Lamar defensive lineman Bobby “Tre” Brown was the main event at the Texas satellite camp, and the massive fifteen year old picked up his offer on Saturday morning following the camp. We spoke with Brown following the camp to get his thoughts on the Texas camp and his recruitment in general. Brown drew the attention of numerous coaches and media members at the camp, and he thought he did well. “I think I did good, but there’s always room for improvement,” he told us. Brown is seeing a whirlwind of offers and attention, but he’s got a long road to go before he makes a decision. “I’m young, so I’m just weighing my options right now.” Brown has not been to Austin on a visit, but he tells us he does plan to get to Austin sometime this year for a visit. Brown is former teammates with Shane Buechele, and he said he talks with the Longhorn quarterback quite frequently. We’ll have more with this emerging elite defensive lineman throughout the year. +++++ 2018 Prestonwood Christian DB Verone McKinley is already a known commodity in his class. The junior-to-be already holds 24 offers from the likes of Alabama, LSU, Florida, Clemson, and Texas A&M. While the Longhorns have hosted McKinley multiple times, they have not yet offered him a scholarship. We caught up with V3 following the Texas camp to get his thoughts on his performance. “I had a great day I feel.” McKinley showed some physicality at the line of scrimmage today, and he feels he opened some eyes on the Texas staff. “Yes sir, I think they’ve had their eye on me but I definitely came out and competed today.” McKinley trains with Clay Mack, and the Texas coaches noticed the work he puts in with Mack. “They definitely liked my technique and liked what I was doing.” McKinley tells us he’s planning to make it to Austin for a game this fall as he continues to evaluate potential college choices. +++++ 2017 Bishop TK Gorman receiver Judah Bell was a standout performer at the Texas satellite camp. The former basketball prospect is putting in hard work to convert to wide receiver, and his work ethic showed in spades during the camp. We spoke with him afterwards to assess his performance. “I think I did well. I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to work on, but I think I competed and did my best.” The most impressive thing about Bell during the camp was his tenacity to finish every drill. Bell finished each route by running all the way to the end zone in a way that wasn’t showy but definitely stood out. “It’s just in my mind, score every time. There’s two ways I go about that. I want to train my muscles and my mind to score every time I get a rep and go all the way to the end zone. Secondly, I never know when it’s going to be my last time seeing it.” Bell is still working on the finer points of football, and he feels like he’s seeing some success from the transition to the field. “I feel like it’s going well. As you obviously know, I was heavy into basketball last year. I think it helps me playing as a receiver playing balls in the air. I think that’s why I’m a deep threat because it’s just like grabbing rebounds.” Schools are still moving slowly with Bell, but he’s starting to gain more attention. “Boise State; I’ve talked with them a lot recently. I’ve talked with coach Stoker from Illinois. Texas is still in the mix, they invited me to come to the Under the Lights camp they are having in Austin next month.” Bell did confirm he would be in attendance for that event. Being an east Texas product, Bell is being recruited by Jeff Traylor, and he told us what makes him so special. “He’s a great guy, if you’re a great ballplayer and play hard you can definitely play for him. If you take care of your business, he will definitely help you find a place that fits best for you.” +++++ Sachse is loaded with 2018 talent, and Drue Jackson is poised to become the big play threat in their offense this year. Jackson competed at the Texas camp, and he looked incredibly smooth going through each drill. We spoke with Jackson following the camp to get the latest on him. “I did really good in one on ones and drills, so it was all good.” Jackson was there with his quarterback Jalen Mayden, and he told us there’s a certain level of comfort catching passes from him. “I know if I’m going with him I’m going to get the best ball possible.” Jackson is starting to pick up attention from various schools, and he gave us the run down on recent recruiting attention. “I have offers from Iowa, Utah, Louisville, and Texas Tech. I’ve been talking with TCU and Texas a lot, so those are the schools I’m focusing on right now.” Texas receivers coach Charlie Williams spent a lot of time with Jackson during the camp, and he told us he’s building a great relationship with the new coach. “Coach Williams told me he’s going to be down here a lot once the season starts to see me. He was out during the spring and saw me during the camp, so he said to just stay in contact.” Jackson will talk with Charlie Williams about attending the Under the Lights camp, and he told us that if Texas offered they would be incredibly high on his list. +++++ Elkins LB Kenneth Murray announced last week that he set an announcement date on August 10th. We believe this comes down to Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and maybe Ole Miss. Murray was on campus a week ago before going to College Station in the same day. While Murray is maintaining that everyone is equal, we believe that Texas is currently in the lead to land the versatile defender. If Texas pushes for his commitment this early they should be able to seal the deal. +++++ Hutto (TX) defensive end Ondario Robinson is narrowing his choices between a few schools. Recently we spoke with Robinson about his visits to Austin and College Station. Robinson was in Austin two weeks ago, and he thought the visit went well, but he’s still working to establish some familiarity with the Texas staff. “It went good, but it could’ve been better. They were having a youth camp at the same time. Talking to Coach Strong was great, though I like the facilities. I’m going back to speak more with the coaches.” Robinson told us he would most likely attend Under the Lights in July. Robinson was in College Station for their recruiting barbecue, and he gave that visit high marks. “Man I really enjoyed myself.” When pressed about how he would rate the visit, Robinson told us it was better than his time in Austin. “I was involved with everything at A&M, and at Texas I didn’t get to talk to the coaches as much as I liked because of their youth camp.” Robinson told us that A&M has a lead in his recruitment now, but he said more familiarity with the Texas coaches could help them gain some ground. “You could say that. When I go back, I’m going back with a clear head and open mind to listen and take into consideration what they have to offer.” Robinson says he plans to make a decision during half time of the first game. “Me and my head coach are getting it together. Hutto doesn’t always have a big time recruit.” While the Aggies lead currently, Texas still has time to make up ground in this recruitment.
  13. A big shout out to all the Fathers out there! Happy Fathers Day! You have never been more important than you are during these times.
  14. Check out 4th and 5 where Mike Roach and Will Baizer tell you where Texas should turn in the baseball coaching search, talk more about the Baylor scandal, and give you some notes on recruiting. Special guest: Joe Cook of Inside Texas https://soundcloud.com/4th-and-5/2016-06-14-where-should-texas-turn-in-the-baseball-coach-search-baylor-scandal-recruiting-talk
  15. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We’ll start as we have the last few weeks with the latest about what we know concerning the 2016 signees awaiting an LOI release from Baylor. Devin Duvernay – We’ll start with the one player not bound by a letter of intent. Duvernay was in Austin this weekend visiting Texas, and our sources tell us things went extremely well for Texas. Our sources have said from the beginning that Texas would be extremely favorable for the Sachse speedster, and they voiced excitement over the visit this weekend. We were told that Texas pitched Duvernay on a role in the offense no one else can fill. Texas will also rely on the relationships Duvernay has with several players in the program. The most notable relationship is with quarterback Shane Buechele who tried to recruit Duvernay to Austin last year. TCU is going to be tough competition, but our sources in Austin believe Texas will land Duvernay, and our sources near him have said the same thing from the beginning. The biggest question will concern Devin’s brother Donovan and his pending release from Baylor. As we’ve told you from the beginning, Devin will not do anything until there is clarity on his brother’s situation. Patrick Hudson – Sources are all over the map here as they were during his recruitment, and we’ve got a few storylines we are chasing for the big man. Reports from the Baylor 247 site indicate that Hudson is listening to the sales pitch of the new staff and is considering enrolling in Waco for the second summer session. We checked with some folks, and heard some similar things. One person told us that there are some scare tactics are in place possibly pushing Hudson in that direction. Other sources indicated that Hudson still has a connection with the existing staff, and he really sees Waco as a good fit coming from a small town. There were a couple of people that told us Hudson is still evaluating his options, and pushing for a release is still a very real option. At the end of the day we think if Hudson pushes for and is released from his LOI he will end up in Austin. Parrish Cobb – There’s not much new information to report here. It’s a two team race at this point between Oklahoma and Texas, and sources are starting to feel more optimistic about the chances he lands in Austin. +++++ I talked to some sources on two five star players Texas is after in this class. Jeff Okudah – We were told that while Texas is hanging on in this recruitment, they have quite a hill to climb. “I’m not sure if Texas would make a top 5 if Jeff released it today”. Most people believe Ohio State is in the drivers seat here, and everyone we spoke with agreed with that assessment. One person told us that Stanford might be a strong competitor in this race due to the relationship Okudah has with Stanford defensive back coach Duane Akina. Most Texas fans are aware of Akina’s recruiting prowess, and the educational opportunities available in Palo Alto make that situation hard to beat. “Jeff didn’t grow up in Texas, so he didn’t grow up like most kids enamored with the Longhorns. The fact that the last few years have been a struggle is one thing, but they don’t have the proven horses recruiting like Mack’s staff had. Don’t get me wrong, Charlie’s staff has done some unbelievable things, but Akina is a machine, and he’s the reason Stanford is getting back into Texas with such frequency”. As we’ve seen, Charlie will continue to push for the five star defender, but Texas has a ton of work to do. Baron Browning – We also spoke to sources regarding Browning, and while we were told that Texas is still very high on his list, Ohio State is making a big impression. Browning enjoyed his time in Columbus, and he’s going back with his parents to visit again. While I normally wouldn’t worry about out of state options at this point, I was told Okudah and Browning have strongly discussed playing together at the next level. We were told if Browning stayed in state it would likely be Texas, but UCLA and Ohio State will be a thorn in this recruitment. +++++ Memphis (TN) Harding Academy offensive lineman Will Lawrence is one of the top players in the country for 2018. The offensive lineman holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Texas, Texas A&M, and USC among many others. He made the trip to Austin to compete at the Texas minicamp this past weekend