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Everything posted by Dillohorn1

  1. I am beginning to think going to the sec will not happen in my lifetime.
  2. I don't even recognize college football anymore.
  3. Could be bad news for the program.
  4. UT's pitching won't get it very far in the regionals. I see an early exit.
  5. It is not that hard to beat AF. Look at their record.
  6. I have conversations with both of me.
  7. Has fallen to the point of embarrassment. If this was football I would say this team has quit.
  8. Giving up a lot of HR's this season with multiple people on base in a lot of the Horns loses.
  9. Better QBing and a good OL will be a sight for sore eyes.
  10. UT baseball is hitting the skids now. Season not looking too good.

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