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  1. The dust is settled on the 2014 basketball season. Chris Flanagan tells you what needs to happen between now and November...
  2. Rodney Terry gets three year extension on his contract ... good to see him doing well. Kenton Paulino is still with Coach Terry as an assistant coach. Julien Lewis will be a red-shirt junior for the Bulldogs this year after sitting out a year in his transfer from Texas. No ill will on my part with regards to Julien ... I hope he does well over the next two seasons. http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/24590779/rodney-terry-earns-three-year-extension-at-fresno-state "Rodney Terry earns three-year extension at Fresno State By Matt Norlander | College Basketball Writer June 17, 2014 10:36 am ET It's been more than 13 years since Fresno State made the NCAA Tournament, but the school believes Rodney Terry will eventually get the Bulldogs back. On Monday, Fresno State AD Thomas Boeh announced he was giving Terry a three-year extension on his deal, settling the 46-year-old coach in until the end of the 2018-19 season. Terry has coached the Bulldogs for three seasons, amounting to a 45-57 record. Prior to restructuring Terry's deal, the contract was set to go for another two years. "Rodney Terry has changed the culture of our Fresno State men's basketball program," Boeh said via statement. "He has brought back the academic standards that we expect of our Bulldog student-athletes and the team delivered an exciting run on the court late in the season and into postseason play. There is an excitement building in the community that was clearly demonstrated last season with more fans returning to the Save Mart Center." FSU went 21-18 last season, eclipsing the 20-win mark thanks to a run in the CBI finals. "I am honored and thankful to Dr. Castro and Thomas Boeh for their continued support and commitment they have given to me and my staff," Terry said. "A culture based on hard work, consistency, and representing this great community has been established over the past three years, and we will continue to build on that foundation into the future." The school notes a rise in attendance since Terry began coaching in 2011. The team's APR is up, and next season is expected to be a year in which the Bulldogs move up in the Mountain West standings."
  3. http://highschoolsportsblog.dallasnews.com/2014/05/euless-trinitys-myles-turner-invited-to-2014-usa-basketball-mens-u18-national-team-training-camp.html/ "Here’s the list of training camp participants: NAME; POS; HGT; SCHOOL/*COLLEGE; HOMETOWN Leron Black; F; 6-7; White Station H.S. / *Illinois ; Memphis, TN Isaiah Briscoe; G; 6-3; Roselle Catholic H.S.; Union, NJ Jaylen Brown; F; 6-6; Wheeler H.S.; Alpharetta, GA Jalen Brunson; G; 6-1; Adlai E. Stevenson H.S.; Lincolnshire, IL Kameron Chatman; F; 6-6; Columbia Christian School / *Michigan ; Portland, OR Marquese Chriss; F; 6-9; Pleasant Grove H.S. / #Washington; Elk Grove, CA Tyler Dorsey; G; 6-4; St. John Bosco H.S. / #Arizona; Los Angeles, CA P.J. Dozier; G; 6-5; Spring Valley H.S.; Columbia , SC JaKeenan Gant; F; 6-7; Effingham County H.S. / *Missouri; Springfield, GA Stanley Johnson; F; 6-7; Mater Dei H.S. / *Arizona; Fullerton, CA Tyus Jones; G; 6-0; Apple Valley H.S./*Duke; Apple Valley, MM Luke Kennard; G; 6-5; Franklin H.S. / #Duke; Franklin, OH Dwayne Morgan; F; 6-8; St. Francis