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  1. So, we left 14-28 points on the field. Give TCU defense a little credit for that. The weather wasn't the issue like some claimed, but the refs were bigger issues. Betting that CDC and Sark are pointing out the issues like in the past, but the difference is now we have leverage as to when we leave the Big 12 refs for the SEC refs. If you didn't see, on a play A&M defensive player bodyslammed a Miss. State player with no call and we were called for a personal fouled for the same type play agsinst Tech. The only turnover from Casey should've had a minimum defensive holding if not interfering on the corner covering Worthy. Momma Card nice try on the 3 ints. But only you want to point that out on a win. Way to show team unity. B!tch!
  2. 42-28 Texas. Should be some new wrinkles both offensive and defensive to cause TCU issues.
  3. Texas covers. Texas: 56 Rice: 21. 2nd/3rd team defense gives up 2 tds
  4. You might should go back and watch the game. Worthy and Moore had multiple steps on defenders and the passes were high and right by several feet. There was no ints possible if accurate throws. Sorry mom or however you are related to Hudson. I might think differently if it was Washington, Woodard, or others at wrs on those throws.
  5. I'll give replacing 4 is too much, but not replacing any and saying that they need more time together is unbelievable. The guards must start showing differences as does Jones. I get that was his 2nd start at LT, but needs to show growth quickly to keep the LT job.
  6. If using the portal for OL is fine as they are quality OL and not just warm bodies for numbers. That was Hand and that sure as hell didn't work out. As far as coaching goes I've said many times the bad OL coaches we have had since 2006 or 2007. Wickline said when he came back that he was happier with 3 * OL than 4/5* OL. Tell me how's he doing at WV, I think that's were he is at. Auburn fans were so happy that we took Hand just like Georgia fans were happy when we took Searls. Alabama knew the Flood would follow Sark, but they would take him back. I expect 3 OL to finish in recruiting then see what's in the portal to help fill in needs to help OL freshmen to redshirt.
  7. The OL hopefully changes to something like Karic -LT, Johnson-LG, Majors-C, Connor/Parr-RG, and Hookfin/Garth/Connor- RT. Anything is better than what we have seen for the 1st 2 weeks. Plus, most of the OL recruits need to differences in the OL to get them to commit. Personally both QBs need to play. Who starts is mute against teams like Rice and a few others. But in bigger games and hostile environment like in 3 weeks at TCU and the following week against OK we should have Casey start. Card maybe the more talented player, but he is still a redshirt freshman that was not able to throw a deep pass accurately. It's to bad that officials aren't constant on targeting calls.
  8. 44-14. Texas. We really didn't show much of the offense and defense was solid and had a good understanding of the defense. Could get ugly if we stop the penalties on the return part of ST.
  9. i agree with both statements. I do believe we end up with 3-4 OL and upto 4 possibly 5 BDS, but none will be just warm bodies that Herman took. The weakest point of the OL is the coaching, and its hard to break bad technique in blocking. But the fact that we went from 10 false starts from the OL to 1 on a freshman TE is freshing. Hopefully coach Flood is harping on the holding calls this week and going forward. Especially with the super seniors and the senior Angilau. Or coach Flood makes changes to Parr, Johnson, and Ghirrmai while keeping Jones (LT) and Majors (C). The to least penalize OL guys from the past week.
  10. Okay, let's review. Since 216 to 2021: we have had 23 recruits. 3 retired due to injuries, 3 transferred out. 2 have moved on due time years or having enough time on the 40 acres. Just talking about OL men BTW. 3 retired due to injuries and 3 transferred out. Only 2 years of taking 2 OL, both 2017 and 2021. Both coaching coaches. Otherwise, we have taken 4- 6 OL. Plus we had 2 Grad transfers one from Rice and one from Georgia Tech. Is it the player or the coach? And yes, it took all of 5 minutes to get the info. Call me a nerd if you want, but i did this to make a point. We may have missed on upto 10-12 players in that time, but @Eastexhorn tell of the misses was considering before or after the coach changing. In that both 2017 and 2021 were the only years of taking 2 players the changing of coaches. I wait? Bragg? little? Zubia? The Brocks?, Jackson? Who else? None were coming due to the staff or staff changes or that Stanford came calling for. I get the 14 wrs are to many, but in the 2 yrs, we played upto 12 wrs. Now, more like 6-8 max, that is why i said upto 12 portal players. 1 qb, multiple wrs, and we all just saw a statement to the DL/DEs and plus we wont say no to any 5* player for any reason wanting in on the class. If we removed 12 total players added 3 wrs and 4 dbs and upto 4 onlines and none are warm bodies that would be solid right? That's not including the super seniors or just seniors, but also any juniors that have been here 3-4 yrs.?
  11. Solid write-up. I would put Georgia at #2. As far as #3 #4: we should know more about Oregon and Ohio State this week and Clemson's defense will keep them in the top 4 to help the offensive side get righted. Only Alabama is the most complete team out there. OU has lots to work on in all 3 phases; yes the K had 3 50+ kicks, but he also missed a chip shot 38 yarder? I think. Their defense looked like total elephant dung the 2nd half and had a home no call on a 4th and 13 where one of the defensive player(s) hit the Tulane qb after he was down . Just saying. Plus is he was only short by half a yard.
