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  1. And, I’m still impressed that ETH was at the Tex/OU game before many of your parents were born. I salute you ETH!!
  2. I’m more hesitant this year than ever to jump on the bandwagon. I feel really good about this group and Sark. However, I loved what Strong did when he threw out the bad apples and tried to bring his culture, with limited results. I know I won’t get much fanfair for saying this, but I still love Strong and he was righting the ship. He was forced to fire assistants to save face and ultimately lost his job because no continuity was ever established. Herman’s win over Georgia was with Strong’s recruits and leftovers he didn’t give the boot to. Sark needs at least 4 years and coordinators/position coaches not changing jobs every year.
  3. Lizard spit is what Earl used to drink every morning and s..t out roses in the evening! We need more of that
  4. Can someone explain this to me? ND and UT both have 22 commits. UT avg. is 92.20 while ND avg. is 92.78 and UT is ahead of ND? My abacus shows this does not compute.
  5. 100% accurate statement. Jimmy Johnson was exactly the right coach at the right time for that team. The coach won those super bowls and Switzer was fortunate to inherit JJ’s team. Everything fell apart after that and hasn’t been the same since.
  6. Sterns is in the NFL. Overshown, Cook, and Jamison (also from the same class) are all starters this year and by all accounts are expected to excel. Green and Foster are gone for good reason. I think the jury has not reached a verdict yet, on whether that class is dub material.
  7. This really isn’t a surprise. Hill has been leaning towards Aggie forever. We weren’t going to outbid for his services because Aggie HAD to have him in their class. Hill and Hicks were a must to save their recruiting and no one is going to outbid for those two.
  8. I agree, I think we end up anywhere between 3-6 if we have some success on the field in the fall. It’s pure nonsense these articles, posters and Cook referencing potential #1 class.
  9. I think it has to do with skill players participating in 7 on 7. It may be that lineman and such haven’t moved, but the receivers, QB’s, LB, S, CB decrease/increase their stock which moves everyone else around ranked higher or lower then them around. Not fair really, but I get it.

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