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  1. TT is in this game because the coach decided to roll the dice and go for it on 4th down almost no matter what. Today it's paid off, but it's a very risky strategy.
  2. Hard to call the Alabama game. Bama will be on the road for a nonconference game that they're heavily favored to win and could be over confident. Hopefully the young Horns will have something to prove and play hard. Not saying we'll win, but it could definitely be close. Given a couple of breaks, and who knows?
  3. Yes, I was impressed with the young man, too. Excelling at blocking on Arch's blind side could lead to a high draft pick for him one day. Smart decision.
  4. Good point. I suspect Pete can point to his past success at other programs when he has his guys on the field. He can also sell early playing time which should be attractive to many recruits.
  5. Burnt orange exclamation points for what it's worth.
  6. I've been at 90% for a long time. Imagine you're an elite HS QB with aspirations to be successful in the NFL. Are you going to choose a program with a recent history of winning with primarily elite defense or are you going to choose a coach with a long record of developing QBs for the NFL? Winning is nice, but being personally prepared for the next level is more important for a family that understands the business of football like the Mannings. Now I'm at 99%.
  7. Since Sark spent time at USC as HC and Coach Choice gave up his new position at USC to join Sark at Texas, they can offer insight into the respective programs. Then you add the fact that Coach Marion coached Addison to the Biletnikoff Award and you have a powerful message. As long as the NIL money is there or at least in the ballpark, I suspect he'll be a Longhorn.
  8. https://missoulian.com/sports/college/big-sky-conference/university-of-montana/billings-senior-grad-gabe-sulser-trades-maroon-of-montana-for-burnt-orange-of-texas/article_0ee80375-4eb8-5cb9-a5bf-3ae4f7876173.html
  9. Purdue was a terrible matchup for Texas and they played them very tough. Another year of recruiting the front court will definitely help.
  10. From everything I can tell, GP is an intense competitor, but also a really good person. Glad to have him on board.
  11. The box score is very even with one exception. 4/23 vs 9/22 on threes. Ball game.
  12. Cunningham started and played 7 minutes, perhaps to set the physical tone for the team the rest of the way.

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