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  1. Help some out. 1. The QB race Ewers is winning. Card still shows that he has the same issues from last year. Yes, Ewers had a bad INT, but Cain showed his fear of going over the middle thus the INT. Card still shows his hesitation on throws and where to go thus taking a sack in a scrimmage is all you need to know. 2. The RBs for full and stacked. 3. WRs: outside of Worthy, Whittington, Neyor, and now Hall. Everyone else that isn't currently coming in could and should be afraid of being replaced. Dixon, Washington, and Omeire looking at all of you. Harrison and Alexis both at least have great speed, although Alexis is coming off a knee surgery. 4. We have 2 legit TEs to go over the middle in Billingsley and Sanders. That will be a great to see for a change since Thomas and Finley. Helm, Davis, and Hullaby are back ups or H-backs. 5. OL: Conner, Angilau, Majors, Hutson, Jones showed they can be solid at times, and bad at times. No Parr, not certain why. Garth, Karic, and Goram-Welch couldn't tell if they even played. Waiting on the freshmen in June and see what hits the portal before May 1st for depth or ability to take a spot. Defense 6. Still saw more from Murphy, Sweat than from others on the inside defense DL. 7. Edges: Sorrell, Ovie, Collins, and Harris Jr. showed more than Finkley. Need to see what Abiara, Dorbah and Thomas can show us something. Otherwise, Tapp, Swanson, Brown, and Burke are taking places with other freshmen. Add Matthias? 8.Gbenda, Richardson, Ford, Overshown showed that they were good for a scrimmage, not a season. How many really want Bush and Brockermeyer back at LB? 9. Safety is better due to not having 2 failures at the powderpuff teams in Foster and Scholar. Having Cook, Blackwell, Crawford, and Jerrin Thompson at the safeties positions is good. Having Allen, Coffey, and Turner-Gooden should be good depth. 10. Corners: Watts, Jamison, Barron, Brooks, with 2 issue guys in Guilbeau and Ibraheem. Ibraheem, Hookfin, Liebrook, Warren, Wright, possibly Guilbeau, and up to 3 WRs could be shown the door or medical scholarships. Maybe an edge guy or 2 is moved to LB. Need to know where Brice is placed going forward. Red should be a x factor in the offense in 23. Will wait till the guys for all kicking spots show to make a decision on that as Will Stone is a place kicker and kick off guy.
  2. Good write up. I would only count Bama as a loss, but closer than most might think. OU, Baylor as toss ups. Both ISU and Okie Lite lost lots of super seniors. But Okie Lite will still be a challenge because of Sanders and Warren on offense, but their defense loses several players. We actually have 2 legit TEs first the 1st time since the Cash brothers, Keith and Kerry. No useless safeties like Foster and Scholar like last year will help the defense.
  3. Great weekend series sweep of Baylor. Great pitching and hitting. Much needed sweep of a team. Need to show this stuff for the rest of the season especially next weekend against Okie Lite.
  4. Thanks Joey. Good solid pitching. Not certain who LBJ is that came in, but he looks to have some nasty stuff. I think Greg or Keith said we were around 8-9 away from hitting the most homeruns in a season. Need to get the sweep tomorrow. Another big series next weekend with Okie Lite coming in. Not certain who we play during the midweek.
  5. Thanks for doing the inning by inning stuff. I like the games on LHN because of Keith and Greg. Plus no Alex or Lowell. A couple of notes from last night: Dave Pierce won his 200 game last night as HC for Texas. 20 runs on 20 hits with 5 being homeruns. As Bwilk55 said Hansen had a solid game, probably could of gone longer, but why with the score being what it was. Also, big thanks to Bwilk55 for letting me know the name of the guy that hit the homerun.
  6. Final Texas 20 Baylor 1 Great game all around for Texas. Early start on Saturday.
  7. Going to the top of the 8th. Texas: 20 Baylor: 1 Not certain of the name of the Texas player, he hit I think they said a 440+ 2-run homerun in the bottom 7th.
  8. I would put Hale and Brown as 1 and 1a. Then Niblett and Greathouse. I think Cook would be in do to his friendship with Manning and Owens, not that he is a bad player, but Niblett, Greathouse, and Pettaway are equal or better wrs.
