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  1. We keep taking middle of road 3* and in December we could be out of top 10. Hope wrong but think these our depth.
  2. I hear ya, I expect only Chatman that might see playing time @ Texas don't transfer. Stroh & Cojoe unless injury or transfers from last year happen. They stay for depth.
  3. Best thing about this site is there no trolls or thread hijacker like WETSU.
  4. That is good as Allen can be in his ear for year
  5. A Texas legacy. Looking for Canyon to make noise next year
  6. You can depend on Smoak,remember first time D'field beat Celina. Nobody had feed & David was out of town so his wife Cindy kept us updated. The real "Good Wife"
  7. Isn't Aggie still trying to get him too? Not going to Dawgs a plus though.
  8. Show up for a defense comitt,like Tovanio or Hill.
  9. Would like to see Kate get defensive.
  10. Leaning to SC(south Carolina)per Justin Wells
  11. Afraid lot of top end defensive players are either passed or passing. Hicks & Hill will visit but think they gone. Bad thing liable be aggies. I would be happy with Muhammad. We win things might change but D has to do some stopping.
  12. Only hope OL can give Card/Ewers time. Won't have cover long if QB on back.
  13. After certain amounts of words typed,my finger refuses to work ot.
  14. Iron Mike had some tuff football players,ask Roger Staubach or Joe Namath. Bear Byrant never could figure him out.
  15. Is the reason because they also think getting Manning?
  16. Addison is hot topic but don't think comes UT. Been working out with C.Wiillam & B. Young.. Also how is Isiah Neyor takin this as well as Worthy, Whittington,Hall, Billingsley?

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