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  1. Well that didn't work out did it? CT is the below average QB I thought he was. Card got one half of judgement, CT has sucked in two of last three games, time to go back to Card and commit to the future.
  2. These are all good points…Evans is good and Patterson will have them ready. My concern is, Rice is 120th best defense, Tech around 80th. Arky is now 12th and that defensive end #55 looks like an all-american. Is it possible the last two defenses were really bad and fans are over-rating our team and offense in particular? Why is no one I’ve seen on any board considering this possibility?
  3. Did you happen to see the hits Card got in the first half of Arky game, including after the whistle? You’re a Casey homer and you’ll see after the OU game he ain’t that good. Get your excuses ready.
  4. You might consider the possibility that as good of a leader and competitor Casey seems to be he has not started a game against good competition and he won’t until TCU and OU. Garbage time and Rice has created this legend. I hope I’m wrong but, I see an average and undersized QB with a bad offensive line. Glad to say I’m wrong but not until after the OU game.
  5. Best post I’ve seen on this site. The viciousness aimed at a Freshman QB in his first road game with the worst Oline in years is unbelievable and downright shameful. I’m a Card fan but I like Casey too and happy for him…BTW Casey hasn’t been tested yet, some of you that think he’s the Messiah might wait a few games.
  6. If you have no offensive line you have no QB. See Mahomes in the Super Bowl, sick of Card bashing by horrible fans.
  7. Glad that’s your hope but, when OU, TCU and Iowa St see tape and scheme for Casey’s running it may be a different story.
  8. Good post agree with most of it but, you missed the part about horrible offensive line play contributing to his tough game.
  9. What game we’re you watching? I was at the game about press box level, what I saw was 7-8 guys blanketing 3 WR’s on every pass play. Nobody was running open anywhere. Bad observation.

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