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  1. Card Ark '21 8/15 53.3% 61yds 0/0 87.5pr 8/14 1.8 ypc Ewers TCU 17/39 43.6% 171 0/1 75.3 5/-15 -3.0
  2. UT offense has 9 points in the last 3 2nd halfs.
  3. No, it appears that Dykes was the guy that Del Conte wanted, but Kevin Eltlife, chairman of Texas’ board of regents, wanted someone else. Eltlife reportedly told the Statesman that he was “involved in the process from start to finish, and Sark was always at the top of the list.” “We were very excited about Steve from the very beginning, and I am thankful it all worked out because he’s the best man for the job.” Almost anywhere else in the country, a program of Texas’ size would likely trust its athletic director to make the hire of the head football coach, but at a place like Texas where money is flowing from all kinds of sources, there are a lot of opinions that “need” to be heard.
  4. https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2022/11/14/texas-boosters-wanted-steve-sarkisian-instead-of-sonny-dykes-report/?fbclid=IwAR0-cwieREvq-jfIC2gcY213RIt0RI3PWgQBLX0xwbDGzQUIKuXA9YcwURc
  5. 1 completion over 40 yards in September. Touchdown Jesus is a fraud.
  6. Great post. I don’t think a 4 year turnaround in today’s portal world is good enough.
  7. As for recruiting, he missed on Ewers and Brockemeyer's. Both have turned out shitty, so there's that. He didn't have big enough balls to fight politics at UT. They tell you who your players are going to be before you get the job. He got stuck in the middle of the Eyes of Texas song controversy when BLM had the whole world on fire. We were trying to hire Urban Meyer behind his back, and almost did until he told us he wasn't letting the Big Cigars call the shots and walked away. By then we had burned Tom's bridge with a poorly kept secret. We screwed up running him off.
  8. https://www.18stripes.com/on-the-radar-the-list-of-possible-quarterback-grad-transfers-for-notre-dame/ On the Radar: The List of Possible Quarterback Grad Transfers for Notre Dame By Eric Murtaugh|November 1st, 2022|Football|29 Comments Notre Dame will once again be in the spotlight this off-season attempting to bring in a quarterback through the Transfer Portal. Last year, it was a hot topic of the off-season with the new coaching staff ultimately deciding to stay put with the quarterbacks on the roster at the time. Name: Hudson Card School: Texas Height: 6-2 Weight: 201 Eligibility: 2 A former high 4-star recruit from the 2020 class who is now playing in the shadow of Quinn Ewers and may have an eye on leaving Austin for more playing time. He’s made a handful of starts for the Horns since 2021 and has generally looked sharp and competent with 1,518 passing yards to go with 11 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Card will be one of the most sought after transfers in the country should he choose to leave Texas, but he’s also not very experienced (fewer than 200 career pass attempts) and brings some risk in that regard. SR: 8.3/10
  9. Portal opens Dec. 5. Rumors of Worthy to USC (home) with a legit QB. Card rumors to Notre Dame. It could explain why Card hasn’t seen the field and Worthy is getting so many targets?
  10. We dodged a bullet. Super sub Howard leads No. 23 K-State to 31-3 rout of Baylor
  11. Everyone, not just you, piling on Worthy. None of us are close enough to know what’s going on. Definitely not all on Quinn, the same thing happens to everyone that’s a QB sometimes. Card can sling the ball 70 yards, but he generally aims it and that causes time. We certainly don’t lose anything on Quinn’s deep game.
  12. I feel too many fans feel like you, that Quinn has a higher ceiling. Fortune tellers.
  13. Anon736773 Posted on 8 hrs, , User Since 89 months ago, User Post Count: 2017 8 hrs 89 months 2017 I wore Quinn Ewers socks to the game. I have a Quinn graphic tee. I've supported him relentlessly since he stepped foot on campus... That being said, if Hudson Card was our QB we'd be in the Top 10 and headed to the Big XII Championship. No doubt, here's why... 1. Sark would be calling different plays. We wouldn't be slinging 40 yard bombs everywhere like we have Mahomes at QB 2. We'd be heavily relying on Bijan and Rojo. We'd sustain drives, we'd punch it in on the ground on the goal line vs inexplicably throwing it 3 times. 3. Our passing game would look fundamentally different and be more efficient. Screens, RPO, Flats etc Sark is exposing himself as being a fool for trying to force Quinn to be the Savior and featuring him when he's not ready yet.

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