  12. What I found as good, bad, and ugly: 1. Good. The defense as good as a whole, which only 1 offside penalty. The ST were actually special for the most part for a change misus the 2 penalties on Jamison PR for a TD. Betting on Banks to correct that in no time. B. Robinson and K. Robinson were as advertised. Special. If the QBs are more than game managers I'll be happy from their play. I hate the qb just needs to be game manager title. Mac Jones, Watson, Clemson's former qb Lawrence, and LSU's former qb Burrow and none were game managers. 2. Bad: I thought the OLine would be better, but multiple penalties, missed blocks caused the score to be lower than what it should've been. They were still better than Clemson's oline from Saturday. It's early will a real oline coach for a change, but only 1 false start as compared to years past were we probably would have had another 7-10 false starts. Still should have most understand that Flood and Sark will be harping on the f'ups this week. 3. Defense the last quarter and half of the game, maybe be design to not show to much going forward, but the vanilla defense was figured out after the game was in hand and that maybe by design, but need to make the backups better as the season goes on. 4. Ugly: Penalties and Oline, coach Flood and Coach Sark won't blink if the super seniors are better than what they showed in this game being replaced. Karic at Right tackle and moving Junior to left guard and Johnson to R. Guard. If needed. I'll trust the coaches until they give a reason not to. We need to be better on showing any blitzes that we are trying. I saw at least 2-3 corner blitzes that the qb read. Need to better on that. Overall, I would say a solid B to B+.
  13. I thought the annoucers said we had 7 sacks, but the box score shows only 4? Not certain what to believe. But we did get more pressure without lots of blitzes which is a good thing.
  14. 42-17 Horns We may start slow, but unless we go full braindead like in both Maryland games we win easily. Better team speed and this staff won't wait on anyone screwing up. Plus, ULL win at ISU was more of a fluke with them getting to kick returns for tds and able to go overtop of us for another. Plus ISU was missing their top wr and 1 of 2 top TEs plus 2-3 others if not mistaken for the game due to covid.
  15. Solid defense. Starting 2 deep oline looks good. Hope both play up to their potential across the board. Somewhat surprised to see both Casey Cain and Troy Omeire listed as 1 is out and the other should be be barely used if at all. Guess its a message to those that are upper level classmen to get an understanding of what the staff wants or move on. Have no problem with L. Brock as starting think he has earned it. Get the feeling that J. Sanders will be used as needed depending upon the score and how the game is going. No problem with Brewer amd Whiley being the main TEs in this game. Same goes with Prince Dorhan. With the 3-4 transfer portal guys at outside LB/densive end Prince can get a better understanding of what the staff needs him to do while getting bigger and stronger. Plus i like that Coach Sark has said they (staff) will reevaluate the roster and how they perform after the game. That should be refreshing to everyone; that this staff wants to see constantly and standards that they want.
  16. You really can't see upto 12 players currently listed as possible portal entries? I can. I do believe like SHA that we will be above the 25. How far above i don't know. 3-4 o linemen, we don't currently have a TE unless I missed something, 2 or more wrs, and upto 3 dbs; furthermore if not more. Nothing wrong with what you said. Just believe we have a better staff and understanding of how to get to national championships.
  17. I've heard the same on Flood wanting the best 8 OL. I agree on Ang8lau being 1, but at guard then at 8 at center? I knew Garth had injuries, but was hopeful that he had fulky recovered from them guess not. Hopefully, him can fully recover and be apart of the line going forward. If not it is a bigger lose for is and he can get a medical clearance to graduate with a UT degree for him. Hopefully Parr and Ghirmai are showing enough to get time at the right position woth Flood. And yes, I said that i thought our 2 deep was better than most and untill our coach Flood and his 2 deep shows us differently I'll stick to that statement right or wrong. I'm betting that the 1st team either quits f'ing up or sits on the bench while the 2nd team guy was out there. Knowing that's how he worked at Alabama should say alot. Know wonder that the Blocks' went there to work with him and knowing his text message saying 10-2 wasn't the Alabama way for football 2 yrs. ago !! Don't hear stuff from any of our former coaches. I do appreciate the insite SHA. My friends are closer the CDC and the whole AD and not just football.
  18. I'll worry when Worthy, Harrison, K. Robinson, Jaden Alexis are out due to injury. Sark has said he wants the best 4 with speed and then those for rotation. With backs and TEs involved. How many receivers due we really need? B. Robinson getting 20 touches didn't say how he got the touches? Just need to see the constantly in catching from the top 4 receivers 1st. No matter the QB. or Oline.
  19. What i find surprising is that there is no Logan Parr suposed #1 guard 2 yrs. ago, no Jaylon Garth ? Not on the 2 deep, and no Rafiti Ghirmai. He was the 2nd center. Now where is he? Guessing Hand, and the other useless OL coaches dont know anything and Flood is doing his work to find the best fit for everyone or it truly was easier at Alabama to find the best fit for top talent. No wonder we don't have a top flight line under the uselessness of Hand, warehime, the dude from Tulsa U. Wicklane, Searls and the other lost causes whether under Brown, Strong, or Herman over the last 12+yrs. Or Flood is just another in the line of failed OL at UT?
  20. Did we forget 3 star Dajon Harrison from 2 years ago? Not saying he is a difference maker, but him at slot should help our offense with his speed? Or did he move on with noone notice?
  21. Didn't say championship level yet. But when you consider all the useless oline coaches: Hand, Warhine, Wickline, Searls, and whoever came from Tulsa and if those are the correct spellings of last names. Why would 5 stars want to play or think that they would be developed undered them? Now with Flood the wait to see any development will go a LONG way with 4 and 5 star olinemen coming to Texas.
  22. Solid write up. Should be interesting how the staff uses the TEs. Hopefully makes any 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th amd short easier to make. Plus a difficult decision on DCs on how to cover these and redzones which should help the offense going forward.
  23. You forget that he had a back issue last year thar cost him most of the the year. Again some of you forget that our 2 depth is better than most.

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