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  1. Ricky improved his draft stock coming back. Bijan is likely the #1 back in the draft, so I'm not sure that Bijan can improve his draft stock. Bijan can get insurance and be set up well for life. Money won't be the only factor. If his heart tells him to stay, then there's a good chance he stays. If Bijan does stay will we be able to keep Krob Blue and Brooks out of the portal?
  2. It's hard to know what is going on. This could just be his agent trying to extract more money out of Ole Miss. He has always acted like a free agent, no matter what he is going to capitalize on his rescent success, and that's the way things work these days.
  3. Hopefully we see more of the same all gas no brakes in the 3rd quarter. Although that hasn't been rhe script this se
  4. I guess one thread isn't enough for JD vs everyone else. Sometimes his posts are good, but often he is just stirring the pot trying to create drama. Mostly I ignore it and was happy when it mostly moved to its own thread.
  5. As locked in as you can be when you have wandering eyes and just got back together with your girlfriend for the third time.
  6. Very disappointing game from the offense. Easy to second guess a bunch of the play calls, and too many bad throws and crucial drops. Considering that TCU was moving the ball on a tired Texas D it seems like Texas should have tried an on sides kick.
  7. Not sure why you don't think it matters. The B12 collects money and pays out all its full members an equal share of that money. The biggest part of the money is from football, then the next biggest part is basketball. If they granted Gonzaga a full membership, then they would get an equal share of all the B12 revenue which wouldn't be fair to the other members. If they are basketball only then that wouldn't be a full membership, and that would be a very different arrangement that would have to be negotiated and agreed to by most of the members.
  8. None of those examples are revenue sports. I would think that makes the arrangement much simpler.
  9. The staff isn't stupid. If they were worried, they wouldn't have invited him. If they are at all worried, then they will likely have some kind of strategy to deal with it.
  10. Hard to care too much since Texas would be gone, but this seems very odd to me. Gonzaga is a school of about 5000 total undergraduates located in Spokane Washington, and they don't even have a football team. It's a cool story about a small school making a name in college basketball. It's hard to imagine how this is good for the BIG12 from a revenue or travel perspective.
  11. They did away with the limits on recruiting class size. The only limit is they can't have more then 85 scholarship players. Like last year some number of players won't have their scholarships renewed and will enter the portal. The more they take the more that need to leave, so the coaches need to be careful and strategic.
  12. Seems like the aggy refrain now, our recruiting sucks, but we will hit the portal hard. The problem with this is none of the top portal guys will be interested in joining a program in apparent turmoil. The portal guys that will be available will be guys that didn't pan out, and are hoping a fresh start will help. Given the apparent locker room turmoil, this doesn't sound like a formula for success.
  13. They only have 11 recruits. Each top recruit that gets peeled off is going to make it harder for them to move forward with Jimbo. So, maybe I should hope their recruiting class doesn't implode too bad, but it's just too much fun, so bring it.
  14. This reminds me when Ewers bailed on Herman, at which point it became clear that Herman could no longer attract top recruits, and that was likely a major factor of his termination. It will be very expensive for aggy to dump Jimbo, but if they decide keeping him would send the program into a death spiral then they won't have a choice.
  15. Initial spread is set by some expert predictions, then it moves based on how people are betting. So FWIW the people putting money on the table think Texas will win. Sander's injury is likely a factor.
  16. Lots of rumors that aggy leaked that TX and 0u were looking to join the SEC in an attempt scuttle things. I think it would have been difficult to keep it a secret for any amount of time. It may have benefitted Texas,0u and the SEC to have it publicly known. When they announced they said 2025, and hoped they could negotiate an earlier exit. Clearly there has been negotiations, but they have not been able to reach a deal that everyone involved could agree on.
  17. I believe the move increases the size of the pie. If everyone was looking to maximize the amount of pie they ate a deal could have been reached. The 180 million number isn't the number that matters, since both TX and 0u both owe the BIG12 80 million when they exit. So the real number is approximately 50 million per school per year. For 0u and TX the deal could have been in that some of the money came from ESPN, some from the SEC that would have resulted in TX and 0u getting the same or more then if they stayed in the BIG12 for the early exit years( much like WV transition to the BIG12).
  18. I guess FOX was always going to be an issue. I just figured that TX and 0u SEC inventory was going to be more valuable then the BIG12 games lost, and they would be able to find some kind of win win type of early exit deal where everyone was happy. In the end it sounds like FOX wanted more then what the other parties were willing to give. The good news is the BIG12 is a competitive football league. Even if it doesn't have the cache of the SEC it should make for some exciting football. I haven't heard anything about the early BIG12 media rights negotiations, you have to wonder if FOX is also preventing that from moving forward.
  19. Yes my understanding is both were reviewable. There didn't seem to be indisputable video evidence to overturn the rulings on the field. If the rulings on the field had been different the final result MAY have been different.
  20. Interesting work around for the 85 limit. Gundy can afford to pay Gunner as much as he pleases, without any issues of improper payments. Of course coaching your son can can be tricky for team chemistry, so isn't necessarily a good idea.
  21. We have seen our Oline coming together, Quinn will hopefully be detoxed after eating some rat poison last week. I expect our offense will be firing on all cylinders. I think the key to the game will be getting more stops on 3rd down and long then we saw against Iowa state. Hopefully Watts will be back and they will be able to get some schematic issues resolved. I'm going with Texas 45 cowgirls 38.
  22. One other factor is we have lots of great backs in the pipeline. If Bijan stays you would have to wonder if some of those guys may eye the portal.
  23. Exactly. 3-2 from here would be a passing grade, but not playing up to the potential of what we saw in the Alabama and 0u games.
  24. It feels natural to judge a college football team based on the most rescent game. After the Alabama game where we outplayed the "best" team in the country we felt unbeatable. After the TT game the sky was falling. After the 0U game we again felt unbeatable. Today we survived a game that we could have just as easily lost, much like the TT game, but pulling out the win allows us to feel mostly okay. To me this feels like a team with the potential to be a top 5 team, if and only if they can figure out how to play consistently at a high level. So far that hasn't happened, and unless they can figure out how to do that going forward we will be lucky to end the season ranked in the top 25.
  25. I guess they ate some of the rat poison. We will need the same kind of total team execution we saw last week to get a W in stool water.

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