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  1. They still suck at pass blocking as a group. We have only run for 69 yards, but some holes on the left for sure.
  2. The Wildcat hasn't delivered. Glad to see us go for it on 4th, barely got it.
  3. When QE does it he can throw from any angle, when Card does it there's no mention.
  4. He slipped and that actually helped throw off the D, that was all arm, he didn't step into it at all.
  5. The safety made a good play, and our receiver didn't even make a play on the ball.
  6. 1st Mizzou, now baseball split screen. TT moving the chains. Great quick start to help take the crowd out.
  7. 1 day to go. So much talk about Ewers playing, not buying it, he couldn't even throw a week ago. We are due for a breakout, and I think this could be the game where it all comes together early and we steamroll the Desert Cowboys. Not buying the 5 point spread. Horns 52 Raiders 14
  8. It's not too hard to assume they don't want to make each other look bad. Just like a Doctor or a Lawyer never will say anything bad about one another. It's a big club.
  9. So many acting like this was a bad or missed ruling on the O'Show. It was intentional, just like the previous one. HE IS BEING TARGETED by the Big 12. The booth is doing it. They are corrupt. If we win the Big 12 Championship, it will be beating all the teams AND THE REFS. Get used to it. The fact that teams have no recourse is ridiculous with the amount of money involved Texas should sue the refs personally. It's ruining the sport, gambling and faith in institutions to do the right thing.
  10. If we convert some 3rd downs and finish in the red zone, and get WR production we blow up the scoreboard. No way TT offense is as good as the last 2 we saw. We should be practicing with ear plugs.
  11. ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit listed Steve Sarkisian as the top performing coach from Week 3. The Longhorns may not have been ready in the first half, but when adversity hit, they didn’t blink. The second-half effort shown by the Longhorns after their slow start is why Herbstreit listed Sarkisian atop his list. It is a change of pace for Sarkisian and the Longhorns, who lost numerous games last season in the second half after leading in the first half. https://allthingslonghorns.com/espn-cfb-analyst-ranks-sarkisian-as-top-performing-coach-of-week-3/?fbclid=IwAR2Z7YMsiAixbuwcm_EQ6dpvPd5zkS-9BJzed0Vup711LYmMqrv_8ozQWnA
  12. Happy for him, but are we sure he was even our best D player this week? The 2 notable plays on the day were the Pik 6 where the receiver was open and got overthrown and the Halfback pass for a TD over his arms .. Ford had 15 tackles.
  13. We haven't seen it yet, but Quinn was considered a good runner in High School too.

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