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Brad Usrey

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  • Birthday 01/16/1956

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    Got lost in Longview, am country boy from DK
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    Reading Gods word,Longhorns & gospel singing

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  1. 247 got him listed as corner & think could use safety's Foster & Schooler grad. & we got Allen to comitt.
  2. He just crystal balled to georgia. Was CB. He was 2nd rated cb out of Texad behind only D.Harris& didn't even offer according to247.
  3. We have any chan e for 4* out Clear Lake that just decomitted from Florida?
  4. There was some noise after Okie Lite but now it has subsided.
  5. Same as here but no longer post. When smoaky left it wasn't same.
  6. Do these kids really want early playing? If so, UT should be brainers They already 2 fish starting,a soph in Green or is he red shirt because of Covid
  7. A&M sputtered on CU but shut CU offense down till offense finally CU D down & only won 10-7,but they won.
  8. I hope this only bad game we have,surely not something we can except. We looked soft tonight,are kids paying attention to SJW trying sue university? This concerns me.
  9. Is this same Baron that used to frequent Smoaky.com?
  10. Thinking about planting Japanese Maple for shade & help washing. What is there longevity?
  11. We start winning and may e can flip Harris,Guilbeau,& Banks for starters.

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