Academy / *UNLV; Baltimore, MD Malachi Richardson; G; 6-5; Trenton Catholic Academy / #Syracuse; Hamilton, NJ D’Angelo Russell; G; 6-5; Montverde Academy, FL / *Ohio State; Louisville, KY Justin Simon; G; 6-5; Temecula Valley H.S.; Temecula, CA Myles Turner; C; 6-11; Trinity H.S. / *Texas; Bedford, TX Rashad Vaughn; G; 6-6; Findlay Prep, NV / *UNLV; Golden Valley, MN Glynn Watson; G; 6-0; St. Joseph H.S.;Westchester, IL Justise Winslow;F;6-6; St. John’s School / *Duke; Houston, TX Stephen Zimmerman; C; 6-11; Bishop Gorman H.S.; Las Vegas, NV"
  4. Good read. One of my favorite Longhorn hoopers. Apparently, Memphis, New Orleans, and Washington are interested in his services. http://www.brightsideofthesun.com/2014/6/13/5805930/phoenix-suns-restricted-free-agent-p-j-tucker-could-be-a-hot-commodity
  5. Here is an article entitled, "How No. 1 prospect Thon Maker can fast-track path to stardom", by Ricky O'Donnell over at SB*Nation. Thon Maker is a 7'-0" player with guard skills from South Sudan, who is currently the No 1 prospect in 2016. He may be looking to reclassify to the class of 2015 where he would probably also be the No 1 ranked player. He also has a younger brother, Matur, who is in the 2017 class and is already 6'-10". They both attend Carlisle High School in Virginia. I do not know if Thon has any interest in Texas, but a good year for us next season could only help. Besides, he works out with John Lucas, knows and has worked out with Myles Turner, and his favorite player is supposedly Kevin Durant ... who knows? http://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2014/6/6/5781102/thon-maker-recruiting-college-basketball On another note ... Myles Turner began his work at the 2014 USA Basketball Men’s U18 National Team training camp starting on the 10th, yesterday. Here is an article entitled, "Euless Trinity’s Myles Turner invited to 2014 USA Basketball Men’s U18 National Team training camp", by Corbett Smith, on the Dallas Morning News website. http://highschoolsportsblog.dallasnews.com/2014/05/euless-trinitys-myles-turner-invited-to-2014-usa-basketball-mens-u18-national-team-training-camp.html/
  6. There is an article aover at Barking Carnival by Bitterwhiteguy that says that Damarcus Croaker is back on campus and is definitely going to be here for the upcoming season. There is a short video in the story that shows Damarcus shooting at the basketball training facility. I am really looking forward to this next season. http://www.barkingcarnival.com/2014/6/4/5781292/the-gangs-all-coming-back The gang's all coming back By Bitterwhiteguy @Bitterwhiteguy on Jun 4 2014, 9:14p 27 "Damarcus Croaker's back on campus. The last of the roster questions for the upcoming Texas basketball season appears to be answered as Damarcus Croaker is back on campus & practicing at the school's facilities. Croaker posted video of him at the UT facilities taking some shots and hitting a couple of dunks with the caption "Back at it. Ready for another season #burntorangenation #UT #Texas #WarReady". There was some talk that Croaker might be a transfer due to a glut of guards and a desire to be closer to his family, but he says he was "never going anywhere". This is good news for the burnt orange faithful as Texas can always use quality athleticism & a guard capable of hitting 3s. The battle for playing time between Croaker & Martez Walker this off-season should be interesting to watch."
