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  1. When asked if he is holding anything back Sark always insists that he doesn't hold stuff back and uses whatever plays and players he thinks they have working well in practice that will give us the best chance to win. If my memory serves me Kielan didn't play in the spring although he did play for Sark last year so it's hard to understand why we haven't seen more of him when the game is still in question.
  2. Texags is in full melt down mode. With Jimbo's new 10 year guaranteed contract for over 9 million a year Aggy football is turning into a dumpster fire. Could be a monumental Aggy decommit season coming soon.
  3. Wow I was so close. Would have preferred a bigger win , but the O line was mostly impressive. Lots of stuff for the team to work on.
  4. The big question that needs to be answered is has the OL improved as much as it seems. My guess is that it will be much better then they were against the swine but not be as dominant as we were the last Saturday. UT 31 TCU 27
  5. Time will tell but my guess is the NIL will make it harder for the smaller fan base teams to compete against the blue bloods in recruiting. When competing for recruites against similar types of programs I wouldn't think differences in NIL money wouldn't be as big a factor as the traditional recruiting factors. Texas will have to make sure that our NIL deals are at least as good as the competition. It's not clear how that will work but considering we are the richest program in the country you would hope they can figure it out.
  6. Recruiting is about relationships and selling of a vision for the future. Obviously an embarrassing loss hurts some but I don't think it's near as big of a deal as many believe.
  7. He started out recruiting well, but then it started to become clear that he was arrogant and his players were not developing, at which point we were losing too many recruiting battles. If Herman had been able to recruit better last year they probably would have given him another year.
  8. It will be interesting to see what adjustments the coaches are able to make and which QB starts the second half
  9. To me this shows us the reason Sark is doing what he needs to do to keep Casey out of the portal.
  10. Someone needs to fix that. Here is a link. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://saturdaytradition.com/iowa-football/iowa-state-chooses-interesting-uniform-combination-for-matchup-vs-iowa/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiQqLSosPDyAhWEk2oFHUw0DZIQvOMEKAB6BAgfEAE&usg=AOvVaw1o6PwAMjlzZ9yxADiG3K_y&ampcf=1&cshid=1631138487027
  11. That would be an awesome problem to have. I'm sure the coaches would figure something out.
  12. Seems like if they thought the BIG12 could somehow hold onto UT & OU for another year they wouldn't be moving this quickly. I think this means the TX & OU exit terms are mostly known and that there will be a new BIG12 grant of rights agreement that runs at least as long as the ACC grant of rights.
  13. I think that the BIG12 including WVU will be on board with the expansion as long as they work out the financials in a way that they see as benefitting them. Keep in mind that no expansion implies we keep the current 4 team playoffs for 6 more years, and an expanded playoff provides a hefty new revenue stream. There will be lots of rangling about how that money should be divided, but in the end as long as everyone thinks they will get more money and that they aren't being treated unfairly they will get on board.
  14. The big question is will the BIG12 champion have an opportunity for a bye in the expanded playoffs. I wouldn't think so, but the schedule could be compelling enough to have a good BIG12 team make it into the expanded playoffs.
  15. AscI understand it the spring enrollees can count against the previous year so the 25 is not as straightforward as it seems. I know the 2021 class only had 23 enrollees so we can take at least 27, maybe more if some of those 23 were assigned to the 2020 class. I also wonder if in the NIL world we can attract PWO players that can potentially do better without a scholarship at a major program then they could do at a minor school with a scholarship.
  16. That's a problem at any school. You could make the same comment at TX. If Card is super successful it could scare off Murphy and make 2023 QB recruiting more difficult. The problem is exacerbated by the transfer portal. The flip side is if you are in need of a QB you may be able to find a really good one in the transfer portal.
  17. A few weeks ago it seemed Ike this class was dead in the water. Now it feels like it's on fire Hopefully the team plays up to its potential and the 2022 class keeps rolling. Anyone know if sirhornsalot is OK? .
  18. With Sark calling the plays I trust that he will call plays that work and avoid ones that don't no matter the score (excluding blow outs). In some games this will involve more running plays then others.
  19. The PAC part of this prediction is now dead and the other parts of your prediction seem unlikely. It's too bad as your prediction would have been a good deal for TX,OU and the 7 teams you had slated to move to major conferences.
  20. I think a primary motivation for the PAC,B1G,ACC alliance is to try to limit the number of playoff teams and or money that can come from each conference . I'm not sure how the negotiations work but you have to believe this is exactly the scenario that the alliance wants to prevent.

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