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Brad Usrey

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  • Birthday 01/16/1956

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    Got lost in Longview, am country boy from DK
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    Reading Gods word,Longhorns & gospel singing

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  1. Look at Sark's buyout. If he keeps losing,the big cigars liable want buy him out & when do say goodbye to over 50% recruiting class. So you got money & recruits.
  2. We gonna get beat if keep play like this. WR wide open,can't tackle. If didn't know better but we know they can play better.
  3. Short Hale & stock market,Hale will not play all time & stocks will not participate on all days.
  4. I can see Georgia, Ohio State,possibly LSU with Toviano , maybe even gooners if they get Hicks or kid from Tyler who is DL, Jordan Reneaud is name
  5. I knew what you where say just being facetious.
  6. Why wanna be so vague,maybe your second coming of Alan Luden?
  7. That ref had same mindset that tried to call targeting in endzone against Bama
  8. Is Tre Wisner hurt? I noticed he didn't start against SOC
  9. He was 1946 QB ,he started 5 or 6 games ahead Bobby Layne when was soph. He would be long in tooth in rocker at best. He probably be on root side of this celestial ball called earth.

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