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  1. He has had injuries thus him leaving both USC and Georgia. But he was a 5 star QB at one time, now I've no idea where he ranks, but we can't take him lightly either. I still think we win the game. Just have no idea of a score for the game yet. Like our chances better with Quinn than Hudson.
  2. So, this kid has been busted in a stolen car. Then revenge porn text to someone at Okie Lite and the PD and AD not certain of charges on this. Now this? Time to move on and open up a scholarship.
  3. Totally agree with this. The the talking mouths say who they would claim would come here of we grt rid of Sark. It awesome when it's not your money being spent to do a buyout and get an another HC and coaching staff.
  4. Not really certain why you are having this discussion on which QB was better. IMO, neither had a game to talk about, but at the end of the day 1 won and 1 lost. The only numbers that matter is who won and who lost.
  5. Oh look everyone Johnny went to his ghost account hornsupallday probably because 95% of us have put his normal account on ignore.
  6. JT was actually ahead of Bryce in HS. JT was a 5 star QB at USC. He was the starting QB for USC as a freshmen when USC came to Austin a few years ago. Doubt the atmosphere will bother him.
  7. So, the conference schedule came out on Friday afternoon. We start on Dec. 31st surprisingly, at ou sux. We have 3 big Monday games with Baylor at home, on the road at Kansas and then at tech. That are 3 straight big Monday games. We end the year with Kansas at home.
  8. Interesting to see if the defense is focus is back. They seemed unfocused at times last week. If Watts plays better and Ovie stays at the edge while rushing the passer it could be a long day for the tech QB. Can the offense get back to week one with looking for the TE and the swing passes to the RBs to put pressure on the 2nd and 3rd string LBs that tech will have to use as they are down 2 LBs. Texas -- 42 tech-- 20
  9. While I'll have no idea about SHA or Show? If I just looked at the score it was a defensive game between the 2 teams. But if you looked at the box score or watched the game/replay of the game like i did. Miami had nearly 400 yds as to aggy having 260 yds. Miami was 3 of 5 on field goals and missed on multiple chances of TDs. Plus aggy scored a td on a turnover on a punt to Miami on their 35? Thus allowing aggy to get an easy score. If Hill and Hicks wanted to a great defensive battle aggy hasn't shown it? Right Johnny Depp? He who sleep in shit and text shit is the shit. That is Johnny Depp at his finest.
  10. Thank you longhorn_mig. I did see a report that Mailk Presley was down to 2 schools they believe in ASU and us. I agree that we are right there for Holland. Yates would be a very nice pick-up. Think you are right with Stojakovic, seems like he is a lean to UCLA, but would love to get him.
  11. What are the thoughts with him and I guess AJ Johnson both on their officials to Texas? Thoughts on Yates and Holland from last weekend? Who else might visit for unofficial or official visits? Anyone?
  12. Have to agree with Doc Longhorn. Does this team come out flat or ready to play. Don't let 1 lose turn into 2. The mindset has to be we are better lets show it. Does the defense show up again this week like the past 2 weeks and does the special show why it's called special teams. Can Wright/Card do what os needed from the QB position? Sure Texas: 45 UTSA: 17
  13. Here is the thing with the imjuries: QE: if it is a SC sprain 1 it's likely 2-4 weeks, sprain 2 more likely 4-6 due to damage to the ligaments. Anything higher might require surgery. So, him missing the UTSA and TT game for sure. What his availability for the WV game depends upon on how he responds to treatment. Card: him at practice means nothing. How his ankle responds to treatment and how it feels each morning are the bigger questions. Plus how it feels to plant the foot and how well he throws the ball. Another question will be if it feels okay or if the medical staff feels that it would better to hold him out this week. BRob: sounds like nothing more than a sore shoulder.
  14. Who is their best QB? I think it is actually the freshman, but Jimbo doesn't want to play him. He actually said that he reassigned the staff to new positions. The QB coach from last season is now the TEs coach; the TEs coach is now the WRs coach and the WRs coach is now the QB coach. Plus he has a new OL coach since the guy he had from last season is now at USC. Per report from ESPN. Have talked to several vets that had to go there because they are the only vet schoool in Texas, but some only went there because of the vet school. Some of the vets know some of their boosters or BMDs. Apparently, several of the boosters have talked to the aggy BOR and president about the wording in Jimbo's contract as to whether they can fire with cause or force him to quit to save money. If it doesn't change quickly, there could be multiple transfers of high level talent leaving quickly.