and Will Baizer caught up with him to get the scoop on the visit. Lawrence is the cousin of former Texas kicker Hunter Lawrence, and that seems to have Texas in the picture for one of the most heavily recruited players in his class. It sounds like the visit went really well for Lawrence and he enjoyed his time on campus. “It was really good, but I didn’t feel like it was my best day”. Lawrence spent some time talking with the coaching staff, and he told us they discussed the opportunities at Texas and technique as it relates to the offensive scheme. Lawrence told us he connected well with Matt Mattox, and was excited to meet him for the first time. “I really liked him. I thought he was a cool dude”, said Lawrence. “He’s just super laid back, and he says I can play tackle which means a lot to me”. Lawrence told us that he really enjoyed the facilities and meeting with the coaching staff, and he’s still mulling over his offers. He hopes to make a decision by the end of this year, but he told us that no teams are really standing out to him at the moment. When decision time comes, we expect Texas to be in the thick of the race to win his commitment. Lawrence also told us he wants to try to visit again this summer. We will be on top of the story as it unfolds, so stay tuned for more on the Tennessee lineman. +++++ Elkins linebacker Kenneth Murray is experiencing a whirlwind right now. In the last few months he went from a player on the verge of exploding to a player picking up big time offers from powerhouse programs. Murray was on campus Saturday for a visit before jetting down to College Station for their recruiting barbecue. We caught up with the versatile defender to get the latest on his recruitment. “It was great”, Murray told us. “I really enjoyed myself”. Murray told us he would rate both visits “about the same”, but he detailed the Texas visit and what he talked about with the coaching staff. “We talked about a lot of stuff. Mostly just life in general. I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed hanging out with Malik (Jefferson) and some of the guys. I just chilled with the coaches, and we laughed and joked around about things with them and my parents”. Murray said he spent an hour with Charlie Strong, and his parents enjoyed their time in Austin. We asked Murray if his parents were leaning one way or another in his recruitment and he told us they see everyone as equal right now. Murray should be back later in the summer for Under the Lights, and our sources tell us Texas is in a strong position to land him. +++++ Lancaster (TX) wide receiver Omar Manning finally made it to Austin after re-scheduling visits during the spring. While we haven’t been able to connect with Manning, we did talk to some sources close to his recruitment. It was once thought that TCU was running away with this recruitment, but Texas has closed the gap in a hurry from what we were told. Sources there indicated the new coaching staff at Texas has some built in advantages in Lancaster. New defensive backs coach Clay Jennings has experience recruiting in south Dallas, and Sterlin Gilbert is close with members of the Lancaster staff. Texas is slowly emerging as a potential leader in the recruitment of Manning, and they are poised to go toe to toe with TCU during the fall. +++++ A week after Yoakum (TX) defensive back Jordan Moore earned an offer he returned to Austin to take part in another minicamp. This time he worked out on the offensive side of the ball at wide receiver. Daniel Seahorn was on campus after the camp speaking with recruits, and he spent some time with Moore. “It was a blessing to come down here and do great again”, Moore told us. While he plays both ways at his high school, we had Moore pegged as a defensive back all the way. The Texas staff sees Moore as an athlete with potential to play on both sides of the ball. “I plan on coming back and doing a visit. I’m going to let my body rest and then come back again in late July”. Moore spent some time with the coaching staff, but the majority of his time was spent with Charlie Strong. “I talked with Coach Strong, and the DB coach. Mainly Coach Strong, the DB coach was talking with the group. They like me a lot, and they told me not to test today because I put up good numbers last week”. Moore hung out with Texas quarterback commit Sam Ehlinger, and he told us that Austin gives him a good feeling. “It just feels like home”, said Moore. It’s no secret that Texas is at the top of the list for the Yoakum twins, and Jordan told us his mom (who graduated from Texas) prefers her boys to be at her alma mater. Moore has a visit set up with LSU this Thursday, and he tells us he’ll take it day by day from there. +++++ Huffman (TX) Hargrave offensive lineman Dennis Bardwell was a standout at the Texas camp on Sunday. We caught up with the offensive lineman following the camp to find out how everything went for him. Bardwell spoke with Matt Mattox at the camp, and he described that conversation to us. “It was good”, Bardwell said. “It was mostly small talk about the trip and whatnot, and a little bit about football”. Bardwell told us that Mattox made it known to him an offer could be coming down the road. “He said they are checking out one guy, and if that doesn’t happen I’ll probably be the next one up”. Bardwell also gave us his thoughts on the visit and his time on campus. “I loved the campus, and my sister comes here so that’s a bonus”. Bardwell told us that he feels Texas and Texas A&M were close to offering him, and that Houston was standing out among schools that offered him. Bardwell committed to Houston earlier today, but it certainly seems that Texas could get into this race if they choose to. While Texas isn’t pursuing a ton of linemen in this class, Bardwell could be one to watch down the stretch. This post has been promoted to an article
  16. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ We will start this week with an update on the 2016 Baylor signees still trying to get out of their NLI’s. Devin Duvernay – The speedster was scheduled to be in Austin today, but he pushed his visits back to next week. It appears that Duvernay is zeroing in on Texas, TCU, and Oklahoma. All three schools have certain things in their favor to win over the Sachse star. Texas was a favorite of Duvernay’s last year, and they now run an offense that fits his skills in the best way. TCU is close to home, and they offered his brother Donovan during the recruiting cycle. Oklahoma has Duvernay’s cousin Kyler Murray, along with a fast paced attack where his speed would excel. I believe this recruitment will still come down to a packaged deal between Devin and Donovan. It was reiterated to me this weekend that Duvernay loves Texas, and if the Longhorns were to go all in for both brothers they would have a great chance to land them. We will see what shakes out on his visits. Patrick Hudson - Much like during the season, the big man is pretty quiet when it comes to matters of his recruitment. The sentiment behind the scenes continues to be that Texas would be an overwhelming favorite should he choose to go elsewhere and receive his release. Parrish Cobb – Cobb’s father has been outspoken about obtaining his son’s release, and rightly so since it was promised to him on the condition of a meeting with new Baylor coach Jim Grobe. The word last week was that Cobb would be headed to Oklahoma once he was released, but I was told yesterday that Texas is back in play, and Cobb is starting to warm to the idea. The reason I’m told, is that some of the incoming freshmen are doing their best sales pitch to get Cobb to Austin. I was told Brandon Jones is leading the charge to land Cobb, along with his cousin Eric Cuffee. Combine that with Cobb’s reported love for Clay Jennings, and Texas might be able to secure themselves the best pure cover corner from last year’s class. JP Urquidez – Urquidez and his family have been equally as vocal about their desire to obtain a release from Baylor. The indications are still mixed on the back end, but I believe Texas would have some interest if he’s out there. +++++ Texas held their first mini-camp of the summer over the weekend, and we were able to speak to several attendees. One of the big headlines on the day was the offers extended to Yoakum twins Joshua and Jordan Moore. The 2018 brothers have been picking up big offers around the nation since the spring and it’s easy to see why. We spoke with both brothers last night to get the scoop on their day in Austin. HornSports: Tell me about the offer, how did it feel? Jordan: “It was a surreal feeling. I didn’t expect it, but at the same time I dominated in one on one’s so I kind of felt like I was going to get some kind of big news”. Joshua: “The offer meant a lot to me! It was a big one. My mother actually graduated from Texas, so that will definitely play a factor in the process”. HornSports: Is she already recruiting you to Austin? Joshua: “A little bit. I think she was more excited than me and Jordan. She just wants what’s best for us, so whatever school we decide to commit to we know our parents will be behind us 110%”. Jordan: “She’s been yelling ‘hook em’ all through the house today, but at the same time she tells us to do what’s best for us”. HornSports: Most twins want to play together at the next level. Is that something you guys have agreed on? Joshua: “Not really. As of right now, we’re just letting things happen. As it gets closer to decision time we will start to narrow things down”. HornSports: Joshua, I heard you measured in at 6’3. Is that true? Joshua : “Yes sir” HornSports: I think I had you at 6’1 at the Opening in Houston. Joshua: “Yes sir I was 6’1 a couple of months ago”. HornSports: How did the offer go down? Joshua: “Well actually he (Coach Strong) offered us out on the field right after camp. I went up to shake his hand and he gave us the news” Jordan: “Yes, he offered us both at the same time”. HornSports: Is it safe to say Texas will be one of your top options? Joshua: “Absolutely”. Jordan: “I can honestly say Texas is my number one”. HornSports: Jordan, you guys have a ton of offers already. Is there one out there you don’t have but you’d love to get. Jordan: “TCU. I’ve always wanted that one. My best friend, who is like an older brother to me plays receiver there”. HornSports: Which one? Jordan: “Tre’vontae Hights”. HornSports: Have you guys thought about when you might make a decision? Jordan: “No sir we actually haven’t”. Both of the brothers are extremely friendly and great to talk with, so we should have a lot of great material from them over the course of their recruitment. It’s still early, but Texas should be considered the early favorite at this point. +++++ One of the prospects that generated the most buzz at the Texas mini-camp this past weekend was Trinity Valley Community College DB Curtis Jones. Jones is a bit of a late bloomer, and a product of South Grand Prairie in the class of 2015 where he teamed with Texas safety Jason Hall. Jones has developed since he left high school, and the 6’1, 180 lbs. junior was a freshman qualifier so he would be eligible to enroll in whatever school he chooses in the fall. Jones told us that the Texas staff had no idea who he was, but that changed when he showed up on Sunday. “Coach Bedford wants me to come to the next camp. He said he loved my physical play and 4.43 speed. He told me he was coming to watch me play at Trinity Valley”. Jones told us he does plan to come back to Austin next week to compete again at the Texas mini-camp. Jones will attend the Abilene Christian camp this week as well in an effort to get as many eyes on him as possible. Now that Jones is on the Texas radar, a strong performance next week could make him a serious contender for an offer. +++++ The name Metcalf is near royalty in Austin. When 2018 Seattle (WA) Garfield High School receiver Mekhi Metcalf attended camp this past weekend, he got a taste of it. The son of former Longhorn Eric Metcalf had a great time in Austin, and he told us all about it. “It was great. As soon as we started I got to see the many trophies won by Longhorn legends, including the two Heisman trophies won by Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams. I also got to see all of the different facilities and spaces used by the football program. I was just amazed”. Metcalf measured in at 6’2, 168 lbs., and he ran a 4.83 40 on what he told us was a bum hip. Metcalf also got to interact with the Texas coaches, and he really enjoyed their feedback. “Coach Charlie Williams told me to keep up the good work so he can get a trip to Seattle to see me play”. It came as no surprise when Metcalf told us that he grew up a huge fan of Texas. If the Longhorns were to recruit him, he told us that they would most definitely be at the top of his list. Currently Metcalf is hearing from Washington State, Oregon State, Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and Hawaii. As he enters his junior season in high school, look for more schools to notice his ability and for his profile to rise. +++++ We caught up briefly with Hutto defensive end Ondario Robinson who was recently offered by Texas. Robinson has been pretty quiet since the offer, but he did tell us about what it meant to him. “It was good to get because Texas has a rich history in athletics. It’s a great school”. Robinson has been in contact with Texas since the offer, and he actually visited today. We will try to catch up with him again to get a recap on how it went. Robinson is being recruited by Vance Bedford, and at this point Texas faces its biggest competition from Oklahoma and Texas A&M. This post has been promoted to an article
