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  1. Rattler heading to Nebraska with the new HC, his OC at SC?
  2. Ohio State fans calling for Herman as OC after Day's performance vs Michigan. Just like UT, the HC and QB under fire. No team is immune from it.
  3. I hear a ND coach visited Lake Travis High weeks ago.
  4. In Big 12 play, OU had the distinction of only 1 holding call by opponents offense. UT finished 2nd with 2. Something about playing these teams creates a strong discipline in other teams.
  5. ‘22 record UT vs teams with a record over 500. 2-4. in conference 1-3. Not beating anyone with a pulse.
  6. Weird stat? Texas is 3 out of 9 vs. ranked teams in the Sark era Card only started in 2 of the 3. Hmm
  7. After laughing at Aggie all year, they have a signature win and we don’t.
  8. Ewers sat the bench for every single game. The backup to the backup to the backup. That is a redshirt year. That’s a fact. Oh yeah, nobody pays 1m NIL for that.
  9. Or OSU or TCU. While losing (and winning) conference games there was a lack of urgency. We finally changed the offensive game plan in the 2nd half of the last 2 games, but it was too late.
  10. Yea, brilliant slow developing pass when you have no protection. Sark always goes to the bomb.
  11. Worthy has removed all UT photos on Instagram. He gone.
  12. Worthy has a 10 yard cushion… looking right at him..pitch and catch in green space instead of hero ball.

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