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  1. I don't think Tennessee wins their opening round game. Not a big fan of most of the Big 10+ teams and SEC teams. Won't be surprised if by the end of the weekend both conferences only have 1 maybe 2 teams left. The big 12 on the other hand could have 4-6 teams left. Don't be surprised if the big east and big 12 dominate the round of 16 with few others.
  2. Thanks Joey for giving a lot better recap than i would've done. Hoping to be on a 11 game winning streak going into the tech series will be huge. I did see where New Orleans did/has been scoring plenty of runs, but haven't seen that the competition has been that good. Thoughts for the weekend? With Morehouse pitching does that limit him on Saturday? As far as innings/pitches? Thoughts on the team? I think the best way to describe them is scrappy. They will be better at the end of the season than where they are now. Hoping to see several of these guys (Cambell, Daly, and the freshmen) getting the batting average up to go with Powell, Kennedy, the catcher from USC, and Brown. The pitching has had it's ups and downs, but feel it is better than this time last year? Am i mistaken on this? Defensively, at least I know that Daly maybe is a shortstop, but he isn't Trey or David H. But if they put in the work it should improve.
  3. Texas adds 2 in the bottom of the 8th. Texas wins 7-4. Texas has scored 7 or more in all 7 games so far in the 14 home games.
  4. In the Texas 7th- Kennedy hits his 2nd homerun of the night to finally give Texas a 5-4 lead.
  5. After 5 complete it's tied at 4 each. Texas does have a homerun from Kennedy and a 2 run homerun from Cambell.
  6. It's the 2nd game with North Dakota State. Ace Whitehead is starting the game. The wind is blowing out, so might see some homers. Also, it's been 5 years today since Augie passed away and LHN has playing showing different stuff on him and will probably be getting some mentions throughout the game tonight.
  7. Totally agree. How a team like aggy that got the #2 seed in the SEC and to their finals is only a 7th seed, but Kentucky gets a higher seed as does Tennessee, who lost their best player and lost what 5 of the final 8 games gets a 5 seed. This committee did the big 12 and other teams no favors in the seeding. I believe the 8/9 and 7/10 games are probably at best toss up games.
  8. Texas wins 7-2. Scoring 7 or more runs in the 1st 6 games of the 14 game home stand.
  9. Thru 8 complete it's 7-2 Texas. Texas adds a run in the bottom of the 8th. Interesting note the SEC has 6 of the top 7 teams in the top 25 in baseball. Hurley went 5 1/3 innings giving up only 2 or 3 hits with 5 strikeouts throwing 70 pitches.
  10. Hurley goes 1-2-3 in the top of the 7th with a runner thrown out at 2nd. Hurley has thrown 40+ pitches thru 4 1/3 innings if not mistaken. BTW, the top team in the Big12 is TCU at #11. They lost tonight to Texas State 8-4. This Okie Lite the #12 team goes to tech to open each team's big 12 play.
  11. I do wonder if the 2 assistants that have followed him that are going to want to stay or follow him to Ole Miss. Do think that Ogdon stays and Terry stays unless for some reason CDC has someone different in mind of being the HC.
  12. After 5 complete innings it's now 6-2 Texas. Texas has had 8 walks so far this game. Hurley took over for LBJ after getting in the foot by the ball. I believe that Hurley now has worked 3 1/3 innings of work.
  13. After innings it's 2-1 NDSU. Texas could have had a big 2nd inning, but Kennedy pop ups for the final out of the inning.
  14. Not a great start for LBJ. Hit the 1st batter that comes around to score in the top of the 1st. 3 wild pitches in the 1st 2 innings.
  15. Games will be on LHN and if you have twitter then you can follow Joeywa on there.
  16. It's the 2nd week of having 2 midweek games. This week is North Dakota State botn days. Most likely LBJ is the Tuesday starter, but not certain of the Wednesday starter. Hopefully we keep getting the runs scored like we did last week.
  17. Texas wins 16-6. Texas scored at 1 run in every inning of the game that they came to the plate. Texas gets the sweep. Texas so far in the 14 game at home is 5-0. They have scored at 7 runs in the 1st 5 games. Texas has 5 games in the upcoming week with 2 mid week games with N. Dakota State and 3 games next weekend with New Orleans.
  18. Thru 6 complete it's 14-6 Texas. Texas gave up 2 in the top of the 5th and 4 in the 6th, but got 4 in the bottom of the 6th. Off to the fimal 3 innings.
  19. Thru 3 complete innings. Texas 8-0. Texas has scored in all 3 innings. Got a homerun in the bottom of the 2nd and a RBI double in the bottom of the 3rd. Just for comparison Sthele has thrown 30 pitches thru 3 innings and the starter for Manhattan has thrown 78 pitches.
  20. It looks like the softball is over and now the game is on LHN.
  21. Texas gets a big 1st inning. 6 runs on 5 hits with 2 errors on Manhattan.

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