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  1. After the review, Texas wins 7-3. Tied with West Virginia for the conference title. Will need to know if it's a 3 way tied for not.
  2. Well, Kobe throws all of 4 ugly pitches and is pulled for Hurley. Hurley ends up hitting the next guy. Should've been a double play ball, but only got 1. Double gets a double play ball. Will be reviewed, but for now its a win for Texas.
  3. Top of the 9th, Kobe M. comes in to pitch the 9th. Daly is now at shortstop.
  4. Thru 8 complete Texas leads 7-3. Texas does add 1 run in the bottom of the 8th, but had bases loaded with 1 out gets 1 runner thrown out at home. Still bases loaded with 2 outs only to hit a groundout.
  5. Thru 7 complete Texas leads 6-3. Believe brings someone new to start the 7th only to give up a 2 run homerun.
  6. Top of the 6th, Sthele is now on to pitch for Texas.
  7. Thru 5 complete Texas leads 6-1. Shaw gives up a homerun in the 4th. We West Virginia has been really shut down offensively this series.
  8. Thru 3 complete Texas leads 6-0. Flores has his 3rd RBI as he hits a solo homerun BTW, Texas has hit 83 homeruns this season so far. Start the 4th with Shaw now on to pitch.
  9. Texas sends 9 to the plate in the 1st. Flores gets a 2 RBI single. After 1 complete Texas leads 4-0
  10. Still in the 1st. We have already chased their starter. We have the bases loaded with only 1 out.
  11. Game 3. Reg. Season and series finale Witt has some really nice defense behind him in the top of the 1st. Bottom of the 1st. Texas has scored 2 so far in the bottom of the 1st. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Dylan Cambell has a 33 game hit streak. He just keeps adding to his new Texas hit streak mark.
  12. We are in the bottom of the 7th. Texas leads 10-2. 5 homeruns in the game for Texas. LBJ went into the 6th inning. Pulled after throwing 100 pitches- 11 strikeouts and only 2 walks. West Virginia is making a pitching change
  13. Idk. Guess it's a Pierce thing. Haven't heard of any injury.
  14. Bottom of the 2nd: Texas gets 2 more homeruns including a 2 run homerun from Thomas and a Solo homerun by Cambell. For some reason the West Virginia catcher is talking way to much tonight. Even got a warning I believe by the home plate ump. Top of 3rd. LBJ has some issues. Got into a jam, but only gave up 1 Texas leads 7-2 going to the 3rd.
  15. Texas leads 4 -1 after the 1st inning. Texas adds a 2 run homerun from Kennedy in the bottom of the 1st.
  16. Game Top of the 1st LBJ gives up 1 homerun. Could have worse, but maybe one of the best players in the big12 took to big a turn at 1st and was thrown out trying to get back to 1st by Cambell. Bottom of the 1st Cambell now on to 32 hit streak. Gets a ground rule double to tie the game at 1. Sac. fly gives Texas a 2-1 lead.
  17. Dylan Cambell hits a monster homerun. Cambell has a 31 game hit streak. Thru 8 complete Texas leads 12-1
  18. Top of the 8th. Gordon was done for the night after the 7 innings. West Virginia gets 1 run, probably should have had 2 but one of the base runners held up to see if Kennedy was able to catch the ball. 11-1 Going to the bottom of the 8th.
  19. Thru 7 complete Texas leads 11-0. Brown with 3 hrs on the night. Gordon solid pitching so far tonight. Will see if he comes back out for the 8th.
  20. Texas gets a 3-run homerun from Brown. After 2 complete. Texas leads 6-0
  21. Texas scores 2 more so far in the 2nd. We are still in the bottom of the 2nd as West Virginia has replaced their starter. Currently 3-0 Texas
  22. Well crap. We get bases loaded with no outs and only score 1 run. After 1 complete Texas leads 1-0
  23. Season series finale is here. Texas v. West Virginia Gordon has a 2 strikeouts in the 1st.
  24. Texas wins 18-6 in a shortened due to the run rule to 7 inning final. This weekend Texas scored the most runs since almost 40 yrs.
  25. We are still in the bottom of the 4th, Texas has put a 7 spot so far in the inning. 15-3. The run rule may be used if the score remains like this. Excluding no 9th inning at bat for Texas; Texas has scored at least 1 run if not more runs in 7 straight innings over the last 2 games.

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