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  1. Thinking Sonny likely hit some automatic bonus or raises. CCG game, Final 4 playoffs, Heisman candidate. They probably got a bargain against what he’s worth if he wins it all with a Heisman winner 10 million a year?
  2. You snooze you lose. He did in 1 year what hasn’t been done here since ‘09 in spite of spending millions.
  3. Interesting that Bama has several 4/5 star and starters in the portal. Not guys who need playing time nor didn’t likely already get a bag. It’s renting players to teams willing to pay more for their services. Paradigms shifting like earthquakes.
  4. Stars awarded years ago is a poor guage against playing time in college and practice against your peers. Way too many divisions in HS waters down the lemonade.
  5. A nice dose of reality before conference starts. Illinois earned it. 85-78
  6. 16 turnovers, our D is smothering them Foul trouble and tired, we are looking good
  7. Makes it look more stupid than it already was.

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