  7. ... a thread about dumping Coach Barnes! In fact, I hope he stays around these parts as long as he so desires ... but, since this is the off season combined with the Silly Season, we need all of the entertainment that we can get ... so ... BleacherReport has this article entitled, King's Court: Who Should Be the Next Coach at the Biggest CBB Programs?, by Jason King. this article discusses who Jason thinks would be the best coach for various college basketball programs if per chance a new coach were needed - say, there was a retirement, some coach decided to leave to coach in the Pro's or some such, or say they decided to pull a Ricky Williams and take a sabbatical to India in order to study the lint in their belly buttons ... he discusses fifteen of the teams that he considers the best college programs and who he thinks would fit those programs best. Lot of food for thought there. Here is what he has to say about Texas ... "Texas, Buzz Williams - Williams left Marquette for Virginia Tech in March. If he’d have waited a few more weeks he probably would’ve been hired at Tennessee or Missouri, both of which would’ve been more desirable. Still, Williams’ long-term goal is to get back to his home state. And if the Texas job comes open anytime soon, there won’t be a better candidate than Williams. His Southern accent and folksy demeanor would play well with the Longhorns fanbase, and his on-court energy would jolt some life into the Erwin Center, where the stoic Rick Barnes has stalked the sideline for the last 16 years. Williams is a big personality, which would be a huge plus at any school where football is king. And even though he’s been at Marquette, his recruiting ties in Texas are strong. Some of Williams’ best players (i.e. Jimmy Butler) hailed from the Lone Star State. The only problem is that Williams’ star could fade if he struggles at Virginia Tech, which is a real possibility considering the state of the program he inherited. He’s attractive now, but will he be in three or four years? Barring a complete meltdown in Blacksburg, I’d hire Williams no matter what." http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2086285-kings-court-who-should-be-the-next-coach-at-the-biggest-cbb-programs As an extra added bonus, or useless blog filler, depending on how you look at it, at the end of the blurb, he lists his ten favorite wing joints in the country - the comestibles of which he has partaken. Well, this got me to thinking and, so tomorrow I think I am going to go try Daisies Kitchen, which I just found out about. The woman who runs this place was Micheal Dell's former private chef. She serves up Mexican-Lebanese fusion food such as a ... "BBQ-sauced, 1/2lb Fatty Burger (w/ white & yellow cheddar, fried onion rings, and bacon, so if you don't live up to your meal's name now, you will soon) and breakfasts like the sourdough Rosedale Fried Egg Sandwich with truffle aioli, bacon, melted Swiss, tomato, and avocado." and ... "chicken wings stuffed with dumpling-esque ground pork & shrimp, then tossed in sweet and sour." I will duly report back on this endeavor as soon as possible! http://www.thrillist.com/food/austin/tx/78756/allandale/daisies-cafe_breakfast_lunch_mediterranean_mexican
  8. This thread will be where I will put tweets and predictions of the big time prospect Myles Turner. Here is a tweet from Jeff Goodman: — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 My Prediction: I think all signs do point to Texas on this. SMU could sneak in at the last minute but I just don't see it. 3:23 Update: Myles Turner Commits to UT.
  9. Granted it's the NBA, but I'm curious where allegiances are....
  10. So my 16 yr old was out with a buddy at a hamburger joint in Portland tonight. He runs into Corey Joseph and Kawhi Leonard. He was all jacked up that he got to talk to Corey. Small world-Longhorns everywhere He said Corey was very personable.
  11. The Texas Longhorns feel they are a Final 4 team next season but they will get a stiff test when they play at Kentucky on December 5th. Here is the link.
  12. In this week's edition of Taking Sides, Sean and I debate who gets the biggest benefit from Myles Turner's commitment.
  13. Solid info from Chris Flanagan on the meaning of Myles Turner's commitment.
  14. Damion has been averaging 21.1 points and 11.3 rebounds in 14 games since joining the Texas Legends, the D-league team in Frisco Texas affiliated with the Dallas Mavericks. Good luck to Damion! May this be the start of a good run for him with the Spurs! http://www.hoopsrumors.com/2014/04/spurs-damion-james.html
  15. At BJ's Brewhouse in Brea, CA with an associate. It's a sports pub/pizza chain in CA. Multiple big screen TVs. Asked about the NCAA Championship game to be put on the TV. Asked 7 times. FINALLY it gets put on the TV over the bar, but picture-in-picture. Asked to have it put on the big screen...again, and it is now up. Waitress says, "all you have to do is ask." Umm, hello?! We've asked NUMEROUS times for this to happen. Geezus.
