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  1. Way too much of this from our receivers this year. Reacting to drops.
  2. Mr. Body language always clutching his play sheet needs a little help. I got this, sending him a highlighter for plays that work. We score touchdowns and never run the plays again.
  3. We threw multiple times successfully in the 1st half on 1st down. Threw for 204 yards in the half. Tracking a 400 yd game and 40+ points. Hitting the brakes was Sark's idea.
  4. Closing on the ball in the air is something most defenses and receivers do, Not ours. I think we would find more dropped passes than broken up passes if we counted.. Who was that guy that threw 3 passes to move into field goal range with 20 seconds and no timeouts when everyone knew where the ball was going? Fans will be looking for more of that soon. Kinda surprised we didn't run between the tackles on 1st and 2nd on that last drive.
  5. Yeah Sarks 13-27 overall road record, 1-5 road record at Texas, and history of giving up double digit leads all confirm he’s not a bad coach! Oh don’t forget to add the 0-23 record when behind at the half! People are being tough on him for no reason!
  6. I'm sure he knows it makes Sark look bad. Having a great runner that never gets his number called.
  7. No, I'm saying it's going to take 40 and 50 on offense to win a bunch.
  8. On a streak, it's always the outside shoulder. Hudson puts it there consistently, which takes a stronger arm than the inside ball. The ball has to be released before the receiver looks back. It's something that needs work with the 1st team and shouldn't be happening.
  9. This is the Big 12, everybody's defense sucks against heavy passing attacks. High scoring games are the norm not the exception. Sark thinking he can turn it into the SEC by running when everyone knows it's coming if a big fail, like his tenure to this point.
  10. That's not what you said. Yeh, I saw the 20 play drive that set the tone for the day. I saw our D think they had held TT on 3rd down, only to realize they weren't punting and we were shocked. Will they be surprised next time someone does it? We got lucky that TT didn't have a gifted running QB like we will soon see. You haven't seen gashing yet.
  11. Having the Greatest College Coach of All Time at Bama didn't hurt Sark's OC success. If Sark is overwhelmed we hired the wrong guy. If everyone from announcers to fans can see what play is coming, we hired the wrong guy.
  12. Our 1st possesion was 3 plays for a TD. That is not a slow start.
  13. Hudson put the passes to the outside shoulder every time, like he's supposed to.
  14. The one that hit him in the face mask? Bring on The One Quarter Wonder and let's hope Sark learns how to call plays with a lead.
  15. It's not the players. it's coaches who don't understand the Big 12 and try to milk the clock with a lead by going conservative.
  16. So we aren't the only team that can't stop a running QB. Sooners going down. We may not be dead yet.
  17. TT attempted 8 4th downs and converted 6. That's more than half the teams in college will even attempt in the season. This isn't your father's football game.
  18. Bijan walks the line for a TD and we go up 31-17. Everyone thinks it's over but TT. Sark starts playing not to lose. Wakes up with 21 seconds left and no timeouts. Bijan chokes up the ball with the game on the line. Bipolar.
  19. Oh, in case anyone is keeping score: Heisman Over All American receiver over Natty over Big 12 maybe Bowl game maybe
  20. Sark's college record is what it is, especially road games. He is now 7-9 here.

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