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  1. Depends if Duggan leads his team to an undefeated season unlike those two - we shall see
  2. In my opinion Max Duggan deserves it if TCU wins today
  3. Why would Texas let him leave, didn’t we need linebacker depth?
  4. Agreed - and the veteran presence he brought to the younger O-Lineman was also important
  5. ironic because it was Arkansas game that ruined his chances of being the starting QB at Texas
  6. So you are saying we should lower our standards to accept passing completion percentages of below 50%? and yes those Florida QBs are not good passing QBs, although they are very fast
  7. Agreed! That was my argument for Hudson Card from the beginning- too much expectations on a young freshman too early, but don’t doubt QE can and will become a much better QB next year
  8. This is why we should not have been so hard on Hudson Card
  9. True - the last thing missing is on the field wins and player development
  10. My friend who worked at SMU under Sonny Dykes confirmed that CDC really wanted Sonny Dykes, but Big Money Donors wanted Sark instead
  11. What about Oklahoma state - don’t they have the tie breaker over us if they win out?
  12. Agreed - fans were too harsh on Hudson Card ever since the offseason. He would have a much higher passing completion rate than Quinn Ewers. Quinn will be good in long term but this year was too rushed for Quinn
  13. Quinn Ewers needed to redshirt this year. His passing completion rate is unacceptable. Not his fault he was rushed into role

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