  17. After the historic rainfall Texas received during the last half of May, many homeowners have discovered that their homes are vulnerable to minor/major flooding. You may be one of them. The following are some tips on how to remedy some potential flood issues that you previously may not have known existed. 1. Foundation line – the foundation line of your house is a key point in your ability to keep water out of your home. The soil that meets your foundation should be at least three inches below the top of the foundation, or the foundation line. What generally happens over time is that the homeowner replaces plants and mulch in the beds that butt up to the home and the next thing you know, the soil is at or above the foundation line. The foundation is made of a solid piece of concrete. It will not allow water into the home in itself. However, the brick or stone on the home is made with mortar, which is porous and will allow water through. When the soil sits at or above the foundation line, water easily penetrates the mortar and goes into the home. Notice you cannot see the foundation on this house as the soil is now resting over the first mortar joint. Water will easily get into the interior of this home. 2. Declined grading surrounding the home – Your home should have been built on a slab that is elevated above the surrounding property. The soil surrounding the home should decline away from the home. Again, over time, various factors will cause the grade to be adjusted or changed. Such as sodding and resodding areas of your lawn. This should be checked and if you don’t feel comfortable gauging that, consult with a landscape professional or foundation specialist. Most home inspectors will red flag items 1 and 2 when the time comes to sell a home. 3. Even if you have items 1 and 2 covered, your home’s location may still be prone to flooding for a variety of reasons. In these instances, one should consider having a drainage system installed. There are several types of drains and combinations to consider. I recommend using at least 4†PVC piping rather than the corrugated black pastil variety. The PVC will outlast the black plastic and the plastic will crush (foot traffic) and clog easier. In cases where large volumes of water must be dealt with, go to a 6†drainage pipe. Install drain basin with large grates in areas of accumulating water. A French Drain is another way of handling/moving drain water. It is essentially the same type of 4†PVC pipe but with perforation (holes) for water intake. A trench is dug, lined with landscape cloth and partially filled with lime gravel (or other gravel). The piping is encased in a sock (thin white cloth) to keep out soil, then the pipe is covered in the same lime gravel. A thin layer of sod can be placed over the drain to hide its existence. A French Drain being installed, above. 4. Tie in your gutter downspouts to your drain system. This carries the water away from the home before it has a chance to become an issue. In some cases this may not be possible, but if the majority of the downspouts can be deposited into the drain system, the flooding risk is greatly reduced. 5. Emitters – These are commonly sold at the national franchise home improvement stores. They are the attachment placed at the end of the drain line which, by force of water, pops up and allows water to exit the drain system. However, with a lack of enough force, the pop up in not engaged and water is trapped in your drain system. Emitters are inherently restrictive by design. 6. If you have a drain system already in place, you must maintain it by clearing it once or twice a year. You can do this by simply removing the surface drain grates and flush out the debris in the pipes using a water hose at full capacity. If you have a second spigot you can use, a second flow will enhance your cleaning ability. Start at the drain furtherest from the water exit and work your way towards the end of the line. You can force the hose further and further, slowly, and get best results. Some homes which have flooded recently could have avoided the heartache had their drains been properly maintenanced and clear. After Effects of the Monsoon While many, like myself, are celebrating the recent restoration of our lakes and groundwater sources via the historic rains, therein comes with it some things that we’ll soon be dealing with. Such as . . . Insects The environment is ripe for an insect population explosion. Right now, you may have noticed a larger than number of spiders and spider webs around your property. They know whats up. LOL Insects thrive where there’s moisture, heat and plenty of food. The rains have supplied the moisture and the vegetation that it brings. Be on the lookout for . . . Scale – A white crusty substance you’ll want to check your Crape Myrtles and shrubbery for is actually an insect known as Scale. It feeds on the moisture of the host plant and will cause significant damage and even death in large infestations. Additionally, it secretes a sugary substance which draws in other unwanted insects, such as ants, which feed on the sugary substance. Aphids – Like Scale, Aphids are an insect that will feed on Crape Myrtles, shrubbery and other small trees. They are small and can be green or black. They also feed on the plant’s moisture, causing significant damage. They also secrete a sugary substance which draws other insects in. In the case of both the Scale and Aphids, a product readily available under several brand names called Malathion will knock out them out. For more assurance, treat twice, two weeks apart. Be sure to wear gloves and eyewear for protection. The product does carry a stark odor. Fungus Some homeowners may be seeing evidence of turf fungus in the lawn, namely brown patch or take-all patch or dollarspot. The diseases can be cured with a simple application of liquid or granular fungicide. However, with the increase in temperatures and drier weather, most any lawn fungus will not survive very much longer under those conditions. Other plants in the landscape, such as Indian Hawthorns, Red Tip Photinas, Hollies and Crape Myrtles will suffer from a variety of other fungal diseases which will continue through the heat, thanks to the canopies the host provides. Black Spot – Black spot is easy to identify as its name is the symptom it leaves behind. It is easily remedied with liquid fungicide treatments applied to the leaves and also poured at the base of the plant (systemically). Once leaves are infected with black spot, it will not clear up. The leaf will eventually die and drop, new ones will grow to replace. Powerdery mildew – Another fungal disease that will be observed on the leaves on the plants. It also looks like its name indicates, a white powdery substance covering large portions of the leaves. This is also remedied using liquid fungicide. Black Soot mold – A fungal disease that will attack both the leaves and the trunks/limbs of the plant. The leaves and woody sections will darken to a look resembling fireplace soot. This disease block photosynthesis from occurring and slowly causes decline and death. In addition to spraying a fungicide, it is also necessary to remove a large percentage of the soot from the plant using a soft, wet washcloth. While fungus is easily treated, if left untreated it can cause damage and decline. Chemically speaking . . . It’s now time to apply that second round of fertilizer or weed/feed to your lawn. You’ve got through end of June to get it done. You’ll want to stick with a milder fertilizer this round as we head into the hottest months. Do not feed your bedding plants anything with nitrogen in it at this time. Wait until the end of summer. If you have not done so already, apply a grub killer to your lawn this month. Grubs typically begin feeding in June, but in some locations in Texas they began feeding very early. Most grub killers will kill other insects in the turf as well. It is now hot enough for most weed killers to be effective. Stick to the recommended ratio when mixing so that you won’t burn turf. Powerwashing . . . Any homeowner can create a “new†look in their outdoor environment by simply reclaiming what was once new. Whether it be a picket fence or a flagstone or concrete patio complex, power washing can bring back the look you loved when it was installed. Powerwashers can be rented from most equipment rental companies. You can rent for 2-4 hours or rent an entire day (24 hrs). I recommend you rent one with 3000 psi which will remove most anything you run into in concrete or wood. Powerwashers will come with a wand and hose, but you will need to supply your own water hose. Operation is easy, but safety precautions should be observed. At 3000 psi, one can remove their toes rather easily if they’re not paying attention to what they’re doing. I am often asked what pre-treatment I use. I’m sure they work fine but honestly, we haven’t needed to use them. I would assume the higher psi resolves that issue. Question & Answer time . . . Question: My petunias have bit the dust as soon as the temperatures got hot down here. What can I plant to replace them now that we’re in the middle of the season? Answer: Your safest bet is going to be Begonias, if you can still find them. As the season wears on, the availability of flowers becomes more and more scarce. So don’t wait long. Pentas would also be a nice option. Both will see you through the end of summer. Question: My new Autumn Blaze Maple, planted three weeks ago, now has some spots on the leaves. Not all the leaves, but about 1/3 of them. These are black spots, small in size. What’s wrong and what do I need to do? Answer: That’s a fungus issue. However, treatment is likely not necessary as we’re heading into the hot part of the season. Conditions for that fungus to continue are increasingly less favorable. The leaves that have been affected will not go back to their original state. Eventually they will drop as new growth comes. Question: With all the rain we’ve had so far, should I even be watering? I’ve had my sprinkler system turned off for the past month. Answer: Yes, you should still be watering. Right now, I would recommend twice a week at 15 mins per zone (sprays) and 45 mins per zone (180 rotors). During weeks when we get rain, you can reduce that accordingly.
