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  1. 20. TEXAS


    11074874.jpg?fit=bounds&crop=620:320,offset-y0.50&width=620&height=320 (Photo: Getty)

    NFL draft picks since 2000: 76

    First-rounders: 16

    In the aughts, Texas produced the high-profile likes of Vince Young (pictured), Leonard Davis and Roy Williams. But the program whiffed in the 2022 NFL Draft: Not a single Longhorn was selected by any team in any round. On the whole, the Longhorns remain the top-ranked school from the state of Texas.


  2. 5 minutes ago, texbound said:

    Did I just go back in time 22 years?  I'm on the Chris Simms train here.  Simms is a NFL QB that can make every throw in the book and opens up the playbook.  Applewhite is gritty and plays his heart out but has limitations.

     You are going to make that argument? You sure?

    Applewhite led Texas to two Big 12 Championship games, to victory in 2 Bowl games, and set 48 school records along the way.


  3. 24 minutes ago, hookemhorb said:

    😉 🤔 I've been thinking the same thing. Cooper Rush has won every game he has started for the Cowboys. They need to bench Dak and make Cooper the starter. 🙄

    There is a reason why Quinn is the starter and Card is the back up. Does that mean Card can't win games? No. Does that mean Card couldn't start on most teams? No. Is he the best QB on the roster? No. Could he become the best QB on the team? Anything is possible, but at this time, he has shortcomings that opposing teams are taking advantage.

    Quinn was below average in game 1. Game 2 Sark's script had him looking good, although only accounting for 3 points, and failing to protect himself got hurt. He is a Freshman QB with virtually no experience or game reps who comes with a lot of hype, like most highly rated recruits. At this point he won't be 100%, and could easily risk further injury. Quinn's ability to avoid or survive pressure is questionable, especially with a suspect O-line. The sentiment is strong to see his potential upside deliver results, while there is still uncertainty of those results having never taken a snap in the Big 12, and only a few against a P5 team. Quinn is still a project and experiment, far from a proven player like Dak. Ohio State isn't missing him, and in QB prospect shootouts he had accuracy issues, and threw lots of int's. in the open practice. His style of quick release is a bit of a hope and a prayer hoping the offense is successful in pulling down passes when not open, far from the ball control style we are seeing now. A week ago I would reluctantly agree to put him in and see what happens, while keeping him on a short turnover leash. Anyone stating as fact that QE is the superior QB at this point in his career is merely opinion, there is no "book" on him. 

     To continue the false premise of teams loading up the box and stopping Card after putting up 28 points in barely a quarter is ignoring the truth where there is a book on him. With no run support, Sark and Card carved up WV masterfully, just like the week before, and the week before etc. The team is behind Card and the O has been putting up plenty of points to win. Trying to fix what isn't broke, with an unknown quantity when every game counts is a risky move. If Card wasn't keeping Quinn honest as a clear cut winner in the QB1 competition, why did it take so long?

  4. 1 hour ago, BWilk55 said:


    He had great stats...but stats don't tell the whole story. 2 of those misses were wide open passes that would have gone for TD. We were able to overcome those misses in this game, but that won't always be the case.

    44 of those yards and 1 TD were on a pass that was more likely to be an interception than a TD. 

    Card played really well overall, and is probably one of the best back ups in the nation. I am super glad we have him and like the kid a lot. He just isn't sharp enough at times and that'll bite us at times going forward. 

    Worthy had more drops than Card had misses. Card was on the run all night, with a bad ankle. Card was OPOG for 2 weeks in row and likely MVP for the last 4. He's got legs, low turnovers, escapability needed with a weak line, has withstood a bunch of hits (several illegal), is the clear team leader this year. Good luck benching him.

  5. 4 hours ago, North Texas Golfer said:

    Come on, you know we got completely dominated in the 4th quarter. We started the 4th quarter with only a 21 point lead and increased it to 24 before total disaster hit. WVA scored twice with the last TD coming at 4:30 or so to get within 18. 

    It's a good thing we were able to run out the clock and hold on to win a very close one. 

    Is that pretty much how you guys saw it @Brad Usrey and @Johnny Depp ?

    Not close, never in danger. We could have easily put in substitutes. Instead we got Bijan his 100. 

    Not sure how we are just going to score 50 on demand in games that require it. Recruiting is suffering from pedestrian 2nd halves, and we need to burn some amps on that scoreboard.

  6. 1 hour ago, oldhorn2 said:

    Card has done well as a backup QB. No disputing that. However, to say he would start over a healthy Quinn is rediculous beyond belief. Card did well against WV....but he missed on more than several deep passes that would have put the game out of reach early. Not only did he miss some wide open recievers, but on 3 deep balls that were completed, the WR had to stop or come back to the ball. That is the difference between a nice completion and a TD.

    IIRC we scored on all 3 of those drives, nice spin on history though. Card started the game 9-11.

