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  1. Defense plays well yet again. Think the offense shows like last week only not able to put 55 up. Expect the ST to play better at home this week. How much does last week's game affect Baylor and their mindsets. Texas - 42 Baylor- 20
  2. Y'all do realize that USC tried to get worthy last year right? No. Not surprising that this is nothing more than aggy useless johnny b.s. from him or ome of his fake ghost accounts that started it.
  3. Surprised that JoewWA hasn't posted the update on baseball. But get why the useless mods won't. But the baseball schedule has been sent out. While, I missed part of the internal world series between the incoming freshmen and the returnees, last seen on LHN going into the 8th with the returnees ahead. Both showed promised. The schedule starts with us facing Arkie, Missouri, and then Vandy in mid February in Arlington. Then we have a mod week home game with LSU if not mistaken. Plus us heading to Cal State Fullerton after the LSU game. Starting conference games with Tech March 24th-26th. Plus having to go into aggy Johnny area to face aggy in a mid week game. Hopefully we keep aggy Johnny away from our team.
  4. Which Kansas QB plays the #1 or the #3? Does the weather come into play? Thinking the offense and defense play better or as well as last week to get the bad taste from last week out. Texas-35 Kansas- 24
  5. Actually, we beat Kansas at Kansas in January of 2021. The final was a 25pt beat down at 84-59. But that team lost in the most embarrassing way in the tournament and everyone knew it was time to move on from Smart. Glad that CDC made the move and that this team seems to wants to play for Beard and the fans. We have 2 games in December in Creighton and Illinois, but win those games and we should be heading into conference play undefeated.
  6. One of the best all around games we have played in a while. 2nd largest victory against a top 2 teams in the nation. I believe the other was at Kansas a couple of years ago? Can't remember as it went downhill real fast that year. Disu looks so much better on both ends of the court. Loved the way they played team defense. The offense played well. The flop call was a joke on Allen.
  7. I agree on Hunter unlocking this team. The one thing about 3 pt. shooting, I disagree with Lance Blanks saying "Carr has/is the better shooter". Ii believe that belongs to Rice and then Morris, but both seem to not wanting to settle for just 3 pt shots. This is something different than we have seen in years past. The fact that Carr was 0 for 5 and Hunter was 0 for or something like that says Beard doesn't want them to settle for bad shots. Hopefully, the freshmen and others can get closer to the 1st game of 22 of 29 FTs or better. Did see some of the MSU vs. ZAGS game on ESPN on Friday night, we need to swarm and cause the Zags to take some bad shots and them space them apart and make that Timme dude have to guard in space. Then run, run, run till they can't run no more.
  8. Believe Wayne is right that Card gets his degree in May. Plus Card does have this aggy stalking him. Agree that both Ford and Watts stick around one more season. Just not certain if Davis would go to the portal. As for those to watch for the portal: Wright, Troy O., Alexis, Goram-Welch, Merrill, Gbenda, the corner from Dallas with the multiple off the field issues. Others to also watch Coffey, Dorbah, Liebrock (although he maybe is a medical retiree).
  9. How hurt is Johnston's ankle? He missed what the last 3 quarters last week. Plus isn't one of their dbs missing the 1st half due to targeting? Was last week's 200 rushing yds the start to a big finish for B.Rob.? Which should lead to the wrs and TEs having more opportunities in the passing game. Texas- 45 TCU- 35
  10. I agree with longhorn_mig that when Hunter, Carr, and Rice were on the floor together the offense had better spacing and flow to it. Those 3 did score 44 of the 72 points. Didn't like how Disu and Bishop played defense in the lane or whoever UTEP put on the blocks, but it was the 1st game. Also, didn't like the 4 of 14 3pt shooting. Not certain how to take the technicals on flops just yet. Glad it was put in, but seems to slow or stop fast breaks a couple of times. One more game before the Zags come calling. Need to fix the low block defense and do a better job of defensive rebounding by the time conference play starts.
  11. I agree. Though the Auburn game depends upon whether the aggy fr. QB plays or not. They don't beat LSU. Do beat a cupcake. I have heard that upto 8-10 freshmen will cconsider transferring out. Major splits between upper classmen and the true freshmen. Along with issues between coaches offense vs. defense, coaches vs. some players, and BMDs vs coach(es). At least from a couple of guys that know some insight due to their time there going through vet school.
  12. It should be the 2nd time they missed it. Most likely the 2nd time Clemson also misses it with the low SOS.
  13. I don't doubt that one bit. Just passing along the info I found. Want to have him for the full year.

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