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  1. Exposing that the system is rigged. Our coaches and depth charts are heavily influenced by lawyers and car dealers. Card’s camp is thankful someone has been able to get the truth out. He deserves better than he got from UT. He’ll have a new opportunity soon. Sirhornsalot LoL. 3 schools visited today, but it’s all in my imagination…
  2. As a lifelong Longhorn fan who’s sick of the mediocrity caused largely by donor politics I’m proud to be a part of the solution by exposing it to the faithful.
  3. It has bearing for all of the fans who “trust the coach and process”. It has bearing for 2 years of beating a live horse. It has bearing for someone whose football evaluations were so off base they were segregated. Allow me a moment for a dance.
  4. Thinking Sonny likely hit some automatic bonus or raises. CCG game, Final 4 playoffs, Heisman candidate. They probably got a bargain against what he’s worth if he wins it all with a Heisman winner 10 million a year?
  5. CHIEF RUNNING BEAR @William28796229 · Dec 5 Replying to @JkRolltide I just know Coach Saban has reached out to two transfer portal QB"S and Kirby Smart has reached out to the same two
  6. Looks like Card is going to need Valet parking and bouncers at his house.
  7. You snooze you lose. He did in 1 year what hasn’t been done here since ‘09 in spite of spending millions.
  8. https://247sports.com/Article/Transfer-portal-news-Hudson-Card-Teas-Longhorns-quarterback-199886672/ Asked what stands out about Hudson Card, his private quarterback trainer Brad Stanfield.. "He's got all the tools. His throw talent out of all the NFL guys I work with is better. While Card remains very early in his process, Stanfield said 20-plus schools have already reached out to Card in the portal, including several high-profile programs. In fact, one QB coach told Stanfield on the sideline this year he thought Card spins the ball better than Ewers, who’s considered one of the top QB prospects of the last decade. Stanfield, who’s worked with Card since 7th grade, said he’s excited for Card to get the opportunity to play extended snaps. “There’s a lot of people who want him,” Stanfield said. “I don’t think he really cares where he goes. There are the beginning stages of all of it just trying to filter through all the conversations. ... The best fit for him is where you feel like there are players around you that can play winning football. I don’t think the school name is going to be important. It’s going to be a matter of where he can get on the field early.”
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/video/is-oregon-the-landing-spot-for-texas-qb-hudson-card/ Re unite with Will Stein? According to Mike Farrell of Mike Farrell Sports, Georgia, Alabama, and Notre Dame are all interested in Hudson Card. https://hookemheadlines.com/2022/11/29/texas-football-4-best-transfer-landing-spots-for-qb-hudson-card/ SMU, Auburn, NC State, Oregon https://irish.nbcsports.com/2022/12/05/leftovers-links-transfer-portal-opens-fast-but-slow-for-notre-dame-for-now-mayer-foskey-status-tbd/ The quarterbacks draw the most attention, and understandably so, with North Carolina State’s Devin Leary joining the fray on Monday, perhaps a name for Irish fans to note. The possibility of Leary, of course, is presumably part of why Pyne is transferring and not playing in the Gator Bowl on Dec. 30 against No. 19 South Carolina (3:30 ET; ABC). Along with names like Texas’ Hudson Card and Virginia’s Brennan Armstrong (though the Syracuse rumors around Armstrong are noticeable and logical), Freeman has quarterback candidates to chase and intends to do so. “We had a conversation this week, myself and Drew, as well as many of the other players that we have on our team in terms of our intentions, my intentions into certain positions, look for transfers,” Freeman said. “I’m always looking for ways to enhance our roster. I always want to be up front and honest, and I was with Drew, told him that we would possibly look at taking a transfer quarterback. “I did not want him to leave, but he made the decision to enter the portal, and I definitely respect his decision.” With the quarterback carousel moving at lightning speed — Michigan’s Cade McNamara to Iowa and Jurkovec to Pittsburgh already underscoring how quickly that specific position will develop each offseason; Clemson’s DJ Uiagalelei is widely expected to land somewhere on the West Coast — Pyne skipping the Gator Bowl makes sense. He needs to secure his next position now, not in January. “What he has done for our program, the ability for him to step in week 2 and throughout the season, he did a tremendous job,” Freeman said. In Pyne’s stead, Freeman said sophomore quarterback and initial 2022 starter Tyler Buchner is “full go.” Now, let’s add in this space’s continued disclaimer that coaches are almost always more optimistic publicly about injury timelines than they should be, and all initial expectations for Buchner’s return from a serious shoulder sprain, one that necessitated surgery, ruled out a bowl game. But, Buchner has participated in Notre Dame’s two practices this week. “We still have three quarterbacks on the roster,” Freeman said. “You have Tyler Buchner, Steve Angeli and Ron Powlus. All have been practicing the past two days that we practiced and could see any of the three play. They’ll all be ready to play.” https://flurrysports.org/college-football-transfer-portal-2023-top-qbs-include-dj-uiagalelei/
  10. You don’t get any better info on recruitment or portals anywhere. It’s all speculation. Until it isn’t. What’s not speculative is the large volume of reports about Card. They don’t waste bandwidth on players that don’t get attention.
  11. I’ve provided several articles, and could bore you by posting more, and it wouldn’t matter to anyone. I’ve said more than any media source, but my knowledge is limited as is my ability to share it. Be patient.
  12. Lot’s of speculation there, but he was/is not looking for non P5 teams.
  13. Interesting that Bama has several 4/5 star and starters in the portal. Not guys who need playing time nor didn’t likely already get a bag. It’s renting players to teams willing to pay more for their services. Paradigms shifting like earthquakes.
  14. Maybe he likes the idea of TCU? He feels he can beat out Chad Morris, just like he did in HS with the coaches son. In state is probably appealing, and a P5 winning team. Not if Max stayed, but Max’s stock will never be higher. TCU isn’t really looking IMO. I hear ND sent a coach to Lake Travis HS weeks ago. It’s not surprising they would be the 1st visit. Very few choices in graduate QB’s, although he isn’t there yet. The current QB has entered the portal and the coach needs to win now. Houston also presents a great opportunity now that they will be B12. Who knows how it plays out, or how he does when he makes a choice? A few of his friends are at Georgia. Girls sometimes play into it? Afaik there is no agent? Lot’s of things happening fast.
  15. Why listen to me? Just google him. And capitalize “Cards close to the vest”
  16. Why shout? There’s probably nothing to the dozens of articles, videos and tweets popping up on Hudson, or any of the other portal targets. We didn’t hear anything about the CB UT took on day 1, you can bet that was already set up. It’s gotta be tough with coaches changing, recruiting and portals and bowl games all happening at the same time.
  17. https://www.si.com/college/texas/football/texas-longhorns-hudson-card-transfer-portal-tcu-horned-frogs-big-12-steve-sarkisian-betting-odds Surprising amount of interest and articles..
  18. Unless you think the writers and video producers are reading some obscure comments on Hornsports then they must have other sources? Teams don’t like to show their Card’s, it’s a competitive search .

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