  18. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We’ll start with some notes on the Baylor signees that might be on the market in the near future as a result of the recent scandal in Waco. As we mentioned in our notes thread on Thursday, all of this is dependent on if Baylor lets these players out of their LOI’s. Several signees have indicated that they plan to not enroll this week for the first summer session. We’ll give you an update on what we are hearing regarding some of the targets from the 2016 Baylor class. Patrick Hudson – Reports are out that Hudson will not enroll this week, and he’s zeroing in on several in-state options (should he be released) including Texas, Texas A&M, and TCU. We’ve also been told that Georgia might be in the mix when all is said and done. Hudson visited Georgia late in the year, but the context clues in his recruitment say he’s most likely to stay in state. Texas put in a very strong recruitment of Hudson last year, and they almost closed him at the end of the cycle. Hudson was committed to A&M briefly during the beginning of his recruitment, so they could also factor in. The big man is pretty tough to get in contact with, but you have to think Texas holds the edge early in a potential race if his recruitment opens once again. Parrish Cobb - We were told that Cobb started evaluating his options the moment the news was announced that Art Briles would be terminated. Texas probably could have had Cobb on signing day had they entered the race for him earlier. Cobb is down to Texas, TCU, and Oklahoma, where he was previously committed, and each school has something working in their favor. Clay Jennings is a Waco native, and he’s close with Cobb that bodes well for Texas in this race. Information we received today indicates that Oklahoma is the most likely destination for the former Sooner commit. Brandon Bowen – Texas pursued Bowen throughout the recruiting season, but the ultra-athletic defensive end never showed much interest in the Longhorns before ultimately committing to Baylor. In checking with some sources, it seems Bowen still has no interest in Texas. While the Longhorns would love to have a brand new pass rusher in the fold, it appears Bowen will go in another direction. Kam Martin – Martin indicated on twitter that he planned to pursue other options following the dismissal of Briles. Martin does have an interest in Texas, but it appears that the feeling is not mutual at this point. Martin will have to take his talents and his Baylor tattoo elsewhere. Devin Duvernay – Duvernay would be a great weapon in the new Texas offense, but it would likely require taking on his brother to get the job done. Texas wasn’t willing to do that during the recruiting cycle, and it seems unlikely they’d be willing to do so now. JP Urquidez – Information on this front is all over the place. We were told initially that Texas would not have interest in the big offensive lineman, but several Texas coaches recently started following him on twitter. We will see where this one ends up, but we think Texas would be in good shape if they re-enter the race for Urquidez. +++++ We checked in with a few sources for updates on a couple of Texas players who might be close calls when it comes to qualifying. We’ll start with the good news. Duncanville DT Marcel Southall might need a summer session, but it appears he’s just one class short and should be in good shape to make it in. Southall double signed at a JUCO to cover his bases, but we learned today that with a bit of work he should be able to qualify for enrollment in the second summer session. On the bad (or mixed) news front, we’ve heard some things about Erick Fowler that don’t bode well for his chances. Early on we were told that Fowler had a bit of work to do, but he should be on target to finish up in the summer. Yesterday we were given some mixed signals on Fowler’s chances. One source indicated that Fowler was merely trying to up a test score against his GPA on a sliding scale. A second source indicated that Fowler’s situation was far more perilous than that. Frankly, the information is so scattered that we are having a hard time getting an accurate read on the situation. This will certainly be an interesting situation to watch, but the information we are receiving doesn’t look positive at this point. +++++ Texas sent an offer out last week to Elkins LB Kenneth Murray, and we were able to catch up with the versatile defender to get his thoughts on it. We have a good relationship with Murray, and it’s always a pleasure to speak with him. In his time at Elkins, Murray lined up at all three levels of the defense including safety, linebacker, and defensive end. At the Opening regional in Houston, Murray measured in at 6’2, 215 lbs. and ran 4.68 on the laser in the 40. He also showcased a 35 inch vertical, 4.34 in the shuttle, and a 42.5 foot power ball toss. Off the field, Murray is an intelligent and charming man of deep faith. Each time he reported to us that he had a new offer out, he made it clear that it was God blessing him with these opportunities. We had to push back our initial interview because Murray was planning to be at Church on Wednesday night. To sum it up, Murray is a good sized athlete with positional versatility and incredible character. That sounds like the perfect Charlie Strong recruit based on what we’ve seen in his time here. On top of all the things we just listed, Murray told us a year ago that Texas was a childhood favorite of his. When we talked to him after the Notre Dame loss last year he told us “I love Coach Strong and my family loves Coach Strong, so it doesn’t knock them down. I’ve talked with Coach Strong personally about his rebuilding of the program so it doesn’t hurt them on my list at all.” Expect this race to come down to three teams. Texas, Oklahoma, and to a lesser extent Texas A&M are in it for Murray among his other offers. Murray has legit interest in every team recruiting him, but in the end I think his overall love for Texas and the way he fits at the school will have him in Austin next year. Murray also intends to enroll during the spring, and he’s already spoken with the Texas coaches about that. When we spoke to Murray he was very excited about the offer. “Yeah it was [a dream]. I’m really thankful they offered.” Murray mainly deals with Texas defensive line coach Brick Haley, but when the offer came there was a full on effort from the defensive staff. “I received the offer from Coach Strong, and I talked to Coach Bedford, Coach BJ, and Coach Haley after talking to Coach Strong.” We talked earlier about Murray’s admiration for Strong, and it seems that the feeling might be mutual. “He was proud of me,” Murray said. “He just told me no matter how long it takes to decide I will always have a scholarship there. It was a good conversation.” Murray told us that Texas is recruiting him to play all of the linebacker positions, and they’ve spoken with him about the possibilities of lining up at the “Fox” position. Murray said he doesn’t have a timetable for a decision in mind at this time, but he did advise us to look for a list of top schools prior to that decision date. We will keep a close eye on Murray, but Texas sits in a very strong position for this recruitment. +++++ With all sorts of questions surrounding the kicking position this season, a name to know is Chris Naggar. We spoke with the Arlington High School kicker last week to catch up with the latest news surrounding his impending enrollment in Austin. “I’m currently a walk on, but I’m hoping to earn a preferred walk on,” Naggar said when we asked him for his current status. Naggar earned All-State honors last year, and he actually got on the radar by tweeting to Charlie Strong. Someone in the football office took notice, and Jeff Traylor reached out to him after that. Naggar had scholarship offers to several FCS schools and a preferred walk on offer to Sam Houston State and Toledo. While he certainly entertained those possibilities, Naggar told us that Texas has always been a dream school for him. As an Arlington native, we asked him if he knew Shane Buechele. “I don’t talk to him, but I have played against him since junior high and he beat us every year.” Naggar went on to rave about the Texas quarterback. “He’s very good! I loved getting to play against him all these years.” Naggar estimated that his biggest strength is consistency from distance, and dealing with pressure. “I went to kicking camps over the summer, and being a finalist means you have to hit ‘pressure kicks’ where everyone stands around you and yells. That really helped me learn how to deal with it.” Naggar will be majoring in Architectural Engineering once he gets to Austin. What’s unclear is when Naggar will be able to enroll and begin his walk on career. While he’d gladly drop everything to get to campus for the summer session, it looks like he will be coming in the fall. “I was hoping to enroll in the summer to get acclimated to Austin, the team, and classes earlier rather than later. The coaches however said it would be best to enroll in the fall.” While Naggar sits in a holding pattern, he’s just working on his craft and trying to sort out his situation. “I’m still trying to figure things out. As of right now I am just a walk on, so I will have to go to a tryout. Hopefully I will get a preferred walk on so I can go straight to practicing.” While this could be viewed as a somewhat frustrating experience for anyone, Naggar is keeping a positive outlook on things. “I just can’t wait to be in Austin to meet the guys, and prove myself to the coaching staff.” We will keep you updated on the latest with Naggar as we enter the summer. +++++ Mike Roach spent some time at a skills clinic this weekend featuring Margin Hooks’ Sky’s the Limit (wide receivers), Kevin Murray’s Air 14 (Quarterbacks), and Flight Skills (Defensive Backs). Several impressive players were on hand, and we’ve got a report on the day. Paulson Adebo (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3938142/saiid-adebo) – The Mansfield athlete holds a Texas offer, and he is incredibly impressive. In our opinion, Adebo is the most underrated player in the state. With high end talent at both the wide receiver and defensive back position, Adebo’s future looks brightest at corner. Adebo showed great coverage ability and elite athleticism. Notre Dame stands out currently for Adebo, while Texas is in the mix due to their academic reputation. We were told that a Stanford offer would be a game changer for him. While Texas has a good chance to chip away at the lead Notre Dame currently holds, they have some work to do. Adebo might camp at Texas this summer, and getting him on campus could help them out in this recruitment. Mohamed Sanogo (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2861736/mohamed-sanogo) – Plano West’s big inside linebacker looks great in person, and although he wasn’t able to compete due to having his wisdom teeth out, he was out observing. Sanogo’s lack of offers at this point is quite frankly puzzling, and we expect him to pick up steam over the summer. Texas had Sanogo on campus several times during the spring, but they seem to be waiting out Anthony Hines for the inside linebacker position. LD Cox (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4675295/ld-cox) – Dallas Carter’s senior receiver showed fluid athleticism and strong hands on the day. Cox isn’t receiving a ton of attention at this time, but his natural ability should show up on the field this fall. If Cox can put together a strong camp season in the summer, he could be a breakout player in the state. Javon McInnis (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4443437/javon-mcinnis) – Carrolton Ranchview’s do it all prospect is impressive to look at in a camp setting. McInnis has linebacker size with defensive back speed. He plays multiple positions for his team, and his best future outlook might be at the running back position. Whatever the case, McInnis is a true hidden gem in the state. Tanner McCalister (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4129553/tanner-mccalister) – Rockwall Heath’s 2018 corner plays a physical brand of ball, and he’s one of the hardest workers I’ve seen. Tanner was first in line to take every rep he could, and he held his own against some of the best competition at the camp. McCalister is close with Texas safety DeShon Elliott, and he’s told us that Texas is his dream offer. McCalister will camp with Texas this summer, and he has the size and athleticism that Texas loves in their defensive backs. Keep an eye on McCalister as the year progresses. Cole Reeves (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3760108/cole-reeves) – The 2018 Dallas Shelton passer has great size and a big arm. Reeves plans to camp at Texas in the summer, and he could emerge as a 2018 option at quarterback. Reeves told us that Texas is one of his dream offers, but he planned to take the process slowly. Camron Buckley (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/5301337/camron-buckley) – Buckley dominates in camp settings, and his physical style and sure hands were on display today. Buckley was once high on Texas, but it appears they are evaluating other options at this point. Ole Miss might hold the lead at this point for the Cedar Hill receiver, but he did tell us he plans to attend a Texas camp this summer. Charleston Rambo (http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4049970/charleston-rambo) – Cedar Hill’s dynamic deep threat is as smooth as they come. Rambo carved up the secondary once again, and the sooner commit told us he planned to attend a Texas camp with Buckley over the summer. +++++ After a 20 year coaching tenure at the University of Texas, head baseball coach Augie Garrido stepped down today and accepted a position as Special Assistant to the Athletics Director. Garrido, college baseball’s all-time wins leader (1,975) won two national titles with the Longhorns. Garrido guided squads to National Championships in four different decades, and is one of only three coaches in history to win five or more NCAA titles (1979, 1984, 1995, 2002, 2005). The University takes its baseball seriously and is searching for a suitable replacement for Garrido (which is easier said than done). Many potential names have popped up on the search list but the top four to keep an eye on are as follows: Pat Casey (Oregon State), Tim Corbin (Vanderbilt), Brian O'Connor (Virginia) and Kevin O'Sullivan (Florida). Three of these four coaches are currently coaching in Regionals, so we won't delve too much into specifics as to what we're hearing. We'll only say that one particular coach in this list has a bullseye on his back - and the Longhorns want to bring him to the 40 Acres because they are confident he can replicate the success he has has brought to his current program (while complimenting the long-standing baseball tradition at the University of Texas). More on this as the College World Series winds down....
