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  1. Georgia, Bama and Florida and others all have Hudson on the shortlist..
  2. Kansas State increased their ranking which strengthened TCU’s earlier win against them.
  3. TCU should slot ahead of Ohio State. Ohio State and Bama fighting for #4 IMO.
  4. I’m ready for the 12 team playoffs to end the silliness.
  5. It was a “good” loss, OT to #10 in a Championship many don’t play. Big 12 bias, yeh.
  6. Caleb knocked out of the Heisman with a championship game. Is Max next?
  7. Yes, I may have mis heard what the announcer said at the end? I think you might have it right.
  8. Done It’s gonna be a fun year. UT 72-67 1st top 10 win at home since 2009!
  9. Whew super tight finish. 4-3’s in a row for Creighton! UT 70-67 shooting a free throw 4 seconds…
  10. Yep, P5 winning school, MBA and development potential are on his shopping list.
  11. Creighton almost 5 minutes without a score, get a tending. UT leads 22-19
  12. He’s been a mercenary. Needs to round out the resume with a HC spot. Maybe he returns if he leaves?
  13. It’s also on every social media platform and Vlog. It’s called news.
  14. That’s hard to follow, but we played behind the chains a bunch in the 2nd half with a run game stalling, and expected passing to bail us out when the D knew it?

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