  16. After Crossfire was posted earlier today I had a conversation with one of my sources. Instead of waiting to post the information in next Wednesday’s edition of Crossfire, I thought I would post it in a follow-up version of the Crossfire Report. Hope you guys find as much value in this as I did.... On the potential hiring of Nick Saban, my source said that several board members/ Big Money guys did let Powers know that no matter the cost, if the money becomes a problem WITHIN the Athletic Department, they would find a way to “get it done” outside of the Department. What this tells me is that by Powers having this sort of assurance in his back pocket, we're just waiting on Brown to make the announcement at this point. I also asked him if he had heard the rumors regarding Hicks and Hall going it alone in approaching Sexton. He laughed and said while it may not have been Powers’ idea, he (Powers) HAD to know about it in advance. If Hicks and Hall did this without the knowledge of Powers, they risked getting the dreaded call from Jamail asking what day would be good for them to give their depositions. Hall may be that stupid but the Hicks brothers aren't. A couple of other things that bode well for UT.... My source talked to a buddy that got to know Steve (Patterson) really well when they were in Law School together. They also played on the same intramural basketball team and usually had the same classes together. My source said that Steve eats, drinks and sleeps basketball. It's his real passion. To which end it is believed that Steve will do something soon to jump-start the basketball program. He will want to do it for himself but he also wants UT at the top of all the polls so he doesn't have to take crap from all his former cronies in the NBA. What's funny is Barnes would be the type person and coach Steve would go out and get but it is agreed that Steve will go in another direction sooner rather than later just to shake things up. A new direction is imperative. My source really believes Patterson will go after a bigger splash hire in Basketball than even football. No, I have no idea that would be other than John Wooden himself. My source also went on to say that he believes Steve will want to consolidate the AD jobs of men's and women's sports. Again, sooner rather than later. I asked him how he would know that and he said it was part of the interview. Maybe that had something small to do with him getting the job over Luck. It is exciting to think Texas could wrestle control of the conference from Kansas. --McPhaul
  17. We didn't make the NCAA Tournament this season but one thing is for sure: our players are not stupid. Today the Longhorn basketball team was awarded a Team Academic Excellence Award by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). What is this award you ask? It is given as recognition to teams that earned a cumulative 3.0 or better grade point average. Congrats to the Longhorn Basketball team for the honor but.................. personally I would have rather made the NCAA tournament. Stop studying so much and play some damn basketball!
  18. Shelly Mack has requested a transfer from the Texas basketball program, as we have all feared. It was obvious Rick Barnes and McClellan had issues most of the season but I never guessed McClellan would transfer. Arguably he was our best player this season. Kabongo is probably gone to the NBA and Jaylen Bond is transferring as well. Where does this leave the Texas basketball program? I have no idea but what I know is Sheldon was clutch as hell. And it doesn't sit well with me that he is leaving.
  19. As a sports nerd and NBA fan, I always have random thoughts I fire off on twitter throughout the season. I figured I'd start an on going thread where all of us NBA fans can comment, converse, and fire off random NBA thoughts. Feel free to shoot off any analysis or opinions relating to any organization, player, team, trade, etc. You can crack jokes and have fun with it, but do not turn this thread into "personal insult fest 2013".
  20. Watching Texas try to do anything on offense is one of the more frustrating efforts of offensive basketball I've seen in a long time. The team really reminds me of my Rec team's offense. Which is dribbling around a little bit, making a pass or two, and jacking up a contested shot... Which is basically the only offense that exists in my Rec league... But this is D1 basketball and it pains me to watch Texas rely on a contested jump shot every offensive possession. From the looks of it, Texas needs at least more of an interior presence (if not scoring inside) if they want to have better shots for the shooters. The post players really cannot be relied upon consistently because they haven't shown they are capable scorers inside enough to be consistent threats. So the next option is having someone drive into the lane. The only person who can really handle the ball in that fashion is Javan Felix. But his lack of size really hinders what he can do, other than fade away/pull-up jumpers. So I'm asking you. If you were in charge of this team with these same players, what changes would you make on offense?