  19. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We’ll start with some odds and ends that we picked up from speaking with team sources this week. Jerrod Heard – There have been reports and rumors that Jerrod Heard has been working with the receivers in the off-season. In speaking with a very solid source this weekend it appears nothing has been decided on that front. “The video everyone is talking about was just the team messing around”, the source told us. “Jerrod might end up over there, but he hasn’t spent any time at the position outside of horsing around”. Young Guns – If the Texas program rebounds in the next few years, the 2015 recruiting class will be seen as the cornerstone of a talented program. Charlie Strong’s first full recruiting class brought Texas players such as Malik Jefferson, Charles Omenihu, DeShon Elliott, John Burt, Holton Hill, Kris Boyd, Connor Williams, Patrick Vahe and Davante Davis. You can tell from watching the team that this group has a special bond with Charlie Strong. In speaking to sources, we learned the group is really emerging as leaders within the program. Several of those players have been working hard since spring ended to step up and earn starting positions. “Those guys are hungry to prove something," our source told us. “They know that they are Charlie’s first class and that carries a certain weight with them. They don’t think there are enough dogs on this team. There are too many players just content to put the jersey on and go out there. These kids are hard at work trying to set the tone and change that.” 2016 Season – We spoke to a few current players to gauge their feelings on the upcoming season. From talking to the guys, it is clear there is a real sense of optimism in the air. “We have to do better this year,” one player told us. “We know that Coach Strong has a lot on the line and we don’t want to be responsible for anything happening to him.” One theme among the optimism we heard is the emergence of Shane Buechele. The players believe in the true freshman because he’s proving it in practice, and he leads by example in all aspects. “There’s just something different about that dude,” another player told us. “He’s not arrogant, but he is very confident. You can just tell he’s about his business.” +++++ With spring football winding down at high schools around the state, the camp circuit is starting to heat up for the summer. Over the next few months we will bring you coverage from skill camp clinics, satellite camps, and the Under the Lights event in the summer. Our Daniel Seahorn was out at the Texas Takeover Showcase in Manor this past weekend to take in the action. The event was hosted by former Texas Longhorn All-American Derrick Johnson, and it featured many former Longhorns who came out to help coach. Fozzy Whitaker, Kwame Cavil, and Emmanuel Acho were just a few of the names on hand to help out at the camp. We were able to speak with Derrick Johnson following the event to catch up with the legendary defender. Derrick Johnson on..... Malik Jefferson “He’s a guy that will be an NFL player. The sky’s the limit for him. He’s very athletic and I think his skill rushing the passer is better than mine. I was more of a sideline to sideline guy, but he can do it all.” Derrick Johnson on..... Coach Charlie Strong “They’re doing a great job. I’m over there a lot actually because I work out there during the off-season, and we believe in what he’s doing. He’s a guy that’s about discipline on and off the field. He’s a defensive guy which is right up my alley, but whenever I talk to him it’s very genuine. He just wants to win, and he’s getting the right guys in there." Derrick Johnson on.... what he tells current players “I try to tell them to always work hard and that hard work pays off. I’m kind of old school when it comes to that, and staying easily motivated. Anything has to motivate them. You can’t come in and say I don’t want to work today. Somehow you’ve got to find it when you get out on the field, and they will because the great ones do." Derrick Johnson on.... new Texas coach Anthony Johnson “He’s an old school ball coach. He’s my age, but he’s one of those guys where if we get together he always has to draw up a play no matter what we are talking about.” Derrick Johnson on.... a possible future in coaching “I will get into coaching later on, but it won’t be a rush to get into it. Coaches put in a whole bunch of time. I’m not committed to the time they put in yet, but I’ll take my time and chill out for a few years before I find my way into coaching.” +++++ We continue to take a sneak peek at the 2018 class as we grow closer to releasing our first ranking for the soon-to-be juniors. Last week we told you about some of the quarterbacks in this class, and this week we take a look at the safeties. The past few years have been a safety renaissance within the state of Texas. Players like Brandon Jones, Deontay Anderson, Eric Monroe, Grant Delpit, Jeff Okudah, and Robert Barnes have emerged as elite players in the nation at the position. 2018 looks like it could be another strong year, so let’s take a look at the options for the Longhorns. BJ Foster – Angleton Foster already holds a Texas offer among a slew of others from the likes of Stanford, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Baylor, TCU, and Texas A&M. Foster is in the conversation for the top player in the state, and one look at his film can tell you why. At 6’1, 190 lbs., Foster is an impressive athlete with size and legit speed. At the safety position he gives you a great package of coverage ability and physicality. He can be a ball hawk in deep coverage, or run the alley to blow up opposing ball carriers. Foster is also a legit running back prospect with great potential on special teams. He told us in the past that he has a connection with Quandre Diggs, and Texas is high on his list among the schools that offered. Cam Jones – Trinity Jones is a name that could blow up in the next year if he can put some strong junior film together. Jones is an incredible athlete that went to state in track. He posted top times of 47.16 in the 400 and 21.19 in the 200 this season. Jones is still learning the finer points of playing safety, but he shows strong instincts and aggressiveness on the field. Jones is also one of the hardest workers out there, and he’s constantly in training to refine the raw parts of his game. Jones holds offers from Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee State, and UTSA. If Texas offered Jones, they would be near the top of his list. He told us that they were a childhood favorite of his, as he grew up watching Vince Young and Colt McCoy. Watch out for Cam over the next year because he shows five star athletic ability to go along with elite work ethic. Isaiah Humphries – Sachse Humphries is the son of former Penn State and NFL defensive back Leonard Humphries. Sachse’s star defender is new to the defensive back position, but he’s taken to it naturally. Humphries is a true free safety that can make big plays on the back end by roaming the deep middle. Humphries already holds offers from Oklahoma, Penn State, Houston, Duke, and Northwestern. He’s been to campus multiple times, and he likes what Texas has to offer. Of the three we’ve profiled, Humphries is the most likely to head out of state. USC and UCLA are threats for him if they get involved, while schools like Notre Dame and Ohio State could possibly steal him away. If Texas gets involved they would likely be the in-state school for him, but at this point Humphries is wide open to the possibilities. +++++ 5-star Kennedale outside linebacker Baron Browning has offers from just about every elite Division 1 program in the country, including the Longhorns. While the battle for his commitment is far from over, the Texas coaching staff have kept their feet on the gas in trying to secure Browning's pledge to play football on the 40 Acres. A source close to Browning's recruitment tells us the Longhorns are feeling confident in their push to bring the gifted linebacker into the fold. Nothing is certain in recruiting, especially these days, but we're told the coaching staff (emphatically) "very much" likes where they stand with Baron Browning's recruitment. +++++ Charlie Strong is entering his 3rd season as head coach of the Longhorns and indubitably, the Eyes of Texas will be focusing on results. A source within the program tells us that despite Strong's 11-14 record as head coach on the 40 Acres after two seasons, there is no reason to think Strong has to win a set number of games to keep his job. "His job is not in jeopardy. Texas is pleased with Strong and where he is headed with the program and the expectations he has of his players on and off the field. The ongoing issues reportedly happening at Baylor only solidify this."
