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  1. Wait, Abor the D'ville DE along with Wiggins at DE? Or are we thinking Agho at OL tackle? Maybe someone else should answer since you claimed to not say anything until signing day in December? Doubt we are taking 9 DL/DE in 1 class.
  2. Great write up. Someone might want to put a Amber alert out for Tyler Johnson. Really thought we would be better at the OL, but didn't count on no Johnson and any guard or tackle positions. Not did I see Jones at LT thought Karic would be there with better results. Didn't count on them moving Kerstetter around which os a bad thing. See A&M with Green. Keep him at 1 position and bring in Parr at center or Ghirmai,in which he was a 4*, but has been that screwed up by Hand? 1 DE with Collins makes this defense worse. But also, bad LBs recruiting from Orlando and whoever we had last year doesn't help. The DBs: has Jameson, Cook, and Thompson shown any improvement since arriving at the 40 acres? Foster and Schooler; one hasn't been right since his shoulder injury from 2 yrs. ago. Then other has played both DB and WR can't figure where he fits. J. Thompson and Coffey are young, but only J. Thompson is playing. Hopefully, the corners learn this stupid soft zone stuff that this new coach from ND wants or we go after a better corner coach within the next yearnor two to play man coverage with better blitzing with better front 7. Everyone liked Coburn, Sweat, and Ojomo until they realized it's our OL they looked great against. Helpfully, Flood gets the OL to play okay the last part of the season to help get us the recruits we need to compete with the SEC and OU teams going forward. Need to see B. Robinson moved to the slot or outside more often with K. Robinson in the back field; if he doesn't want to be a slot guy more, but to make teams either move safeties back and put a OLB out there on B. Robinson. Plus move Moore to the slot just to help adjust defensive repositioning. To read the defense decisions sooner by the QB.
  3. With LSU and USC as the current 2 top HC openings the players are both watching and waiting on whom might be the new HC there. If Franklin is what LSU wants that helps us and others as his PSU just scored only 18 points in 9 OTs. Bad offense good defense and won't last long there. USC not certain which way they go. Heard not happy with either OC or DC and the fact that they went to the CB coach whom took over DC play calling from Orlando says alot. Good for Traylor if he gets the HC for Tech. Thought he got the shaft from Herman for just being on the staff from Strong. Don't see Dave Aranda leaving Baylor anytime soon.
  4. Whether she is naked or not doesn't mean a thing if no conference or national title follows. JUST MPO. Besides she does nothing fo me since she claims to not date, but either claims to be falsely married or pregnant after being with a guy. Hate to hear that Disu is still not cleared. From On3: Hamilton and Burton: starting five will be Carr, A.J., Ramey, Allen, and Mitchell. With Febves, Askew, the TT transfer,B. Cummingham?, and some transfer from Creighton coming in. Guessing we are deeper than that I thought we were. But need Disu to be cleared to helpout and be ready for conference play. Plus get the rest able to understand where others are on the court and then helpout and teach Disu where to be and get the most of each player in the offense and defense half court and the half court pressure to help the runout offense that we will need. Just want better offense and defense from this team to get better results. That will go a LONG way to getting better recruits both at the guard and big man positions.
  5. Just guessing it was a senior moment on not commenting further until signing day? Just MPO, but we get 3 solid OL and 2-3 DBS with 2-3WRS. Then add 3 solid or more players via the portal and lose upto 10 players that won't matter that you claim matter. Like I've said we could lose 10 via the portal and theat won't matter again next year. Seems like it's difficult for you to understand, but the portal is and will be both helpful and worrisome for us and anyone other team out there. Needing 2-3 OL via the portal that are the right fit and 1-2 DB that can help out right away. But don't take away from the numbers needed to keep us from getting the best players. We nor any team is saying "NO" to a 5* player at any position like you seem to be willing to do. That's bad coaching on your part and understanding! What is straight talk from the coach BTW? What you what to hear? Or what is realistic talk from a coach? But what till after the 1st signing day in December to answer? Is that possible?
  6. I'll slightly agree on needing more safeties. But when you look at corners: Jameson, Cook, and Dunn could be back. Not certain if they will. After that we have : Caldwell, Crawford, Barron, Ibraheem, and J. Johnson. Plus we have Lewis coming in with size and long arms and the coaches seem to have liked what they saw in him at the camp. Remember most of those that do the ratings go by what they see them at their camps. Not actual game film until late in the rankings. Then at wrs: outside of Worthy and Whittington, who seems to be injured more times than not, who are we claiming as difference makers? Moore? He is as much likely to be a difference maker and having legal issues. Omiere is coming off back to back knee surgeries, Alexis has the speed, but coming off knee surgery, Harrison hasn't seen the field as I know of, and Woodard/ Washington both have been here long enough to show that they don't get separation from defenders and drop more passes and catch the ball. Again, not certain what we end up with, but we could take upto 10 more and probably do that again next year if we get enough mutable agreements to go separate ways with enough guys. Plus any GT leaving and/or coming in. Warren should be at DE not DT. Now with at least 6 DL coming in as of now, where and who in Coburn, Omojo, Sweat, and Gorman-Welch fit in? BTW, none of them are defensive playmakers like Blow U has in Winfrey or what Alabama had last year in Barmore at the DL. We have to remember we are working with a new staff not trying to burn bridges while fixing that of Herman and Strong failures at getting both the best and the most from the players we currently have. While getting recruits to see and understand the future at Texas. If LTG, is thankful for a bag, is he sure it came from God? It is the SunDevils afterall. Asking for a friend?
