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  1. If his name is Blue, he has a strikeout like no one else does it seems.
  2. Texas regains the lead in the top of the 6th. Now leading 7-5. Now let's hope that Pierce doesn't overuse Tole. Onto to bottom of the 6th.
  3. Thru 5 complete we are tied at 5 each. Tole has come in and done a great job of righting the pitching for us. I can only go by the radio announcers, so they are having a hard time with the home plate ump calls of balls and strikes. I refuse to pay ESPN+ for their streaming service. @Joeywa what are your thoughts on the balls and strikes so far in the series?
  4. Texas ties it up in the top of the 3rd. Texas does nothing in the 5th. Tied 5-5 going to the bottom of the 5th.
  5. After a 43 minute 1st inning it's finally on to the 2nd. 5-4 Baylor.
  6. This game 2 is not starting out as pitching duel. Both teams had/have sent at least 8 guys and Baylor has batted around and now leads 5-4. Hurley goes only 2/3 of the 1st before being pulled for Tole. The umps are definitely making both teams and coaches mad at them.
  7. Game has started. Texas sends to the plate scoring 4 runs in the 1st. The Baylor starter has thrown close to pitches in the 1st.
  8. Texas wins 11-9. But damn some of the relievers made the game uncomfortable.
  9. Texas can't close the game out easily as Baylor has scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 9th. Now leading 11-9.
  10. After giving up in the bottom of the 8th. Texas has added 5 runs in the top of the 9th. Still at bat leading 11-3.
  11. 8 complete 6-3 Texas. Texas gives up a 2 run homurun and a solo homerun in the bottom of the 8th.
  12. Thru 6 complete it's 5-0. Gordon has a shutout thru 6 innings.
  13. Asking me? I believe either Galvan or Florris (spelling ??) have been the DH in most of the games lately.
  14. Texas scores 2 runs in the 5th leading 5-0. Texas again should have scored more runs. Gordon pitching well tonight.
  15. Texas leads 4-0. Starting the top of the 5th. Need to sweep this weekend. Texas should be up more, but communication or bad base running cost them in the top of the 4th. BTW, TCU was losing in the 8th 9-4 to UNC Willington I think that who Craig Way said they were playing
  16. We are getting our asses handed to us so far tonight. 9-3 Texas State. Not certain if it's the fact that it is the 5th day in row of playing or what but this is not a good game to have at home.
  17. Texas State adds 3 runs in their half of the 5th to take a 5-2 lead.
  18. State ties it up in the top of the 4th at 2. Whitehead went 4 innings. Freshmen pitcher O'Banan comes in to begin the 5th. State gets a run to take the lead 3-2. Now new pitcher for Texas Howard is on in the 5th.
  19. Cambell hit a homer in the 1st and Daly hits a solo homerun in the 2nd. Texas leads after 2 complete. 2-1.
  20. Game 2. Ace Whitehead gets the start. Texas gets the 1st run in the bottom of the 1st. But Texas State has tied it up in the top of the 2nd. Heading to the home half of the 2nd.
  21. First, I don't mind doing it. I just don't try to do inning by inning like Joey did. I loved when Joey did it, but I also love watching or listening to the baseball team as much as 95% of the other Texas sports both men and women sports. Just not a fast typer and if nothing happens for a few innings then most of the time very little is missed. Secondly, the idiotic NCAA has a rule in place that if a player os ejected from a game then he sits out the next game. It's on the same dumbass level as the targeting call in football IMO. For Pierce to sit out he would have had to say something considered unprofessional like a couple of years ago, I believe, in the big12 tournament. Unless Texas filed a complaint and gets the big12 to agree that the ump was in the wrong on a call, he gets a pass I guess, but the NCAA might not let him make calls in the regionals, super regionals, or the CWS. But @ Joeywa any iinsight on this? As I will defer to you on this.
  22. Texas wins 5-2. Same teams at Texas tomorrow night. Then off to a bad Baylor team.
  23. Going to the bottom of the 9th -- Texas leading 5-2. Texas gives back the 2 runs scored in the top half of the 8th. Zane Morehouse on to close it out hopefully.
  24. Texas has added 2 more runs in the top of the 8th. Still in the Texas half of the 8th leading 5-0.
  25. Texas top of the 3rd, gets 1 run on a bases loaded walk, then adds 2 more on a single by O'Dowd. Texas 3 Texas State: 0 Texas chased the state starter. Texas Kobe gets thru the 3rd with no damage. Thru 3 complete 3-0 Texas

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