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  1. What expectations do you think I have posted? Because I haven't and don't. Being upset or disappointed maybe, but that's your assumption. We had that discussion before. Do you not think we couldn't, shouldn't have won more games this year? While, I doubt that Sean Allen is gone after this season depending upon where and how the season ends and what happens during the offseason. He has lots of work to do with these young pitchers! The consistency of throwing strikes by the guys is a problem. A problem that leads to umps narrowing their strike zone? Maybe. Furthermore, I'm not just looking at this year, but the next few years where several vets are gone after this year.
  2. Irregardless of what the coach does the year before; all coaches are to be evaluated for the current year results. Now, some could blame the umps for the strike zone, but the lack of development of the young pitchers is unbelievable. Irregardless of Lucas Gordon becoming the 2nd starter. Stevens removing himself from starter to relief pitcher? Nixon going from a plus closer to an unknown reliever and multiple of relief pitchers with no known role falls on the pitching coach/head coach for not having an idea of who and how to use the pitchers and when to make changes. None of this is due to Witt being hurt. But the coaches and the players ahould have been able to adjust and none didn't. Don't throw the players under the bus without throwing the coaches for failing to adjust due to injuries. Injuries can happen at anytime and coaches should be able to adjust, and get the players to adjust and they didn't.
  3. Hey TFloss, Does the staff view Pleasant as a DB or an ATH? Curious as to how they view him and where he plays. As On3 list him as an ATH and 247 list him as a DB. Has he played multiple positions?
  4. Exactly. We are doing it legit. Even if 98% hate the NIL deals, we are being legit. The useless aggies on the other hand want to deny any NIL deals for getting the #1/2/3 players from AZ, FL, PA, and TN as if these kids want to be in a dead dog town with smelly sheep for dates. Yes, I do say that to my friends from aggy land. We probably spent what a couple of million in total for the freshmen class? They spent something close to $30M for theirs. Thus why I have said that the IRS and FBI should be watching these deals. The individual deals I have no idea about. But still not close to their "deals" that Dumbo and the aggies want to deny.
  5. Exactly. 2 HC that are heavily offensively headed coaches. Talk shop about schemes and offensive designs to make defenses unable to scheme to stop any one player or takeaway one player even with a lack of a great OL.
  6. Glad to get the sweep of Kansas. Glad to get to 39 wins, but we should've been closer to 50 or more wins if we are truly being honest. One of the best defensive pct. for a team for a year. While the offense overall had a great yr. there were times that it wasn't. The pitching lost it way early on and hasn't figured anything out. Not certain who our pitching coach is, but maybe need a new and better one next yr.? Figures that the LHN van would catch fire on the last game of the season; seems fitting with the weird stuff that has happened this yr. We either win as a team or lose as a team. If we can figure out the 4-5 game against I believe Okie Lite early Wednesday morning. Then we have a shot to win the tournament, but if not there would need to be WAY better pitching to do something in the Big 12 tournament. The real tournament, which I care more about, anything can happen depending upon the draw.
  7. Apparently Sankey, is mad at the football coaches for airing the BS on any media. Guessing the Twitter crap was before the demand from Sankey came down. But 10 or more coaches have voiced their displeasure from how aggy got the #1 class in football. Plus they might be at it again this year. Plus the fear of what Texas might do once in the $EC.
  8. Need a sweep on Saturday. To go into the Big12 tournament with a 5 game win streak. Glad to see that the kids are aware of Keith Moreland having a heart surgery on Monday or Tuesday. Wishing him the best and to get better for next season.
  9. Betting that if Bama gets up big on aggy in Oct. there will be no taking the foot off the pedal to make certain everyone knows who is still the boss. Also, betting that Bama would make it a bigger beatdown than the sooners 77-0 on aggy several yrs ago.
  10. Glad that you said bad call at 3rd base. I was watching it live and thought he was safe as well. Bad call and bad review. Was glad it didn't effect the team and went on to put up a big inning.
  11. As I said in the tread you started about this yr's wrs; I think Cook is below several others guys, but the staff is working with him due to his friendship with Manning. IMPO, both Cook and Owens would already be aggies, but due to their friendship to Manning which is why they are uncommitted. But Hale, Brown, Moore Jr., Pettaway, Niblett, and Greathouse all above Cook.
  12. Between him and Williams it should be interesting how the battle between them should be awesome.
  13. We have won the last 2 mid week games. Notes from the the Sam Houston State game. We won the last one 9-2. We start the final series with Kansas on Thursday. Keith missed the game due to a medical issue. He had a bad valve replaced. aggies cancelled the IWU game last week. Thus Dave Pierce made it known that he wasn't concern with the missing of a game like aggy was.
  14. I wasn't trying to bash Herman for the bowl games. He was 4-0. But we did beat an overrsted Missouri team, and really bad Colorado team, a good Utah team, and a Georgia team that whether they wanted to be there or not is their issue not ours. But at the same time look at both the '18 and '19 classes and out of the 53 scholarships and adding the 2-4 scholarships added we are at 14 left of that. So, a agree with SHA in evaluating and development of players. If comparing previous coaches, Sark, might be the best, but wontknow until 4 years from now. Strong should've never been hired IMO. Mack was really good until 2006-2007 then was lazy and unmotivated to the players, but Colt motivated the players and some of the assists help with the motivation through 2009. After that we lost focus and motivation. Every coach has good and bad points, but if Sark and this staff can motivate some of these seniors to accepting better than 500 record and becoming NFL material for the draft we should be happy.
  15. In IMPO he should have apologize for the ejection. The middle finger to the umps should've been unapologetic and directed to the Big 12 that they should get better refs and umps for all sports and until then expect the UT coaches to do the same because of the lack of balls and backbone from the front office on these refs and umps for all sports. Make the Big 12 office accountable for these officals' actions. He may get a suspension, but make it worth it. Doubt the team cares about the middle finger and most of the team's fans would support it more.

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