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  1. Sark is well aware of the criticism and will respond by opening the playbook both halves and putting up 51 with a defensive score. Cain blossoms deep and running back room is the leading receiver. The D makes adjustments and gets sacks by blitzing from everywhere. The D and the crowd hold WV down to 30, not 20 since there is so much tape on us.
  2. Heads up, Sling and Dish have lost ESPN and the Longhorn Network due to Disney contract expiring. The game will be on FS1 which is also Sling. Some are buying Firesticks which includes a YouTube TV trial ($55 a mo.) which carries ESPN.
  3. Sounds like QE threw hard on Tue. and felt more pain on Wed. from it? I assumed he was starting, but it sounds like he's not ready.
  4. I love the concept, bring on the WildCard. No way Sark turns over the keys without CDC making him.
  5. You could say that generically about every team in the country. We have to be able to win with what we have, like TT.
  6. I agree, not this year. If year 2 goes like last year, year 3 he will be in the ejection seat. If the defense pulls another TT this week, PK will be the 1st to go. Sark could save the D if he learned to put up 50. The thing with the recruits, it's a whole new ballgame. Only 2 of our great class from Sark's 1st year are even seeing playing time. Everyone else that's new is portal. Recruits bailing on commitments daily, and even when they show up the impact is minimal. If they see the coach is treading water and bobbing, they aren't coming anyway. You don't build a new house on a cracked foundation.
  7. He'll go down as the worst conference record coach in UT history when we finally do. Cut your losses.
  8. You mean the team that has converted 9 out of 10 4th down attempts?
  9. About that int., our WR Cain made no play on the ball, which was on target. He let the Safety pick it without lifting an arm. Contrast that with the same field position throw in Q3 where UT has 2 on 1 and their guy pulls it down. Just sayin.. 2 almost identical throws and coverages with 2 different outcomes.
  10. The only 2 passes to Bijan and Keilan caught all day. Roschon caught 2.
  11. In the TT game, our 1st play was a pass to Bijan for 22. Our 3rd play was a pass for a TD to Keilan for 35. Neither player caught another pass in the game.
  12. We may have seen the last of Card. His last possession in regular time was as clutch as it gets. We are 2 plays away from being 4-0. A missed tackle vs. Bama and a fumble vs. TT. Close but no cigar. We never got to see the WildCard package so who knows? The TD throw to Worthy traveled about 55 yds. in the air, off balance. He's probably good for 65, and had the strongest arm is some QB camps. That's good enough in any league. He's started 4 games for a crappy team that went 5-7 (4-6 without him). He's still young. He got pulled after 1 loss and in 2 years is the only QB to beat (2) ranked teams. He's shown improvement each game. Thanks for reading as we close the book on the Card era for now.
  13. A word about entitlement. Mack let his players loose in the airport terminals for food, autographs, photos and generally feeling like stars. Both Charlie and Tom bussed their players straight to the plane, no fanfare, balloons or accolades. A sense of entitlement proved to be a very good thing in that case.
  14. Nice to see we are still ranked at something. https://coacheshotseat.com/
  15. Excellent analysis. Time of possession failures. Offense - Off script play calling creativity failures. Wildcat failures. 4th and 2 decision failure. QB running/utilization failure. Brennen Thompson 10.2 speed/ Savion Red failure to use with Worthy out. Run Game failure in majority of attempts. Defense - Played up for Bama. Failure to get off the field. Missed 13 chances to get a stop. Non existent pass rush. No Guy. 2 sacks in 56 passes. Beat by a bad O-line. Beat by a QB that had struggled, made him a hero. Allowed receivers to sit down at the sticks and dink and dunk with 10 ft. cushions. Soft zone. Bending too much.
  16. https://www.si.com/college/texas/football/longhorns-coach-steve-sarkisian-what-texas-needs? "More specifically, Sarkisian has once again become the subject of ire across the Texas fan base. So does he deserve it? Well, yes. Despite not having his starting quarterback, the loss in Lubbock is an inexcusable one." " In short, talent and culture-wise, Sarkisian has the Longhorns well on the right track. Again, that does not excuse the blown leads. Quite the opposite in fact. However, they also do not mean he isn't the right man for the job. Those issues are simply the next step in this program's extremely complicated, multi-faceted rebuild. With that said, if those shortcomings persist over the remainder of the season, and into Year 3, without much sign of a continued upward trajectory, there will eventually be a breaking point for fans and administration alike. "
  17. I think the answer is the Big Cigars will allow losses and more sub 500 seasons as long as their Coach is coaching and their QB is playing, whether that is QE or Arch. They want to be right with their big spending more than winners.

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