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Brad Usrey

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  • Birthday 01/16/1956

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    Got lost in Longview, am country boy from DK
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    Reading Gods word,Longhorns & gospel singing

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  1. After certain amounts of words typed,my finger refuses to work ot.
  2. Iron Mike had some tuff football players,ask Roger Staubach or Joe Namath. Bear Byrant never could figure him out.
  3. Is the reason because they also think getting Manning?
  4. Addison is hot topic but don't think comes UT. Been working out with C.Wiillam & B. Young.. Also how is Isiah Neyor takin this as well as Worthy, Whittington,Hall, Billingsley?
  5. From DK,went C'ville one year. Yeah Ed was something else. What was name of Rb that played at same time Norwood did? Myers had good team.
  6. So you from Texarkana? Or somewhere in NE Texas. Lot people know about Billy Sims but not Norwood.
  7. When I remember how Texas has done over last ten years, I guess should be giddy since only once in 10yrs have won 10 games in season.
  8. Hope am wrong but one thing is sure we don't have OL quality like last yr. Need go out of state.
  9. Except maybe Sewell and he is IOL. Shanahan hasn't sniff campus yet. Yes 4* but low 4*. Tjink Cole Hutson was lowest graded last year,granted we had bumper crop last year. Marquis Deal & Sewll are only comps& Deal wants play D.
  10. We are coming off 5-7 . The OL we got last year 6 out 7 were in state. Very good year for OL in Tx. Not in 2023. Two were committed to Oregon before head coach left.
  11. Hope ur right, May,June evaluations will be big but they should already be on radar.
  12. Seems like we are concentrating on skill positions to much.We know we are going in SEC and games are won in trenches. Texas is down big men on OL &DL . Seems like high caliber players are out of state. 22 class was good but this 23.
  13. We got Baxter on board and Rb that came to campus from Kansas think. Yea realize gonna take 2 but he had been leaning toward gooners.

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