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  1. It would seem it you are 4 scores ahead and putting in the subs, it might be worth testing your passing game? What happened to that all gas no brakes thing?
  2. (Boomer) Sooner or later we are going to need a long passing game. Neither QB has connected on a deep route yet. The WR squad has had a terrible start to the year. There has been very little time for the long routes to develop based on lack of protection from the OL and Backs. Much of the problem has been the ability for D's to effectively get a rush and QB pressure's with very few down lineman, freeing up LB's and Def. backs to double cover and clog the lanes. So far the Bumble has no teeth.
  3. Season rushing avg's. Roschon 11.8 Keilan 7.0 Jonathan 7.0 Beijan 5.8 Casey 5.7 There are some people that need to be playing when the game still matters.
  4. They talked about expectations for CT11 being 300 yards passing too. It would be interesting to see Card behind these offensive adjustments. Still, at this point I'd say this is Thompson's job to lose. Just win baby. I'm overjoyed by Texas success, but let's exhale that hopium a bit, Rice didn't put up much of a fight.
  5. Well I think we have our answer. BIG changes to the playbook, and very effective ones.
  6. No hate here. Using last years stats don't really apply. Handing off the ball barely does. I'm a realist. The backs and O-line deserve a ton of credit for over 400 yards on the ground. A huge turnaround. No doubt we should see other backs in the game often and early, they seemed to find holes Bijan wasn't seeing. We are very fortunate to have a plethora of talent in the backfield, and need to find a way to utilize it.
  7. It's gonna be a long week with everyone wanting CT11 to take all the credit for the amazing running.
  8. Great write up. It is so refreshing to see the scoreboard like it was tonight. So long overdue in Austin. Yes it was Rice, but we can build on this and the coaching made great adjustments from last week. Now we have a new controversy, who is the best running back...
  9. This team needs to figure out what works. Thompson starting is part of that. I wish that were our only issue.
  10. The next time Bijan picks up a block might be his 1st? If we continue to pound the run on downs 1&2, then pass on 3, Bijan needs to come out unless he learns to block. The Jailbreaks have got to be controlled, or we will need to game plan against no blocking with quick plays. Maybe quick snaps will help? If you are Rice, you see what Arky did and copy it. They are going to shut down the run and force the QB to beat them with his arm.
  11. Once again we play a team where Texas is their Super Bowl. Let's see if any adjustments can be made to our schemes to work around weak areas. You can only scheme so much. Wishing Casey the best in his 1st start. Hook Em Horns's!
  12. cab UTHorn1989 • 20 hours ago Well...he forgot to mention whether Card has a future with UT or with SMU. I guess that all depends on the players now...who they want as their QB in the future and who they're willing to play hard for and who they're willing to half ass it for. Funny how Clemson didn't rebel when Dabo chose Lawrence over Bryant and players at Bama didn't either when Tua was chosen over Hurts. But the players at Texas are so good, they feel they have the right to take sides. We'll probably see all the WR's running open from now and a couple of the linemen not actually screwing things up. Maybe, just maybe, WR's were out there catching balls with Thompson because they're friends and they decided together to go do that. Maybe it was their way of showing up Card. Fact is, no one knows their motivation. What was Card supposed to do, go and crash "their" party. Give me a break.

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