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  1. Yea, brilliant slow developing pass when you have no protection. Sark always goes to the bomb.
  2. Worthy has removed all UT photos on Instagram. He gone.
  3. Worthy has a 10 yard cushion… looking right at him..pitch and catch in green space instead of hero ball.
  4. Before NIL teams talked to “uncle Billy” who wanted a cut. When bag money isn’t involved it’s HS coaches who are the pipeline.
  5. Any objective observer realizes Quinn wasn’t ready to start this year. He has to make a big leap to be an average P5 QB. The team was capable of more, the coach and QB weren’t.
  6. Yes, the game hasn’t slowed down for him yet, it looks like Star Wars jumping to hyperspace.
  7. Absolutely. After 2 turnovers gifted points to Baylor for no reason since the running game was already working, he never passed again. Great adjustments. Finally after 2 years.
  8. CJ Vogel @CJVogel_TFB · Follow Texas did not attempt a pass the final 13:30 of the ballgame following Baylor’s scoop & score to go up 27–24. Here’s how the rest of the game went: 22 plays 22 rushes 133 yards 14 points 10:43 of T.O.P.
  9. Unconfirmed reports of Patterson taking the battery out of Sark’s headset forced him to only call run plays? ?
  10. So “We Back”? or is the streak of average play now at 13 years? Season isn’t over yet…
  11. 5 sacks, 1 for a safety and 1 TD running. It ain’t easy playing QB. If we get pass protection maybe we see the other Quinn?
  12. Good for you ? Now your opinion will carry more weight ?
  13. Thinking we could have used a few more freshmen lineman more often this year.
  14. We just beat Kansas and Baylor. That’s not good enough to flex over.
  15. Great win, Sark is learning how to win with the running game like Bama. So happy for the seniors.
  16. Let’s hold em right here… Johnny Depp Posted yesterday at 11:18 AM UT 24 Baylor 19

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