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  1. Yep, sometimes I fall into that fast food world 🫤
  2. A long time since we’ve had to pass time cleaning the kitchen waiting for the game to be over. Sure is nice. Still mad we haven’t done it all year.
  3. Auburn’s hair is better than Quinn. Sidelines dancing long overdue, this team has been too tight. I’m smiling
  4. Looks like Quinn has the playbook on his wrist George Plimpton style?
  5. Fake Twitter account with 4k followers. His mom says it's fake. Portal opens Dec. 5th.
  6. That would be a good excuse if we weren’t 14 points from being undefeated and hadn’t given up double digit leads multiple times.
  7. In late 2018 the transfer portal was introduced. Last year the NIL was introduced with virtually no rules. The days of giving coaches 4 years to get their people are long gone.
  8. Hence the apology. Nice to know you are keeping me honest.
  9. I actually am losing sleep over getting my predictions wrong about Quinn being a turnover machine. He only has 6 interceptions in 212 attempts and 13 td’s for a 46% ratio. Gotta give him credit for that.
  10. Imagine my disappointment finding someone questioning my perfect record in cut and paste stats? I’d like to apologize for my mistake in correctly labeling the stats as 1st 22 games. Really surprised that wasn’t something you could immediately recognize? About those passing stats? Should Quinn keep going deep? Surely a breakthrough is coming?

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