  21. Do you remember when the Spurs almost beat the Heat in Miami but they came up short 105-100? Do you also remember that same night the Spurs sat 4 of their starters (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, Green) and the league and old David Stern was upset with the Spurs because the entertainment value of the game had diminished (though I had a great time watching the game, and I'm not even a big Spurs fan). Well David Stern fined the team $250,000 to make an example of the Spurs and moved on from it. Well, apparently the lack of stardome in the building really cut one of the fans deep and he is now suing the Spurs "stating that the team's head coach, Gregg Popovich, "intentionally and surrepticiously" sent their best players home without the knowledge of the league, the team and the fans attending the Nov. 29 game against the Heat." Here is the link to the ESPN article about this idiot: San Antonio Spurs sued by lawyer for resting top players - ESPN In the article the guy compares the players to a piece of meat, basically saying that not seeing them play was like going to a nice Steak restaurant and being served low quality meat... This guy is dumb and from that you should instantly understand where my opinions fell on the matter. This entire story actually sheds light on the line that is often blurred between entertainment and competitive play of sports. But when a coach makes a decision for the better of his team in order to increase the chances of his team winning in the grand scheme of things (because, well, that's his job) then I have 0 problem with that coach... Who is trying to do his job. Look, I get that the fans and NBA were upset. Fans didn't see as many stars as they hoped and the NBA figured they would lose money and ratings. But coach Pop was resting veteran players who had just played 4 road games. This guy is a moron and needs to get over it.
  22. With the combination of a poor basketball season and an article written recently by a guy (C.J. Moore) in Kansas who was trying to defend Rick Barnes, I've been really thinking a lot about this Texas Men's Basketball program. In the article Moore states "What if [barnes] left Texas? Would the Longhorns be better off?" ...I have one answer to that. Yes. Yes a thousand times over. Article: http://www.basketballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=2515 Of course my "yes" depends on the coach that is brought in... No average joe would do the trick. But The culture of Texas basketball is flawed. In the article, Moore raises good points. And I'll admit that there is no question Rick Barnes has elevated this program to a new high. But he has reached his ceiling, and has been stuck there for years now. And I strongly disagree with the overall argument Moore is trying to make. One that is defending Rick Barnes and basically saying "get off his back". Being a senior at The University of Texas, I sometimes have the opportunity to talk to people I know who are close to the athletes; who hang out with the athletes when they aren't in front of reporters or cameras. One of my friends who I sometimes speak with is close with the Texas basketball team. Today I ran into him on campus and began asking him how the team was holding up through this rough season. I'm not going to quote him directly because I didn't write down what he said word for word so you can take this for what it is, but he went on to tell me the team was doing alright. But that the players weren't huge fans of the culture Barnes has created. And that it's been that way for some time now. He added that the players were even beginning to be honest with recruits and telling them like it is. Telling them that if they want a good culture to try a place like Kentucky. It was disheartening to hear that. And I don't blame the players at all. They were being honest. But this reiterated to me that the culture of the Texas basketball program is flawed and not where it should be at a school like The University of Texas. Take from this what you want. It was a short conversation with a friend of mine who knows the entire Texas basketball team on a first name basis with every player. Rick Barnes may have elevated the program and put some players in the NBA. But I still believe the culture of the team needs to be improved, and that will only happen if Texas goes in a new direction at Head Coach. Hook'em
  23. Sure this team is young... But what has Rick Barnes done in the last 5 years to warrant him keeping his job at the Head Coach of Texas basketball? Yes I'm going there. I understand he elevated the program to a new level, and that's great. We all thank him for that. But this program should be playing at the next level and it hasn't been at the next level for some time now. Anyways, watching this team play makes me want to pull my hair out a lot of the times. It's like the Longhorns play with 1 hand tied behind their back. They are frustrating because they show flashes of making plays at both ends of the floor but they shoot themselves in the foot by turning the ball over and not rebounding well. My thoughts: -First and foremost Texas needs to rebound better, especially when they are on defense. I've never seen a Longhorn team give up this many offensive boards. There is too much jumping and not enough boxing out. I also woud like to see two hands on the ball more. Sloppy rebounding is leading to balls turned over out of bounds. Rebounding is an effort stat/play. There's no excuse why Texas should be losing that battle each game. -In my mind, it's the same as stopping the