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  1. Congrats Georgia. See you in a few years in the SEC.
  2. We'll see. He's more of an unknown with his HS record. Now that Ewer's is onboard I see him wearing red in year 1.
  3. With his stats he'll find some takers. He'll be better off in a dual threat system since his legs are his strength. There is plenty of tape on CT11 now. He got his shot. Sucks that he had to play through injury. He still made his mark on the record books. If it was easy everybody would be doing it.
  4. The Horns beat 1 ranked team last year. We both know who the QB was. MM has got to be considered a very long shot to be in one of the top 2 spots.
  5. I don't. Ewer's is not a lock to start, Ohio St. didn't think so anyway. It's ironic that QB1 and QB2 for 2 seasons now are dual threats, in a system where a froggy running QB is not part of the scheme. That might work eventually, but that line.. Much like last year, starting game 2 will get ugly fast.
  6. 3rd down wasted up the gut. We settle for 3. They hand us a free TD and we can't capitalize. Crappy play calling in the red zone.
  7. It's looking like when we have a plan working to score and win, we change the plan to lose. All brakes.
  8. Roshon carries us that whole drive, and we pull him out on 3rd down and do the dumb run up the gut again.
  9. Loving it so far, new wrinkles on offense. KRob still not getting enough action. Seems like we should let Roshon continue as QB, I'd like to see him throw a few. Defense is a train wreck. We need 60 points to win. Let's see if we still suck in the 2nd half.

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