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  1. I wrote that I expect Texas to win 9 games however 8 wins might be more realistic but to you that implies a defeatist attitude?
  2. I am not an A&M fan I expect Texas to win 9 games this year but some people here think Texas is championship caliber in the SEC when we havent even claimed a Big 12 championship in a decade
  3. I’m watching orangeblood with Geoff Ketchums and he is VERY negative of quinn ewers specifically that ewers is not progressing mentally Ketchums is often wrong but not always
  4. I agree that Arkansas is not getting as many 4 and 5 star Texas plays as it used to I wonder if the athletic director ( who may have been Frank Broyles) expected that? it hurt them now who knows? maybe the move of Texas to the SEC and an annual matchup with the Razorbacks will help their recruiting here
  5. We should be so lucky Texas is on the upswing but we have a long way to go just look at Arkansas it was perennial powerhouse in the Southwest Conference but an also-ran in the SEC
  6. 8&4 in the South East Conference is a very respectable record for any team other than Alabama I think you fail to appreciate how tough its going to be for Texas when we get there
  7. BTW: has anyone been watching the simulated 2022 games on YouTube if so maybe you will agree that the offensive game plan for Texas is uninspired I think the real Longhorns will have a better offense than what the fake Longhorns show us
  8. I do suspect that Texas will be a strong contender for the Big12 championship not a sure thing but no team is a clear favorite
  9. I think Texas is or will be much improved in 2022 but as good as Arkansas or A&M? I think they are another recruiting class or two from that
  10. Its good to be optimistic, but Texas has yet to prove it belongs on the same field as Arkansas or Texas A&M I like whats happening on offense, but what about defense? we will see next season when Alabama visits Austin
  11. A&M is ahead of UT at this time and would beat last year’s team as easily as Arkansas did in the old Southwest Conference the Aggies were poor relations Now they are mean sob’s and would probably walk all over Texas this year Even so I miss the Aggies snd Razorbacks and look forward to playing them home and home again
  12. Oh, ok that team would get murdered today by a decent high school team
  13. I’m confident alabama can match or exceed any offer by A&M or any other school but how can any coach organize a team when players can hit the transfer portal any time they choose 365 days a year? time will tell but I’m sure the NCAA will have to make changes to the NIL and transfer portal
  14. If anyone here watches the OrangeBloods podcast you know Richardson as the beat reporter coving Texas Longhorns he has a press pass and can sometimes be heard asking Sark a question during media availability I used to think only Buddha aka Geoff Ketchum was not hitting on all cylinders all the time but I heard Richardson say something really stupid today in a nutshell he thinks coaches like nick saban and kirby smart are old grouches for criticizing the NIL and the new transfer portal He says that all the coaches want is control and they hate it that young players can now do whatever they please and the coach cant stop them well duh! who cant see anything wrong with that? a team sport where the players run the team? Why even have a coach?
  15. Hudson Card was as redshirt freshman and should have started the season as Casey Thompson’s backup but both QBs were pocket passers who were handicapped by a weak offensive line I do expect Card to play better this year due to a better O-line and his experience from last year
  16. Where’s the fire? The coaches know better than either of us But if they make a mistake with Ewers by rushing him out too soon it will hurt him and the Texas program
  17. I think you under appreciate Card both card and thompson were handicapped by injuries and a bad offensive line
  18. Casey was the obvious starter for game one With the more experienced Qb leading the team Card could have developed with no pressure to carry the team my guess is that Sark will not make the same mistake next year by rushing ewers into the starting spot too soon or maybe not at all the first year Because given a better offensive line Card may turn out to be a pretty good QB himself
  19. If he can be serious about football after collecting a million bucks and a $75,000 truck while sitting on the bench then he may be a good quarterback someday its up to him and Sark by that I mean hopefully Sark will do a better coaching job next year than he did with casey thompson and hudson card time will tell
  20. If ewers lives up to the hype all is well but I sense a certain flakiness about this guy no one denies his physical talent but does he have his head screwed on straight? we’ll see and a lot depends on sark he screwed up the thompson-card quarterback battle in my opinion hopefully he’ll do better next time

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