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  1. Very nice article. Player evaluation is a huge part of the coaches job, it is subjective. Priest Holmes says hello.
  2. 2 today that cost us the game. 3 before that and several other's dropped by defenders. It's not like they have been cheesy tipped stuff, he misses by a bunch. It seems taboo to talk about it. He doesn't see defenders sometimes.
  3. I bet you see my quotes too. Sorry I had to miss the end of the game, catching up now. The whole team had a bad game against Arky. Only Card got singled out. Too late now, this season is toast.
  4. We picked the same scores, but it apparently was a defense dominated game. Everybody's scores were high.
  5. Ford leading the team in tackles shows these coaches don't know everything about who's got the ability to perform in a game. With Big 12 hopes basically shot, it's time to see some fresh faces and see what they can do.
  6. It may take Sark more than 9 months to realize life in the Big 12. QB's with 5 td's that lose. No lead is safe, not even 3 scores. Last team with the ball wins frequently. Sitting on a lead trying to run out the clock is futile in this league. I'm no psychologist but it's on HIM. F**k a bunch of holding on, he doesn't even know how to.
  7. Let's hope Texas is able to find the 1%. He may be on the bench.
  8. All college QB's take lot's of hits. His thumb, maybe that's why he took off the tape, but he seemed to get worse after that. He never had the pressure of playing from behind until today, and immediately showed his int. skills. When he's playing pressured, he makes bad decisions.
  9. We know from the past that every coach gets at least a few years, so the best we can do is put social media heat on him. But yeah, I'm out on him. And from this point on I'll turn up the heat until he proves otherwise. The native's are restless. Pitchfork and torches time. And 3 losses.
  10. While I'm slinging shit, BR is not Superman. 2 games in a row our coach puts the game on his back and he shoots blanks (and Ark). He cannot move piles, that is not his game. The coach asks him to do something he isn't good at too often. He needs space, and like Reggie said let him return punts. I'm not at all down on him, he's a great player (who still doesn't lead our team in ypc), but he started out the game off tackle for a big gain (again later in Q3) and threw him a pass for a big one on the 1st possession. Then we don't do it any more. Over and over we send him into a pile of bodies that our OL can't move. He dives right in most of the time, where Roshon and Krob see that pile and turn outside. Loyal to him to a fault. He's not the best player in college football, he's not even the best running back in the last 2 games. He might not be the best RB on our team.
  11. Rattler who? 45-24 OH shit, a kid with a sweatshirt 55-48 with an upside down horns.
  12. I'm saying that is a weak ass excuse for a coach who sucked, blaming the players mindset. He didn't do HIS job.
  13. I wanted to believe in him, even after I thought he made the wrong QB decision after Arky. 12 yards on the last 6 possessions, I'm out.
  14. We have not had the best QB on the field since game 1. Every opponent's QB has made ours look like 2nd string. No wonder we are trying to recruit one.
  15. Sark has a very spotty Head coaching record. We are seeing that now. He didn't have enough faith to stick with his #1 QB after 1 game when the whole team sucked. He sticks with his run between the tackles BS when it's a proven loser with this O line. The dude is thick.
  16. You are wrong, you just don't know it. Card is the answer. You'll see.
  17. It's cool if you're OK with losing for a decade. I'm not. This is fixable with a legit coach.
  18. It's time for a change, now that the season is ruined. Too late now.
  19. Doesn't matter what he said, it's what he did. Kept him out until an injury, then doesn't let him have a shot to do something.
  20. The offensive line, which was reshuffled this week because of injuries, allowed three sacks and Robinson had nowhere to run in the second half as Texas ended the game with 12 yards on its last six drives.

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