run in football... Texas has to have better interior defense. Ridley shows up at times with blocks but protecting the rim needs to be a focus for this team. It was tough today against ISU because the Cyclones did their damage from beyond the arc. But protecting the rim makes teams more one dimensional. And with the height UT has there should be no reason why that's an issue. Inexperience definitely is playing a factor because Ridley, Ibeh, and the other young posts definitely look lost at times around the rim. This will improve as they adjust to game speed. But it needs to get better quick. -Turn overs are still very much a problem. I honestly do not trust the ball-handling ability of any guard other than Felix. (And Kabongo when he returns). But the Longhorns also make sloppy passes. -The flow of the offense still isn't there. One reason why is because there really isn't any who can create their own shot, other than Felix (who doesn't have the best shot in general). Felix is the only player that can drive in consistently and either get to the rim or pull up for a mid-range shot (I've been impressed with his improvement in his mid-range jumper). So without anyone else creating any offense, the Longhorns often jack up a bunch of contested shots and live and die by the jump shot. This could also be fixed if the Horns had more offense from the post players. The ball could be fed down low and the post player would either try to score the ball down low or kick it out to a guard. But there isn't any post player who is polished enough on offense for that to be an option right now. So once again the Longhorns are forced to some how find more open jumpers for the guards. Their best offensive play is a jump shot off of a curl from a screen on a lower block... When that's your best offensive play you will have issues on offense. -There isn't a "go-to" guy. We really saw this problem late in the Baylor and WVU games. Texas really doesn't have anyone to turn to in order to finish games or make a play when they need one. This ties back into the fact that the guards are mainly jump shooters and no one really can create any offense. Again, Felix is the only guy who really can create anything off the dribble, which is why he was big in the Baylor game. But he still isn't that "go-to" guy yet either. Hopefully Kabongo can help with that issue. -The identity and chemistry on both ends of the floor are still a work in progress. Texas has been beat by a team that played well inside (Baylor), a less-than-average offensive team (WVU) that grinded it out and fought for a lot of offensive boards, and a team that made a living off of three's (ISU). So although Texas had some good stats in the defensive category, the stats are not translating to wins and they don't matter. I do like how the guards get after the ball at times, but the team defense is still poor. -Since Texas doesn't have strong post play on offense and since they really don't have any players that consistently take it to the rim, they will undoubtedly continue to lose the free throw battle as well. Do not be surprised to see other teams attempting a lot more free throws than Texas right now. It's just how they play at the moment. There's still more Texas could work on but right now those are some thoughts running through my head. This team is frustrating to follow because they have a lot of depth but it isn't good depth right now. We have to remember this team is young, one of the youngest teams in the NCAA. And each player shows flashes that he can be good. But it could be some time before we see this team actually make any serious noise. Like I said earlier, it just feels like they play with 1 arm tied behind their back.
  24. WACO – Baylor outdueled Texas in overtime at The Ferrell Center 86-79 to improve to 1-0 in conference play. The Bears took advantage of efficient offensive rebounding and plentiful free throw opportunities in the win, as head Coach Scott Drew missed the contest while serving the first of a two-game school imposed ban for the recruit texting scandal uncovered last year. Baylor’s Corey Joseph and Isaiah Austin each had double-doubles and Pierre Jackson scored 24 points in the win. The Bears shot 35.9% from the field but scored 36 points from the free-throw line alone, while Texas only turned in 9 points on 14 free throws from the charity stripe. Texas shot 44.6% from the field and freshman point guard Javan Felix led the Longhorns in scoring with a career high 26 points and 9 assists. Instead of coming off the bench to score, Sheldon McClellan crafted a 21-point performance today as a starter. Guard Julien Lewis scored 9 points but was limited today by an right ankle injury sustained in the game. Lewis continued to play through the injury but was noticeably hobbling up and down the court. Still no word on the extent of the injury. Texas trailed 40-31 at halftime and took the first lead of the game with 13:01 left in the second half on a Javan Felix jump shot. The lead then changed a few times with Baylor maintaining it most of the time until the 2:59 mark when Sheldon McClellan tied athe score at 66 with 2:59 left. Baylor would make two free throws and Johnathan Holmes would monster-dunk before regulation play ended. In overtime both Johnathan Holmes and Jaylen Bond fouled out and Baylor hit 10 free throws and scored 18 total points to seal the victory for the Bears. The loss puts Texas at 8-6 on the season and 0-1 in Big 12 play. Up next for Texas is West Virginia (7-6, 0-1) on January 9th.

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