  15. Wait a minute, wasn't 2021 8-5 because they forfeited because they were scared 0f Wake Forrest? Also, weren't there 2-3 years where they were scared to to play us as well. Can't wait to see what happens if they lose to Miami, Bama, Arkie, Ole Miss, Miss St. With toss up games with SC and LSU. BTW, betting they are playing King only to suck up and get Hale away from either Bama and/or us and he is seeing right thru that hopefully.
  16. So, not certain why some many are claiming this to be Saban`s best Bama team. The front 6 with Will Anderson and Dallas Turner coming off the edge should scare every team they face. The secondary is what got burned in both losses last year and unless Ricks plays more the corners in 1 on 1 match-ups we can win easily with X and Whittington. So, going 12- personnel with chip blocking by the TEs to help delay Anderson and Turner or pull them into coverage allowing B Rob who was last year's 3rd leading receiver from the backfield. We can play with them. Defensively, the edges and DL need to play at an even higher level than week, and adding Collins will go along way with that. Better communication on the back end will help. Besides if the aggies can put 40+ on them. So, can we. Texas 48 Bama 51 Bama has the better kicker. But if we can make them punt and the punt return team can block a kick or 2 change the story.
  17. Well, it was Big 12 officials at the game. So, no telling how they came up with the call at the end of the game.
  18. A few notes I believe from 247 or one of the basketball writers from BON. Allen had a foot injury, but is over that and has been working on shooting from the 3 point line. Disu feels like he is finally back to where he was prior to the knee injury and working on all in inside moves as well as his 3 point shot. One of the assistance coaches has worked with both along woth Brock on those 3 point shots. Apparently, Brock has shown growth in his shooting technique. Hopefully someone has worked with Carr with his shot and ability to not lose the ball so easily on offense.
  19. It was announced last December. It was a talking point by ESPN and most reporters on the national signing day in December along with the 50k for the OL.
  20. I was looking at HSFA 300 and didn't see Jones on there. St. Francis Academy I've heard of and they are ranked as the #4 nationally high school team. Was surprised by the margin of victory over Desoto as HSFA 300 had Desoto as the #16 team nationally. The highest ranked team in Texas is Duncanville at #9 nationally.
  21. @Tim_FanGravy if you want to do a NIL deal for a common person. You can at opendorse.com, where one can spend as little as $19 on a person in Texas athletics or other colleges athletics. Or more for former players at certain colleges. If you want a picture or signature from the player or with the player. Also, Texas and 10-12 other colleges have agreed with wrangler on NIL so you can buy wrangler products that certain players may be seen in. So, those questioning the $150k for Garth; there was a 100k for the whole team that did have a finance class that like 98% of the players have done along with the other 2 conditions that they have dealt with to get the 100k. Then the 50k for the OL in which unless Garth leaves before next May he can earn more tham the 150k. But if he leaves by December he has a degree and 150k. There are a few more deals in the works for the whole team and several for positional groups. Some of us know the )( BDMS, big cigars, big time power brokers, big money donors) and some wish they did. Call it what you want.
  22. So, Duncanville versus Jones? from Orlando, FL that game was broke open by Duncanville in the 2nd half. However, the Desoto game versus the #4 team from MD, that was a blowout from the MD team in something like 47-7.
  23. Java and Oldhorn, I agree with both of you on Card. Ewers maybe a gunslinger thus the INT tonight, but he makes quick decisions and can make all the throws; it will take some game time to get the deep throws to receivers. Thought the OL had more ups than downs. They didn't have the usual 12 penalties called on them. Did like most of what I saw from the DL ( Coburn, Sweat, Murphy, Ojomo, and Broughton) did a decent job did have a couple of WTF moments. As did Ovie. Do have to wonder about the loss of Neyor on those deep shots? But maybe Whittington, Cain, and others show as the year progresses. The punting unit seemed lost in blocking and nearly costs us 3 blocks tonights. That shouldn't be happening.
  24. This is a pick the score type game. The better questions are how do the freshmen react to live game action against a different opponent? How is the excution by the lines on both sides and the lbs and edges on defense? Do we score via defense and special teams? How many plays do we give QE and the other freshmen, does it depend upon how many snaps they get in the 1st half? Through 2 1/2 quarters? Texas 70 ULM 17
  25. Thanks TB14. He does seem to be an young guy and an up and coming coach like you said. I have only seen that he was at UNLV? for a few years and helped get 2 guys from us to transfer there. I do like the hire. Seems to be a high energy guy as well.

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