  20. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ We’ll start tonight by bringing you some notes we’ve heard from team sources and some current players we’ve spoken with over the last week. What we have is a mish-mash of info, so we will try to hit the big story lines and blend in what we were told. On the QB battle “It’s Shane. If it’s not Shane, the team might riot” – Team source “I think it will be Shane. That dude is just so good in practice. Every throw he makes is right where you want it to be, and guys listen to what he says. His only problem is that he’s a little small, but he will basically live in the weight room with coach Moorer this summer”. – Current player On new members of the coaching staff “There was an adjustment at first, but everyone realizes that these new coaches are just trying to help us get better. Some of us are getting used to the new coaching style, but our coaches are just learning about us too”. – Current player On Sterlin Gilbert “That’s my dude! He seems like he’s real serious and hard, but he has a great time with the team. His offense is so good, I don’t know where he comes up with some of these plays”. – Current player On Pat Moorer/The Pit “You don’t want to be there, it’s miserable. You’re pulling tires, running with cinder blocks, and all sorts of other things. I try to stay out of there”. – Current player On DBU “DBU is most certainly back. Those boys are about to surprise some people this year”. – Current player +++++ Last week in Burnt Ends we wrote this regarding players we’d like to see Texas target in the spring evaluation. “Mansfield DB/WR Paulson Adebo is a fit both academically and athletically for Charlie Strong’s team. Adebo is a two way star, but we think his ultimate upside lies at defensive back. In a deep playoff run for Mansfield last year, Adebo locked down the competition at corner. He has a long frame and smooth athleticism, and he’s also an excellent student. Texas showed some interest in him last fall, but he hasn’t heard from them this year. In the past few weeks Adebo notched offers from Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Mississippi State. We have been told by sources close to his recruitment that Adebo would be extremely receptive to a Texas offer, so we will watch this one closely.” Texas offered Adebo last week, and we were able to connect with our sources near his recruitment again to get the latest. “That was one he was waiting on for a long time. I think Texas will be near the top of his list.” Adebo is a bit like Kyle Porter from last year’s class. He’s not much for social media, and he bucks the trend of publicizing his offers on twitter like most prospects. Texas told Adebo they’d like to bring him in as a defensive back, and that aligns with Adebo’s goals for his college career. While he would be happy to play wherever he is needed, it was made clear to us that Adebo believes his long term future and upside is at the corner. Adebo is also working very hard to perfect his craft. He competed at the state track meet in Austin on Friday and Saturday, before returning to training on Sunday. It looks like this recruitment could stretch out through the season, and we will stay on top of it to bring you the latest. +++++ Last week we told you about Henderson (TX) athlete Trestan Ebner. We connected with Ebner later in the week to talk about his Texas recruitment and where he currently sits. As we told you Texas increased their contact with Ebner over the last few weeks, and Jeff Traylor is putting in the work on this front. “I talk to coach Traylor every day, and he came to visit me last week,” said Ebner. Texas is recruiting Ebner at receiver, but he told us he’s happy to play on either side of the ball at the collegiate level. “I don’t have a preference for either because I like playing both,” Ebner told us. If Texas were to offer they’d jump right to the top of his list. Ebner said he would have a top three of Texas, TCU, and Ole Miss if the Longhorns put an offer on the table. As for Jeff Traylor, Ebner seems very impressed by one of the best recruiters on the Texas staff. “I knew coach Traylor before he went to Texas. He’s pretty cool! He keeps in touch with me and he keeps me up to date on what’s going on with me being recruited at Texas.” From talking to him, it seems that Ebner lights up when Texas is mentioned. We believe Texas has a very good shot if they finally do extend an offer. We will keep you up to date of this recruitment as it develops. +++++ We’ve been bullish in telling people that we believe if Texas can muster some wins in 2016, it could blow the roof off of recruiting. Kids really are buying what Charlie Strong and company are selling, but they want to see results and wins before fully buying in. It seems some programs from around the state are a bit worried that might happen. We were told of two separate instances in which other Big 12 schools were negatively recruiting against Texas this week. One instance involved a current Texas commit, while another involves a prospect many believe is leaning towards Texas. For the committed player, we have been told that this school is sending him tweets regarding each player Texas offers at the same position. This is a particularly bold strategy since this school hasn’t offered the commit in question, yet they keep trying to convince him Texas is stringing him along. Expect these things to continue, because if Texas is viewed as a sleeping giant, other schools will try to cut off the head before it can wake up. +++++ The HornSports staff is hard at work to bring you the first edition of the 2018 top 100. We are targeting the release of that list for early June, but in the mean time we thought we’d bring you a sneak peek at some of the top prospects from the list. This is a good chance to familiarize yourself with these names prior to this summer. Today we bring you some names from the 2018 Quarterback class. Jalen Mayden – Sachse Mayden is already a known man in the class of 2018, and that is for good reason. While the quarterback comes from an impressive family of athletes, his talent stands out on its own. The lefty is a perfect spread quarterback with all the tools to be the top passer in the state. Mayden has size, arm strength, accuracy, and plus mobility to go along with an intense work ethic and mature mental makeup. Mayden is also a star off the field due to his involvement with the community through his charity program called “See Me Beyond”. Mayden began the program to collect food and clothes for those in need after his time in the NFL Prep Academy. The Academy is put on through the NFL Hall of Fame, and stresses education, degree completion, community service, and leadership development in aspiring collegiate or professional athletes. Mayden will serve this summer in a leadership role with the Prep Academy this summer as he prepares for his junior season. Athletics are a family affair for the Maydens. His older brother James is entering his junior season as a receiver at Rice University, while his brother Jared will ship off in a few weeks for his freshman season as a defensive back at Alabama. Jalen’s father James Sr. was a basketball star at Oklahoma in the 90’s, and there is no greater cheerleader on a high school field than his mother Katrina. Kat or “Momma Mayden” as she’s known, beams when she speaks about her boys accomplishments, and she has played an incredible role in getting them noticed while keeping them grounded. Jalen has been to Austin multiple times in the last year, and he’s hoping Texas will extend an offer soon. The Longhorns have been out twice this spring to evaluate him, and Sterlin Gilbert is scheduled to attend his spring game on May 24. Mayden shows the qualities both on and off the field to fit everything the Texas staff is looking for in their next quarterback selection. Clayton Tune – Hebron Tune isn’t a huge name yet, but he could be on the verge of exploding onto the scene. While he isn’t a big name to recruiting fans, many of the schools in the area are aware of him. Tune visited both Texas and A&M this spring, and Oklahoma is starting to step up their attention. What stands out about Tune is his laser focus and command of the field. He shows good arm strength and decisiveness to go along with his pinpoint accuracy. Tune moves pretty well, and he could be considered a dual threat in this class. His brother Nathan Tune played at North Texas under Todd Dodge, so quarterbacking runs in the family. Tune trains with former Packers quarterback Craig Nall, who works with the Elite 11 group. He has family ties to the Longhorns, but at this point he’s truly wide open in his recruitment. We expect his name to rise during the next few months as he makes a cycle of the summer camps on the circuit. Tune already plays in a spread offense, and his field command along with his football intelligence make him a player to watch as Texas searches for their 2018 quarterback. Spencer Sanders – Denton Ryan Sanders is picking up offers at an incredible rate. Within the last month he’s been offered by Texas A&M, South Carolina, Colorado, North Carolina, Penn State, Texas Tech, and Ole Miss. At 6’2, 190 Sanders can really sling it. Sanders shows the ability to make all the throws, and he can fit the ball into very tight spaces. Sanders also has the ability to make plays with his feet when the play breaks down. Texas hasn’t shown a ton of interest at this point, and most think Sanders is leaning early on to Texas A&M. Of the top group of quarterbacks in the state, Sanders has the ability to challenge Mayden for the top spot throughout the next two years. Sanders has a huge ceiling, but he plays in a stacked quarterback class. If Sanders were to be targeted by Texas it seems they could be in the fight, but at this point it looks like both sides are looking in opposite directions. Whatever the case, Sanders shows the skill both running and passing to continue the strong quarterback pipeline Texas is starting to establish.