  7. https://www.si.com/college/texas/football/texas-longhorns-qb-hudson-card-career-night-quinn-ewers-west-virginia-mountaineers

    backup quarterback Hudson Card has made his case as more than just a 'break glass in case of emergency' option, and has now emerged as arguably the best No. 2 quarterback in the country. 

    In fact, it feels as though Texas is playing with a bonafide veteran starter at the position and one that can win them big games. 

    And Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian agrees. 

    “To me and our team, it doesn’t feel like we’re playing with a backup,” Sarkisian said.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Wayne said:

    I’ve blocked depp but still see him when other people comment. His ignorance knows few bounds. Running the ball to get first downs and run out the clock is not garbage time. WV had their first team in the game trying to stop him. 

     Hudson has carried this team for 4 games as the team leader with a mostly terrible running game. 

    I don't disagree about running the clock, but it hadn't worked all night. We took our foot off the gas. We need to consistently put up 50, we'll be in some shootouts soon enough. Recruiting isn't excited by scoring in the 30's.

  9. 9 minutes ago, HornsUpAllDay said:

    Oh boy you’re jumping right in it there JD. As a huge Card fan, I’ve seen him play since he was 14 yrs old and think he’s been treated terrible by the UT fan base. Gone are the days when young QB’s are allowed to improve and develop but I digress…Ewers talent is unmistakable. 

    The problem for the fickle UT fans is, they’ve built Ewers up to be something he may not be, with a very small sample size of scripted plays which we all know Sark excels at and frankly so has Card.

    So what does Sark do? It pains me to say this but, if Ewers is healthy he starts. The difference may be, if he struggles from time to time we could see Card come in like a relief pitcher to change the flow. My guess is almost everyone on this site likely agrees with this but let’s see if anyone doesn’t.

    Watching Youtube's there is a strong argument for Card as QB1, many picking him to start at OU even if it's just to give QE more time to heal. The tide has definitely turned on this subject with Card's (unexpected by most) performance threatening the "status quo".

  10. 16 minutes ago, Big Daddy Cane said:

    This. We have to grade each game on its own merits and in this case, Sark did the right thing. Won the game handily, no injuries. It's easy to generalize trends, but today we won the game early and was never in doubt. On to the gooners..

    That may be true for the final drive, but the other 2 drives stalled when we were "trying".

  11. Well boys, in spite of everyone saying there is no QB controversy, there has been one all year and it's only going to get bigger now with Card on a roll and QE not 100% and a small sample size. 

     Some saying Card has earned respect now must not have seen the 1 legged wonder against Bama?

    Card has not been at his best playing on a bad ankle, especially the plant foot on deep throws limiting him. 

    Quinn not being 100% means he may not have the arm angles that makes him special.

    Luckily, there really is no wrong decision. The schedule ahead is brutal, and we have no margin for error. 

    IMO it's Card's rock.

  12. 7 hours ago, HornsUpAllDay said:

    Yea, its gonna so great when Ewers completes every pass, I can’t wait. Card just went 21-27, over 300 yds, 3 td’s, 0 Int’s in a big win dude.

    "For the fourth game in a row, Card used his legs to keep a drive alive at a critical moment. After West Virginia’s touchdown drive to cut the deficit to 21, Card pulled the ball down and ran for 17 yards on third-and-7 from his own 28 to extend the ensuing Texas series."

     Not sure QE has that ability.

    "Card entered the locker room at halftime with a passer rating of 225.5 (208.7 for the game). That’s what happens when you go 13-for-17 for 223 yards and two touchdowns with two of your four incompletions coming on a throwaway in the final seconds of the half and a Hail Mary on the last play of the second quarter. He wasn’t perfect, but he showed toughness and once he settled in, he did a great job of keeping plays alive."

    "Card’s best throws of the game included hanging in the pocket and getting rocked on a 15-yard touchdown pass to Worthy to open the scoring. He also climbed in the pocket to find Worthy 45 yards down the field, setting up the 13-yard touchdown pass to a wide-open Sanders "

    "If this was it for Card and Quinn Ewers is back behind center for the Oklahoma game, Card will slide back into the backup role fresh off of his best performance as a Longhorn. If nothing else, nobody can question Texas boasting a deep, talented quarterback room with two starting-caliber players in the fold. That's not easy to do in the era of the NCAA transfer portal."


  13. 9 hours ago, BWilk55 said:

    I really like Card but I think his lack of consistency accuracy is why Ewers won the job. Today he had Roschon wide up twice and worthy free deep. He was 1/3 on those throws but the 1 to Roschon made him catch it off balance and go to the ground instead of eating up wide open grass. 

    Yes, there may be differences in going through progressions, pocket presence, etc, but if you miss several wide open guys a game, that will come back to bite us.

    Those were the only 2 misses early, and Roschon tripped. he was 9-11 at one point. finished with 77%. Perfection no, damn good, yes.

    About the run to set up the pass, yeh no. Texas was able to build that 28-0 lead without the help of a running game. The Longhorns had 14 carries for 11 yards (0.8 ypc) in the first half.

    It looks like this team has an identity, and it's pass 1st.

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