  9. Didn't this posted anywhere yet. Currently in the bottom 5th on LHN. Texas: 13 Baylor: 1
  10. Didn't this posted anywhere yet. Currently in the bottom 5th on LHN. Texas: 13 Baylor: 1
  11. Didn't this posted anywhere yet. Currently in the bottom 5th on LHN. Texas: 13 Baylor: 1
  12. I would doubt on us keeping all 4 QBs on scholarships. At least 1 cornbacker will be gone. Doubtful on Warren,DL (yes he is on scholarship still) being here after spring ball. Then you have both Hookfin and Liebrock as possible medical scholarships. That's 5. Plus those that we won't know until after Saturday. That could be another 1-5 that aren't freshmen. This did help some of you? The sad thing, @eastexhorn, no feathers moved you aren't even close to the the idiots that i deal with that are BMDs for multiple collages, but if Hookfin is done than just look at our 2019 class, 4OT and only 1 barely played, that's the issue. 4 OTs taken, only 1 barely played, offered 13 OTs, 4 Guards, and 2 Centers. Comparing that to wrs and athletes taking 5. How did Tyler Johnson, Willie Tyler, J. Shepherd, and Hookfin compared to Bru McCoy, Jordan Whittington, Jake Smith, K. Lewis, and Marcus Washington play out. 4 OL to 5 wrs with maybe 1 wr for the win?
  13. Betting Will Anderson and Dallas Turner will cause a lot of OL guys to have very bad days. Doesn't sound like Tommy is doing as good as he had hoped for.
  14. I'll be curious as to the thinking of someone like Emoni Bates, whom entered the portal on Saturday. One of the best small forwards, but has had a back issue during his freshmen season at Memphis.
  15. Loved watching Cat pitch. Was hoping she could have won a NC a couple times when she was here. Didn't realize the softball team had lost that many times to them in a row no less. Hopefully we get back to being a top team in softball.
  16. Is this the same guy that was/did sign with us a few years ago and never showed? And went to UCLA?
  17. Really, I'm not the one needing to check the roster. Just so you and everyone understands this. I won't add this current incoming class. We signed or got transfers of 34 players over the last 7 years. That is almost 5 a year. Do you really need me to school you on the names? Quit blaming other positions for the lack of production from one position on numbers. Secondly, I counted Myron Warren as a senior as he has been here as long as Sweat who is a senior if not mistaken, but he would be the 9th guy and thus the 1/3 of the DTs, LBs, and DEs/Edges that should be gone by the end of the season if not sooner. Just for comparison, looking at Alabama's current roster: they have 19 OL, we are at 18. Alabama at DTs, DEs/edges, and LBs is at 34 with a couple of more coming in the summer; we have 27 with what possibly 4 more? I'll go by the one whom is considered the best college HC and not you.
  18. This is interesting since OB`s current roster list their current weight and Coburn is 336 and Sweat is 338. So, who knows who is right, but from what I heard is that both had to be around 335 for spring to keep their spot and closer to 330 or less by summer. The staff wanted both at 335 or less last year and that didn't happen. So, we will see if they truly have changed.
  19. Well this sucks. Anyone know how Friday went? It was a Thursday thru Saturday series. This team may have more mental issues at pitching and at hitting than anyone wants to realize.
  20. As I said, if the staff feels like he could be a fit and gets along with the roster so be it. Not certain how the high school changes aren't a problem when he signed with Alabama, but now they are. Betting Banks and Sark will make certain he fits in here before offering or bringing him in. I've heard what SHA has said regarding classes plus he wasn't happy that he signed with Alabama; however, when both Banks and Sark were gone he wanted out and Saban wouldn't let him out. Thus the attitude towards O`Brian and the wr coach along with not wanting to go to class. But the staff knows more than myself and my friends.
  21. Okay. Maybe 27 is to many, but when 1/3 are gone after the season. Plus of the 1/3 is Overshown maybe the only one showing the most production? If the production from the LBs, DT, and DEs/edge rushers improve the numbers at those positions will change. Secondly, the OL numbers haven't been the issue. The multiple OL coaches, and the lack of growth and ability to get better by the players, or injuries, and/or low ceiling of the OL guys are the issues.
  22. Are you claiming that we have to many defensive lineman, defensive edges, and defensive linebackers? Please enlightened us of your numbers and who fits these numbers that are current and future? You claim to be a numbers guy. Right? Answer it correctly then? This shsould be a good debate?
  23. What hit? Was he ever looking at us? Do you know? Nope.
  24. Interesting that he, Banks, and Sark have a history. Thus why he went to Alabama in the 1st place. Now, i wanted months ago, not certain that I want him now, but if the staff does so be it. He is a 5* wr afterall.

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