  21. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ Since the day Charlie Strong arrived on campus, he’s asked for a quarterback to step up and take the position by the proverbial 'horns. In talking to some folks around the Longhorn program, it appears that Shane Buechele is doing just that and taking large steps to land the starting quarterback position. For those of us that covered Buechele throughout his recruitment, this is more of what we saw on Friday nights last fall. We caught up with some sources at Arlington Lamar to get their thoughts on the developments with Buechele in Austin. The prevailing thought from everyone we spoke with, was that Buechele’s early success surprised nobody. “Everybody knew he had the talent and mental capacity, but you can’t quantify his leadership ability until you work up close with him,” a source told us. HornSports was there during the playoffs last season when Buechele almost overcame extreme adversity to complete an improbable comeback. While Lamar had every right to pack it in and feel good about their season, Buechele kept his teammates in it by owning up to his mistakes and encouraging his team raise their level of play along with him. “Shane is just such a special person,” a teacher at Arlington Lamar told us. “He’s so focused and goal oriented, but at the same time he’s relatable to everybody. He’s such a real person that he’s able to reach others from different cultural backgrounds. He’s one of the most remarkable kids I’ve ever come across.” We’ve been told that Buechele was not satisfied with his spring game performance and thought the team had room for improvement. He’s been active in organizing voluntary workouts with his teammates, and he even took his fellow freshmen to a Ranger game where his dad serves as the bench coach. This battle will still rage throughout the summer, but Shane Buechele is doing all he can to step up and take control of the position. +++++ The 2015 class was filled with talent, but ultimately they were hurt by academic casualties that never made it to campus. Devonaire Clarington, Gilbert Johnson, and Du’Vonta Lampkin did not qualify to enroll at Texas. The 2016 class had fewer grade risks, but we did some checking around on the ones we have heard about. To this point we’ve heard some murmurs about Duncanville’s Marcel Southall and Manor’s Erick Fowler. We were told that both players have some things to shore up before reporting, but both players were in range of having things taken care of. Bobby Burton of 247 reported that Fowler will need summer school before enrolling in the second summer session in Austin. While we haven’t heard that from anyone, it was hinted at as a possibility by other sources we spoke with a few weeks ago. From what we know, both players face smaller hills to climb than the casualties in the last class. We will watch both situations closely and keep you updated throughout the summer. +++++ With the spring evaluation period underway, it looks like Texas is starting to identify the next wave of targets for offers. One of the best kept secrets in the state (until recently) is Henderson (TX) WR/DB Trestan Ebner. Ebner was previously committed to SMU, but he opened his recruitment back up after seeing more attention in the spring. In the past few weeks he picked up offers from Houston, Ole Miss, and TCU, and Texas is starting to show serious interest. Jeff Traylor has been out to Henderson to evaluate Ebner this spring, and from what we know a Texas offer could jump the Longhorns to the top of his list. Ebner is an explosive inside receiver candidate with the ability to score from just about anywhere on the field. He also plays at safety for his high school, and though he has legit ability on both sides of the ball, we’ve been told he prefers to stay on offense. We connected with Ebner this week, and should have some more details on his recruitment out later. +++++ If you’re looking for a cornerback candidate to pop up in the next few months, look no further than Clear Springs DB Langston Frederick. Frederick came into the Under the Lights camp last year as a relative unknown, but he performed very well at the one day camp. Following an excellent junior season, Frederick showed up to the Opening in Houston and locked down the competition. He received an offer from Michigan State shortly thereafter, and the Spartans currently lead for the Houston area defender. While Frederick doesn’t have the 6 foot size that Charlie Strong typically recruits, his physical play at the line is probably the best in the state and he has legit 4.4 speed. Clay Jennings stopped by Clear Springs last week to check in on Frederick, and I’d expect to see Texas show more interest going into the summer. If Frederick were to camp at Texas this summer he would be a strong candidate for an offer. Frederick reminds us a bit of Quandre Diggs in his ability to play bigger than his size and feature in multiple roles on defense. He also has high end football IQ, and a competitive streak that would rival anyone on campus. +++++ There are two other corners that would love to hear from Texas in this cycle, and both are DFW products. Mansfield DB/WR Paulson Adebo is a fit both academically and athletically for Charlie Strong’s team. Adebo is a two way star, but we believe his ultimate upside lies at defensive back. In a deep playoff run for Mansfield last year, Adebo locked down the competition at corner. He has a long frame and smooth athleticism, and he’s also an excellent student. Texas showed some interest in him last fall, but he hasn’t heard from them this year. In the past few weeks Adebo notched offers from Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Mississippi State. We have been told by sources close to his recruitment that Adebo would be extremely receptive to a Texas offer, so we will watch this one closely. Flower Mound Marcus DB Matt Hankins is another long corner that is starting to pick up interest throughout the spring. Hankins already has great length, but he’s starting to add bulk to his impressive frame. Recently Hankins picked up offers from Illinois, Connecticut, Southern Miss, and Texas Tech. He had a strong performance at the Opening regional in Dallas, and camped in Austin last year. If Hankins were to return for camp this year he could be looking at an offer. Hankins trains with Kobe Boyce, and he is close to the Texas commit. With Boyce in the fold and Andrew Fitzgerald enrolling in the fall, Texas should have some strong voices in their corner should they choose to pursue him. This post has been promoted to an article
  22. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ The spring evaluation period is in full swing, and the Texas coaches hit the road with a mission on their minds. While the primary objective will always be to see valued recruits and perform further evaluations, the Texas staff is also trying to re-establish a strong connection to Texas high school coaches. Jeff Traylor has been burning up the miles throughout east Texas, and the other members of the staff are pressing the flesh at high schools in their designated recruiting areas. We spoke to a coach in Fort Worth that met with Texas offensive line coach Matt Mattox last week. This particular coach is at a lower-level school with no players on the Texas radar, yet Mattox waited 20 minutes for him to be pulled out of class before sitting with him nearly an hour. This coach told us that he was very impressed with Mattox, and said he could tell that the Texas staff was doing everything possible to establish the strong relationships with high school coaches that the Mack Brown staff benefited from for more than a decade. While this may seem like basics for a school like Texas, it was clear the coach we spoke with saw a change. He mentioned he was impressed that they called to confirm beforehand, and then actually showed up when they said they would. He made it clear that former Texas coach Bruce Chambers had not put in the same effort in the past. As for Mattox himself, we were told that he came across as extremely down to earth, and appeared engaging and interested while talking with coaches. This is not surprising based on what we’ve been told in the past about him, but it’s safe to say the Longhorns are starting to make inroads to Texas high school coaches again. +++++ We have a quick note on Cedar Hill wide receiver Camron Buckley. Buckley told us a few weeks ago he planned to make a commitment announcement today, but after talking to him this weekend it looks like he will push that timeline back. Buckley was offered by Texas during the Under the Lights camp last summer, but with new offensive coaches on board it seems that Texas wants to evaluate him during the spring before accepting a commitment. Buckley is also looking closely at Ole Miss and Miami, but he formed a bond with Texas quarterback commit Sam Ehlinger. If Texas chooses to take Buckley, we have strong indications they would be the destination for the talented WR. We will keep a close eye on this one and update you if anything else becomes available. +++++ With the 2017 class under the microscope of spring evaluation, Texas got a jump on the 2018 class by extending an offer to Angleton athlete BJ Foster. Foster is an incredible prospect on both sides of the ball, and he is squarely in the mix to be the top player in the state for 2018. We spoke with Foster following his offer to get the goods on where Texas sits in his recruitment. We asked Foster what a Texas offer meant to him, and he told us he was excited about it while also acknowledging he would take his time with the process. “They are a great school, but I’m still young and have lots of time to think about it,” said Foster. The Texas coaches haven’t had a lot of contact with Foster, but Clay Jennings reached out to the Angleton staff to let them know their star player had an offer on the table from Texas. Foster hasn’t been to campus yet, but he did tell us he plans to visit this summer. While many kids in the state grow up watching Texas on Saturdays, Foster told us he didn’t really watch anyone growing up. “I really didn’t watch football when I was little. I had my mind somewhere else, but when Quandre (Diggs) was there I watched them all the time.” Angleton High School has been good to the Longhorns throughout the years. The Houston area program produced Quentin Jammer, DJ Monroe, and Quandre Diggs. Foster told us that Diggs and Monroe went to school with his sister and cousins, and he grew up around both of them. Diggs even reached out to Foster on twitter following the offer announcement to do some recruiting. Foster plays both at running back and safety in high school, and he shows the talent to stick at either position at the next level. We asked him which position he preferred, and he wasted no time telling us which position and why. “Defensive back,” said Foster. “They get to deliver the hits, not take them.” While Foster told us he’s taking his time with the process, he made it clear that Texas is a heavy favorite for his services early on. +++++ Texas Linebacker Dalton Santos elected to become a graduate transfer today. That brings about a reminder that this is the time of year when a few players will depart the program. Players are meeting with the coaching staff following the spring, and we expect to hear more names that have been passed on the depth chart. While this is not the space to speculate on who might transfer, we have heard a few names. The likely candidates are players in a stacked position group that have been passed up on the depth chart by younger players. We will keep you updated on any transfers as they happen, but every program experiences healthy attrition each year.
