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  1. Yes, Card struggled, 3 for 13 over 20 yards. Not a big body of work. That doesn't make Quinn better, yet. We'll see soon enough.
  2. I wouldn't wish that bish on anyone. Hard to throw the deep ball with your fingertip cut off. Nothing against The Mighty Quinn. Just saying it's hard to say he's the deep ball Jedi when he has yet to throw a pass in college. He ain't skeered to send the rock, that's for sure.
  3. Better, or more often? If they want to chuck it down the field, Card can do that. No stats on the High Schooler, so we will see. If we don't commit to doing something besides running every 1st and 2nd down, it won't matter.
  4. The narrative was definitely going the wrong way the last 24 hours. Having media popping up everywhere saying that Card has looked the best had to be stopped if he wasn't the guy. IMO Sark was told last year after Arky to pull the plug on Card, and that is why he stuck with Thompson with a broken hand for so long until it was unbearable. He assumed this year it was OK to make his pick, and just got told not to plug Card back in. Since then, Sark has been riding shotgun in Ewers Aston Martin shooting Fireball I guess?
  5. When do we hear from Sark? After they get their story straight? It was a shocker to have someone else make the most important announcement to be made this season. There was a reason "you could hear a pin drop", experienced journalists knew something was way out of order.
  6. I felt then and now, this was him saying he's QB1. He gets the 1st snap. The in between was confusing, a yo yo. Maybe a trial balloon? Card still taking 1st team reps. Sark not speaking publicly is a bad look, whatever happened. He is the face of the program.
  7. That's worth a big laugh, why wouldn't Sark be there to enjoy it? It seems like someone has him on a tight leash, CDC probably told him not to worry, let us run things Mr. QB Guru, you are safe as long as Manning stays onboard. Too many recruits tied to him.
  8. Wow, some admin. announces the starter, not the coach. This smells bad. Like Cigars and Aston Martins. We paid, now you play him.
  9. There was little need to, we always ran on 1st and 2nd down.
  10. Yep, he failed at Slippery Rock (UNT), should have never taken that job.
  11. Well, the shoe is on the other foot now. This is the politically safe move for Sark and the fan base and big cigars. If it doesn't work out they won't get out the torches. As we have said with Bama, well good luck with that. Game 1 we should see action from both.
  12. It scrolled on the bottom of he screen in the Orangblood video, fan comments.
  13. We were too predictable last year, Bijan 1st down, Bijan 2nd down, 3rd and long if it didn't work.

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