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  1. If I was QB don't think would eliminate half of field because 1 person, no who was
  2. Looks like Duncanville gonna move thanks to int. endzone by KaDavion Dotson.
  3. We need to recruit him if not . Also 2026 recruit Jermichael Finley son from Aledo looks good. He is just Frosh.
  4. SOC continues quest for repeat as they put down Melissa in hard fought game.
  5. Gilmer Harmony moves on against Newton. Newton must concentrate to much on D'field game.
  6. Refugio moves as defeat Shiner & Dalton Brooks.Refugio coach Scott Herring go for it on own 13 yd. line with 13 yds to go and 3 TO in pocket but QB throws Td on play.
  7. Went need WR Dre'lon Miller out of Silsbee for 2024.
  8. Head scratcher that about Harris & Johnson,rest I can see
  9. But there might be fly in ointment. Caleb might declare for NFL.
  10. Big losses are only J Whitt & Worthy as I see it.
  11. 26 yrs ago "A Pirate looks At Forty" was fav Buffett song
  12. Only in America can you lose last game & get 1.75mil.raise. understand Lane Kiffin to sign extension.
  13. First of all not calling for Sark to fired. Mack won 7 & 8 games his last two years but got fired. Texas fan base are now thankful for 8 wins. Ask yourself how many games we should lost? Was leading Bama up to last minute with Card. Was tied with Tech in regulation, leading Okie Lite but collapsed,& we look like we was playing first game of season against TCU.
  14. Fig Newton hangs on 16-12,SOC advances, Melissa with Trevor & Nigel,35-0 over Terrell in 3rd,PG advances,Cooper up as is Terry Bussey & Timpson
  15. Muhmand just got burned. Mid. Heritage 27 SOC 27 in 4th
  16. JayvonThomas going crazy for SOC,got runs of 97 & 61. SOC up27_20 in 4th
  17. Talkin to wrong person. I never was hyped over Ewers.Saw lot hotshots in high school come in and lay an egg.
  18. Hey if Sark didn't put Card when Ewers was bad he sure won't now.

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