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  1. Same as here but no longer post. When smoaky left it wasn't same.
  2. Do these kids really want early playing? If so, UT should be brainers They already 2 fish starting,a soph in Green or is he red shirt because of Covid
  3. A&M sputtered on CU but shut CU offense down till offense finally CU D down & only won 10-7,but they won.
  4. I hope this only bad game we have,surely not something we can except. We looked soft tonight,are kids paying attention to SJW trying sue university? This concerns me.
  5. Is this same Baron that used to frequent Smoaky.com?
  6. Thinking about planting Japanese Maple for shade & help washing. What is there longevity?
  7. We start winning and may e can flip Harris,Guilbeau,& Banks for starters.
  8. Anybody else check out article by Austin Nivision on 247 where he calls Sooners Texans? Would put link but computer illiterate.
  9. Think 247 is bias towards Texas as they ranked Murphy 11th. Also noticed here while they talked of Oregon raising SEC territory but they never mention players that OSU.& bama raid Texas or would not be in national championship especially OSU.
  10. I remember those days,also how bout the weekly carton by Blackie Sherrod in Herald about old SWC.
  11. Since in Longview will get check out Miller for 22 & Renaud
  12. Serious question,why are we continuing having discussions on player that is 3 * & has already committed? It is at least 3 more comments before and one after. If he comitts later,we can revisit.
  13. Man you are riding Boardingham train. Remember the 6'7" qb from Burleson. They tried him on every where. He looked good though. Think it might been in Makovich(sp) era. Hey if he is horn I'm fan.
  14. We should apologize. We really got short end thinking Shaka could carry us tgh o promise land of basketball.
  15. I am surprised this has not been brought up. Players being able to profit off likeness & image. Could this be gamechanger for UT? SEC is not only one now.

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