  23. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. +++++ The Orange and White game might have felt incomplete after weather caused a cancellation at halftime of the spring scrimmage, but the event was a success on the recruiting front for the Texas class. While Shane Buechele showed glimpses of what is to come, recruits on campus took notice. As we spoke with many of them after the event, there was a palpable buzz coming from nearly all of them. Let’s start with two of the biggest name prospects on campus. Bellaire Episcopal OL Walker Little brought his family to Austin, and the word was that Texas took a big step within this recruitment. The hype even went so far that a source near the program contacted me to tell me that he thought Little had given Texas a soft commitment. In checking with some folks near Walker, we were told that was not true, but they did give the visit high marks. Texas showed Little a true red carpet treatment, and his parents really enjoyed the atmosphere and experience. The Longhorns are still going to have a fight on their hands against some monster programs, but the bottom line is that Walker really likes the program and coaching staff. He sees Texas as a great opportunity for him both on and off the field. +++++ Temple defensive end Taquon Graham has been a frequent visitor to Austin this spring. The dynamic pass rusher hasn’t kept his feelings for Texas private, and we were told by a source close to him that he had a great time once again at the game. Graham has a very strong relationship with Vance Bedford, and his relationship with Brick Haley is getting better each time the two get together. At this point we believe it is a matter of when rather than if for Taquon. His mom signed off on a commitment to Texas after visiting with him earlier in the spring, and 2015 signee Davion Curtis is one of his best friends. Graham is reportedly considering a summer commitment, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see this timeline get moved up if the coaches push for it. +++++ 2018 Sachse quarterback Jalen Mayden seems to be the top target on the Texas board in his class. Mayden camped in Austin last summer, and he’s been invited to campus just about every time they open the doors. We caught up with Mayden following his visit to get a read on his experience. On how he enjoyed the spring game: “Good! I wish I could have seen more of the offense, but it got shut down early.” His thoughts on the new offense: “I like it a lot. It reminded me of my High School. I like how they used the wide receivers and spread them out to the sidelines. I would like to see the quarterback be more active in the offense. They definitely have a good group of wide receivers though." On if he got to talk to the coaches: “Yeah, I talked with Coach Strong. We talked about spring ball, and he told me what he wanted to see out of me this year. Coach Gilbert told me he was going to check me out in the spring. He’s going to come up to Dallas to watch me, like really watch me. He wants to come to really focus on me and evaluate me.” On if he talked with any players at the game: “Yeah, I talked with (Charles) Omenihu. He went to my rival school, so I know him pretty well. I also talked with Shane (Buechele). I just told him good game and he told me they looked sloppy and need to get better.” +++++ Lake Dallas (TX) corner Kobe Boyce made his first trip back to Austin since committing a few weeks ago. He visited campus with his father and a friend, and he also had the opportunity to bond with a few of his fellow commitments. “I already knew Major (Tennison), but I met Sam (Ehlinger) and Damion (Miller) today”. Boyce enjoyed the game, but was a bit bummed that the weather interfered. “It was good, but I wish it didn’t get cancelled”, Boyce said. “I enjoyed it overall.” Boyce told us his father really enjoyed the visit as well, and as we’ve reported in the past he is incredibly solid to Texas. No worries for Texas with the talented corner, and Texas fans should be able to count on him to help recruit other prospects in this class. +++++ Plano West linebacker Mohamed Sanogo is another frequent visitor to Austin. “Momo” has been tearing up the camp circuit, and he’s definitely on the Texas radar. Sanogo was in town for the Orange and White game, and he told us it was another good visit to Austin. “It was great, I saw really good things on the defensive side.” Sanogo told us he got to spend time with Brian Jean-Mary, and his relationship with the Texas coach is growing. “I’m pretty comfortable with him, he’s a pretty cool guy. All the linebackers I have spoken with say they like him as a coach as well.” Sanogo does not hold a Texas offer at this time, but Texas could be close to extending one. They’ve done a good job so far of keeping him engaged, and they are positioning themselves well for a second half recruitment +++++ 2018 Sachse defensive end Zachary Gilson joined Jalen Mayden on campus for the scrimmage. Gilson visited previously for the Texas junior day, and in the past he’s raved about the on campus experience. So how did he enjoy the spring game? “It was great.” Gilson said. “I love the atmosphere.” When asked what his favorite part of the visit was, Gilson answered “the home feeling that it gave to me. It’s just great.” Gilson is a player who is just starting to pick up interest. The Texas staff is well aware of the talented sophomore, and if they get involved for him within the next year they have a strong chance of landing “Big Red.” +++++ Nacogdoches corner Josh Thompson made another visit to Austin to take in the Texas spring game. Thompson is close with 2016 signee Brandon Jones, and Texas is letting Thompson know they are evaluating him closely. Thompson loves the Texas program, and he had a great trip up for the game. “The visit was amazing. The coaches were very straight forward with me, and they told me not to worry about anything because my time is coming. During the visit I felt real comfortable. The fans and players treated me well.” Thompson was also encouraged by the performance during the scrimmage. “They are going to be tough next year, plus they have a great group of players coming in this year.” With Texas watching him closely, we urge you to keep his name in mind throughout the year. +++++ Wilmer-Hutchins ATH Herb Sparks doesn’t hold an offer from Texas, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting in front of the coaches as frequently as possible. We caught up with him afterwards, and the dynamic playmaker raved about his visit. “Man I loved it! That’s the best visit I’ve been on. The game was good, but it would have been better if it wasn’t cancelled. It was still a great game, and Shane (Buechele) is a baller.” Sparks spent some time with Jeff Traylor on campus, and he told us he plans to be back on campus this summer. “Yes, if they don’t offer in the spring I will be coming in for a camp.” Sparks is another name to keep in mind as we progress into the spring evaluation period. +++++ 2018 Yoakum twins Joshua and Jordan Moore made their second trip to Texas this spring, and it sounds like they had a great time. “The visit was great! The atmosphere was crazy, the fans were crazy! When something good happened, the stadium just suddenly erupted even though it was just a spring game. That’s pretty impressive to me that the fans were all in like that! A lot of big time players made big time plays, it was just a great overall visit and I’ll be back for sure,” said Joshua Moore. His brother Jordan echoed the praise for the visit. “It was great, I love Texas. They are one of my favorites, and one of the best in the country!” The twins didn’t get much time with the coaches due to the fact they had to leave early when the rain started coming down. The Moore’s mother is a graduate of Texas, and it looks like both twins are feeling the Longhorns early on. “They most definitely just jumped to the top of the list,” said Joshua. The Texas coaches are laying the foundation for their recruitment, and it sounds like it is going very well. “As of now, we are slowly building this relationship. We’re taking as many unofficial visits there as possible to get to know everybody more deeply,” Joshua told us. Both players are four star caliber, and they both look like early takes according to the film. With a mother as a graduate, and those quotes, you have to like where Texas sits here. +++++ 2018 Rockwall linebacker Alston Orji is starting to pick up some momentum among 2018 recruits. He made his way to Austin this weekend, and Texas made a strong first impression for him. “I enjoyed my visit to Texas,” said Orji. “I got to catch up with Chris Warren and meet other players and coaches. It was a great football environment, and I’d like to visit again at another time if possible.” Orji got to spend some time with the coaches, and he found that he shares many of the same values with the Texas staff. “I had the opportunity to speak to several coaches, and I was happy to find out Texas values the same things I do regarding education.” While it’s early on in his recruitment, Orji told us he felt that Texas has a legitimate interest in him. “They showed an appropriate level of interest in me as a student-athlete, complimenting me on my game and my classroom work.” We spoke with a source who was with Orji on the visit, and he told us about another thing that is working in the Longhorns’ favor. Orji is Nigerian, and Texas has a well-documented history of Nigerian players. His parents have done mission work with Sam and Emmanuel Acho’s parents, and they were unaware that Sam and Emmanuel attended Texas. Meanwhile, Charles Omenihu is already on campus, while Tope Imade and Denzel Okafor will be enrolling this fall. Put all of that together, and it seems like Texas would be a great fit for Orji and his family. +++++ One final note. If Texas decides to roll with Shane Buechele as a starter this season, it could be a potential boost for recruiting. In talking to some sources inside the recruiting world, it was clear that Buechele opened some eyes on Saturday. Several people mentioned the buzz the young freshman created. If Buechele can succeed this season and show some positive development going forward, Texas could potentially surge with several skill prospects. Many prospects already have a high opinion on Sam Ehlinger, and if Texas can show they’ve got some real talent stocked up at quarterback they can really make some noise on the recruiting scene. It’s a very small sample size, but people are starting to see some rays of light at the end of the tunnel.
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  25. 1. Shane Buechele holds the advantage in the quarterback battle The true freshman had some mistakes, but he was noticeably more comfortable operating the offense than Tyrone Swoopes. While Swoopes was plagued with some bad luck, he still showed questionable accuracy, slow decision making, and a generally lackluster performance. Buechele on the other hand, got the ball out quickly. threw with good ball placement. and executed the offense at a pretty high level for a kid that should still be in high school. Buechele made throws today that Texas fans haven't seen since David Ash was at his best. There was a point in the middle of the first half where you could tell he was feeding off of that confidence going forward. He's young, and he's going to take his lumps this year, but he looks like the clear option at this point. While that may not be an ideal situation for the Longhorns. I think Shane Buechele with an assist from the 18 wheeler package gives Texas the best chance to win games. 2. Sterlin Gilbert gave us just a peek of what is in store The offense did struggle a bit at the beginning of the game, but I thought the overall performance should serve as a breath of fresh air after the last few years of offense. The scrimmage was run with a nice tempo, and the spacing on offense opened up options in both the run and pass game. While Gilbert's offense likely won't hit full stride until this time next year, I was impressed with the fairly vanilla game plan on the field. If Gilbert can get Buechele up to full speed over the summer, Texas has a chance to make some noise on offense. 3. The running game will be the bread and butter This isn't exactly a new revelation, but Texas will need to rely heavily on the talented duo of D'Onta Foreman and Chris Warren. Both players had a big day against depleted defensive line depth, but both are legit options to spearhead a power run attack. Foreman shows all of the elements in his game to become a superstar over the next two years, while Chris Warren ran more instinctual today than I've ever seen him. The passing game is going to need to back players out of the box to open up room, but the Longhorns should be able to put the load on their war horses in critical times this season. 4. Texas generated a pass rush from defensive linemen today Charles Omenihu had one of the best games on the field today from what I could tell. The big sophomore is finally growing into his frame, and he was a menace on the defensive line all day. While that may be a bad indicator for the offensive line, it was good to see Texas getting important contributions from guys that will be called upon frequently this season. Quincy Vasser looked great as well in his role at the fox position. With reinforcements on their way to Austin this season. it was important for Texas to get a big contribution from some of the players already on campus. 5. The secondary is going to be ridiculously deep Being able to add a senior with high level talent like Sheroid Evans adds quality depth to a burgeoning secondary unit. Kris Boyd really stepped his game up today, and if he can carry that performance over into the season, Texas will have four quality options at the cornerback position. In a passing league like the Big 12, the ability to keep players fresh while not allowing a drop in performance is vital to winning games. PJ Locke and DeShon Elliott looked good on the back end in the absence of Dylan Haines and Jason Hall. Brandon Jones is too talented to be kept out of the rotation in the secondary, but he won't be called upon to be a cornerstone for this unit. DBU looks like they are on the way back. This post has been promoted to an article

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