  7. I'm fine with more cupcakes if it helps get the team to gel better and quickly. The back half of the schedule looks loaded and need the team ready for those games. The team looks loaded with talent and hopefully this staff is ready to get them working as a solid team. My only concern is Ramey, but I doubt the coaches would bring him back if he doesn't understand the team as 1st and foremost important. I can't wait to see them play. Glad to have the LHN, but will miss it, once it goes away and no more basketball and baseball games of Texas to watch. Maybe the ESPN and SEC network keep it and keep Texas on there mostly with a couple of little brother's and BlowU games on there here and there. But no AR and no LSU games.
  8. Longhorn_mig. Thanks for the updates. How many games are at Gregory gym. Guessing most games are at the Erwin center and the Sam Houston State game is a preseason/exhibition game? I really want this to be a special year in basketball to get a really solid class and any transfers in for the new arena. Just glad to not see Smart on the sidelines anymore. If you say Coleman has the keys to the team and yet he brings the ball over the half court line only to hand it off to Ramey or A.J. makes the handing the keys off a false statement. Love basketball, but have been disappointed for the last several years, and not just Smart but also some of Barnes' teams as well.
  9. Never forget that we lost in a bye week under Strong. We had a OL get a DUI at a drive thru while drunk at the wheel. Now for other games this week: Give me ISU, Ole Miss, and the points in the other games. Not sold on UM, but, they find a way to win. Clemson isn't the same Clemson. Utah on the road with our former qb in charge not certain and haven't seen OSU play. Would love to see Air Force win since my older brother went there and that is a awesome campus and football field. Not counting on Kansas whatsoever. Now could SC pull the upset over A&M? Would love to have the shit show be back on A&M.
  10. I feel the same way after seeing some of Johnny Depp post speechless. He actually thought that his non-binary, non-biological son was adequate against Arky. He truly believes 100% of the 98 % B.S. he post. Wants everyone to believe he knows more than everyone else from his post.
  11. If you go by the post above that Coach O is No. 2 at over $8.2 million and Coach Riley at No.5 at over $7.6 million. At the total cost of byouts at over $42.5 millions for just these 2. Not to mention the other $3-5 million for the assistance coaches. Don't see it happening. Plus the AD may have to adjustified a 10 year fully guarantee deal for Riley at what $88,000,000. or more to get him to left OU and hope that OU doesn't just bump Riley upto closer to $8.5 million or more per year. Plus why leave the Bugatti the Riley currently has at OU for the VW beattle that is LSU.
  12. We have 3 pre-season all big 12 players. Hopefully that is right. Wish we were 10-12 deep, but at 9 deep is good. Plus we have a coach believes in defense and rebounding and let the offense play off the defense. Hopefully the offense doesn't have the dribble the ball for 10 seconds, then fake the pick and roll to have someone jack up a 3 point airball or some type of airball that is rejected for a dunk on the other end with a foul to boot. Both Smart and Barnes let a lot to desire offensively, but at least Barnes teams played defense till January. Not certain what or why the bigs liked Smart so much. Granted there was a lot of players I've loved to seen be together as several former players on the same team, this might be one of our better overall teams conbined. BTW, is this year or next year the new arena opening up? Can't wait to see it.
  13. Good! Glad to see snd hear that the head coach is about fixing issues quickly and not making excuses like the previous two coaches did. I don't care if it's a 3 man or 4 man front for pressure as much as we get the pressures needed for mistakes from their QB or changes from their coaches. Plus I would like Sark to be more aggressive at the end of the 1st half if possible. With Whittington out let's see what Washington/Dixon can do. Hopefully K. Robinson and Harrison see the field more as well. Not sold on Washington and Woodard, but maybe they prove me wrong. Hope they do. Moore needs to show more as well. As I said in different threads, Collins, Sweat, and Broughton with Thornton as a front 4 with Overshown, Ovio O., and Davis at the LBs spots are a better front 7 than what we have shown. At OL: Anyone not name Jones at LT works for me, J.A. at LG is good, Majors at Center, Imade at RG has the size now does he have the ability and understanding, Kerstetter at RT is fine. Question is Johnson injured again or did his back issue from family history show up again? As long as C. Jones takes some time to understand and learn from the issues to be a better OL going forward. Maybe Conner and Parr and Ghirmai can be helpful on the inside G/C/G positions and Garth and hookfin with Johnson and then Jones at tackle positions. Hate to hear that Jones and Whittington are out with surguries, but A. Collins needs to make statements now foe being the right DE. Maybe Myron Warren moves to DE to help out as J. Bush isn't the answer at DE.
  14. I personally think that both sides Kam and his family and our coaching staff are being nice to each other nothing more. To be honest, never considered the kid as a possible commit to Texas. I do believe we will get possibly up to 5/6 OL in this clsss with none being projects like Hand liked.
  15. Solid post by Jameson. However, I do disagree that we were the better team for 3 quarters. It took OU 1 quarter to get caught up to us. I do think our best front 7 on defense is: Collins at Jack, Thornton at the other DE/LB, Sweat has shown more at the nose/1 position, Ojomo/Broughton split at the 3/4 position, the kid from ND name starts with an O at 1 LB position, Davis at middle or strong side LB, and Overshown at the other LB. DBs: Cook has been good at the star, Thompson has been okay to good at one corner, Jamison has left a lot to be desired at the other corner, neither starting safety is worth talking about. J. Thompson seems to be better close to the line of scrimmage. Maybe Coffey, Owens, and Adimora should see the field more. Barron looks like a good corner, Crawford does as well, and J. Johnson and I. Ibraheem both seem to be players. The coaches on the BD, the former ND( Terry Joseph) and Blake Gideon are leaving a lot of questions a out their hires with no improvement of the players. Maybe Sark has told PK to be more attacking on defense.

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