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  1. I was at that game, McBath then Aune leave and in comes a 3rd teamer. He was a gamer for sure, wish that 77 team could have won that cotton bowl that year. It would have capped off that amazing story and sent Earl out with a W and a a National Championship.
  2. Murphy sure has a big arm and a impressive looking athlete. He would definitely bring problems to a defense with arm strength and athleticism. Dual threat QB’s give our defense a hard time for sure.
  3. All points should be made without being flamed don’t you think ?
  4. Actually what Java said is true, you still missed the point I was trying to make. Is QE a redshirt freshman ?Yes… but he is basically a freshman. A distinction in my mind when it comes to his development. And the point I was trying to make is development. Is QE the guy ? Who knows, I firmly believe we find out next year during Arch Manning’s redshirt year. And I firmly believe this staff intends to redshirt Arch Manning.
  5. Sigh whatever. I don’t lump the Sark era in with Mack’s last years, Strong, or Herman. What happened then has only soured some of our fans. When Sark took over this program, it had culture problems. It was also very under developed and under recruited in the offensive line. Not a lot of quality depth in many positions. We have seen this team become more physical and tougher on both lines of scrimmage this year. Starting two true freshman lineman, basically a freshman QB has led to some growing pains. This bodes well for next couple of years, as the younger more talented recruits continue to fill in, grow and develop. Nothing is ever perfect, and I am a long term fan of this program. I attended my first game in 1977 and watched Earl Campbell live, so I have seen many highs and lows. Bottom line we are recruiting at a high level, however unlike past regimes we are building from the line of scrimmage out. The development of the Lines will be key to the continuing rise of this program, and seems like this entire staff is embracing that.
  6. That should about do it. No title game for Texas
  7. Nice answer, Kansas is moving the ball. Get that stop this series and may have something working
  8. Well maybe not a stop, lol. Really bad defense on 3rd down
  9. It’s ok I accept the fact you have never understood the point of my original post. And I didn’t start the name calling you did. But apparently in you mind I am in the wrong here. However reading thru most of your post throughput game you tend to dwell in the negative. If you don’t respond to this I am cool, and I will continue to be positive about the future of Tha Horns like always. Try it sometime… peace out
  10. Not a good start a turnover and a score.

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