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  1. We getting both the Brockmeyer kids back? A man can dream right?
  2. I am in complete shock if we get Skinner. Saban is going to hate us even more
  3. It seems our method is to just recruit faster WRs so they get open quicker then we can allow sacks
  4. We ran two I back inside lead plays from the 1 yard line. It was about as traditional of a short yardage play as you can run. Wishbone? Let's bring more guys into the box when we can hardly block the 5/6 guys that are in there now. Give me a break. We are getting yards in the run game because we have a special talent at RB. His yards after contact are insane. The last thing we need to do is bring more guys into the back field and therefore bring more defenders into the box.
  5. Field goal makes it 15 It's a 2 score game still. You go for the jugular. You can't preach all gas and then tap the breaks. I liked the decision. I hated the play call.
  6. I saw him on a kickoff. Not on defence. Probably benched for tackling his own team mates too much. My thoughts Cant play all zone coverage and not get pressure, good teams will carve us up. Put the 3 man rush to bed. We can't do it Our safeties can't cover at all. Offense needs to be better in the redzone and short yardage. QB sneak or inside zone/lead can't be our only play. Receivers need to catch the ball Keilan Robinson needs to touch the ball more. Jet sweep, screen game, outside zone anything that can get him in space. Positively it's the first game we have played poorly and won in years. Finally Bijan is a monster.
  7. Recruiting is fluid is the truth. If he wants to see the season has he watched LSU? They stink
  8. At the time of what? At the time of the interview, the time he was going to drop the top 2 which was before his Texas visit? He then says it's fluid. This isn't reporting it's dart throwing. He doesn't even use a direct quote from Harris he paraphrases what was said. This isn't accuracy.
  9. Is Arch ready to commit yet? Clearly not going to Clemson now, no one wants to be coached by Lane kiffen, Bama a threat I guess. But surely he sees the light now
  10. Worthy is the first Texas WR in 10 years I feel like could be a Top 10 pick. What he is doing as true freshman is amazing. He isn't just a streak guy, he can run the tree and is dangerous after the catch. If he can add some muscle to the frame he is going to be even better. Michigan must be kicking themselves
  11. 2am Kickoff for me. definitely watching this one on replay. Let's hope we start of conference play with win!
  12. What has happened to Prince Dorbah. I had high hopes we could bring some pass rushing juice that we have lacked. Not even listed.

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