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  1. the refs are out for both of us, I just want the best game possible so there's no excuse. cant wait for this years bedlam game with oswho. they are super salty about the move to the sec and are refusing to schedule us moving forward, while running their lips about ou not wanting to schedule lol.
  2. Hope the kinks are worked out before Dallas. We want yals best. We played a good game against Nebraska. Given Nebraskas current situation, we were expecting a closer game with all the pre game and early emotion in the stadium. It was rocking but after a couple quick scores, the crowd was never really a factor. Our defense is bought in and looks scary good. Hope Ewers is back in time.
  3. Legit question, no troll. Found it on espn though. Ou offensive line played a little slow today but came on heavy after the first qtr. Nebraska couldn't get much going. Our defense is night and day compared to last year. Hopefully ewers gets healthy enough prior to rrs
  4. my thoughts exactly. its going to be huge for both universities... will definitely help recruiting and hurt atms.. i think all of their nil checks are bouncing these days
  5. that will be a conference game next year.. i think we are going to get thrown into their conference honestly.
  6. looks like ou and texas will be in the sec in 23. everyone excited? lots of mixed reaction in our camp.
  7. do aggie fans even have the right to talk about football anymore.. once a third rate, always a third rate. wonder how they are healing up from the app state whoopin?
  8. he looked like a pro vs bama though. its hard to judge a season by one game, but you can definitely see improvement for sure. its weird being a sooner fan here giving credit where its due. I for one am excited to see texas's climb back, other sooner fans not so much. Those down years it seemed like the rrs lost some of its luster, with the fans and national media. I cant wait for more epic shootouts and defensive battles of the past.
  9. idk my friend, it appears that ewers is pretty dadgum accurate. he reminds me of dillon gabriel honestly. not the quickest movement, but live arm that can place it where he wants, and runs well when needed. both have collarbone issues. Even one more qtr with quinn at qb and texas wins that game by 2 scores easy. gonna be one hell of a rrs.
  10. facts. gotta keep that same bama energy for utsa. team shows ton of improvement though, from the eyes of a sooner if that means anything. It seems hiring patterson was a smart smart move defensively.
  11. was watching live and dont know how the ankle down was not reviewed on its own merits..
  12. It will only get worse this season for both of our teams. The Big 12 officiating squads have it out for us, and its obviously coming from the top. Theyre salty were leaving a dead conference and taking all the tradition and excitement out of the league... No one will tune in for even osu vs baylor. Ou and texas leaving is the death of the big 12 and they know it. Its just a matter of time.

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