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  1. Since Sark spent time at USC as HC and Coach Choice gave up his new position at USC to join Sark at Texas, they can offer insight into the respective programs. Then you add the fact that Coach Marion coached Addison to the Biletnikoff Award and you have a powerful message. As long as the NIL money is there or at least in the ballpark, I suspect he'll be a Longhorn.
  2. https://missoulian.com/sports/college/big-sky-conference/university-of-montana/billings-senior-grad-gabe-sulser-trades-maroon-of-montana-for-burnt-orange-of-texas/article_0ee80375-4eb8-5cb9-a5bf-3ae4f7876173.html
  3. Purdue was a terrible matchup for Texas and they played them very tough. Another year of recruiting the front court will definitely help.
  4. From everything I can tell, GP is an intense competitor, but also a really good person. Glad to have him on board.
  5. The box score is very even with one exception. 4/23 vs 9/22 on threes. Ball game.
  6. Cunningham started and played 7 minutes, perhaps to set the physical tone for the team the rest of the way.
  7. BTW, 32 bench points which is very impressive. This team is deep with several guys who can beat you depending on game-to-game match-ups. Great coaching to take advantage of the balanced roster.
  8. Agreed, they're really becoming more consistent on offense to go along with their excellent defense. Still some lapses on offense, but sometimes that can be attributed to the opposing defense. All in all, it's good to see good coaching continue to make these guys better. Not bad for basically a pickup team a few months ago.
  9. Being the head football coach at a demanding program like Texas is much more than a full-time job, especially for a coach like Sark who was brought in to also lead the offense. Bringing in Patterson, Cutliffe, and perhaps others is a brilliant way to get proven mentors on staff while giving the head coach time to deal with his highest priority duties. If a respected coach like Sabin has had as many as five former head coaches on his staff at once, that tells you something about what the position requires to excel at the highest level. About time we have a HC and AD who understand that.
  10. From wiki: "Eight quarterbacks whom Cutcliffe coached in college have gone on to play in the NFL:] Heath Shuler, Peyton Manning, Tee Martin, Eli Manning, Erik Ainge, Thaddeus Lewis, Sean Renfree, and Daniel Jones." Yeah, I'd say bringing him in could be helpful in landing Manning.
  11. Anyone carrying 430 pounds is going to have a strong lower body out of necessity. If he can maintain that strength while dropping more weight, he could be just what PK is looking for.
  12. I suspect a good portion of the 2022 class was sold on the opportunity for early playing time, but with the quality of the large incoming class that is no longer the attraction it has been. So that will need to be overcome with more wins in the fall. Well, that and more attractive NIL deals.
  13. That's a good question. I don't see why not, but I'm no expert. Seems like NIL money could potentially be a loophole to bring players onboard without a scholly so there has to be some restriction.
  14. There's also the possibility of gray-shirts, etc., that don't add to the current quotas.

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