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  1. Bottom of the 2nd: Texas gets 2 more homeruns  including a 2 run homerun from Thomas and a Solo homerun by Cambell.

    For some reason the West Virginia catcher is talking way to much tonight. Even got a warning I believe by the home plate ump.

    Top of 3rd. LBJ has some issues. Got into a jam, but only gave up 1

    Texas leads 7-2 going to the 3rd.

  2. We are still in the bottom of the 4th, Texas has put a 7 spot so far in the inning. 15-3. The run rule may be used if the score remains like this.

    Excluding no 9th inning at bat for Texas; Texas has scored at least 1 run if not more runs in 7 straight innings over the last 2 games.

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