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  1. Texas wins 3-2. Texas takes the series. Going for the sweep on Monday.
  2. Shaw comes in with 1 out in the 9th. LBJ 6 1/3 innings with no walks, 6 strikeouts and giving up only 3 hits.
  3. Thru 8 complete Texas leads 3-2. LBJ has gone 6 inning with just awesome stuff. Will have to see about next weekend if LBJ becomes a weekend starter.
  4. Top of the 8th. Texas takes the lead. Texas now leads 3-2.
  5. Thru 7 complete tied at 2. Put a gold star next to LBJ for his relief of Burke. He is showing that he has some nasty stuff when he just goes out to pitch and not be thinking about it.
  6. Going to the bottom of the 7th tied at 2.
  7. LBJ takes over as pitcher in the 3rd and has a easy 3rd inning. Thru 3 complete tied at 2.
  8. Texas scores 2 runs in the top of the 3rd. Game is tied going to the bottom of the 3rd.
  9. TCU gets another run in the 2nd. Thru 2 complete 2-0 TCU.
  10. Texas is starting D.J. Burke for game 2. TCU gets a RBI double. TCU leads 1-0.
  11. Nothing doing for Texas in the top of the 1st.
  12. Game 2 is starting, but not on ESPNU as they still have softball on.
  13. Texas wins 8-4. Takes game 1. Tomorrow at 3PM is game 2 also on ESPNU.
  14. Texas adds 1 run in the top of the 9th. Texas now leads 8-4. Now can the reliever(s)do their job and close out the game.
  15. Thru 8 complete Texas leads 7-4. Gordon goes 8 innings.
  16. Thru 7 complete Texas leads 7-4. TCU gets a solo homerun in the bottom of the 7th. Will have to see if Gordon's night is done or if he comes back out for the 8th.
  17. Top of the 7th. Texas gets another solo homerun. Of the 9 hits Texas has; 5 are homeruns. Texas now leads 7-3. Going to the bottom of the 7th. Gordon still on the mound.
  18. Thru 6 complete Texas leads 6-3. We haven't figured out the TCU reliever yet.
  19. TCU gets a 3 run homerun in the bottom of the 4th. Thru 4 complete Texas leads 6-3.
  20. Top 3rd. Texas gets 2 more solo homers. Chased the TCU starter. Texas now leads 6-0. 4 homeruns already hit by Texas.
  21. Top of the 2nd. 2 homeruns and a RBI single gives Texas a 4-0 lead. Going to the bottom of the 2nd. Texas leads 4-0.
  22. Top of the 1st. Texas does get 1 run, but having runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out would have been nice to have bring both in. Texas leads 1-0 going to the bottom of the 1st.
  23. Tonight's game has been ppd due to the weather. 1st is 6PM on Saturday this game looks to be on ESPNU, then 3PM on Sunday and 1PM on Monday on ESPN+, believe that is what I saw on texassports as they have the streaming of the radio play by play with Craig Way. Plus there is always Joeywa on twitter.
  24. Wow. Someone felt the need to overspeak for my telling of the game. If that person wanted to do inning by inning like Joey did them thst person shouldve done it for the whole year, but didn't. We didn't learn much of anything against a lower level competition even wirh rain involved. We arenat 4th in the division going to TCU this weekend.

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