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  1. That’s a damn shame about Hicks. And with him going to Aggie, be that much harder to flip Hill. And those two are best defensive players in state and maybe nation.
  2. Didn’t say it was all his fault, but he did leave Oline in a mess.
  3. Weakest link on team is Oline with 2 freshman starting. Weakest link on team last year was Oline. The Dline has problems rushing the passer (especially in 2nd half when they are gassed), but are/were good against the run. There is no quick fix for Oline. Herman left a mess. We will not win in this league consistently until we get solid Oline play. How many other teams have 2 freshman playing on their Oline ? Qbs are in place, if Sark gets booted, I doubt Manning will stay. We gotta hope the lines start playing better.
  4. Our Oline is playing better, but several of them played poorly today. Hutson in particular looked like a freshman. Which is what he is. That’s the reason we really lost today, in my opinion we got whipped up front. But they will get better.
  5. Everybody is talking about defense lapse. we scored 10 freakin points in Big12 league play, and the touchdown was a 40 yard run. if Ewers is not any better than Card, then we are shit out of luck. The Big12 game is scoring points. We got to score.
  6. Same shit as last year. Bunch of 3 and outs. We have scored 7 points second half. That ain’t gonna beat anybody
  7. Hell of a drive ! Card played GREAT ! we got us TWO quarterbacks! Bijan is awesome! Now let’s see some defense
  8. So, I guess Hale knew all along he was going to Bama, and tried to pull some of our recruits. Saban was probably behind that. another reason to pull against the thugs
  9. With our receivers, those qbs shouldn’t be doing a lot of running. I fear the refs a lot more than TT. im thinking 35-21, with at least 2 bad calls against horns. Probably 3
  10. I’m wondering how hicks and hills visit to aggy went ?
  11. And when Ewers gets back, they won’t be able to focus on Bijan. It’s a good day fellas!
  12. Yes he was good in bowls, but we were never in contention for a natty. And that is not going to work for long at Texas
  13. Hill was dominant tonight. Including a 50 yard run for a touchdown.
  14. Almost had to make the move to recruit. And even tho the refs were so bad, that game against Bama was electric. We only had one game a year (OU) like that before. There will be multiple games like that now. so…I’m glad we are making the move
  15. Those thugs were going to knock him out with cheap shots. only a matter of time. They hit late and grabbed facemasks all day long. They knew he was going to beat their asses. Their only chance was to cheap shot him and get him out of the game. And the diksuk refs are just as crooked as the Alabama thugs

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