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Brad Usrey

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  • Birthday 01/16/1956

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    Got lost in Longview, am country boy from DK
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    Reading Gods word,Longhorns & gospel singing

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  1. Cause we are expecting one of our safeties to transfer but those 100,000 thousand can see you just as good warming pine.
  2. We can only hope. I want Sark to succeed but am not sure. He showed lot stubbornness.
  3. Earnest&feverently praying my brother
  4. Been bleeding orange since 64 Cotton bowl,but now having 2nd thoughts
  5. Hey CDC can get senior coffee. Personally would go for breakfast burrito.
  6. Proof will be in pudding, we should won 10 this year actually I think 11. Agree or disagree, you can lay at least 2 L's at QE,maybe Sark & QE can share 1
  7. I thought coaches were suppose try to win games? Yes he wanted Ewers to go thru humbling but was it for him since he recruited Ewers. Until Ewers proves otherwise, I think he is spoiled & greedy kid. He left his hs to go school out of State where he would get paid,gota have priorities.
  8. It is all about control and who cries loudest. Free speech is gone.
  9. You may like his views * they may have been slanted but he give balance to all who looked at Horns situation with orange colored glasses.
  10. Feel like it is more about JD than Card. Hard to criticize a QB that had 109 QBR in 2022

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